Chapter 1

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CompanionWerewolf!Anna / Mage!Elsa

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Skyrim is the most dangerous place in all of Tamriel; an unforgiving place, born of cold winter air and mountain rain combining. From the high peaks of its mountains to the lowland plains, the marshes, the coast…it is an unforgiving place. There's beauty and there's danger here; perhaps that is what has attracted so many people from so many lands.

Mages, mercenaries, bards, thieves, Thanes and warriors alike pepper the province seeking knowledge, fame and fortune or the glory of the fight. The mages have their College to the North, in a rundown town called Winterhold. The thieves lay claim to the marshy Riften and mercenaries and warriors, particularly those who wish to join the fighting guild known as The Companions flock to Whiterun, the heart of Skyrim.

"Family and honor, that's what it means to be one of us."

Anna could remember her mother's words vividly, as if she were standing right in front of her reciting them like a mantra. She and her sister, Aela, were raised to believe in fighting with honor, fighting for family, fighting for glory and coin.

But that wasn't all there was to The Companions; there were all the Shield-Siblings, warriors and whelps, and then there was The Circle - Currently comprised of five of the most skilled and trusted warriors within the Companion clan, and Anna was hoping to be the sixth.

Kodlak Whitemane was the Harbinger of The Companions; Skjor, and Aela, Anna's sister, were the most senior after him. No one member ruled over another in the Companions, but their words were always heeded, and there was no question that they were the alphas in this pack.

Kristoff and Olaf were blood brothers, and had been in The Circle since Anna was a young teenager. Olaf had become Anna's best friend over the years, always willing to commit mischief with her and have fun unlike the rest. Either Kristoff or Aela often caught them in whatever act, and chided them for "behaving like pups".

She had known the secret since she was a "pup", when her mother brought her and Aela to a remote section of the cliffs near Whiterun to reveal the gift bestowed upon her by the Daedric Lord Hircine: Lycanthropy.

The Circle was a pack of werewolves.

Anna was six, Aela was nine.

As the two little girls watched their mother transform into a towering furred beast, they held each other tightly in a terrified huddle, but their mother, now a salivating canine abomination, quickly quelled their fear with an astonishingly familiar embrace.

Aela was the first to speak. "Are we going to do this, too?"

The wolf nodded, but could not speak to them as humans could. She nuzzled the older girl and gave a happy whine. Little Anna smiled and jumped up onto her mother's back, eliciting a giggle from Aela as she watched. The momma wolf was affectionate with her pups; she ran around the cliffs with them both on her back. She ran around with them gleefully, licked their faces and snuggled with them to show them that there was nothing to be afraid of…yet.

When she returned to her human form, she kneeled down onto the ground and embraced her baby girls. "One day, you two will be Companions, and it is my hope that you will accept Lord Hircine's gift as all the women of this family have."

"We will, mama." Aela proudly declared, looking to Anna for agreement. The little ginger haired girl nodded and took her hand, squeezing it tightly.

They were born into a legacy, there was a family reputation to maintain, and this was ingrained into their teachings as they grew up together in the shadows of the other warriors. They were always by each other's side, fighting and learning each lesson together. They became one entity whenever they fought together; wordless gestures, looks and cues would obliterate anything in their path.

But now she was in the early stages of her final initiation, stuck in a tomb called Dustman's Cairn with her Shield-Brother, Olaf. They were seeking a fragment from Wuuthrad, the sacred axe of The Companion's founder, Ysgramor. This was a mission normally suited for The Circle, but with them having such high expectations of Anna, she wanted to prove herself and volunteered adamantly to lead this quest.

It didn't take long before Anna's usual clumsy dumb-luck had her in a trap. When she pulled a lever it triggered a mechanism that trapped her in the small room she currently occupied. A sheet of iron bars fell. She walked up to the bars and gave Olaf a pleading look; he sighed and shook his head while chuckling.

"Just sit tight; I'll get you out of there." As he turned around, a group of bandits started to close in on him. Wait, not bandits…members of the Silver Hand.

The Silver Hand is a group of werewolf hunters, mortal enemies to The Companions. Their leader had proven he was a force to be reckoned with, having caused many headaches over just the last year alone. It hadn't taken him long to recruit several people who were willing to chase down, capture and kill any werewolf they could get their hands on.

Anna stepped back and watched as Olaf's skin tore from his body, dissipating in midair as his werewolf form took over. He dispatched the group of assailants effortlessly with powerful swings of his claws as Anna looked on with excitement. She felt no fear; she felt thrilled, and could not wait to have the power herself.

It seemed that Silver Hand leader was doing his homework; that group was not the only one the two encountered as they continued through the tomb. Over the years Olaf had become accustomed to fighting along Aela's side, and knew to duck as he fought to make way for headshots. Anna was no different, her level of skill with a bow easily matching her older sister's. She had trained with her, after all.

She wished that Aela had been there to share in the glory of their success; to count all the bodies and laugh with her and Olaf as they stepped on them on their way out. The fragment had been relatively easy to obtain, in the end.

When they returned to Jorrvaskr, Aela couldn't be more proud of her little sister as she held up the fragment of the axe for Skjor to present to Kodlak.

Anna and Olaf were deservedly celebrating their victorious retrieval at the long table in the main hall, drinking mead from overflowing mugs. Their laughter rang strong through the air and bounced off the oak walls. Olaf was standing on the table, regaling the whelps, and soon Anna joined him, drawing an invisible arrow in an invisible bow as they told of Anna's prowess; headshots and arrows through the eyes.

Aela watched as she was leaning against one of the massive wooden columns holding up the thatched roof. She turned her head as Skjor appeared behind her.

"Kodlak will be up shortly; she's ready." He smiled and slipped his arm around Aela's waist. "She will be one of us, finally…"

Aela smiled at the contact and closeness of the man. Whispers and rumor told of their bonding – all true. Imprinting was a silly romantic myth, although Aela supposed if it were possible that would be precisely what they would do.

She was feeling excited. At last her sister would join The Circle, and their promise to their mother would be fulfilled. When the Silver Hand claimed her life, Anna and Aela felt lost until Kodlak took them in as his own pups.

"Bring her to the underforge." Kodlak's gruff, low voice sounded behind them. Aela nodded, and Skjor released her. She walked up to the table and waited until Anna's eyes met hers; the mildly tipsy redhead sobered when they did, and she immediately jumped down to follow.

The scraping of the massive stone slab was surprisingly quiet considering its size. Anna was standing next to Aela as Skjor pushed it slowly to the side. She was practically bouncing with every step as she trailed behind her sister; Skjor replaced the stone.

"Are you prepared?" Skjor grinned as Aela transformed behind him. "Aela has volunteered to be your forebear, as your mother was hers."

Anna approached the fountain in the middle of the room, trying her best to remain calm. Aela reached her arm out as Skjor circled around her, withdrawing a knife from his belt.

"Anna, are you prepared to share your blood with the beast world?"

"I am, Skjor. I am ready to give my body to the Lord Hircine, to release my soul to him so that I may forever hunt in his name." Anna chanted. Aela grumbled happily as she lifted her arm for Skjor. He nicked the skin and kneaded Aela's arm to coax a drinkable amount of blood into the font.

Anna reached her hand in, scooped the scarlet liquid into the palm of her hand, looking into her sister's golden eyes as she drank slowly.

Her vision tunnelled as she felt fire coursing through her veins. She collapsed to the floor, grunting loudly in pain as she felt her body tearing itself apart from within. She vibrated as her skin tore itself away from her form, replaced by thick black fur hued with copper. Her bones stretched, her mouth ached as her jaw extended into a muzzle lined with razor sharp teeth.

She howled and stood shakily, then ran for the stone slab, moving it aside easily and running out to expose herself to the cool night air. It soothed her burning body, and she was overcome with the need to run.

Aela stalked out of the underforge just in time to see her vault over the stone wall, heading for the plains outside Whiterun.

"Go." Skjor simply commanded, and Aela took off after her little sister.

Anna ended up leading Aela to the same cliffs where their mother had taken them as children. Once caught up, the two wolves ran into the trees, pounced on one another and played. Anna tested her new legs, running on all fours through the forest until her lungs stung with exhaustion.

She reveled in the new power of the Daedric blessing, and for the first time in forever saw a side of Aela that she hadn't since they were children; a playful, happy side. After a few hours Anna blacked out; it was early morning when her eyes finally fluttered open again. The sunlight wasn't welcome, but the sight of her sister smiling at her was.

"Anna, you're awake." Aela stood and walked over to her side. Anna groaned as she sat herself up on her elbows. "How do you feel, little sister?"

"I feel…fine. A little groggy." She rubbed her eyes, and focused once again on her older sibling.

"We're going to celebrate; turns out a Silver Hand band has taken camp nearby. We're going to slaughter them."

Anna grinned, already bloodthirsty. "I'll tear them apart!"

"Not in wolf form, unfortunately. We have to let our bodies recover; the Daedra do not allow their powers to be used so frequently." She frowned, and Anna nodded in understanding.

"I will always choose wisely, then. So where are we going?"

"The old fort at Gallow's Rock." Aela replied. "Skjor went ahead to scout."

"I'm ready."

The first Silver Hand member didn't stand a chance; Anna and Aela were crouched low to the ground in the stone archway of the entrance to the fort, well hidden behind a poorly constructed barricade. One arrow in each eye, and he was felled instantly, soundlessly. The sisters grinned at one another as they advanced quietly, still crouched, and spotted their next target on a ledge above a set of wooden scaffold stairs. An arrow through the temples; he didn't have time to scream, either.

They slipped into the front door and surveyed the hallway. Anna was almost instantly overcome with an overpowering mixed aroma. Every scent hit her nose at once, and she winced, but Aela laid a hand on her shoulder and her eyes softened.

"You'll get used to it, Anna. The gift gives us better hearing, sight, and smell. Over time you will notice all of these become more…potent. It will be shocking at first, but your body will adjust, I promise."

Anna nodded and let out a long breath before following after her sister. They came upon a door that was behind two sets of iron bars.

"Cowards. They must have locked the place down after Skjor charged in. You can practically taste the fear." She scowled, turning to look at Anna before scanning the room for some sort of switch or lever.

Anna could almost taste the fear. Her newly heightened sense meant that she could smell pheromones, and this place reeked of fear just as her sister said. Anna's eyes fell upon a pair of pull chains on either side of the doorway, hidden behind curtains of hanging moss.

"Aela…you pull that one, I'll get this one."

The bars lowered slowly, and the two women readied their bows as they opened the wooden door.

One through the heart. One through the throat. The two sisters claimed two more lives with their arrows. Five, six, seven, eight, all brought down mercilessly. It was almost too easy. As they ventured further into the old fort, they found several werewolf bodies; some skinned, some still intact, some fresh.

"Not one of ours, by the smell of him." Aela grunted as she stood from one of the corpses on the floor. Anna glanced over toward a row of cells, two of them were occupied by live brethren.

"Some cannot separate the man from the beast, and become feral." Aela nodded towards the two captives, grimacing as she walked past them, Anna close behind

"We won't."

"No, we won't," Aela agreed. "There is nothing we can do for them now. Come, let's find Skjor; I have a feeling that The Skinner may be here…"

"The Skinner?" Anna raised an eyebrow and gripped her bow handle a little tighter.


Deeper and down into what appeared to be an extension of the dungeon, they were met with a horrific sight; spikes driven into the floor with werewolf heads impaled on the tips. Anna's heart rate quickened at the display, but Aela's hand on her shoulder calmed her.

"Not us…" She whispered, giving Anna's shoulder a reassuring squeeze before walking ahead.

More stairs, and further still into the underground depths. They were approaching the bowels of the fort, prepared for whatever they may have to face.

"We're getting closer…be on your guard." Aela murmured softly, raising her bow and knocking another arrow. "I'm sure of it, now…The Skinner. I don't think I need to tell you why she is called by that name, Anna. She's a bad one."

That made Anna nervous again, but as she breathed out she twitched her head to crack her neck, renewing her focus and determination.

"The Skinner is going to die today, then." Anna declared.

They hid in the shadows, studying the room ahead quietly before daring to burst in. There were three henchmen, and a tall, well-built Nordic woman wearing the head of a werewolf atop her head. Aela glowered and drew her bow, nodding to Anna to signal for their usual tactic.

Two henchman on either side of the room suddenly fell to their knees, and before the third's weapon was even drawn, Aela sent an arrow between his eyes. The Skinner, Krev The Skinner, turned. Her eyes widened with rage as she took in the sight of her dead fellows. She screamed a blood-curdling battle cry, and Anna was the first to react; firing the first arrow into her breast through a weak point in her chest plate. Krev The Skinner stumbled, almost falling to her knees. Another arrow whizzed through the air and planted itself in her shoulder, sending her backward to the floor. Anna took off, drawing her dagger as she jumped into the air, and when she landed on top of Krev's body, she embedded the blade deep into her heart.

"Well done, sist-" Aela paused, then ran across the room and hit the floor knees first. "No…"

Anna turned and witnessed Aela completely collapse over a body.

"Skjor…no…NO!" Aela wailed and threw her head back mournfully. Anna felt her stomach turn grievously, and slowly walked over to her sister's side.

"Skjor…" Anna echoed, lowering herself to her knees and placing a hand on his arm. "We…we were too late…"

Anna saw another side of Aela that moment, a side that she hadn't seen since their mother died. Her brave, stoic sister was broken, blanketed over Skjor's body and shaking in a sobbing fit. All Anna could do was touch her shoulder, and that earned her a flinch.

"Anna…go back to Jorrvaskr. Kodlak must know…I…I will make sure there are no Silver Hand left."

Anna nodded and rose to her feet; for a moment she just stood in silence, head bowed.

It was their mother's death all over again. The month that followed Skjor's murder had not been kind to either Anna or Aela; their relationship suffered, The Companions suffered… He was a most beloved man, warrior, brother… Kodlak shut himself inside his room for days, Aela shut herself inside her room for weeks, and Anna just tried to keep going. Olaf was in the same mindset; they needed to keep at least some spirits high, or they would succumb to despair.

Anna threw herself into dangerous missions, following any leads on the Silver Hand she could and eliminating any that she found. She honed her skills as a werewolf, and over time developed the amplified sense of hearing and taste that Aela had mentioned. It was staggering at first, particularly the amplified hearing that woke her up throughout the night when so much as a footstep sounded. A detail she came to learn the hard way, one that Aela had failed to tell her; she would never get a good night's sleep again. The blood of the beast simply did not allow it.

A few new recruits joined the ranks of the whelps, and Anna decided to take it upon herself to teach them, train them, guide them with Olaf's help. Channeling her anger through her bow and war axes, destroying straw dummy after straw dummy. All she could see when she looked at them was Krev The Skinner, and with her already dead there wasn't much more Anna could do to find solace.

She felt as though she had failed her family; she felt as though somehow she had been responsible for Skjor's death. For the devastation caused to Aela's heart from the loss. She knew how much her sister loved him…if only they had been there sooner.

Aela wasn't helping those self-depreciating feelings; there were nights where the two sisters would argue about that fateful day. Furniture went flying, cutlery and dinnerware crashed to the floor or the walls. Their booming voices and angry wails were heard, and mostly because Aela would openly blame Anna for his death. Everyone knew that was unfair, even Aela, but she was so blinded by her rage that she took it out on the only person left in this world she loved.

Mead and ale were becoming staples of every meal Anna ate. The lessons for the whelps were getting sloppy, and just downright lazy. Kodlak had gotten to the point where it was enough; he decided to take a pilgrimage to the tomb of Ysgramor, leaving The Companions in the hands of the remaining four Circle members.

Anna had decided that the end of every training day should be celebrated with as much mead and ale as one could drink, and insisted that the new recruits indulge with her. Even Olaf was starting to wonder if Anna could practice sound judgement.

"Hey! That's enough!" Olaf roared at one recruit who decided to scale one of the pillars in the main hall. Two more were hanging in the rafters…with Anna. She had her legs hooked over the beam, and was hanging upside down.

"Olaf! T-take it…eeeeasy on them…" Anna slurred, giggling as she swung somewhat.

"Anna…this is really starting to get out of hand. Come down from there!" He watched as she shrugged and obliged; dropping down from the ceiling and landing perfectly planted on her feet on top of the great table.

"Here…I am." She held her arms open as if she were a queen to be revered. The other unruly recruits climbed down from wherever they were, and headed downstairs to the barracks when Olaf pointed in its direction.

"Anna…maybe we should go out for a midnight run." He approached her slowly. "You're…you're acting different. Reckless."

"I'm experiencing the loss, Olaf!" She swayed a little before jumping down from the table, again landing perfectly despite her inebriated state. "What else do you expect me to do?"

"Not lash out like a pup throwing a tantrum?"

"Why is everyone still calling me a pup! I'm not a pup anymore! I'm a wolf! I'm a full-fledged member of this pack, now!" Anna almost screamed. Olaf blinked and furrowed his eyebrows angrily.

"I never thought I would have to say something like this, Anna…but…you need to start acting like you are." With that, he turned sharply and threw the doors to the training yard open, disappearing into the night. Anna's jaw tensed and she kicked a mug full of ale in his direction.

Stop acting like a pup…she's acting like a pup! She sat in the nearest chair with a loud thump, chewing her lip as she considered what Olaf had just said. She knew that he wouldn't tell her something like that unless she was really misbehaving, and the last thing she wanted was to dishonor her family…even more so than she already had.

The midnight run sounded like a good idea after that; she needed to sober up and clear her mind. She stood and left Jorrvaskr, climbed over the stone wall, and took off for the plains; she willed her body to transform and also disappeared into the night.

"Who comes?" Aela's voice almost shook the door as she responded to the loud knocking.

"Uhh…courier, ma'am. I have an urgent letter from Windhelm; from clan Shatter-Shield."

Aela's eyes widened. Clan Shatter-Shield was one of the most respected families in Windhelm, and a very prominent trade business. No doubt the pay would be immense. She opened one of the doors and received the courier; he handed her the sealed letter with shaky hands, and left immediately without even giving her the chance to tip him. Not that she was planning to.

She retreated to her room, and sat at her desk. She opened the seal with a small knife and began to read.

Harbinger Kodlak,

I have recently suffered the death of one of my daughters at the hands of a murderer. My wife and I are terrified at the possibility that another may be taken from us, and so we would like to offer you a handsome amount of gold to employ one of your best warriors for protection. One of my remaining daughters is a student of the College of Winterhold, and I would like for her to be accompanied.

Please send someone to my estate in Windhelm with haste. I believe three thousand septims should be fair, but if you require more I will not hesitate to consider.

Torbjorn Shatter-Shield

Aela set the letter down and leaned back in her chair. Her eyes searched the tabletop without focus as she thought deeply. This was nothing more than an escort job; a tedious babysitting, bodyguard job. Almost insulting, really, but the perfect way to put someone in their place… Yes, the perfect way to put someone in their place.

Aela nodded as she made her decision; she would send Anna away with a carriage at first light.