Previously in "Live and Learn", Sabrina discovers that her secret lover Maurice has been cheating on her and takes it out on his identical twin brother Wyatt, who turns out to be the complete opposite of his scoundrel brother.

Chapter Nine

A Few Weeks Later

Sabrina giggled behind her hand as she stood behind a tree hiding from Wyatt. They had been together for only a few weeks and she knew this was what love really was, not like what she had thought was love with Maurice. She peeked out to get a look at Wyatt again and frowned when he wasn't where he had been a minute ago. She walked out and looked for him biting her lower lip. "Wyatt? Wyatt, where are you?"

Wyatt smirked sneaking up on Sabrina and grabbed her around the waist causing her to squeal in delight. "I'm right there, love. And I don't plan on going anywhere." With that being said, he walked her backwards until her back was against a tree. He looked into her eyes for permission, and once he received it, he leaned down kissing her, keeping his hands upon her waist. He kissed her deeper and heard a moan in response which he smirked at after pulling away from the kiss.

"Yes, Wyatt," she said softly, bringing his head back down to hers to resume their kisses and Wyatt shifted to gently bring his knee between her dress-covered thighs, groaning deep in his chest when he felt her rub her core against his thigh.

He pulled away from the kiss and looked at Sabrina. "Sabrina, love, I don't want to be the scoundrel my brother is, but you'll make me ravish you if you don't quit doing that. Besides, your father will have an absolute coronary if he finds out I ravished you that way before we were married, love." He smiled gently caressing her cheek with his thumb.

Sabrina pouted slightly leaning into his touch. "I know, Wyatt. But, you're nothing like him. I love you and I just want to be with you and seal our love for each other. Please, Wyatt?" She looked at him begging him silently with her eyes and with the words that had tumbled out from her mouth.

Wyatt sighed and bit his lip knowing her eyes were irresistible. "Alright, love. But, you have to promise me you will tell your father of our love for each other when the time comes." He picked her up bridal style and carried her to his home down the road and opened the door shutting it behind them and locked it. He lived alone and away from his family, wanting nothing to do with Maurice. He set Sabrina down on her feet and he gestured to his bedroom.

But she didn't budge. "Wyatt? What if we were to be married sooner than later?" she asked quietly. "That way, we could avoid a scandal and my father would see how happy I am by marrying the one I love."

"We could do that, my darling. Let me go and fetch Pastor Young and I will return shortly," he said, leaning to brush his lips over hers before hurrying out of the house to ride hurriedly to the church.

Pastor Young was sitting in his office preparing his sermon for Sunday, when he looked up to see a young man panting out of breath. "Please, come in and take a seat." Once he saw that he was sitting, he smiled softly shifting his papers aside. "What can I do for you?"

"My name is Wyatt…and I was wondering if you would be able to perform a wedding ceremony. My true love and I wish to be married today to avoid a scandal with the town."

Pastor Young nodded and stood up grabbing his bible. "Take me to where your true love is."

Wyatt nodded and led him to his horse, where he got on and saw the Pastor do the same to his own horse. They rode quickly to Wyatt's home, where he noticed a carriage as well as a few other horses. He smiled knowing that Sabrina must have gone and fetched her family.

He walked inside with the Pastor and saw Sabrina in a beautiful white dress that flowed to the floor, as well as some white lilies threaded into her long blond hair. He walked over and smiled at her, standing in front of her holding her hands in his. He had the rings in his pocket; he had known from the first time they met that he wanted to marry her.

Pastor Young went over to stand on the other side of them. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to celebrate the joining of two lives into one," he began. "Wyatt Raphael La Fleur and Sabrina Viktoria Mikaelson have asked that I help with the traditional vows, so Wyatt, if you will repeat after me: 'I, Wyatt Raphael La Fleur, take thee, Sabrina Viktoria Mikaelson, to be my lawfully wedded wife. I promise to love, honor, obey and cherish her. I will be with her through sickness and health, for better or for worse, until death part us'."

"I, Wyatt Raphael La Fleur, take thee, Sabrina Viktoria Mikaelson, to be my lawfully wedded wife. I promise to love, honor, obey and cherish her. I will be with her through sickness and health, for better or for worse, until death part us," Wyatt said in a strong voice, his smile broad as he kept his eyes locked on Sabrina's.

Pastor Young nodded and smiled once Wyatt was done, and he turned to Sabrina. "Sabrina, if you will repeat after me, 'I, Sabrina Viktoria Mikaelson, take thee, Wyatt Raphael La Fleur, to be my lawfully wedded husband. I promise to love, honor, obey and cherish him. I will be with him through sickness and health, for better or for worse, until death part us'."

"I, Sabrina Viktoria Mikaelson, take thee, Wyatt Raphael La Fleur, to be my lawfully wedded husband. I promise to love, honor, obey and cherish him. I will be with him through sickness and health, for better or for worse, until death part us," Sabrina said in a strong voice, her smile wide as she kept her eyes locked on Wyatt's.

They then each turned to the people who stood up for them, which was her oldest brother Finn and Sage, and took the rings for exchanging. Sabrina placed the simple gold band onto her beloved's hand. "I give you this ring as a symbol of my love, my faith in our strength together, and my covenant to learn and grow with you," she said quietly, the smile still on her face as she slipped the ring further into place.

He smiled back and took the ring from her brother, slipping it into place on her left hand then said, "I give you this ring as a symbol of my love for you. Let it be a reminder that I am always by your side and that I will always be a faithful partner to you. This ring I give to you as a token of my love and devotion to you. I pledge to you all that I am and all that I will ever be as your husband. With this ring, I gladly marry you and join my life to yours."

Pastor Young smiled and turned to address the rest of Sabrina's family. "After that, there are no words. Wyatt, you may kiss your bride." He smiled and watched as he did just that. "I would now like to present Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt La Fleur!"

Sabrina grinned after she had kissed her husband and she ran to her father hugging him. "Thank you Daddy, I love you and I hope you'll be happy for us."

"Go, my daughter, and be happy with your husband," Mikael said, kissing her forehead and hugged her once more then watched happily as she picked up the ends of her dress' skirt and went over to join Wyatt as he talked with Finn and Sage.

Eleanor watched her husband and daughter interact for a few moments then walked up to Mikael, gently touching his arm. "She is happy, is she not?"

"She is very happy, my love. And I am delighted that she has found happiness after what that scoundrel Maurice did to her," Mikael replied with a nod of his head.

Eleanor smiled and leaned down kissing the top of his head softly. "I am glad she found her true love, just like how I found mine all those years ago. I love you, Mikael." Eleanor said softly and stood beside him gasping when he tugged her down onto his lap.

"And I love you, darling. What do you say we get out of here?" Mikael wiggled his eyebrows seductively at his wife.

"I say that that is a splendid idea," she replied.

Mikael nodded and stood up kissing her softly before walking over to Wyatt and Sabrina. "I am leaving now, but I wish you both a happy marriage and life together." He shook Wyatt's hand and hugged Sabrina tightly.

"I love you, Papa," Sabrina said, hugging her father in reply.

"I love you too, darling. Now go enjoy your husband to your heart's content." He smiled and motioned for the other couples to vacate the home to leave Sabrina and Wyatt to enjoy each other.

Sabrina smiled once everyone else left, and she shut the door locking it, before she turned and ran to Wyatt, kissing him in a needy way.

Needless to say, Wyatt got the hint at what Sabrina wanted. He picked her up, carrying her into his their bedroom and shut the door with his foot. He set her down on the bed and undressed while kissing his new wife deeply. And then he began to slowly and gently unbutton her wedding gown after turning her to face away from him, dropping to his knees to place his lips against her fair skin.

Sabrina smiled letting her fingers curl around the sheets of their bed gripping them tightly. "I love you, Wyatt La Fleur." She bit her lip trying not to moan, but it couldn't be helped.

"As do I, my love. I love you, Sabrina Mikaelson La Fleur, always and forever." He smiled kissing up her spine, and moved the hair away from her neck and kissed it and her shoulder softly. He moved his hands to her hips and picked her up and flipped her so she was lying on her back. He moved so he was nestled in between her legs and positioned himself at her core. "Are you ready, darling?"

"Yes, darling, I am ready," she said softly to him. Wyatt gently thrust into her and waited until he was buried to the hilt for her to adjust to him. Sabrina gasped gripping Wyatt's biceps tightly whimpering in pain. Maurice had never been this gentle with her, so it hurt just a bit. She hadn't had sex for four months, so needless to say it hurt like a banshee. She felt her lower lip quivering and she sniffled trying not to cry.

Wyatt smiled softly and leaned down kissing away her tears and then her quivering lip. "Hush, Savvy, I promise I won't hurt you. I need you to relax though, or it will hurt and I don't want you to be hurt."

She nodded her affirmation and allowed him to continue, sighing in contentment and gently running her fingers through his hair. Wyatt smiled and kissed her softly, "That's my girl." He moved gently thrusting in and out of her running his hands over her curves. "I believe you will look so beautiful pregnant, my love."

"I want to have your babies, Wyatt La Fleur," she said softly back, meeting him thrust for thrust.

Hearing those words, he smiled widely and pounded into her faster. He leaned down taking one of her breasts into his mouth and he sucked on it much like a baby would. Sabrina moaned long and low, bringing it from deep within. Once Wyatt knew that he was close, he reached a hand down to pinch the bundle of nerves giving one final thrust and releasing inside Sabrina, who was howling in pleasure as she released as well. He pulled out gently and curled up next to her under the sheets and kissed her cheek. "You were amazing, darling."

"As were you," she said, smiling at him.

Wyatt smiled holding her close and he yawned falling asleep, as did Sabrina.

Jenna glanced up from working on a cross-stitch pillow case that she was making for her other sister Miranda when she heard a soft knock at the door of the drawing room where she sat by the window at, smiling at her twin sister. "Jaime, please come in," she said, putting the pillow case down with the needle sticking out and patting the seat next to her.

Jaime reluctantly did as she was told, sitting down and placing the pillow case onto the low set coffee table. "I have something to confess, sister, and it's taking all of my willpower to express this aloud after many weeks of hiding it," she said softly.

Reaching out, Jenna gently gripped her twin sister's hands. "Whatever it may be, Jaime, you can tell me. We are sisters, after all," she said with a gentle smile.

"Well, you remember Mason, right? Mason Lockwood? Well, a few weeks ago, he kidnapped me and he thought I was you. Well, while he had me in captivity, he confessed that he was dragged into the outlaw criminal lifestyle and wanted out. He also confessed that he loved me, and I've loved him since we were sixteen, so we had sexual intercourse." She bit her lip, hanging her head, afraid of what her sister would do.

"And you had thought that I would not approve of you being with Mason, sister? Oh, I'm not, but you deserve to be happy, as I have found happiness with Alaric, the new historian," Jenna said, scooting until she was sitting next to her twin and folding her into a gentle embrace.

Jaime smiled hugging her twin sister back and she looked at her. "Thank you, Jennifer; that means the world to me. So, Alaric Saltzman, huh? Well, good for you. So, what's he like?"

"Yes, he is quite handsome. And he is informative," Jenna said, her cheeks turning bright red.

"Will you tell me more or do I have to continue to ask questions about him?" Jaime asked with a smirk then giggled, kissing her sister's cheek. "I shall bet that he is informative about many things." She winked and wriggled her eyebrows in a suggestive manner at her sister.

Jenna blushed further and stood up. "I have to go. I promised I would meet him for lunch as his house. I will see you later, Jaime." She smiled and stood up walking out and down the street to Alaric's home and knocked lightly on the door.

Alaric opened it after a few minutes, smiling at Jenna. "Hello. Please, do come in," he said, stepping back and letting her inside.

Jenna smiled and nodded before pickling up the ends of her skirt and walked inside. She set the dress down as she stood in the foyer and turned to look at Alaric smiling softly. She bit her lower lip as she blushed looking down at the ground.

Alaric smiled softly after he shut the door and walked over placing two fingers under her chin tilting her head up so she could look at him. "Don't hide your face from me, beautiful Jenna. Why do you blush so when I haven't done anything to make you blush, hmm?" He smiled curiously and took her hand leading her to his backyard where he had a picnic set up for the two of them.

"Because I find you fascinating and you are the only one who can make me blush this way," Jenna replied honestly as he helped her sit down on the blanket he'd spread out on the grass.

"I see." Alaric stated simply sitting beside Jenna and let one of his hands fall on top of hers, wrapping his fingers around it. "Well, you should know that you fascinate me as well, Jenna. I wish we could become more if you will allow us to, that is."

Jenna smiled flipping her hand over and intertwined her fingers with Alaric's and scooted closer nervously pressing her lips to his kissing softly. Alaric returned her kiss, keeping it soft but also making it passionate as he lowered his hands to her waist, spanning it as he brought her into his lap. Jenna moaned softly into the kiss and her hands came up to rest on the back on Alaric's neck, and she pulled away from the kiss breathing a bit heavy. "Alaric? I know 'tis not proper for me to say this, but I want you." She blushed and bit her lip looking at him and then ducked her head out of sheer embarrassment.

Alaric chuckled and placed a hand underneath her chin, lifting her head so he could gaze into her eyes once more. "Ah, lass, you are correct. 'tis not proper for a lady to say such things, but then again I've only dreamed about when you would say those words to me many months ago. Come, we shall go satiate your hunger and desire for me as well as my hunger and desire for you, Miss Jenna Sommers."

With that, he stood up tugging her up with him and walked with her to his bedroom where he shut the door behind her. He pressed her gently against the closed door kissing her and used his hands to loosen the strings on her corset style dress and kissed down her neck to her breasts kissing them softly.

Jenna arched her body into him, her moans escalating in volume as his hands continued to drift down her body, inch by inch, removing the rest of her clothes as he went. Alaric smiled softly seeing the beauty of Jenna's naked body before him and he kissed her softly before removing his own clothes. He kissed her and picked her up and pressed her against the wall, moving soft kisses down his neck.

Jenna smiled and moaned at his actions and what he was doing to her body. "Alaric, I want you." she moaned out, tilting her head back and running her fingers through his hair.

"I know, darling." He pulled away slightly to answer her before using one hand to slide in between her slick folds teasing her more wanting to make sure she was ready for him before he took the innocence she still held onto dearly away from her. "Are you sure you want this, Jenna?"

"I am sure," she replied, easing down until she was on her knees in front of him, reaching for him and kissing him with soft demand. Alaric returned her kisses as he drew her to the floor then moved to hover above her.

Alaric smiled and kissed her softly and pressed himself slowly into her, and once he had buried himself to the hilt he waited, wanting her to get adjusted to him before moving. This was her first time and he knew it was going to hurt her, but he wanted to try to be as gentle as possible.

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it with my twin, and that you'll continue to enjoy this story! Happy reading!