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Marine? Never!

Chapter 1

14 years old Luffy waved energetically after his brothers watching how their boat slowly got smaller the more distance came between them and the island. He was still waving with a huge grin on his face as only a small dot was seen on the horizon. They probably couldn't see the small boy waving anymore.

Finally satisfied with his waving Luffy put his straw hat back on his head and sprinted off into the forest. Skillfully Luffy jumped between the trees, he didn't stop when he reached the makeshift training grounds; he kept running till he reached open fields deep in the mountain.

Luffy panted slightly before he raised his arms. "3 MORE YEARS! JUST YOU WAIT TILL I MEET YOU AGAIN ACE AND SABO! I AM THE ONE TO BECOME PIRATE KING!"

He laughed loudly as he fell back into the grassy ground and stared up to the blue sky. He saw images from his two brothers in the clouds as if they were still there. Even though Luffy knew he had an unbreakable bond with his brothers, he couldn't help but feel a little lonely.

But Luffy soon shook his head as he starred up again, the sun burning down on him from high up. "We are brothers no matter where we go this bond is something no one can take from us." Luffy mumbled quietly as he remembered the words Ace said.

While Luffy lay there he failed to notice how deathly quiet the world around him had become. As suddenly not too far from him trees started to fall, or rather… were broken in a fit of rage.

Luffy sat up fast as he paled a bad feeling starting to form in his gut and it got confirmed as he heard a familiar voice yelling his name. Luffy got paler by every passing minutes until he finally sprung up and run for his life.


Instead of coming back Luffy pretty much did the smarter thing. He kept running. It was common knowledge for him and his brothers that his grandfather always meant something along the lines of child abuse which probably couldn't even get before judgment seeing how Garp was a Marine Hero and no one –except maybe some people higher ranked that he was- would say anything about it.

But to Luffy's dismay he ended up soon in a death end, cornered by his grandfather who had left a tail of destruction behind him. Luffy was breathing heavily while Garp was panting only slightly and more out of breath because of his screaming than being exhaust.

"L-look J-ji-chan-" Luffy was cut of brutally as a fist connected with his head and slammed him brutally into the ground, leaving behind a small crater, his head in the middle of it with smoke coming from it as a bump started to from.

"You deserve a good amount of my fist of love for not stopping your brothers. You three were supposed to become Marines not some filthy pirates." Garp said as he breathed on his fist and seemingly polished it with his free hand ready to strike at his grandson again.

"I AM NOT BECOMING A MARINE!" Luffy yelled as he suddenly jumped up, both his hands covering the forming bump on his head. "I WILL BE KING OF THE PIRATES!"

"Oh? Is that so?" Garp said nonchalant as he kept polishing his fist a sadistic grin on his face that sent down shivers Luffy's back. "I won't make the same mistake I did with your brothers. You are coming with me."

Luffy's eyes went wide as he stared fearful at his grandfather and gulped. In a last attempt to escape the crazy Marine Luffy stretched his arm as far up as he could and rocked himself up the stone wall. His grandfather yelling after him as the man followed his grandson.

Out on the seas Ace and Sabo sat in their boat that smoothly sailed over the calm water. Sabo was studying a map he stole from one of the nobles before they left the island while ace munched on an apple enjoying the side of the open seas, tho a slightly worried look was still evident in his eyes.

"You think it was a good idea to leave Luffy behind on the island?" Ace asked for the who knows how many time it was now Sabo had long lost count.

"What? You wanna sail back already? Didn't I keep you from jumping back into the water to swim back just as we were out of sight for him?" Sabo asked in a mocking tone. Sure they both had a fair share of little brother complex but he still loved it whenever he could tease Ace about his. Sabo was rewarded with a light blush that Ace sure as hell tried to cover with his cowboy hat. It caused Sabo to let out a light chuckle.

"I didn't mean I am homesick!" Ace protested clearly not liking what his dear brother said. "I am just worried of what will happen when the crazy old geezer decides to show up and we are not there?"

Sabo suddenly turned serious as he looked up from the map. True he hadn't thought about that much when they left. "He didn't show up when we turned 17 so he probably won't show up anytime soon also."

"True but that old geezer has the worst timing." Ace answered as he turned to look at the blond. "Remember that one time we talked as kids about being pirates and he suddenly was right behind us?"

Sabo rubbed his leg as he paled lightly. "Yea… I will never forget what kind of 'training' he gave us…"

"And that's why… what if he shows up. Luffy will be alone to deal with it." Ace said pointing out what he meant.

Sabo looked a little bit surprised back at Ace, since when was that boy thinking smarter than he did? "Okay who are you and where is my brother?" Sabo said jokingly as he ducked to dodge the half eaten apple coming his way.

"Shut it smart ass!" Ace answered. "I do have my smart moments!"

"Yeah they are rare." And once again Sabo dodged a –this time not half eaten- apple flying his way as he laughed. "But anyway. He didn't show up the past 4 years so I don't think he will show up now. Luffy is probably lying somewhere on the mountain sulking that he can't go to sea yet."

Ace chuckled lightly by that thought. "Nah he probably went on hunting down some crocodiles to eat or yells out to the see how he will become pirate king."

"And annoy Dadan to cook everything for him since we aren't there to do that." Sabo laughed and soon the mood between the brothers turned back to normal the matter of their grandfather already forgotten. Both didn't know how wrong they were with their thoughts about their little brother.

"Well we will take our leave here then Makino." Garb said as he crossed his arms and smiled at the woman and the rest of the villagers before him. "Take good care of the village Woop Slap till I come to visit again!"

Instead of answering him the villager's gaze was fixed on the boy that was sitting next to Garp on the ground completely tied up. Luffy was struggling with all his might against the rope tied around him he even started to chew on them, not caring that he was the center of attention for both villagers and Marines; except for Garp who was laughing while talking to the villagers not caring about a thing.

Finally the rope snapped and Luffy jumped up fast and was about to run away once again as suddenly a hand grabbed his shirt from behind and he was lifted up from the ground. Slight curses where heard from the boy and some villagers looked with pity in their eyes at him. Makino and some others meanwhile laughed nervously as they said their goodbyes.

"Well then we will be leaving now." Garp waved with his free hand before throwing Luffy on deck. "TIE THE BOY WITH SOME IRON ROPE ON THE MAIN MAST!"

"I STILL WILL BECOME PIRATE KING!" Luffy's voice echoed from the ship.

"YOU WILL BE A MARINE!" Garp yelled followed by a cry of pain without any doubt Luffy had retrieved yet again another Fist of Love just so he would shut up.

"I still will become a pirate…" Luffy mumbled quietly as he was tied to the main mast. "I promised Shanks… and Ace and Sabo…"

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