June 14th, 2014

Hi Dave!

Here we are again, I guess! I love how we annually write letters back and forth. Okay, maybe not "back and forth", but sometimes I like to think that you actually read these. Anyway, I'm back at summer camp! I mean, it's obviously not the same without you, but it's still pretty fun. I know, I know. I'm looking on that bright side again, but I guess it's honestly just out of bad habit. Karkat told me it's "extremely annoying", but in the end, if you don't have the bright side, what side do you honestly have?

Anywho, I'm still on the bus and I'm typing this on my phone so Karkat can't see it. He fell asleep about an hour ago, and it got really boring not having anyone to talk to. I guess listening to show tunes on my phone (WHICH I CLEARLY DO NOT HAVE PFFFT.) got boring after a while. Not that you're second best! Dave, you couldn't be second best to anything.


I guess it doesn't really matter though, you're never going to see this letter. Or, at least, I hope you won't. If you did, that would be insanely bad because I kind of keep these things like a diary. Okay, maybe not a diary. I'm not some stupid teenage girl who needs to sit around and talk about boys and hope one day she'll read the journal later. I don't plan on reading these later; if anything, I'm planning on burning them on my 18th birthday so you'll never see them. Honestly, I use these letters in order to sort out my feelings. If you can't talk to your best friend, who can you talk to, right? Okay, even if it's just the best friend inside your head.

This bus is insanely quiet, pretty much everyone is asleep; aside from Sollux who's playing on his iPhone per usual. He's sitting by Feferi, and she's fallen asleep on his shoulder. It's actually almost "AWWWW" worthy, but I don't want to wake anyone up. Also, Eridan has been staring daggers at Sollux for the past twenty minutes and I don't want to piss him off anymore than he already is. I can't decide whether it's from Feferi being asleep on Sollux or if Eridan just hates Sollux in general. The whole gang is here, pretty much. A lot of kids seem bummed out that you couldn't make it this year. Karkat wants to share a bunk with me, I hope that won't make you jealous or unhappy. Scratch that, actually, of course you wouldn't care! Karkat and I are good friends, but he could never replace you! You're obviously smart enough to know that.

Speaking of Karkat, he's starting to snore. I swear to God, he might be the most annoying sleeper I've ever fucking seen. I think he might be angry in his sleep because his brow's all furrowed and he keeps mumbling curse words while snuggling into my arm. It's kind of super cute, actually. I almost want to take a picture, but I'm so much smarter than that. At the same time, though...The pranking possibilities….

Sorry that picture took longer than expected. I promise that I'll send it to you after we get off the bus and I get some reception! Wait. You can't see this. Why would you care? I mean, I guess sometimes I like to think you care. Hell, sometimes I even fantasize that you sit around in your room thinking about me. Sometimes, I even like to think that you-

Never mind about that. It doesn't matter.

Oh shit, Karkat just woke up! I promise I'll write as soon as possible!

Love you best friend!


Hi readers!

Hemlockforensics here! So, I've been wanting to write a Campstuck AU for some time now. This will basically go between different forms of letters and texts, and a bit of actual dialogue here and there. Descriptions will be minimal, but I will change the rating if people want me to. (Make it go...higher...if you catch my drift). Anywho, this is only my second fanfiction, so please review! I need all the help I can get. I'm not sure If I want to continue this or not, so please just say something.