Title: Fairy Tail Wedding

Summary: Something old, something new, something borrowed… and something red and blue? Erza Scarlett and Jellal Fernandez are getting married today and no one; I mean no one can stop the wedding of the century.

Timeline: After the Movie and Tartaros arc.

Special appearances: Kagura and Milliana of Mermaid Heel, Ichiya and the Trimen of Blue Pegasus, the Twin Dragons (and cats) with Yukino of Sabretooth and a certain crone who played a big role in both bride and groom's life.

Author note: I'm soo happy with all of your reactions to this fic. This fic was haunting me ever since 6th March (I took note), blocking me from writing anything else but this. I'm happy with what I've written so far and I hope all of you enjoy it too!~

Now, how many hints of pairings can you guys find in this chapter?

Chapter Two: The Wedding

The next day after what now known as the 'Magnolia Park Proposal Gambit'

At Mermaid Hell Guild

Kagura was glowering at the shivering messenger, Milliana muttered under her breath about tying up a certain ex-criminal gone good with her magic rope and leave him naked in a gay bar.

The sword-woman pinched her nose as the cat-girl's suggestion to stop the plan gets even more heinous (Not that she reject those plans; Erza-nee was way too good for him) and turned to the messenger.

Really, if she didn't saw in firsthand how terrifying Demon Mirajane can get, she would have cheerfully led an army of female mages to crash the wedding.

"Tell Mirajane Mermaid Heel will support this plan of her however reluctant we're feeling."

At Blue Pegasus Guild

Ichiya fainted in horror as Bob gushed over the horrified messenger (why, oh why did Max agreed to be messenger?) and the pretty-pretty wedding invitation.


Oh, Ichiya's awake again.

At Sabretooth Guild

"Yosh!" Sting cheered loudly, waving the wedding invitation. "Sabretooth will attend this wedding!" Frankly any invitation to hang out with his Natsu-nii was welcomed.

"Everyone, we're going to bring the bestest, grandest wedding present to Fairy Tail, ya hear me? Let's show them Sabretooth no.1!"

Everyone howled at the idea of a party and upstaging the Fairy Tail on the same time.

"Uh, guys?" Yukino and Rogue tried to calm the cheerfully-wild Master, "we weren't supposed to upstage anyone in the wedding…"

"Fro thinks so too!"

In an obscure city-hall council, the registry department.

Laxus frowned as he tapped his leg impatiently against the counter. "What do you mean I can't apply for a wedding license?!" He bellowed furiously, behind him Freed studiously ignored the commotion as he poured over the marriage text, mentally piecing the officiator's piece.

The clerk sweated furiously under the glare as he pulls out an important looking book. "E-Err, b-both bride and bridegroom has to be the o-one to be here in order to apply for the w-wedding license."

(Someone had tentatively suggested that to just get the wedding license from the black market but Mira had adamantly wanted the wedding to be legal in both eye of the society and law. They then voted unanimously that Laxus should be the one to get it.)

Laxus opened his mouth to bellow some more when an irritated Freed poked him in the ribs. Pushing the sheaves of papers to Bixlow, who was shaking in silent laughter, and smiled at the terrified clerk.

"I apologized for the noise. His cousin is currently bed-ridden while her future husband is going for a 10 year mission next week. We wanted to have the wedding as soon as possible before the groom leave or possibly worse. Of course we will pay winsomely for your help."

"W-well, I s-supposed I can look the other way just this once." The clerk said reluctantly. "T-though your friend doesn't have to be that r-rude." He sniffed officiously.

Freed twitched at the blatant insult on Laxus but ignored it in face of the mission. "Of course. We apologized for all the trouble he had caused."

"Umm, b-before w-we could issue the wedding license, we first needed to make sure that the two people are n-not guilty of committing any crimes against the law." The man was pulling out sheaves of papers, missing the chagrin looks the four mages were sporting. "M-May I have t-their name, please?"

"E-err..." Laxus and the Raijinshuu looked at each other. "Is it possible to leave the name blanks so the couple can write it themselves?" Evergreen asked, inwardly taking note of the procedure. Hey, who knows? She might need this one day!

"L-look here, Ma'am! I can't do that! That is illegal to issue a wedding license without details; I could get sue for this! I have half a mind not to issue the wedding license to you h-hooligans."

Freed snapped, no one, no one gets away calling Laxus-sama a hooligan!

"And he told me we're supposed to be low profile." Laxus muttered as Freed and Bixlow's dolls tore the office apart. "Gramps and Mira's going to kill me for this."

D-DAY, Also known as the Grand Fairy Tail wedding day. Takes place two days after the 'Magnolia Park Proposal Gambit'.

(Wow, they work fast, don't they?)

At Fairy Hill

Erza gaped at the mannequin in front of her.

It was the dress, the dress to be exact. A beautiful white dress. The sleeve-less corset was inlaid with beautiful white crystals, leaving most of the back and shoulder bare but covering the front. The white skirt poof-ed outward, giving a princessy impression, adding to the already elegant feel to the dress.

"We got Heart Kreuz to design the dress for you." Mirajane giggled as Cana came into the room, carrying a bouquet of scarlet roses and blue irises (the latter were the same shade as the groom-to-be's hair).

"He did that under a day?!" Her eyes goggled in surprise, an action unbefitting for the bride to-be as the girls flocked around her, helping the redhead into her dress.

"No, silly! I asked him a week ago!"

"H-How long did you plan this again, Mira?"

Meredy came into the room, giggling with a blushing Juvia; the pinkette carried a parcel with her. "Hello Erza-san." The girl chirped delightfully. "Princess Hisui apologized that she couldn't come to the wedding. She's currently trying to clear our name and declare Crime Sorciere as a legitimate guild that served directly under her."

"What, like the Hungry Wolf Knights?" Levy asked interestedly as she adjusted the skirt.

"Yup!" she said cheerfully. "We're going be like awesomer than those old farts in council!" She puffed in delight as she pulls out a sea-blue obi out of the parcel. "She did, however, send this." Meredy then whispered reverently as she and Juvia wrapped the obi around Erza's waist. "She said it belonged to the first Princess of Fiore, who bought it from across the sea when she came to marry the king of Fiore."

Looking into the floor length mirror, the mage couldn't help but twirled in the dress, giggling girlishly as Cana drunkenly toasted the bride-to-be.

"Here's something borrowed Erza." Lucy came into the room carrying a beautiful white veil, inlaid with soft white crystals and pearls.

"Oh, Lucy, it's beautiful." Erza whispered reverently as Mirajane helped the blonde celestial mage placed the veil over her curls. "Where did you get it?"

"It belonged to my mother. Apparently Dad managed to requisition it when we disappeared." She said softly, " he wrote that he wanted me to have something that used to belong to my mother." She discreetly wiped her tears as others pretended not to see.

"I'm not sure I can wear this Lucy. It's too precious for me." The redhead tried to remove the veil just to be stopped by her friend.

"No, I think even my mother would like you to borrow it for the happiest day of your life." She smiled shyly at her. The bride-to-be could only smile back, embarrassed and happy to have such good friends beside her.

At Caldia Cathedral, Wedding ETA 2 hours.

"I DO NOT AGREE TO THIS WEDDING, MEN!" Ichiya was quickly removed from the wedding with some help from a pissed off iron dragon slayer, who was denied of the chance to perform for the wedding. (Mirajane had sweetly threatened to withhold his iron supply for the entire year if he even had the slightest notion to create problem at the wedding. Plus Levy had given him that look that threaten his constitution as his tough guy reputation, damnit)

Sting, who came with Rogue and Yukino (Frosch and Lector tagged along) was boasting about the new indoor pool he installed in the guild to an excited-looking Natsu, the two dragon slayers already set a date for Natsu to drop by and hangout with Sabretooth.

Gray, meanwhile, (who was threaten by Mirajane to keep his clothes on) was helping the others usher the guests inside, keeping an eye to any possible threats to the wedding. Laxus, who got the honor of trashing any interlopers (after kicking Gray's, Natsu's and Gajeel's ass for it) watched Bixlow poked a pile of beaten men from Twilight Orge, who thought it was a good idea to wedding-crash that particular wedding.

The pathway into the Cathedral, wedding ETA 2 minutes and 15 seconds

Erza walked under the beautiful blooms of spring as Gildartz (Cana had personally went and tracked her father down before dragging his ass back to Magnolia) walked her into the cathedral where their closest friends and family waited the bride-to-be to enter; Asuka happily strewn flowers before her (what an adorable flower-girl, Erza had gushed over the little cowgirl).

There standing under the stained glasses displays and beside a grinning pink-haired dragon slayer was the waiting groom-to-be, his beautiful brown eyes shined in hope and love.

Erza had never seen a more beautiful scene in her life.

She looked in wonder as Natsu silently and solemnly (for once in his destructive life) guided the blunette's hand and placed into over Erza's hand. The pinkette stepped away and joined the rest of the wedding procession, leaving the two of them and Makarov (who's officiating the wedding) on the altar.

"Hey, nervous?" Jellal whispered softly as Makarov began to speak about the beauty of light, family and love.

"A bit." The redhead admitted, nervously tapping her fingers against his hand. "You?"

"Me too." He whispered shyly, clandestinely kiss her hand, Lucy and Levy squealed in delight. "Ready for the next best adventure of our lives?"

"Yes." Together the two of them turned as Makarov coughed discreetly at the couple.

"Do you, Jellal Fernandez, take Erza Scarlett as you lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Do you, Erza Scarlett, take Jellal Fernandez as your lawfully wedded husband?"


"Now, if there is anyone who oppose to this wedding, do please keep it to yourself or be prepare to be Fairy Law." Makarov's smile turned sinister as several members stood up and began to crack their fingers loudly, lighting and fire crackled all over Laxus and Natsu. Ichiya, who managed to sneak back into the Cathedral, sunk back into the pew, decided to be happy for the redhead beauty.

Kagura, who stood midway out of her pew, was pulled back by a sinisterly smiling Mirajane, her demon aura threathen to smother the swordswoman.

"Well then, if there is nothing else, I declare you Mr. and Mrs. Fern…Um, Scarlett!"

Amidst the loud cheers that threaten to raise the ceilings of Caldia Cathedral, Jellal grabbed Erza around the waist and dipped her as they kissed.

Meanwhile, from a high area not far from the cathedral, an old crone sat smiling in front of her all-seeing orb.

"Humph, finally. And here I thought I'll be dead before you make a move, stupid Jellal."

After several long moments, the newly wedded couple pulls away, smiling shyly at each other. Following the old tradition of bouquet throwing (Jellal had refused to do the garter-tossing, absolutely refused. He wanted to remove that particular item later, in a more intimate environment), Erza swung the bouquet over her shoulder and into the waiting crowd of mages.

Yukino gaped at the bouquet she was suddenly holding, blushing as Sting teased the shy celestial mage while Rogue plucked one of the lily and gave it to Frosch, who giggled.

Lucy, meanwhile pouted at the missed chance of grabbing the bouquet, was surprised when Natsu, who managed to grab a wayward rose and tugged it behind the maid of honor's ears, earning a blush from her and a jealous pout from Lisanna.

At the Fairy Tail Bar, the wedding reception for the newly-wed

Erza and Jellal twirled under the enchanted canopy of falling cherry blossoms (courtesy of Laki and some mages from Mermaid Heel), cheers and laughter accompanied the newly wedded couple. At the sidelines of the dance floor, people were mingling and drinking the free champagne as they watch the couple had their first dance together.

"Juvia wants to dance with Gray-sama all night long!" The remaining team Natsu laughed out loud at Gray's pained expression as Juvia happily cling against the ice mage.

"Excuse me!" Everyone turned when the music was suddenly screeched into a halt. A group of knights was standing at the doorway, escorting Princess Hisui and a sour-looking old man. Wait, isn't that the new head of the Council of Magic?

"Hi!" The princess cheerfully waved at them, an interesting paradox between the strict knights and the sour-looking councilman. "Mind we crash in this party for a minute?"

"Well, isn't there something you supposed to say, councilman?" Hisui smiled at the councilman. He looked as if he had swallowed a very sour lemon as he faced the grinning crowd.

"Jellal Fernandez, Meredy, Macbeth, Sawyer, Richard Buchanan, Sorako Agria, by the decree of Princess Hisui of Fiore, all of you is cleared of all charges." Meredy gave out a strangled whoop of joy as Erik grabbed and twirled a squealing Kinana in surprise.

"Crime Sorciere, I also hereby decree you as a legal guild. The guild will be working directly under Princess Hisui of Fiore to eradicate all dark guilds in Fiore."

Princess Hisui then stepped forward, holding a beautiful specter, "Jellal Fernandez and Erza Scarlett, please step forward. Jellal Fernandez, despite of your past deeds toward the council of magic, I re-grant your position and title as one of the ten saint mages!" Jellal could only gaped in shock as Doranbolt (Wendy's date to the wedding much to the displeasures of her 'brother-figures') gave the man a white coat (that oddly enough looked like his coat back he was Seigrain)

"As for Erza Scarlett, for her courageous deeds and roles in the recent upheavals, I name thee, Knight of Magnolia!" Erza blushed as Doranbolt gave the bride a beautifully engraved magic sword inlaid with beautiful lacrima crystals.

The cheers almost took off the newly build guild as friends and families of the couple surged forward and congratulates them.

"Now, we PARTY!"

Natsu quickly dragged Lucy for a dance as Gray decided to indulge the water mage once, twirling the blunette across the dance floor. Sting, meanwhile had forcefully dragged both Rogue and Yukino into a dance with him, elbowing Bacchus, who was challenging Cana for another drinking rematch under the watchful eyes of her father.

Princess Hisui could only laugh in surprise as Laxus (egged by his grandfather and Mavis, whom decided to haunt the wedding) grabbed hold of the petite princess and twirled her into the dance floor. The rest of the Raijinshuu quickly whisked the Strauss siblings, the Trimen (except Ren, who waltzed with his fiancée) and some of the male mages quickly wooed the female mages from Mermaid Heel to dance with them.

And at the middle of the now crowded dance floor, Erza and Jellal swayed slowly against the fast beat of the music, lost in their own world.

Well, at least until the time where the crowded dance floor turned into a battlefield of fighting fists and shoes, the bride was hitting right and left when someone accidentally ripped her skirt, the groom cheerfully help her by kicking ungentlemanly at his assailant.

Well, almost everyone. Our darling exceeds and little Asuka were nestled together on a sofa, sleeping peacefully after the wild day they had, Frosch clutched her lily to the chest, carefully protected by Doranbolt and Wendy.

I was going to end it up until the dance with Erza and Jellal but something tells me that there's no way a fairy Tail thrown party going to end peacefully. So yea, the last two paragraphs are my last and latest addition to this story. I hope you guys enjoy this story…