Chapter 2

"My Bella," breathed Carlisle the memory of his voice making Bella's eyes fly open as she woke up the day before alive in her mind. She was his, his beautiful Bella, and as she remembered that she smiled. For some reason the knowledge of that brought a warm feeling to her heart. It made her feel happy, it made her feel wanted, but most of all it made her remember that today she would be seeing the good doctor again. Today, she would be hearing her name on his lips again. That alone brought a smile to her lips. That thought didn't leave her thoughts, even while she ate breakfast in silence with Charlie, not until he was gone did her thoughts change.

"Hello?" said Bella a second later when the phone range almost as soon as Charlie walked out the door.

"Charlie gone?" said Carlisle his voice making a shiver run up her spine. She knew his voice immediately and just the sound of it had her heart in her throat. But taking a breath she nodded in response before remembering her couldn't see that response.

"He's gone…yeah…Why'd you call me? Wasn't that my job?" whispered Bella clearly nervous as she tried, but failed to keep it together.

"I decided to save you the time. Meet me outside and hurry, we wouldn't want to be seen," growled Carlisle hanging up abruptly. For a minute then Bella just stood there with the phone in her hand. Her brain was trying to process what was happening, but soon she came back to herself. Taking a deep breath, she hung up the receiver, and moved into gear.

Grabbing her sneakers, she put them on, and ripping her coat from its hook she was out the door stopping on the porch. There he was, sitting in his car outside her house was Dr. Carlisle Cullen; just seeing him there made her forget what she was doing. For another minute Bella forgot herself once more. The sexiest guy in Forks was outside her house waiting for her. He was married, so she would be the other woman, but as she came back to herself Bella couldn't let herself care. All she wanted was to enjoy this while it lasted. With that thought she was running to his car and jumping inside with a smile.

"You had me worried there for a moment, my Bella, I was afraid you had changed your mind," smiled Carlisle beginning to drive away the second she was inside stroking her cheek with one hand before moving lower. Bella didn't answer; she only smiled in an attempt to reassure him before moaning as he slid a hand over her breasts. Her nipples were instantly hard and she was hoping he would slip his hand inside her shirt. But he only continued to move lower. His hand only moved down her belly to her legs moving past her thighs to her knee. He gave it a little pat, but his hand didn't stay there. Soon it was nudging her thighs apart slipping in-between to her thigh giving it a light squeeze. This time though it stayed there his fingers tapping idly as he drove farther from town.

He was making her hot for him and he knew that. Carlisle was teasing her and Bella knew that. It made her love and hate him all in the same moment. It all made her want to straddle him and fuck him as he drove. But she didn't, she remained silent until suddenly the car stopped.

"We're here," growled Carlisle his eyes running over her as hers looked out at the cabin he had nestled away in the woods that he had chosen to share with her. Stepping out of the car, Bella looked at it, and when Carlisle came up behind her only then did she look at him. Carlisle gripped her waist bringing her back against his chest, he brought his lips to her ear, and running his tongue over it he made her shiver.

"Come with me, my Bella," whispered Carlisle taking her hand then to lead her to the door. Once inside he didn't wait a second.

"God, you're beautiful," breathed Carlisle moving his hands down the front of her chest as he removed her coat his eyes eating her alive.

"I'm only wearing a tank top and jeans…that's not exactly sexy," whispered Bella feeling as he simply shook his head his lips at her neck.

"And you don't need to be. You are sexy all on your own," growled Carlisle turning her to claim her lips before she could say another words slowly moving her backwards.

Bella didn't fully realize what was happening until her ass came in contact with the dining room table. Until that moment all she knew was that Carlisle was kissing her and it was pure bliss. He was amazing the way he seemed to know right where to touch her, but when her ass met the table only then did she pull away. They stared at each other for barely a second before he lifted her on top of it making her squeal in surprise. Bella wanted to look at him, to ask him what he had planned now, but he never gave her the chance. Suddenly he attacked her lips as if his life depended on it. But that was only a distraction. His hands were just as busy as his lips. They moved over her stomach at first before moving to the button of her jeans nearly ripping them open. With a single yank he had them off and only when they were on the floor did he finally look at her. Bella was out of breath, she couldn't help it he was such a good kisser, and he wanted her. He wanted her and she didn't understand why. But she didn't want to ask as she peered up at him silently asking what he had for her next. When he grabbed the bottom of her top yanking it over her head she felt a jolt of excitement.

"Carlisle," gasped Bella her excitement fueling her as he looked at her as she sat in only her panties her breasts in full view for him to see.

"Bella," whispered Carlisle in response his eyes meeting hers as he spread her legs with his hands making room for him to stand in-between them.

"Do you have any idea how sexy, how tantalizing you are?" growled Carlisle moving his hands over her sides.

"Now that you're telling me…yeah…I guess I do," breathed Bella giving him a small smile. But he didn't let that smile go uncovered. Before Bella could fully respond he was kissing her. When Bella did finally respond she moved her lips quick against his before letting her hands move over his chest. And when they found the front of his pants she practically ripped them open.

"Not quite yet, my Bella, I got more in store," whispered Carlisle taking her hand when she moved to touch him with a shake of his head. Bella gave him a little pout before he covered that too with his lips. She didn't understand what he was doing, but decided she trusted him enough to wait to see. She soon got her answer when she felt his hands on her hips. With no hesitation he fingered her panties remove them with not a word throwing them over his shoulder. He looked at her a moment then as she sat naked before him and he knew she didn't know what he had in store. That only excited him more as he grinned making her begin to do the same as he pulled her to the edge of the table then without any warning he fell to his knees his eyes level with her pussy.

The mere sight of him there between her legs had her heart pounding, but it also did so much more. Bella could feel the wetness pooling at her center and she knew he was going to make it worse with whatever he had planned. And the second his tongue found her pussy she found out exactly what that was.

"Oh my god," exclaimed Bella her head falling back as he went to work on her. Before she knew it her legs were spreading even farther than they already were and her hands found the edge of the table. Her knuckles were white as she gripped it feeling as he brought his fingers to help bring her pleasure. His tongue stroked her so expertly moving over her clit sucking it into his mouth only briefly. It came out of his mouth with a sexy pop and as their eyes met he slid into her entrance his thumb stroking her clit. As he worked her over Bella couldn't help, but watch him. He was so sexy as his tongue moved over Bella just wanted to pull him up and fuck him right there on the table, but she didn't. She just watched him wanting him inside her so badly in that moment.

Carlisle worked her over groaning at the taste of her. But he didn't let her come. He wanted to wait until she was nearly there to plunge his cock into her pussy to make her come. He wanted her to come on his tongue, but not now. There would be time later for that. So when he got her right where he wanted her he got to his feet once more. His movements were quick then as he grabbed her from the table forcing her to her feet. Turning Bella around, Carlisle forced her face first into the table his hands hard on her hips. But this only excited her more. Carlisle could see that as he poked her entrance with the head of his cock. He had left her nice and wet so that he would slide right inside her. For a minute then he stared at her; he couldn't wait to be inside her tight little pussy again. Carlisle entered her slowly savoring the feel of her tightness as it wrapped around him. She felt so good and the little moan she released in response made him even harder than he thought he could be. Only when his balls hit the swell of her ass did he release a breath not moving as they both adjusted to the feel of each other.

"Fuck, you're so perfect," breathed Carlisle watching as she reached to grip the table before he began to move inside her at all. Carlisle wanted to pound inside her, but he decided against it. She wasn't ready for that yet and truth was neither was he. He wanted to take things slow with her, so he moved slowly inside her. But even that had her moaning loudly her back arching perfectly the way he wanted it to. Bella was so pretty as he fucked her, but even prettier when she came nearly right away. He fucked her through her release though and from the screams that left her lips she didn't seem to mind.

"Carlisle…yes, please fuck me," screamed Bella turning her head on the table. Her cheek rested against the hard wood as she looked up at him as he fucked her. Pushing her ass up into the air she couldn't hold in a single sound what he was doing was too good. This was nothing like before in his office if anything it was better, he was unrestrained, so passionate; it made her skin prickle with excitement.

"Come here," growled Carlisle both his voice and actions making that moment even hotter.

Bella had felt it as he slid his hand up her back, but she hadn't thought that much of it. She had only thought it sexy, but it got even sexier. Suddenly he gripped her hair in one hand using it to pull her back to his chest making her cry out in both pain and pleasure.

"You like this, do you? Being fucked like a common whore hard and rough," growled Carlisle moving his hand to play with her clit. Bella looked at him then out of the corner of her eye, she did, and when he said it like that she liked it even more.

"Yes," breathed Bella screaming as she came in that moment a second time.

"That's my girl," whispered Carlisle before he released her hair letting her fall back onto the table as he fucked her still looking for his own release now.

Bella turned out to be full of surprises. He hadn't actually expected her to respond to that, but when she did all it did was turn him on more. He hadn't felt like this for a woman in a very long time, no one had been able to take him like this, but it appeared this small scrap of a girl could. It made him like her more.

"Fuck, Bella," growled Carlisle as he came his body leaning heavy on hers.

"I may never let you go, Bella Swan," teased Carlisle afterward as he left her body. For a moment he watched her as he stared at her sweaty sexy beautiful form in the aftermath of what they'd just done. But then he couldn't just look at her. Carlisle turned her to face him smiling as her weary arms went around his neck. For a moment he only looked at her, but when he could do that no more he kissed her in the sweetest way he knew how. They shared that kiss for the longest time only pulling apart to finally look each other in the eye. Carlisle tentatively gave her a smile before moving away to fully undress before her eyes. When that was done he scooped her up into his arms starting a new fevered kiss as he moved her to the bedroom at the back of the cabin.

Laying her on the bed, Carlisle let his body cover hers, and kissing her once more he smiled as he looked at her.

"How do you feel?" breathed Carlisle looking at her with concern. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her and though he had tried not to be he had been rather rough with her. He didn't want her to be sore because of it. But looking her over she appeared to be fine. Staring into her face, he had to know for sure, but all he received in response was a smile.

"I'm fine," whispered Bella smiling as she moved into a kiss her lips soft against his. He felt as her hands curled into his hair as she deepened the kiss her tongue warm against his own. He couldn't help thinking that he liked the feel of her fingers there. And pulling away she smiled bigger as he roamed her neck letting him leave a mark that she didn't want to have to hide as she held him against her. He was so wonderful and if she didn't know any better she would have thought she was falling in love with him. But that couldn't happen he was off limits. He was a married man and in that moment Bella silently thought that she couldn't forget that.

"I want more," said Bella making him look at her.

Carlisle couldn't believe what he was hearing, he had fucked her through two orgasms, and still she wanted more.

"I'm definitely keeping you," growled Carlisle not hesitating to kiss her hard. Bella melted into his kiss her hands firm against his back as she held him tightly to her. Slowly she felt as he got hard once more for her and it brought a smile to her lips. She loved the effect she had on him. His lips moved to worship her breasts as he slipped inside her once more. Bella was amazing. Never in his life had he thought such a woman would enter his life. She was beautiful, she was sexy, she tasted good, she felt good, and she responded to him in a way no one ever had. She was perfect for him in every way. That was all he could think as he moved slow inside her his lips moving to suck a hard puckered nipple. He could do this forever and never get bored. He just wanted to make love to her. To be inside her to taste her skin and never stop because it was her. His Bella.

He would worship her as a man should a woman. Bella let her fingers card through his hair as he did all of this.

"Carlisle," gasped Bella letting her head fall back against the pillow as he pleasured her. Suddenly his lips left her breasts as he kissed her with all he was worth as he moved harder inside her. He was amazing the way he touched her and fucked her. She knew it would never be the same with anyone else that was her only thought as he continue to move inside her. But then he pulled away continuing to fuck her as he peered down at her.

There was something in his eyes that she couldn't quite place. It was emotion, but what type she had no idea as she just stared back waiting for him to tell her.

"You are mine…from now on," whispered Carlisle emphasizing his point with a few hard thrusts. Bella smiled as he held her in his arms still his cock moving so slow it was nearly painful, but in that moment as those words left his mouth she couldn't bring herself to care. His words said so much and looking at him she didn't know how to respond. She knew he wasn't hers even if she wanted him to be. He had a wife, he belonged to her, but in that moment she wanted to believe that he was. In that moment she let herself believe that as she kissed him. In that moment, she was his Bella, and for as long as whatever this was lasted she didn't mind that.

"Bella," breathed Carlisle against her lips as he kissed her making her fantasy all the more real.

All as Carlisle formed a plan for the future in his head; a plan to never let her go.