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Now, the end of the line and the awaited...

Epilogue: The Awakening of Inuyasha

Kagome pulled out the sealing arrow, wishing with all her heart for the hanyou to still be the Inuyasha that had traveled with her all day.

'If he reverts again, it's all my fault!' Kagome's anguished thoughts cried

His golden eyes fluttered open as the seal released itself. Inuyasha fell forward and was caught in Kagome's arms. Quickly she lowered him to the ground and stroked his hair.

"Oh, Inuyasha....I'm so sorry. I did the same thing Kikyou did before. Even after I promised never to hurt you again..." Tears fell down her face out of sadness for the dog demon.

Inuyasha pulled back from her and crouched on his haunches before her. His eyes were wary but they did not possess the same bleak hopelessness that had claimed his heart before. He glanced at her form and then fixed his gaze on the ground at his feet.

Sango and Miroku watched breathlessly, fearing for the sanity of the hanyou.

"Inuyasha." Miroku broke in, "Look at me."

Inuyasha flinched at his words but raised his gaze to the monks. His golden eyes fixed on Miroku's blue ones as the monk continued to speak.

"That was all the black miko's doing."

Hope returned to Inuyasha's eyes and he asked hesitantly,

"How? I thought she died."

Sango cut in now, having had the time to figure out why the Black Miko had risen again.

"The Black Miko's body was destroyed in the battle over curse-killing Kagome. However, her spirit was still powerful and potently evil. Although evil, she still possessed great priestess power, therefore, she was able to claim a new body. She took control of a young demons body and the demon took on her will and appearance. That is how she was able to control Kagome. Inuyasha, I know you know that Kagome wouldn't betray you, deep in your soul, you know what I say is true."

Inuyasha lowered his eyes to Kagome. She gazed back lovingly, her brown eyes piercing through his defenses. He saw the truth there. Her eyes spoke of her love for him like an open book.

"I know." He whispered.

Kagome's eyes filled with tears of joy and she flung her arms around the hanyou crouching before her. Inuyasha hesitantly wrapped his arms around her slender frame and buried his face in her hair.

Tears of joy ran down his cheeks and soaked her raven hair. She felt the moisture of his tears and drew back, staring into his face, drinking in his handsome features. She raised her hands up to his face and brushed his tears away. As she had brushed away his tears in Kaede's hut on the day they had brought him back from his mother's home. Except this time, the tears were those of deep heartfelt joy, rather than anguish and sorrow.

Inuyasha leaned into her touch closing his eyes. His ears drooped in relief. The nightmares were over at last.

Sango and Miroku felt their hearts warm as they gazed on the scene. Then they turned and slowly walked back toward the village, in a mutual decision to leave the demon and the priestess alone. Although they came from the opposite sides of existence, they had found forever in each other.

As Inuyasha noticed the departure of Sango and Miroku he started into Kagome's eyes once more. Then, he leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

A kiss that spoke of the future to come, and the promise of eternal love from two young people, who by all logical rules of existence, should never have fallen in love. Normal lovers would have been destroyed by the events that had plagued Inuyasha and Kagome. However, the tragedies and heartaches they had suffered only made them realize how much they truly loved one another. For their love was a love too strong to be broken by words or prejudice. Theirs was a love that transcended time and defied all odds. Their love was the kind of love unheard of before the girl from the future fell into the past and released a young hanyou, actions that set in motion the destiny of these two young lovers who would find forever in each other.

Drawing back from the kiss, Inuyasha rose to his feet and held a hand out to Kagome. She took it and he pulled her up, never letting go of her hand. He smiled down at her, a true smile that lit up his face like sun lit up the forest as it broke through the clouds. Kagome couldn't help but smile back at the love she finally was able to attain. The love of Inuyasha was forever and would never wane, it would be as constant as the rise of the sun in the East, and Kagome would stay by his side for all eternity and through all danger.

"Let's go Kagome. Back to the village." Inuyasha whispered lovingly to her.

"Yes, Inuyasha. Let's go home."

With that, the two young lovers walked off into the sunset toward Kaede's village.

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