In The Serious Room

Note: I do not own The Stanley Parable or anything. Just craved a slash fic after hearing that there was already some around and replaying the game.

Stanley, this is me being serious. In fact, this is my Serious Room.

Stanley knew the room very well. It was the Serious Room. Every inch of his longing ached as he pressed endless buttons, just willing the work day to be over so he could cheat and enjoy his "serious" times with the Narrator.

Finally the clock struck 5pm, and Stanley grew a grin a thousand miles long as he pulled up his console and typed in, very carefully, but with shaking hands "sv_cheats 1", as he looked around to make sure nobody else was there.

Stanley's heart lurched with happiness when he saw the familiar grey brick walls, the apparently "most serious" table the Narrator could possibly find, and then the form of the Narrator himself, wearing a perfectly fitted shirt and tie with smart black trousers and a devilish grin on his face.

"Oh dear Stanley" the Narrator purred, "You've been a bad boy and cheated again, haven't you?" Stanley's response to his was to look bashful and he gave a low groan as he felt himself yet again getting aroused by the purring silky soft tones of the Narrator's voice, his perfect British accent that made him

The Narrator noticed Stanley's...pleasure and leaned in to kiss the man. He whispered softly into Stanley's ear: "You know activating server cheats is bad, Stanley. And I have just the punishment for you. The most serious one I can find."

Stanley of course knew exactly what he meant. Ohhh yes he did. He felt himself giving way to the pure desire of the moment, every pulse of his being exploding with lust.

"Of course Stanley, you know exactly what comes next." The Narrator intoned, and Stanley could also see him struggling to keep his composure under the moment. Both he and Stanley both said together, the latter with much excitement in his voice: "SERIOUS ROOM, GO!"

At precisely 6pm, both men walked out of the room and took deep breaths to regain their composure. Now that they had got that matter out of the way, it was the usual evening routine: go home, eat dinner, spend evening with wife and kids and go to bed. Neither of their spouses had any idea of the Friday night shenanigans and they never would.

As Stanley turned and walked out of the office, the Narrator purred: "See you on Monday, Stanley." This made the man tingly with desire and excitement for next week. Oh well. Patience was a virtue, right?