My apologies for the long long wait between chapters.

And my sincere thanks to those who have patiently stood by this sorry wee tale of woe and kindly asked for more...

So far this fic has included sex and gore and violence and torture and bad words and worse deeds... and from here on it only gets worse, you have been warned

"Honey, I'm home," crowed Liz as she barged in through the door, "And I've brought goodies."

Pulling on a rope, she dragged a body into the room and for a dizzying moment Jack thought it must be Chase, but no, this person was smaller.

"Liz, who the hell is it?"

"Tourists, I found them outside and thought they might like to sample the local hospitality."

Leaving, she soon returned with another body which she dumped with the first. Gazing down at them, she said, "Sweet, no?"

Jack strained at his restraints, trying to see what she was doing. "Liz, this needs to end. There's no need to drag others into it. Let them go and I'll move away with you, wherever you want."

"But this is where I want to stay," she responded as she began to strip one of the bodies. "I find myself strangely drawn to this lake and I'm very content here."

Grunting from the effort, she maneuvered the body onto the bed and used the rubber cuffs to shackle his wrists and ankles alongside Jack. She then turned her attention to the other boy, saying, "Forgive me Jack. I can't chat about our future together right now as I need them secured before they wake up."


Chase squinted against the low light and found he could make out some details, barely. He knew his eyes would do better in darker conditions and he moved the dogs forward a dozen yards until they sat undercover of some spruce trees. He went rapidly through the sled, looking for anything he could use as a weapon. A large axe was hanging in a pouch on the sled's side, but he by-passed that. Going through the various containers, he found a screwdriver, a flashlight and an emergency flare gun.

Stowing them all into his pockets, he cautiously followed the tracks as they wound their way between the trees. The three sets of snowshoe prints continued for 300 yards before Red diverged off, following a faint trail to the north. After a moment's hesitation, Chase followed Red's trail. Moving steadily, he found if he stayed in the snowshoe prints he didn't sink too far into the snow. The sled was equipped with doubles of everything, everything except snowshoes.

The spruce trees gave way to aspen as the trail began to rise. "Please no," he whispered as he ran towards the dark form hanging from a tree limb. Red was upside down, his head only feet from the ground with his arms lying slack on the ground.

Pulling Red's knife from the sheath, Chase cut the snare rope holding Red's foot aloft. With only one working arm, Chase wasn't able to break Red's fall and he watched helplessly as Red slumped heavily to the ground. Unable to rouse him, though encouraged by his strong pulse, Chase checked Red was well padded against the snow and prepared to leave him, but paused. "Sorry Red," and he bent and unstrapped the snowshoes before attaching them to his own boot's. His fingers fumbled with the frozen straps as he worked at getting the snowshoes buckled. Chase didn't know how much further he might have to go and he was tiring already from the just the short walk through the snow. Sliding Red's pocketknife into his pants side pocket, he retraced his steps down the hill and continued to follow Blake and Charlie's trail through the deep snow.

Coming to a clearing, he paused before entering, but everything was now quiet. He could see from the disturbed snow what had occurred. The boys had knelt here in the snow and then they were dragged away. He was pleased to see there was no blood, so Liz was keeping them alive for the moment at least.

Although he was following her tracks, he still kept a lookout for possible traps. Liz was a calculating bitch and he had no intention of being caught off guard by her again. The tracks ended at a broken off tree trunk and he walked around it, puzzled, until he rapped on it and realised it was a plastic replica' the same type that many zoos used for their animal habitats.

There was no way for him to break in undetected but he knew Liz would have an emergency exit, a back door. All he needed to do was find it.


Liz had just showered, her body still glowed from the steamy heat of the bathroom as she stretched out along Jack's body and began to gently nuzzle along his neck. Reaching up, she interlocked her fingers with his while she drew her toes up and down the length of his shins. This action usually produced a rapid response from Jack, but today both body and mind remained flaccid.

"Come on Jack, I need some loving," purred Liz in his ear, her hip grinding into his penis which lay curled, trapped uncomfortably against the jutting bone of her hip.

"Damnit," Jack tried to twist out and away. "Liz, I can't. Not with them there," and he nodded towards the two unconscious bodies stretched out either side of him, their hands and feet touching his from their shared shackle connection.

Pouting, Liz rose gracefully off him and wrapped herself in her robe. "Don't worry Jack, I know just what you need for encouragement, a new toy. I had it made specially in China. To my own specifications, in fact."


Chase had walked in an expanding spiral out from the entrance way, looking for a door, another false tree, anything... but he had found nothing. Stopping for breath, he opened his jacket to cool his overheated body and used the end of his sling to wipe his streaming face.

He should have brought a bottle of water from the sled, but hadn't thought of it. Stooping, he scooped up a handful of snow, but sat quickly when dizziness overtook him. Taking a mouthful of snow, he leaned his head on a tree trunk and closed his eyes to rest them. They felt sore and irritated from the bright light filtering in through the tree cover.

Finished crunching on the snow, he frowned in concentration as the faint hum reached his ears. Straining, he tried to pinpoint the location, but it was too soft a sound. Climbing to his feet, he began a grid search of the area, feeling every tree, inspecting each hollow, stopping to listen every three paces. It was tiring work and he found himself moving slowly, staggering more often.


"I had it made for your sonny boy, but frankly, his weak stomach turned me off him so I never got the chance to try it." Going to a cupboard, she pulled out a box about one foot square. "Don't you love surprises?" she giggled as she pulled out what looked like a dog collar. Turning it, Liz showed Jack the small electrodes around the inside.

"See, I push a button on the remote and you get a zap. It's based on a dog training collar but modified for human use by those clever boys in China. The green button means naughty boy and you get a mild shock. Yellow means don't upset Mummy or you'll be tingling for hours. Red means you've fucked up, and considering your heart history Jack, I'd say it also means you're toast, so we don't really want to to go there do we? Let's just keep it simple."

Despite Jack's best efforts, Liz had the collar on and snapped closed in no time. "Now Jack, where were we?" and she leaned over and began to fondle him.

"Come on honey," she crooned, "You don't want a correction do you?" Pressing lightly, Liz ran her thumb over the green button and watched as Jack arched in agony. Jack closed his eyes as Liz leaning close, licking at his tears of pain. Laughing, Liz swept her tongue down Jack's body, " You know, there's something sexy about a tough guy in tears. It must bring out my latent mothering instincts, I love to kiss the boos boos better."


The wolf tracks lay clear in the snow and Chase felt unaccountably cheered by them, as if he were no longer alone. The wolves were heading south east and without hesitation Chase followed them, the sacred pathfinders of his Great Grandfather's tribe. Pausing now at every second step, he listened intently and was rewarded with a louder hum. Leaving the wolf tracks, he noticed some bushes clear of snow up ahead and sure enough, another false tree trunk. The hum came from a generator lying concealed under the bushes.


"Christ Jack," she fumed, "You're not exactly cooperating here now are you?" She reached over, pressed the yellow button then stood back in satisfaction as an electric charge jolted through Jack's body, his jaw snapping closed with a sharp crack as his spine arched painfully. The charge stopped almost as soon as it began but Jack was left gasping for air as his body continued to flail, his nerve endings twitching in pain.

Taking no notice of Jack's torment, Liz already had her robe thrown off and she straddled him, lowering herself onto him with a sigh. "I was warned you might find this very painful Jack," she gasped as she rode him hard. "But don't worry, Mummy will kiss you better when she's done."


Chase sat behind a fallen tree and pulled out the flair gun. He had taken a mitten and stuffed it into the generator's air intake grill. Then, for good measure, he shoved the other into the exhaust pipe. With luck, the engine will seize up and when Liz comes to investigate, I'll be ready. But for now it was just a matter of waiting.


Jack fought the excruciating pain as he tried to keep still. Every movement, every touch by her, sent shock-waves of pain slamming into his heart. Tears of pain and humiliation seeped from his clenched eyes and she lunged forward to lick them up, her breath hot and sour on his face. In a frenzy of passion she began to nip at the tender skin of his underarm as his arms strained, held tight by the shackles. When the nips became bites, he writhed in agony as Liz rode his pain to her climax, her nails leaving bloody trails in their wake.

Lying spent, Liz kissed him on the mouth, "Just let me get my breath back and then we can go again, honey."