Fade Into You

A/N: My latest trip down the rabbit hole that is fanfiction has created this little beauty. What will probably be my one-and-only attempt at writing Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel fanfiction. Warning! This is an Angelus fic. And not the kind of Angelus that's just a grumpy Angel either. We're talking full-on evil-god-of-seductive-destruction Angelus. There will be blood, gore, torture, and other possibly offensive material not for the faint of heart.

I will try and warn you before the more potentially graphic and/or offensive material, however I may not always succeed.

With that said here we go: my A/U version of B/Aus/S…because I can and I love a good menage a tois.

This fic takes place in an A/U world where I've taken A LOT of liberties with the timelines. Not sorry. This is going to be way off-canon where I've merged The Beast storyline with Angelus's return and the Buffy episode "Once More With Feeling."

Disclaimer: BtVS and Angel belong to Joss, et al. This is merely a work of fanfiction that in no way is an attempt to claim ownership over the characters of the Buffyverse.

"Fade Into You" by Clare Bowen ft. Sam Palladio is the song that I reference and use in this story. A really pretty, meaningful song that you can find a video for on YouTube if you're interested.

Now that all that has been covered…on with the show….


"I want my Slayer."

Feral yellow eyes – demon eyes stared implacably at Wesley Wyndham-Pryce through the bars of their cage. There was a scheming intelligence behind those eyes. The eyes of Angelus, the Scourge of Europe.

Wesley finally understood how Buffy always knew the difference between the two: Angel and Angelus.

The eyes gave the game away.

Angelus sat nonchalantly on the floor of his cage without a care in the world. They made the mistake of bringing him back. Now they get to deal with the consequences of what even he – although he deeply appreciates it – has to admit was an epically stupid idea. And he'll be damned – again – if he helps out Soul-Boy's little posse without getting something in return.

They'd prepared well. Angelus would give them that. There was no way out of this cage for him, he's already discovered that for himself.

The only way out was if they let him out.

Even with the monumentally idiotic stunt of de-souling him in the first place…he doesn't think realistically that they will be that suicidal.

Which left him with his demand – one that he knows they'll bow to no matter how much it rankles the former-Watcher and company.

"Which Slayer would that be?" Wesley asked him coolly. "As I recall you're on rather better terms with Faith than you are with Buffy."

Angelus scoffed.

Soul-Boy might've fucked up their relationship with their Mate but Angelus certainly hasn't. As if that brunette psycho was even a patch on his Buff.

"Don't be stupid, boy." Angelus replied with his trademark smirk. "You know very well who I mean."

"Yes," Wesley shook his head slowly as he turned to stalk from the room and make the damned call. "I do."

The jaunty tune of one of the most vicious demons to ever live whistling "Molly Malone" ringing in his ears long after he was safely tucked away in his office.