Chapter Ten: The Champion

Visiting hours were obviously over, so Kazuya couldn't see Ling until the next day. He speed-walked through the halls and quickly got to her room.

"Ling!" He said, entering.


"Has Jin come by here??"

"No, he hasn't. I don't know where he is."

"You saw what happened last night?"

"Yeah. I can't believe it!"

"Neither can I." He began pacing back and forth.

"Why would he just disappear like this?!" Ling asked. "It doesn't make sense!"

"Oh, but of course it does!"


"It's Heihachi. I saw his face. I know he's behind it!"

"Heihachi? Well . . .I know he's capable, and evil, but why would he kidnap Jin?"

"I don't know, but it's true." Kazuya's blood was boiling. "Curse that Heihachi! He ruins everything!!"

"No arguments there," Ling said. "But either way, the only thing you can do is fight him tonight, defeat him, and make him talk. Then bring him to financial ruin and make him regret ever crossing you."

He let out a chuckle. "I'll do a lot more than that." He let his voice trail. He rolled his head around, cracking his neck several times, making Ling cringe. Then he walked to the door and faced her.

"Feel free to watch the footage tonight, but I warn you: I'll be messy. Viewer discretion is advised." Then he swung a backhand, shattering the window in the door.

* * * *

The crowd roared in anticipation. Dusk had fallen and the final fight was seconds away. Kazuya hadn't moved since he arrived. He wore white pants and no shirt and stared down the crowd with his arms crossed. He was still infuriated by Heihachi and was ready to take him out. The arena was an elevated octagon ring. A long metal ramp was extended to a large platform with a giant screen behind it. The crowd cheered all around his feet but he ignored them entirely.

Then, a loud voice boomed over the crowd.


Fireworks shot from the platform and the lights turned to a single figure standing there, facing Kazuya. The crowd cheered and booed. He stood solemnly for a moment, then took the slow walk down the ramp to the ring.

Heihachi stepped into the ring and caged walls came up along the edges of the ring about nine feet high. Kazuya turned and face Heihachi.

"What have you done with Jin Kazama?!"

Heihachi snorted. "I'll show you after the tournament."

They took their stances and the voice boomed again.


The ultimate father vs. son bout had begun. It was just the two of them in the cage with the fans screaming all around. They circled each other for a moment, then Kazuya struck first. He swung two punches, easily blocked. Heihachi countered with a kick to the ribs. Kazuya caught himself and stepped away. He faked a left kick and swung a low right, but Heihachi defended and bashed his elbow into Kazuya's face, then punched him away.

"Come on, now." Heihachi taunted. "Surely you can do better than this!"

Kazuya shook it off and got back in place. He faked a high punch, then a low kick, then spun around, jumping and bashed his foot over Heihachi's head, forcing him over. He continued his assault and kicked him back up, then grabbed him by the shoulder and headbutted him (Kazuya's Stonehead move).

Heihachi got up easily. He cracked his neck and smiled. He walked forward and swung two lighting-fast punches: one to the head and one to the ribs. The head was blocked, but the ribs were hit, leaving him open. Heihachi punched his face a few times, then grabbed him in a headlock. Electricity swarmed from his fists and Kazuya was helpless. Then, he threw him by the neck and he crashed into the cage walls. Heihachi walked over to him and picked him up and performed the same Stonehead move on him, knocking him into the walls again, but before he could hit the ground, Heihachi punched him into the walls, then raised his fist and slammed him into the ground.

Kazuya spat out blood. He looked up and grabbed Heihachi's ankles and spun around in the air, pulling his feet off the ground, but both fighters caught themselves and got up. Heihachi swung a punch, but Kazuya did a Matrix bend and bashed him in the ribs several times, then gave a mighty Dragon Uppercut. Heihachi stumbled, but didn't fall. Kazuya grabbed his shoulder again and swung his foot up, knocking his head one direction, then kicked it back the other way, knocking him to the ground.

Heihachi stumbled up. "Not much has changed in your fighting style, I see. That guarantees your defeat!" He spun around, swinging a charged mid- punch. Kazuya tried blocking, but it was too powerful. Heihachi repeated this, then gave a mighty uppercut. Then he leapt into the air, kicking him and bouncing off his chest and kicking again. Kazuya fell back against the cage walls an Heihachi did the spinning backhand move again. Kazuya started to fall forward, but Heihachi grabbed him and threw him over his shoulder into the center of the ring. Then, he walked over to him and raised his foot up, surging with electricity and stomped on him. He raised his foot again, but Kazuya rolled out of the way and stood up.

Heihachi faced him and bolts of lightning surged through his body.

"So, you've laid down the Mishima power card, eh? Two can play this game." Red thunder swarmed throughout him. He and his father charged. They both punched, and their fists connected, but neither prevailed. They swung as many powerful punches and kicks as possible, but all moves were blocked. At last, Heihachi faked the backhand move and swung back around, bashing Kazuya's face with his elbow. Then he spun around, jumping into the air and double-kicked him again, then gave a powerful punch, sending him to the walls once more. Heihachi unleashed his fury, punching him into the walls a hundred times over, then he threw him back into the center. But Kazuya flipped and landed on his feet and charged forward, slamming Heihachi into the wall, then he unleashed his own fury. Then he gave a Dragon uppercut, then punched his ribs. Heihachi fell forward and tackled him, pinning him to the ground. Heihachi went all out with his punches, until Kazuya got his head with a right-hook and rolled him over and punched his face into the ground. Using all the evil energy in him, Heihachi knocked him into the air, then catapulted up, kicking Kazuya into the cage wall. He charged, but Kazuya leapt clean over him. Heihachi saw this and immediately shot back and just as Kazuya hit the ground, he got his ribs, then he raised his fist high above his head, and brought it down on his head, his most powerful move. Kazuya his the ground. The audience began to count, one.two.but then Kazuya swung his legs around, tripping him and kept spinning and juggling Heihachi into the air, and with one last spin, and a glowing red fist, Kazuya launched the Lightning Screw Uppercut and his fists still glowed, so when Heihachi came back down, he knocked him into the cage wall. But he wasn't done. He pounded Heihachi into the wall for a seemingly endless time, then grabbed his throat and threw him into the opposite wall. Heihachi hit the metal floor and Kazuya got a chance to breathe.

The numbers on the screen flashed as the audience shouted.

"One . . .two . . .three . . .four . . ."

Heihachi rolled over.

"Five . . .six . . .seven . . .eight . . ."

Kazuya got his fist ready again.

"Nine . . ."

Heihachi struggled.

"TEN!!!!" The crowd roared and the fireworks shot off as the screen flashed: KAZUYA WINS!! KAZUYA WINS!!

Kazuya went over and picked up Heihachi's head and pointed it at the screen.

"See that, old man? I win. You lose." Then he slammed Heihachi's head into the ground and raised his hands in victory.

* * * *

Ling was finally able to go home. And just in time to greet her new employer. Most all the employees were there to greet him as the limo appeared. Kazuya and Heihachi stepped out and entered. They employees cheered and applauded. Ling stepped forward and hugged Kazuya.

"Congratulations! You did it!"

"Yes," Then he whispered, "And now, I'll find Jin." Then he spoke to everyone. "Thank you! Thank you for your wonderful welcome! It is good to be back where I belong! You know what? Why don't you all go home tonight, you've worked enough. But still be here tomorrow morning!" The workers cheered. "Now go on, get out of here!" They all separated, except for Ling, who still lived in the mansion. Then, Kazuya looked at Heihachi.

"And now, it's time for you to uphold your end of the bargain."

Heihachi snorted. "Follow me."

Kazuya turned to Ling one last time. "Whatever happens, don't follow me."

She nodded and he left.

Heihachi led Kazuya into his private chambers and grabbed on of the gargoyle bookends on his shelf and twisted the head around twice counter- clockwise. The entire bookshelf rotated halfway, showing a passage down a stone staircase lit by torches. Heihachi led Kazuya down the path until it opened up into a large rectangular training room. They walked to the end of the room, and there was Jin. He was hung in the air by thick chains wrapped around his wrists. He was unconscious.

Kazuya sneered. "Always interfering." His eyes glowed a deep red and spoke in another voice. "Foolish human."

Heihachi took a step back. "What are you?"

He slowly turned to him. "I am what you humans call 'Devil'."

Heihachi became nervous.

"Want a taste of my power?" Devil asked, then his eyes flashed red and Heihachi flew back through the door and collapsed in a heap. Then he turned to the unconscious Jin. "Twenty's been far too long, my son." His grin suddenly became more evil. "You have something I want back, and I aim to take it." He extended his hand towards Jin and began trying to extract his lost Devil powers. But soon, Kazuya realized nothing was happening. He couldn't extract his powers! Kazuya grew frustrated.

"Why won't you come?!" He demanded. "Is it because of your Kazama blood?!" He put his hand back down. "Fine. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Arise, Jin Kazama!!"

* * * *

"Hate me! Curse me! Give in to the power!"

Jin didn't know where he was. It seemed like some endless dimension. He saw visions of his father floating around shouting, "Hate me! Curse me! Give in to the power!" Then he let out an evil laugh. The words kept repeating and every direction he turned, his father was there until finally, everything was engulfed in a blinding light, and Jin heard his father shout, "Arise, Jin Kazama!!"

Jin awoke with a start. He looked at the binds on his wrists. He strained with all his might and the chains broke and Jin fell to the ground. He shook the chains off and breathed heavily.

"If it wasn't for you, none of this would've happened!"

"You think I wanted to give you that power?! Before then, I had everything, but now, a piece of me is gone, imbedded inside you!"

Jin slowly looked up. "What are you saying?!"

"Give me back what is mine. I'll have what I want, and you'll have what you want."

"Let me guess the rest. I'll be free of the Devil Gene, which I hate so much, while you'll have all the power you could ever want."

"Precisely. Now, come on. Let's get this over with." He extended his hand and tried again. After a moment, his smile slowly slid off his face and he lowered his hand. "You're resisting."

"Of course." Jin said, his face solid.

"And I thought you wanted to be rid of the Devil Gene."

"I did, and I still do. However, I will never give extreme power to the likes of you. You're a power-mad maniac. You'll use your demonic strengths to wipe out everyone and everything. I'll never hand over the Devil Gene to you."

Kazuya kept composure quite well. "Very well. We'll do this the hard way, then." He struck a fighting stance and so did Jin.

Perhaps I was wrong earlier. NOW, the ultimate father vs. son bout had begun.

"So it was all a lie from the start?" Jin said, angrily. "You've just pretended to care about me to try to get your Devil Gene back!"

Kazuya shrugged. "Yeah, that's about right."

"You played with my mind . . .and Ling's too!"

"Ah, yes, she was so trusting. What a shame."

"You'll pay for everything!" He ran forward and swung four quick punches, which Kazuya easily blocked. He countered with a backhand, but in ducked and tried to kick him, but Kazuya jumped up and knocked him back with a kick to the head. Jin quickly got back to his feet. Kazuya faked a left punch, then swung a real right, which was blocked, then a right knee to the ribs, also blocked, but then he headbutted him, knocking him away. Then, Kazuya grabbed his shoulder and swung his foot up, kicking him one way, then swung it back, knocking him to the ground and then he stomped on him.

"Is this all you've got?!" He said, pressing him to the ground. Jin swung his arm back, catching Kazuya's leg and tripping him and he rolled away. Both men got back up. Jin charged and swung an easily blocked punch. Then he struck Kazuya's ribs and then swung a left hook, then he bashed his face with his knee when he fell over. Jin raised his foot high above his head and swung it down, crushing Kazuya.

Kazuya ignored the pain and leapt up, catching Jin's jaw with the Dragon Uppercut. Jin stumbled back and Kazuya swung down, knocking him over and then he punched his face up again and bashed him in the ribs with his elbow and then kicked him away. Jin fell back against a wall and Kazuya began pummeling the life out of him. He punched his face an uncountable number of times, then got his stomach, knocking the air from him and never giving him a chance to regain it. Then, when Jin fell over, Kazuya's fists glowed and he bashed him to the ground. Then he picked Jin up and threw him across the room and charged him into the opposing wall and continued the spree. Jin lost track of how many times he'd been hit. His vision was blurry and his mind was fading. The only thing he knew was pain.

Finally, Kazuya decided to bring the fight to an end. His fists swarmed with power and he gave his Lightning Screw Uppercut. Jin flew up high, hitting the ceiling and fell to the ground, motionless.

Kazuya cracked his neck and smile in a sinister victory.

"And now, to take back what is mine." He reached down and began absorbing the demonic powers. He closed his eyes as he began feeling the strength return. He recognized every trait and felt the lost power swarm in him once again. "Yes," he said, "At last."

Suddenly, a hand grabbed his and began extracting power from him! Kazuya opened his eyes. Jin had a tight grip on him and was taking back his powers.

"Fool!" Kazuya shouted and reached with his other hand, but Jin blocked that too. "Give it up, boy! You are no match for me!"

"I'll never let you have the Devil Gene!" Jin shouted back. "You will never rule this world!"

Jin leapt up and kicked off Kazuya's chest. He flew back and crashed against the wall. Kazuya no longer felt the familiar Devil traits. Jin had his powers back. Kazuya glared at him.

"Never rule this world, huh? Try and stop me!"

Darkness surrounded Kazuya as he began morphing. His skin turned a deep purple and his hair grew darker and two horns grew from his forehead and waved back. The immense scar on his chest turned blood red and two bat- like wings sprouted from his back and his eyes glowed red. Devil had emerged.

Devil sneered, "Try your luck now, brat!"

A black symbol appeared on Jin's forehead and chest and his hair grew a little longer, hanging over his eyes, and two black, feathery wings sprouted from his back.

"That's it?" Devil chuckled. "That's the best you can do?" He let out an evil laugh. "This will be easy." He shot forward at incredible speed, but Jin leapt over him, then attack, shooting straight through Devil, leaving no mark.

Devil fell to a knee, temporarily winded from the attack. "You're good, but I'm still better!" He shot up like a rocked with his fist up catching Jin and slamming him into the ceiling, then he let him fall to the ground. Jin shook it off and looked back at him.

"That all you've got?"

Devil chuckled. "Let me show you the true force of my powers." His eyes glowed and a purple beam fired from his eyes and his Jin square in the chest. He fell back with a cry. Devil landed back on the ground as Jin got up. "C'mon, boy! Show me what you've got!" He fired the purple beam again, but Jin countered with a red beam. The beams hit each other and both men strained to conquer the other.

The middle of the attacks began getting pushed towards Jin.

"You see?" Devil taunted. "I am the stronger demon! Your powers are nothing!"

"You played with my mind," Jin said, "You tricked Ling . . .you left mom and I to fend for never really loved her! I always blamed myself for everything that happened, but in truth, YOU are the one who is to blame! And you will pay for everything you've done!!" Jin released all his anger into his beam. Instantly, it shifted directions and shot back. Devil fell back in pain and Jin fired another blast. This one cut right through Devil's chest and emerged on the other side.

Jin got a chance to breathe, while Devil stumbled around in shock.

"How . . .how did you . . .how could you defeat me??"

Jin looked at the ground as Devil choked on his blood and fell to his face. The demonic powers diminished and Kazuya remained with a hole through his midsection.

"Try to come back from that, old man." Jin snorted. But even as he spoke, the wound was slowly, but surely beginning to come together again. He'd live, of course, hopefully, he'd learned his lesson.

Just then, Jin heard someone clapping. He turned around and saw Heihachi enter.

"Congratulations, Jin. You overcame Devil as well as Kazuya. Thank you for doing that part for me. But now that he's out of the picture, I only have one thing left to do . . ." He struck a fighting pose. "Prepare to die, boy!"

Heihachi shot forward, unleashing a barrage of attacks. Jin was able to blocked every one, seeing as he was in his demonic form and that Heihachi was still worn out. But Heihachi had other plans in mind. He was pushing Jin back to where he'd been suspended by chains only moments ago. Finally, Jin ducked and tried swinging a low punch, but Heihachi leapt over him, kicking him down as he went.

As Jin got up, Heihachi grabbed one of the chains and threw it a Jin. He held his hand out in defense and the chain wrapped around his arm. Jin stiffened, so Heihachi couldn't yank him forward.

"It's gonna take more than that, old man!" Jin jeered.

"Is it?" Heihachi chuckled.

In just seconds, Jin began to feel a strange sort of numbness in his arm. It soon spread throughout his body and Jin fell to his knees. Heihachi walked over and bashed his face with his fist, then his knee and wrapped the chain around Jin's neck, choking him.

"Anyone bound in these chains with the Devil Gene will fall unconscious in a matter of seconds!" Heihachi laughed.

Jin felt his mind straying and his vision swaying. He tried swinging a few punches, but was too weary. As the life was slowly squeezed from him, all Jin could think about was Ling. Ling.she was in such danger because of him. She already knew too much to live. Jin had been the only thing that could keep her alive. But now . . .Heihachi would kill her without a second thought. She was doomed. No. Jin wouldn't let it happen! He gathered up all the remaining power within him and fired a weakened from of his red beam, hitting Heihachi square in the eyes.

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" Heihachi wailed, clutching his eyes and letting go of the chain, which Jin quickly shook off. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! MY EYES!!!! MY EYES!!!!"

Jin immediately took advantage of him. He grabbed Heihachi and kicked him in the ribs, then bashed his face left and right several times, then kicked him back. Heihachi tired to fight back, but his vision was failing him. Jin pounded him even more, pummeling him with every punch and kick he knew, especially the ones taught to him by his mother, his only means of truly remembering her now.

Then, as Heihachi tried to get up, Jin got himself ready for his most powerful move.

"I finally figured out a name for this move: AVENGER!!" Jin hit his knee with his left hand and slowly drew back his fist with that leg up, then shot forward. The inconceivable power of the punch threw Heihachi across the room. He hit a pillar and fell to the ground in a heap.

Jin picked Heihachi up by his throat and drew back his hand. Heihachi finally started to see again and saw the intense flames of anger burning in Jin's eyes. He tried to escape, but it was futile. It was all over for Heihachi. Jin just held his position for a moment, watching in delight as the pathetic mortal wriggled in his grasp. Time to die! Jin drew back not a fist, but a pointed hand, poised to shoot right through Heihachi's throat. But then, a light shone in the corner of Jin's eyes. He turned his head and saw . . .his mother!!

Jin's eyes shot open. He blinked and rubbed them with his free hand and looked again.nothing. There was no one there. Silence ruled the room as Jin went over everything. The anger in his eyes slowly died away. Just that vision of his mother somehow calmed the evil spirit inside him. He looked at Heihachi, who was still waiting for Jin to strike. Jin hated Heihachi, but there was one thing that separated him from his father. Jin could control the Devil inside him. He wasn't a raving, killing machine. He never was, and he never would be. Ling and his mother had both taught him that, and now, he finally believed it.

Jin dropped Heihachi and stood up fully. Heihachi looked up at him in confusion.

"Why?" He asked.

And Jin replied, "Thank my mother . . .Jun Kazama."

Then, Jin turned away and flapped his black, feathery wings and flew up, shooting through the ceiling and flying off into the night sky. Black feathers were scattered everywhere, but then, something else fell through the hole in the ceiling. It was a feather, but it wasn't black and ruffled, like the others around it, but it was white and clean. In the midst of all the darkness around, a small ray of light still shone the brightest.

* * * *

Ling Xaioyu didn't return to her room until late that night. Heihachi had returned, but Kazuya had not. No one knew where he was. Heihachi claimed he was attacked again and rendered unconscious, and when he awoke, Kazuya was gone. Ling didn't buy it at all, though it was half true.

When Ling finally did return to her room, with Panda by her side, she found a note on her desk by an open window. She closed the window, cutting off the cool breeze and read the note.

Dear Ling, I waited outside your window for some time, But you didn't come and I couldn't stay. Heihachi kidnapped me and kept me captive Until my father got me out, but even so, he's Not the man we thought he was. I can't go Into details, for lack of time, but stay away From him. Now, Ling, I beg of you, please leave the Mansion! You are in grave danger! Get Out before it's too late. I don't know where You should go, but get out! Your life Depends on you listening to me. And I'm sorry I couldn't stay. I have to Leave. Heihachi's looking for me. I want To tell you that you were right. I'm Stronger than the devil inside me. I Can't tell you where I'm going because I Don't know. But I'll find you, I promise. I'm sorry we couldn't travel the world Together. Please understand, Ling. This doesn't change the way I feel about You, though. I love you, Ling Xaioyu, and I always will. Even though you can't See me, my heart will always be with you. Love, Jin Kazama

Ling fell to her knees in anguish. Tears began streaming from her eyes and Panda nuzzled against her. Ling wrapped her arms around her big, furry body and cried into it.

"He's gone again. Just when things were looking up . . .I'm right back to where I was before." She cried some more. Panda couldn't stand to see Xaio cry, and soon got an idea.

Panda bounded up and down in place.

"W-what is it, Panda?" Ling asked, wiping away some tears. Panda pointed to the signature on the note.

"Jin? What about him?"

Panda got up and put her paw above her eyes and looked around for him. Ling got it and smiled.

"You telling me to go look for Jin?"

Panda nodded happily.

"That's brilliant! Jin said to leave the mansion. Now we have purpose in the outside world! We can travel the world, looking for Jin and-"

But Panda cut her off with a shake of the head and pointed to Ling. Then she pointed to herself and shook her head.

"What?! You're saying I should go by myself??"

Panda nodded.

"But why?! Come with me, Panda!!"

She shook her head again.

"Stop this nonsense! Come with me! Let's go find Jin together!!"

Panda shook her head again and saw tears begin to fall again. Panda pointed to Ling, then the signature, then back to Ling, then to the signature again. Ling slowly analyzed it in her mind.

"You're saying . . .this is something I have to do alone?"

Panda nodded and pointed to Ling again.

"For myself?" And she understood the rest. "I have to go alone. It's my journey, not someone else, right?"

Panda nodded again. Ling curled up into a ball and lowered her face into her knees. After the longest time, she looked up again. "Okay. I'll go search for Jin."

Panda nodded, but then looked at the ground. Ling moved over and hugged her. "I'll always remember you."

* * * *

The Aftermath . . .

King visited the hospital where Craig was receiving treatment. Craig was still unconscious from the fall. King got the room number and headed there with a bunch of flowers as a "get well soon" gift. However, he wasn't really expecting Craig to get better at all, once he was through.

King entered the room and saw Craig lying there on the bed, breathing through a tube. King walked over to him and glared down at him. All the hate and anger inside him swelled up once again. King tossed down the flowers and put one hand on Craig's throat and drew back the other fist, ready to finish him off, once and for all.

But then, something caught his eye. He looked to the side and saw a picture there. The picture showed Craig, and who King could only think of as his mother and father. His father was actually bigger than he was and also bald. His mother was smaller and trimmer. Remarkably enough, they actually seemed happy! King released Craig and picked up the picture. So, he had been wrong. He DID have a picture of his family, and from what he could tell, he actually loved them.

King studied the photograph long and hard. Armor King had been like a father to him. Craig had taken away that father . . .would he be willing to take away a son?

When Craig awoke later that day, he saw two things on his chest. One was the picture of his family. The other was a note.

I still hate you, but two wrongs don't Make a right. -Avenger

Craig put the picture back on the tray with the note and laid his head back on the pillow.

* * * *

Bryan's eyes fluttered open. Massive pain swelled throughout him. He found himself in some kind of lab-like room.

"Ah," an elderly voice said. "You're finally awake."

It was Dr. Boskonovitch. Bryan sat up. Boskonovitch was the rival to Abel, and that had made him Bryan's enemy, Bryan hated Abel for abandoning him. Bryan had discovered that he was dying. Only Abel could help him now, but he was gone, now working for Heihachi. He entered the tournament and was going to force Abel to help him, but he'd lost.

"Do you have any idea who saved you?" Boskonovitch asked. "He did." He motioned towards . . .Yoshimitsu! Bryan last remembered fighting him. Why would he save him? "I'm sure you've wondering why." The doctor continued. He put his hands behind his back and paced. "You see, the key to defeating Abel's bio-weapon is contained within your body."

Bryan remembered Abel building an incredible bio-weapon. Bryan looked at himself. The only way to stop Abel lied inside him?

"We need your cooperation in order to defeat Abel. I will extend your life by mechanizing you, as I did to Yoshimitsu." Bryan looked over at the mechanized warrior. "In return, I get to keep your old vessel and find out how to stop Abel. Do you understand?"

So Boskonovitch would make him a robot like Yoshimitsu, and in return got to keep his old body.

"Well," the doctor said, "Shall we begin?"

Bryan thought it over. He'd wanted to live longer, and he wanted revenge on Abel. Plus, he'd seen Yoshimitsu's great techniques. Maybe it could pay off for him to. Bryan laid back down on the table. Dr. Boskonovitch picked up what looked like a gun, but was actually a syringe.

"Are you ready?"

Bryan nodded.

"When you awake, you'll feel like only a moment has passed, but in reality, an entire year will have gone by. Now . . .sweet dreams."

Boskonovitch injected Bryan and he was asleep in seconds.

* * * *

Lei Wulong had struck gold. Heihachi had let Lei use his data room to find Nina. It was an incredible computer system. It could go anywhere, hack into anything, and couldn't be detected by any human device. With it, Lei found out where Nina was to make her move and he went there as fast as possible.

Nina was to make her move from a hotel window. Lei told the manager everything and had him call the cops, then got the master key and headed up to the fifth floor. If there was one thing Lei knew how to do correctly, it was avoiding being seen or heard. He opened the door ever so quietly and there was Nina with a sniper aimed out the window.

Lei burst in and pointed his pistol. "FREEZE!!" But at the first sound, Nina pulled out her handgun and fired. Lei jumped behind the door and waited for the shots to end. Then he jumped back in and fired, but she was gone. Lei ran to the window, where the fire escape was and looked about. Nina was going down at great speed. Lei saw a drainpipe beside him. He leapt onto it and slid down, then chased Nina.

She disappeared around a corner and Lei followed. When he got there, she was stopped, with Steve Fox right in front of her. Lei aimed again.

"FREEZE!!" He shouted.

But to his surprise, Fox shouted, "LOOK OUT!!" and tackled Lei. As he fell, Lei's finger hit the trigger as Nina tried to run and got her in the leg. Nina fell to the ground.

The next day, Lei bought an issue of the day's newspaper.

SUPERCOP STRIKES AGAIN! Lei Wulong nails assassin!

Lei smacked the paper with the back of his hand and leaned back in his chair.

"I still got it!"

* * * *

"AAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!" Law screamed as Paul tore down the road on his motorcycle.

"DO YOU EVER STOP SCREAMING?!?!" Paul shouted over the racket.




Paul tried his best to ignore the screaming, but Law was really pushing his buttons.

Finally, they reached the Marshal Dojo. Both men were shocked at what they found awaiting them. Dozens of people were gathered around the dojo with signs and banners awaiting their return. When they saw them coming, they cheered and whistled. Marshal got off and Paul parked his motorcycle right there. The banners and signs had various cheers. "We love you Marshal Law!!" "Go Martial Law!" "Kick butt, Marshal!" "Welcome home, Marshal Law!"

Some teens came up to him.

"We saw you on TV!"

"You were awesome!"

"Can you teach us how to fight?"

"Yeah! Teach us! Please!"

Marshal was overcome. Paul smiled.

"Looks like your dojo is back in business."

Law looked at him, then spoke to the crowd.

"Thank you all for your wonderful welcome! But you know, I wouldn't have joined if it weren't for a certain individual. I have Paul Phoenix to thank for all this. Give him a hand!"

The crowd cheered again. Some people went to Paul.

"Hey! You're the guy who beat up Marshal!"

Paul got a little worried. A crowd like this love Marshal, what would they do to the guy who defeated him? But the person pulled out a pen and paper.

"Can I have your autograph?"

Paul smiled again. "Yeah, sure." He signed a few, then said, "but hey, I wasn't the only one there! Get Marshal's signature too, man! He didn't win, but still kicked butt!"

So they fans went to Marshal again.

"Finally letting someone else share the spotlight, huh?"

Paul shrugged. "Hey, you deserve it."

"Thank you."

"Back at you. Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I gotta run." Paul got back on his motorcycle.

"What?" Law said. "You're leaving? Come on, stay a while!"

"I can't!"





"Why not?"


"You didn't answer my question."

"Okay, here's your answer: because I said no!"

Law's wife shook her head. "You two never quit, do you?"

"What's the fun if we did?" They both said.

"You sure you can't stay?" Law asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I got to get my life back together."

"Keeping the hair?"

Paul felt the long strands he'd forgotten to put back up.

"Yeah, I kinda like it."

Then Paul fired up the engine.

"Just promise you'll visit more often." Law said.

"I promise. Well, see ya later, pal." Then Paul drove off.

"Until next time, friend." Law said, watching him leave until he was out of sight.

* * * *

"You're leaving?" Heihachi said.

Ling nodded. "I'm going to find Jin Kazama."

Heihachi's eyebrows perked. "Jin . . .why?"

Ling took a breath. "That is my own business."

Heihachi chuckled. "A good reply. I am going to miss you, Ling Xaioyu."

She just bowed a response.

"You know what?" Heihachi said. "Here." He reached into his desk and pulled out a card. "Use this for your expenses."

"What?" Ling said, amazed.

"You'll need money wherever you're going. This will take care of everything."

"W-wow, thank you, sir!"

"Come here." Heihachi walked forward and gave her a hug, making Ling uncomfortable. "I wish you luck on your journey. You are always welcome back at the mansion."

"Thank you, sir." Ling turned and walked out the door. "Goodbye." Then she left.

After a few seconds, Kimo, who'd been there all along, looked at Heihachi.

"Shall we proceed with her execution, sir? I have a man with a sniper, awaiting your command."

Heihachi looked at his desk, at the white feather Jin had shed. "No. Don't kill her. There's something very special about that girl. I believe she is a remake of Jun Kazama. She may be able to help Jin. She just may be able to defeat the Devil in him." A grin slid across Heihachi's face. "And that's when we strike."

"Strike? How? She could go anywhere."

"Whenever she uses that credit card, we can track it. We'll know exactly where she is, no matter where she goes, as long as she uses it to buy something. Keep an eye on her."

"Yes sir."

* * * *

Ling Xaioyu stared at the door. This was it. She was really going. Ling heard a noise behind her. She turned and saw a sad Panda. She knelt down and hugged her.

"We'll always be best friends."

Panda pointed to herself, then to Ling's heart.

"And I'll always be with you, wherever I go."

She hugged the bear one last time. "Goodbye." Then Ling walked out the door.

Once she was completely out of the mansion, Ling pulled out a picture she'd kept of her and Jin two years ago. She kissed his picture, and went off to find her lover.
Author's Note: And that's the way it was. I hate ending a story. I'm kinda relieve I don't' have to describe any more fight scenes, though. I'm worn out. Well, what did you all think? Too bad Jin and Ling couldn't get together. And what will become of Bryan? And where is Kazuya? I have no answers there. Gotta wait 'til the next game comes out. Thank you to all my loyal fans and reviewers for encouraging me to continue this story. Please review one last time. And stick around to check out the other stories I've got coming up. More video game stuff, but that's where the best stories lie. Thanks again. Later!