Don't get on my case for a new story, okay. This is just some mish-mash of random stories which should be good. Danny and whatever other ghost bonding. Maybe some other humans, too. You should know that I got the title from an Owl City song: Rainbow Veins. Possibly the most obscure part of the song, but the lyrics were stuck in my head, and I was like, okay.

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Ember didn't know who the new guy was, but she was going to find out, and quickly. As soon as he walked into her club, he had all the ghost girls swooning, and every guy was looking at him with jealous eyes. It was only accentuated by the fact that he didn't have a ghost girl hanging off his arm, which, in a place like this, was like a billboard for pronouncing that he was single.

The speakers pulsed a beat fantastically loud, and on the neon dance floor, ghosts swung their hips and flipped their hair. Hands were clapping, mouths were screaming, and couples were kissing. A normal Friday night in Ember's club, except that she could see several people at a time sending curious and intrigued glances towards the booth where the new guy sat alone, head down, as if waiting for a girl to slide into the seat across from him and start flirting.

Ember wasn't afraid to stare, not sending those tiny little pathetic glances some of the other girls were, attempting to be unnoticeable. Instead, she just looked. Her eyes drifted over attractively tousled white hair and strong biceps, packed with lean muscle and showing mysteriously human-looking tan skin. His back was a bit hunched, with his head down, but she could get the gist of his outfit. From what she could tell, he was wearing a white vest with a black short-sleeved tee-shirt underneath, still showing off impressive arms, which were not grotesquely over-bulky, which some boys seemed to think girls liked.

Ember's eyes drifted down to his leg, of which she could only see a bit. He was wearing a white combat boot, and probably black skinny jeans, from what she could tell. She knew with just a glance that this boy was a good pick, she didn't even need to look around at the other girls staring upon him with hungry eyes and devious smiles. She also knew that anybody that handsome was going to be hard to wrap around her finger, but Ember was okay with that. After such a long time with that total deadbeat Skulker, she was ready for a challenge to get her skills back to work.

She saw a few girls start to break away from the crowd, slowly beginning to meander towards the place where the boy sat. Ember knew that she should move now, and took meaningful steps towards the boys table. As soon as the girls spotted her, they stopped in their tracks. They may have been cute, energized, beautiful, and powerful, but they still knew better than to face off with Ember McLain, especially when she was in her own club. Just the idea of being banned from Ember's club was enough to make most ghosts back off, not even adding the effects of an actual fight with her. They would wait to see if she got rejected, and if she did, make a move. But right now, he was all hers.

Ember stalked up to the booth purposefully, blue ponytail crackling behind her. With each step, the boy seemed to grow just a bit more handsome. She could see the well-defined muscle tone, the flare of a powerful ghostly glow emanating off his tan skin, and the slight perk of his messy hair that showed gravity was just a suggestion to him. She grinned, nearly licking her purple-lipsticked lips in anticipation, and strolled the last few feet with confidence.

She slid into the seat across from him, displaying audacity. He looked around her age, which just made everything so much easier. She vouched for cheesy. So much better if she had to work a little harder. "I'd ask if you come here often, but I think I would have noticed half the girls in my club unhinging their jaws before."

The boy chuckled slightly. "Flirting with me, Ember?" He lifted his head, and Ember saw a flash of neon green eyes, and that very familiar smirk she saw every time she decided to try for a human world adventure. She spluttered in surprise, and several girls looked over, curiosity showing in their eyes. Most boys had jealousy shining in theirs.

"Ph-Phantom!" Ember exclaimed, trying to not shout it to the high heavens, even through her surprise. It was pure luck that the speakers switched to a song with booming guitar and drums in the beginning, so nobody heard. A grin stretched across his face.

"Don't look so surprised," he teased. "You did just come over here to flirt, didn't you? Or did you not know what you were getting into?" He raised a casual eyebrow. When Ember didn't reply, Danny sighed and ran a hand through his already tousled white hair. "Look. I'll leave if you want. I know I already kind of caused a disturbance." He waved a hand around, signifying all the people staring at them with adoration, jealousy, and curiosity. "I seriously didn't know the outfit would make such a splash, but I thought it would be a little better than HASMAT." He rubbed a hand over his face, sighing. "Look, I'll just go now." He began to get up.

"Don't!" Ember startled herself, speaking before she even knew what she was doing. She pointed to the seat across from her. "Sit." she commanded. He obeyed. "Why?" she asked once he had settled back down, staring at him seriously. She left no room for argument or jokes.

"I suppose you mean, why did I come to your lair-which is pretty cool, by the way-on a Friday night while I'm on summer break?" he clarified, but Ember suspected he didn't even need her nod to know that that was exactly what she'd meant. Danny sighed again. "I don't know. Sam and Tucker made this cake with the emblem on it, and Jazz put up streamers in my room, and they all wore black-not just Sam-as a joke, but I guess I just didn't want to be around them tonight. I mean, they're really cool and everything, but they just don't get it. I thought that tonight, of all nights, I would just hang around ghosts. I saw your club, and I thought, well hey, that looks like a place for a lot of people. Maybe Ember won't notice and won't try to beat me up, but I guess the you-not-noticing thing was stupid."

Ember raised an eyebrow at him. She'd actually gotten most of that, but some parts were a little confusing. Cake? Black? Streamers? "What's the occasion?" she wondered aloud.

Danny looked up at her, a grin that was screaming IRONY at her in very loud voices. He shrugged. "I guess I thought that you'd somehow magically know. It's three years."

Three years? Ember wondered. What was that supposed to mean? But just as she opened her mouth to ask, it struck her. Coming to the Ghost Zone. Wearing black as a joke. The celebration, though sounding grim. "Seriously?" she wondered. "Today? And they threw you a party? How insensitive can they get?"

Danny waved a dismissive hand. "I don't blame them." Ember gave him an incredulous look, and he returned it with a shrug. "I just don't think they get it. Sure, they think today's a day to celebrate and be happy, because it was a massive turning point in our lives three years ago, and very, very important to me. They think of it like a birthday. They don't think of it on our terms. They don't think, 'three years ago precisely on this day Danny walked inside the ghost portal and electrocuted himself, suffering horrible pain and dying halfway, leading to future suffering and hardship for the sake of others'. It's more like 'oh, this is the anniversary of when Danny got his wicked cool powers and became half-ghost. Let's dress up like we're headed to a funeral as a joke and celebrate it'!

"It's your Death Day," Ember put special emphasis on the word. "The anniversary of you dying! They should at least not bake a cake about it."

Danny just shrugged again. "Well, I just needed to be around real ghosts today. Sam, Tucker, and Jazz mean well, they really do, but sometimes they can be…" he trailed off.

"Insensitive jerks," Ember finished blandly. She meant it, too. She couldn't imagine trying to celebrate the day she died.

Danny chuckled slightly. "Yeah, okay, maybe a little. And, I mean, it's not that I don't appreciate their efforts-"

"I wouldn't," Ember interrupted, feeling strangely at ease with the boy across the table from her. She tried to mentally scold herself for it, but found that she couldn't. Was he always this friendly and she didn't realize, or was he more hurt by what his friends and sister had done than he claimed?

Danny sent her a mildly amused look. "-but I just wish that they considered the effect on me. So, I guess I just wanted to hang out with other dead people and not try and fight them."

"Okay," Ember agreed. "My club is no brawling in the front rooms, and rent one of the back ones to beat the snot out of people. If you want to punch somebody for frustration, I'd be willing to give you a discount because of your situation," Danny looked at her, surprised. "But if you just want to hang, stay up front. Skulker, Technus, or whoever else could walk in here with all their weapons loaded, ready to take your head off, but as soon as they start a fight, they're out. This is my lair, my way. Anybody who doesn't like it can-"

Danny held up a hand, halting her. "Please don't finish that sentence, Ember. I don't know what you're going to say, but I know that it will poison my innocent, seventeen-year-old, virgin brain."

Ember clucked her tongue, grinning despite herself. "Seventeen years old and not even laid yet," she teased. "Pitiful."

"At least I'm not eternally eighteen," he mocked playfully back, and yet, somehow, Ember wasn't offended like she would have been if it had been Skulker or anyone else.

"Keep this up and you'll be stuck at seventeen all your afterlife," she threatened, holding up her gloved fist, slightly glowing with purple energy. She didn't really mean it, though.

"I thought there was no brawling," Danny said, a sly smile creeping onto his face. Ember felt a matching one adorning her features.

"I don't need to pay for a back room to fight in, I can just haul you there and beat the shit out of you."

Danny's emerald eyes danced with mischief. "Thats not all you can do in the back rooms," he teased, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

Ember laughed. "Trust me, goody-two-shoes," she taunted. "You don't even want to try with a bad girl like me."

Danny returned the laugh whole-heartedly. "Oh really?" He smiled sinisterly, and his eyes flashed red for a brief second. Ember was taken aback, shocked. "You'd be surprised how," he paused, his lips parting slightly. "Non goody-two-shoes I can be."

"You want to quit with the playful banter and get right to the battle?" she shot back. Both of them had huge and mischievous grins on their faces right then. "Or are you scared? A little boy like you can't handle a rockstar."

Danny smirked. "Maybe not yet, rockstar, but give me a few more hours with you, and you'll be begging me. Or did you forget already your reason for coming over to this booth already?"

Ooh. He had her their. She hadn't seen who he was, but that outfit, the hair, and the muscles had attracted her. She could only guess the kind of abs you got from ghost fighting all day, but she had the feeling that she'd be pleased if she did find out. Without a second thought to it, Ember shifted her weight, put one hand to the table, one knee to the seat, and leaned until her lips crashed into Danny's. Every whisper and gasp and talk and chatter ended at that very moment, leaving only the pulsing beat of the music as background noise, but Ember didn't care, and from the way Danny responded, neither did Danny.

Danny paused for a moment when her lips met his, surprised, but then relaxed into it. His lips were warmer than Ember's, which wasn't much of a surprise, but Ember wasn't too pleased at exactly how warm they were, compared to hers. It made her feel dead. But, to her utter astonishment, they cooled down in a matter of seconds, just a hint warmer than her own, and began kissing her back, moving in a way that was nearly massaging to Ember's lips.

His hand reached up and held her head to his, her fiery hair licking around his fingers but not burning him. His skin was only a bit warmer than her own, which was puzzling, but Ember didn't complain as his other hand came up and pressed into her hand on the table. She eased up, no longer obeying the laws of gravity, and Danny turned her intangible, pulling her straight through the table and next to him. His hand remained in hers, though, and Ember wasn't complaining.

They broke apart soon enough, and Danny grinned at her, almost dopily. "Well," he began, giving her a sideways look as he swiveled to sit in the booth directly again. "That was an unexpected turn to the evening."

"Admit it already, baby-pop. That was the best kiss of your life. You know you want more."

Danny shrugged at her. "I wasn't denying that I liked it, but if your looking for a new boy-toy, I'll politely decline."

Ember raised an eyebrow at him. "Eh?"

"You're a loose cannon, and I like a more stable relationship," Danny said. "I can't say I didn't like kissing you, but your style of get 'em, kiss 'em, screw 'em, dump 'em isn't really in my corner."

"Maybe you need to just try being a little more adventurous," Ember suggested, and got up from the table. "Tons of ghost girls are going to come over and flirt with you as soon as I leave, and most of them will love it even more that you're the good-boy Danny Phantom. A lot of girls want to get their hands on you and try to convert you to their side, so I wouldn't be surprised if, as soon as I walked away, a dozen girls materialized next to you, with even more across the table." She winked. "Have fun, and if you ever need to talk again, don't be afraid to drop by."

Ember grinned at him and walked off, swaying her hips for emphasis, and tossing her hair just a bit. Every girl waited for about two minutes, waiting to see what Ember would do and whether that kiss meant that he was hers now, but when she didn't move after the respected two minutes, more than two dozen girls all tried to make their move at once. Ember secretly snuck closer, invisibly, to listen to his conversation with the first ghost girl.

"Hi," she said in a seductive voice. "I'm Violettai. You want me to show you a good time?"

Danny chuckled. "Unless you're talking about running records, I think it's going to be a little harder for you than that."

Ember knew that was going to drive her crazy, and when the resulting "Ooh la-la," came from Violettai, she nearly grinned. That was very smooth of Phantom.

"So what's your name?" Violettai finally wondered, her tone back to thick and seductive. It didn't seem to affect Danny, because all he did was chuckle again.

"If you really must know, my name…is Danny Phantom."

Ember could practically hear Violettai's heart drop. She could hear the small squeak that came from the ghost girl. She grinned. Apparently, Phantom wasn't as goody-two-shoes as she'd thought at first. He was a real heart-breaker. She couldn't wait to see who was hanging off his arm when he rented a back room. Maybe even blast them to pieces later, because if she knew something, it was that she'd secretly enjoyed that kiss too, perhaps even more than he had himself. He was the ultimate challenge, and yet, the first trap had been set, and all she needed to do was spring it at the right time.

Also, for people about to scold me because I didn't put this on my oneshot album, whatever. Alright, this is exclusive. This is Ghost(s) and Danny bonding, because I LOVE Ghost(s) and Danny bonding. COmpletely different category, okay?

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