(Kojou's Pov)

Watching his beauty sleep soundly beside him Kojou delicately brushes his fingers across her smooth cheek; loving the way his young observer felt.

Please don't ever leave me Himmeragi.

The young primogenitor thought before placing a gentle kiss on his love's forehead; his bluish-silver hair tickling the tip of her little nose. Drawing back as the young girl beside him slowly opens her eyes, soft sleepy golden-brown met gazing aquamarine blue. A soft smile crossing between the two; placing his hand upon hers Kojou gently caresses her soft palm.

"Hey." He smiles, his eyes hinting extreme happiness.

"Hi." She breathes, her fingers slowly intertwining with his.

Shifting his gaze so his eyes took in the view of their locked finger Kojou chuckles softly before lifting his hand to his lips to place a gentle kiss; breathing in her sweet scent the young vampire felt his vampiric urge arise.

Damn it.

Clicking his tongue Kojou removes himself from his beloved, his hand going to cover his mouth; turning towards the window he looks out into the tranquil morning colors across the horizon.


Turning to look at his love Kojou felt blood beginning to trickle from his nose; his wide eyes staring, hungrily, at the young girl. There sat his observer. In his large white T-shirt, the fabric hanging loosely from her petite body. Apparently with nothing underneath to cover her partly open legs; her creamy, soft looking skin visible to the young sixteen year old.

"H-Him-Himmeragi." He stutters, his eyes roaming without control.

"Kojou if you need to, go ahead." She gently smiles, her hand going to expose her creamy neck.

Clenching his fist the young primogenitor tries to resist the urge but suddenly felt his eye change blood red; pouncing upon the younger girl Kojou makes sure to intertwine their hands before inhaling her scent deeply.

"I don't want to hurt you. It's only been a couple days since the accident and you lost a lot of blood." Kojou explains slowly, his eyes locking with hers.

"Just do it," Himmeragi starts as a deep blush crosses her cheeks, "this makes me feel more connected to you Senpai."

Blushing softly as Kojou listens to her words he slowly lowers towards her neck before opening his mouth, his sharp vampiric fangs exposed. Sinking his fangs into her neck he winces as her sharp cry entered his eardrums but closes his eyes as a soft moan left her lips.

Wait did Himmeragi just moan?

Listening to her steady heartbeats as he swallowed her sweet blood Kojou felt her soft body under his; feeling one of her hands remove from his Himmeragi shyly plays with his hair, swallowing the last taste before withdrawing; his eyes locking with hers.

"I love you Himmeragi." The young primogenitor smiles lovingly, a bit of blood smeared on his lips.

Watching as her head inches upwards he closes his eyes as their lips touched in a fiery passion; his hands running through her hair as her hands went to cup his cheeks, her soft thumb brushing across his cheeks. Slowly trailing his lips lower Kojou kisses his bite mark on her creamy neck, his tongue lightly dancing across the punctured skin, his hand settled at her waist; her hand desperately grasping his hair, tight, as her body trembled underneath his.

"Sen-Senpai, n-no." She stutters embarrassed, her eyes shut tight.

Chuckling softly against her warm neck Kojou withdraws, his eyes sparkling with slight mischievous.

"I'm not doing anything Himmeragi." He laughs, his ears perking at knocks at his front door.

Smiling as Himmeragi's blush turns to rosy red the young vampire goes to answer his door; his eyes meeting lovely red.

"Asagi?" Kojou asks, his head tilted with confusion.

"Uh, hey I-" Asagi starts but stops as her eyes met glaring golden-brown orbs.

Turning towards his love Kojou watches as Himmeragi walks up to Asagi before raising her hand; widening his eyes as he watches his best friend get slapped Kojou gulps nervously.

"Himmeragi! Why did you do that?" Kojou exclaims before grasping the young Shaman's shoulders.

"Kojou I deserved that. Himmeragi I'm sorry. I really hope you do forgive me." Asagi says softly, a small red handprint a blazing her right cheek.

Watching as his best friend, looking heartbroken, walk off Kojou shuts his door, stunned, before turning towards his angered observer; opening his mouth to speak he snaps it shut quickly as fiery golden-brown orbs met his.

"She's the one who started all of this. She planned it." Himmeragi snaps, her arms crossed against her small chest.

"What?" He gapes, his ears not really believing the story.

"Kojou she likes you. I mean, a LOT. She wanted you for herself." Himmeragi sighs softly, her eyes rolling.

Looking down at his feet Kojou felt stupid at his self for not seeing that coming; lifting his head aquamarine orbs met uncertain golden-brown. Her mind, probably, coming to the conclusion that he may love Asagi instead of her. Clenching his fist Kojou proudly raises his head, his mind already at conclusion. Slowly emerging towards Himmeragi she, sacredly, begins to walk backwards until her back hits the wall. Her golden-brown orbs widen.


Crashing his lips into hers Kojou pins his young observer's; soft muffled whimpers entering his mouth which he swallowed. His body against hers.

"Himmeragi I do not love Asagi. I love you, please understand that. Don't come to conclusions so fast; that's only one thing I dislike. You! I love you so much Himmeragi Yukina. Please just stay with me."

Listening as his observer gasps her uncertain eyes change; Himmeragi finally opening her ears to listen and believe his words.

"I-I love you too. Show me how to love." She smiles, tears beginning to stream down her face.

Locking their lips in a salty kiss Kojou lifts her up, their lips still locked as her legs wrapped around his lean torso. Her hands tangled in his now messy hair. Gingerly heading towards the room Kojou smiles against her lips, his heart beating rapidly with never ending love for his Himmeragi.

Till death do us part huh? In that case I'll figure something out.


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