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Nymphadora's Beau

Andromeda Tonks, "Droma" to close friends, walked through Knockturn Alley with her shopping bag in hand. Despite the alley's deserved seedy reputation, the shops there were simply the best place to get some of the more rare potions ingredients, and as a Slytherin alumnus (and bearing a very close resemblance to her deranged sister Bellatrix), nobody bothered her. Nearing the exit leading to Diagon Alley, she accidentally bumped into someone.
"Pardon me – oh it's you Nymphadora!" Andromeda smiled as she recognised her daughter, clad in Auror gear, standing watch.

"Muuuuum, don't call me that!" the young Auror complained. "Not a word Perkins, unless you want your knees to face backwards," she bit off to her partner, who was sniggering.

"Good day madam Tonks," Perkins greeted Andromeda, and she gave him a nod in return before inspecting her daughter.

"You look well Nymphadora dear. It's been a while since your father and I last saw you, why don't you come over tonight? You can bring your beau, that Boyce fellow wasn't it?"
Nymphadora had a... troublesome dating history. She liked to go for the 'bad boys', and after her tumultuous affair with Charley Weasley had broken off following his graduation, she had dated several other young men. The last one Andromeda knew about was Gerald Boyce, one of Nymphadora's fellow Aurors.

"We're no longer together," Nym said in clipped tones. "And mum, please call me Tonks?" The last was asked with puppy dog eyes – literal in her metamorphmagus daughter's case.

"Nonsense dear, Nymphadora is perfectly fine name. Very well then I must be off, I'll expect you for supper around six dear!" Shooting a smile at having annoyed her daughter – teasing was a long standing Black family tradition – Andromeda Tonks continued on in the main shopping alley.


"It's a shame you're no longer with Gerald, he was a fine young man. I liked him a lot," Theodore 'Ted' Tonks commented to his only child. The Tonks were sitting in the kitchen, having just finished the light evening meal.

'Exactly why I dumped him,' Nym thought to herself. She forced a light smile on her face, "It just wouldn't work out daddy. Gerald was so... boring."

"Boring? But Nymphadora dearie, didn't you say you were attracted to him at first because he rode one of those Muggle motoric bicycle things?" Andromeda added.

"Motorcycle mum," Nym rolled her eyes dramatically, "and yes he does ride one, but otherwise he was as boring as you folks." Realising what she just said, she flushed, "No offense intended mum, dad."

"That's all right dear, I'll be the first to admit I like the easy life," Ted laughed. "So, got your eyes on someone new then?"

"Maybe..." Nym smiled. "With the Order stuff and all I've been hanging with Remus a lot..."

"Remus Lupin?" Andromeda sounded surprised. "I remember him from Hogwarts, he was an adorable little Gryffie. I heard he grew up to be a fine young man, despite his... problem."

Nym stared at her mother with wide eyes. "His... problem?"

"Oh yes dear, we Prefects all knew Remus Lupin was a werewolf. Just in case, you know. I heard he was a teacher at Hogwarts two years ago? I must say, I'm glad you're finally setting your eyes on someone with a little stability."

"But... but... so you approve of Remus and I?" Nym squaked out. This was not as she expected! She was sure her mother would hate the idea of her girl with an older man, and a werewolf to boot!

"Oh definitely," Andromeda answered her. "In fact, why don't you invite him over for dinner here soon? Ted and I would love to have a chat with him."

"Right you are Droma," Ted smiled at his wife.

Nym sat there fuming a bit, then soon after made excuses to leave. Just before she went to the back door to apparate away, her mother called her back for a final chat.

"Nymphadora, I am so happy you're thinking about settling down. For a moment I was afraid you'd do something stupid like trying to hook up with that Potter boy."

"Potter?" Nym's mouth dropped in surprise. "Harry Potter?"

"Yes, him," Andromeda nodded. "With you watching him at those awful Muggles he's staying at, your father and I were afraid you'd set your eyes on him. I can't tell you how much of a relief it is that you've decided to go for a mature, respectable older man instead."

"I... I see mum. So you'd definitely not like me to be with Ha– someone younger than I?" Nym carefully asked.

"Well a younger man... boy even is scandalous of course, but on top of that, someone as troublesome as the Boy-Who-Lived? Nymphadora Drusilla Tonks, you stay far away from him!" Andromeda glared at her daughter. "Now off you go. I expect to see you and your new beau for dinner some time in the coming month. Give Remus my greetings when you see him, ta!"
And with that, she more or less pushed her daughter out the back door.

Nym stood outside a bit, fuming. 'If mum thinks she can tell me who to date, she's got another thing coming! Let's see... I've got guard duty at the Dursley home tomorrow from four p.m. until nightfall... and Dung has the shift after me. I bet he'd be happy to let me take over, that'll give me until late the next morning to work on Harry. He has filled out nicely, and I'm sure he'll appreciate an older woman helping him "cope" with the stress...'

Nym focused, and increased her bust size just a bit, so her shirt strained nicely. 'I think I'll "forget" my bra tomorrow... oh yes Harry, you're gonna be mine!'
And a loud crack signalled Nym apparated away to her own appartment.

"Think she fell for it Droma?" Ted embraced his wife from behind. They were standing near the back window, and had been watching their daughter pace about.

"I hope so Teddy, really Remus Lupin of all people? I don't understand what my daughter is thinking half the time. That... man... is a cowardly slacker, and would probably try to run out on her if she let herself get knocked up by him!
"No, Harry is a much better prospect, despite his young age from what I heard he is very mature. If anyone can ground our little wildcat, it will be him."

"Poor boy won't know what's coming," Ted smirked.

A/N: If Ron/Hermione is the worst canon pairing, Remus/Nymphadora isn't far behind. I find it really hard to respect a man who walks out on his pregnant wife... or never bothers to check up on the only child of his best friend, for that matter.