I'm back bitches! Hahaha nah but for real I'm back with the heavily requested sequel to One More Of Us. This one will be dramatic, heart-breaking, emotional and full of feels all the way through. You won't even know who to root for!

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I also recommend that you listen to the song This Town from Nashville. I think it has a good resemblance to the haunting acoustics of the original soundtrack to the game and is just genuinely a good song. Don't believe me? Check it out and tell me otherwise.


I pressed her into the wall, smothering her body with mine. Her breathy moan washed over my face as I pinned her closer to the wall with my hips. I attacked her neck with my lips, not letting up until her moans were filling every corner of the house. One tormented scream of my name caused my hips to jerk into hers. She rolled against me in return, prompting me into moving again.

"Jesse," she panted. "Jesse, we c-can't."

I attacked her harder, pouring everything I was feeling into my ministrations. "I've waited too long Ellie," I rasped out. "I don't care anymore. It's not worth going everyday seeing you without being able to touch you. Kiss you...Love you."

She let out a tortured moan and I took the opportunity to plunge my tongue into her mouth, kissing her for all I was worth. She had deprived me for so long so I was taking all I could. She hesitated for a split second before coming back full force. She battled with me with all she had but I eventually won. I took my prize, grabbing her under her cheeks and hoisting her up against the wall. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she started to grind against me. It took all my power to get us over to the closest bed.

I dropped her onto the mattress before caging her in. She bit her lip as I panted harshly. Blood was pumping so loudly in my ears that it started to make my head hurt. A loud roar was taking over my hearing and all I could think about was how hungry I was. Her lip looked so tempting so I leaned in and caught it between my teeth. I started nibbling but it wasn't enough.

"Jesse that feels so goo-Ahh!" she screamed as I bit her hard. Blood filled my mouth. "Jesse what the fuck?" She tried to get up but I prevented her. "Jesse?"

I growled, spittle flying out as I lurched towards her. She screamed again and kicked out, knocking me back. I landed on the floor but I didn't stay down long. I roared as I jumped back up, my vision going red.

"Jesse stop it!" Ellie was crying. Something in my gut tugged and I tried to tell her everything was okay, but all that came out was a gurgled squelching sound as thick sticky blood dribbled out between my teeth. "Oh my god..." her voice trembled as tears streamed down her cheeks. "You're Infected."

I staggered to the side as I closed in on her. Again I tried to talk, but only a shriek came out. Where was Joel? Why wasn't he stopping me? my thoughts were slowly disappearing, only one thing reaching my clouded brain: Kill her.

"I'm so sorry Jesse." She continued to sob on the bed, curled up and not even trying to run away from me. "I told you. I told you right from the start we couldn't be together." I paused slightly. "Don't you dare hesitate," she spat. "If you're still alive in there you have to kill me before you turn!"

I lunged towards the bed.

"Is it ready?"

"Shush girl. He'll hear you."

"He's gonna wake up any second."

"Calm down Ellie. Alright it's ready. Go wake him."

Footsteps padded rapidly towards me before a weight landed softly on my stomach, two smaller weights trapping me in around my waist.

A female voice started laughing. "Wake up! Happy seventeenth birthday!"

My eyes shot open to see Ellie grinning madly as she shoved a cupcake with a lit candle under my nose. I flinched back with a startled cry before I chuckled, her laughter mingling in. I sat up slightly, causing her to shuffle down off my stomach and onto my lap. Her hair was up in a messy ponytail, a long fringe sweeping out over her left eye, the other green one gleaming against the candle light. She was still in her pyjamas – a pair of check shorts and an old Anaheim Ducks shirt (I LOVE THE DUCKS!)

Don't think about her legs. Don't think about her legs. I spotted Joel standing in the doorway, arms crossed as he watched us. He shot me a look so scary it was enough to kill any boner.

"Come on Jesse, make a wish!" she cried excitedly, pushing the candle under my nose again.

"Alright. Alright," I laughed, taking it from her. "That candle's hot Y'know."

She rolled her eyes but didn't even attempt to move off of me. "Make a wish."

I sighed, giving her my best you're-so-annoying look before looking at the cupcake in my hand.

I wish Ellie would give me a chance.

Even though it was my birthday, Ellie and I decided the spend the day like all our other free days: together. We didn't need to do anything special, we just enjoyed each other's company as we walked through the streets.

Tommy really had set up a great place here. Joel, Ellie and I had been living here for two years now. Tommy had given us a house that had three bedrooms in and was plenty big enough for all three of us.

But I was actually thinking about moving out soon.

We all make good money here. Joel's on the council with Tommy and works as his number two and Ellie works with the horses in the stable. There isn't really a name for what I do but they call us Grunts – because we grunt when we work. We do heavy lifting, heavy pulling, heavy pushing. If it's heavy and gotta be moved, we move it.

But back to what I was saying. Ellie and I have been going good since we got here but it hasn't changed anything.

I'm still in love with her.

I think about her all the time. I even dream about her. She asked me to not have these feelings but I can't help it. You can't wish away love – believe me I've tried.

We've been dancing around each other the whole time we've been here. The first couple weeks we couldn't even be in the same room as each other. But luckily time managed to sort something out cause now we basically drape ourselves over each other whenever we can. We're not stupid, we know there are limits, but I think Ellie's really been starting to see how hard it is to keep to whatever it is we have going here. It's normally just some light touching but lately she's been sneaking in some little kisses. On the cheek, the neck.

I don't know how long I'll be able to control myself so I guess the best thing to do would be to move out. I haven't told Joel and Ellie my plan. I plan on waiting until Ellie's been sixteen for at least a little longer. The fact that she's really maturing and...filling out isn't helping.

"Can we sit somewhere?" Ellie's voice broke me out of my little revere of the last two years as we reached where we kept the horses.

"Uh sure," I said. She dragged us over to some crates by the stables and we sat down. Ellie tilted her head back and let the sun wash over her face. I watched her for a little bit.

Screw it. It's my birthday.

I reached down and lifted my shirt over my head. Sunny days were one of my favourite things in the world and I was gonna enjoy it. Once I put it down I noticed the corner of Ellie's eye open.

I smirked and gestured to my abs. Work as a Grunt will do that for you.. "Like what you see?" Her eyes bugged before she looked away, blushing. "I wouldn't blame you. I mean I am pretty gorgeous," I continued to say as I flexed.

"And still soft in the head apparently," she grumbled.

"Yeah and don't forget." I stopped when I realised what she'd said. "Whaddya mean still?" I demanded.

She giggled before pointing to one of the many scars that littered my body. "Well it doesn't exactly take a genius to get shot four times."

I frowned. "You know half of those were because I was covering your butt."

She arched her scarred eyebrow. "Like I need you covering me. I bet I wouldn't have gotten shot," she challenged as she poked me. She was carefully to avoid the marred flesh in the middle of my chest.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see passersby watching us with curious expressions. We had gotten these since we arrived. Everyone knew about Ellie, what she had inside her. Half the town treated her normally. The others acted like she had the plague. I got a lot of questions asking me why I hung around her but I always ignored them.

Ignoring the passersby, I stood up tall. I towered over Ellie, who shrunk back a little before remembering we were play fighting. "I don't think I appreciate your tone."

She smirked. "What're you gonna do about it?"

One lip quirk told her everything and she bolted, sprinting towards the fields. I chased after her as she wriggled through a gap in the fence. I leaped it in one bound and hunted her down, tackling her under a lonely tree that the horses liked to gather under. They whinnied and trotted away as we hit the floor and began struggling.

Somehow Ellie managed to wriggle her way on top of me, pining me down. We panted as we came down from our little adrenaline burst. Ellie relaxed against me and began tracing patterns on my skin. I let her, in fact finding the actions soothing. Her fingers bumped as they traced the scar on my chest.

We locked eyes for a second. Slowly, she drew her fingers across my skin, finding the scar on my arm from when Henry shot me. She traced that one before leaning over and tracing the one I had gotten as we rescued her from the Fireflies. I told her I got it from some bandits while we left the hospital.

"You really did get all these because of me."

I grabbed her hand. "I got these because I wanted to protect you."

"But if I hadn't needed protecting then-"

"Ellie stop it." She stopped babbling. "None of these were your fault. They were bandits, Hunters and just dicks with guns." She giggled a little at that. "Every scar is a reminder that we made it."

"We did..."

We both went quiet and I knew we were thinking the same thing: we made it, through everything that was thrown at us and everything that was taken. And yet we still felt like we were fighting.

"Come on," I grumbled as the urge to kiss her was starting to overwhelm me. "It's already late. I bet everyone's at the centre."

She nodded as I got up and offered her my hand. She took it and together we made our way back into town.

Ellie and I sat together at a table close to the door. Everything else was taken but we didn't mind. We could still see the band playing. Joel tried to look at least a little grouchy as he plucked his guitar but I could tell he was having fun with the rest of the band. Some people danced, others hung out at the bar and the rest chatted like Ellie and I were.

"Why don't you go dance?" Ellie asked over the music.

"I ain't a dancer. You know that," I replied.

"But that group of girls has been eying you all night."

I knew who she was talking about. Cassie was one of those girls who, despite these crappy times, always managed to get her way. And right now her sights were set on me.

There weren't many guys our age around here. Or girls really. Counting me and Ellie there were about a dozen teens here. Stories of our journey had been going around since we got here. Ellie knew her side made her sound like she was an accident prone monster and I was the knight in shining armour but I never let her believe it. I frequently told people how horribly I had treated Ellie during our journey but they just laughed and called it endearing.

I don't know how threatening to shoot a fourteen year old is endearing but whatever.

"She's not my type." No other girl but Ellie was my type.

"Then what about Mandy?"

I shook my head as she continued to list off the girls. "Ellie stop." She did. "I'm not interested in anyone el...in anyone." There was an awkward pause. "And what about you? You get looks, I've seen them." And personally vowed to smash anyone who approached her faces in.

"You know I can't pursue anything." She turned her face away to watch the band finish up their song.

"Ellie I'm sor-"

"Alright let's hear it for Home Sweet Home!" the announcer, a guy called Martin said and a round of applause started up. The band bowed, Joel still looking a little embarrassed. "Anyone wanna give Doug a break?"

The crowd laughed as the lead singer, Doug McShane, blushed a little. No one made a move to get on stage though. "Aww c'mon people, we can't take another bag of cats." The crowd laughed again while Doug looked ready to punch Martin.

Joel shot a look across the crowd and, as soon as it found me, he grinned. Don't you dare Joel.

"How about the kids?"

Fuck you Joel.

"Yeah!" Martin hollered s he found us. "C'mon kids. You make the best teen team!"

He knew I hated that name. Ellie was giving Joel evils as members of the crowd started to gather around us. They grabbed our arms and hauled us up and over to the stage. We were deposited on the stage and Joel handed off his guitar.

"I wish you'd never taught me," I growled as I settled it properly. He grinned and moved off the stage. I sighed. "Alright everyone...Whaddya want to hear?"

Shouts began to erupt from the crowd. Ellie and I shared a look. "Alright. Alright!" Ellie yelled over the yelling. "I got an idea." She went over to the pianist and whispered something to her. She nodded and began to play.

I knew the intro, considering Joel and I wrote it.


Hold on until the feelin' is so strong
Until the ground that you walk on
Is where you stand.

This dream, it heals and it haunts me
It's tempted and taught me Who I am

I joined in on the chorus but this was all really Ellie's moment. I don't think she even knew why I wrote this song.


This town ain't yours
And this town ain't mine.
We all come here with a light in our eyes

Some will burn out.
Some will burn bright.
Some learn to fly.
Some will run for their lives.

In this town.
In this town.

[Ellie and Jesse]

Strangers, we're nothin' but strangers
Puttin' our heart's in danger
For the song we sing.

I've seen the devil inside me
But I won't let him guide me
Or take my wings

[Ellie and Jesse]

This town ain't yours
And this town ain't mine.
We all come here with a light in our eyes

Some will burn out. (Some will burn out.)
Some will burn bright. (Some will burn bright.)
Some learn to fly.
Some will run for their lives.

In this town
In this town

I watched her as the rest of played. She was so in tune with the music. I don't know if she knows it's about her. About what we faced together. And how I still feel my heart pound when I look at her.

[Ellie and Jesse]

This town ain't yours. (This town ain't yours.)
And it surely ain't mine. (This town ain't mine.)
We all come here with a light in our eyes

Some will burn out.
Some will burn bright.
Some learn to fly.
Some will run for their lives.

In this town
In this town (This town.)

Ooh ooh ooh ooh
(Ooh this town.)
In this town.

The crowd cheered as we finished up. Joel watched us, smiling slightly under his thick greying beard. I looked to Ellie, her green eyes sparkling under the spotlight. All my emotions bubbled to the surface at the sight of her looking so happy. It all became too much. I handed off the guitar to Joel and left the stage. People patted me on the back but I ignored them.

I caught a pair of blue eyes, Cassie staring at me as she leaned against the door. I didn't say anything, but I also didn't object when she followed me out.

Anybody feeling a little sorry for Jesse? Can you say you're surprised? The guy has had to give up a lot. Keep that in mid when you read the next chapter...

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