A/N: Wrote the 1st half of this bunny back in January, 2014. - It's been busting at the seams to get out.

A very warm welcome back to the world of writing for Shelbylou!

Welcome back my friend - and thank you!


In the middle of a single barely lit storage room, 10 feet x 12 feet in size, with no apparent way out, sits a man - shackled to an old fashioned school chair by a 3" thick chain that's wrapped around his body in three places: his chest, his waist and once more around his thighs.

He's blindfolded - a thick, black, heavy gauze type fabric wrapped securely around his eyes for the sole purpose of not allowing him to see anything. He's not gagged, although he is unconscious, still suffering the effects of being drugged and as well as being hit extremely hard over the head. Completely out of it, his head has fallen to his chest and has been there for hours.

Wearing only a thin button-up work shirt tucked inside his jeans with the standard socks and work shoes on his feet, the goose bumps are rapidly increasing visibly on his skin as the cold air permeates the room.

To make sure the chair can't be moved, the chain's been run down through the bottom rung and from there it's been threaded through a thick metal hook welded into the floor just behind the chair and stretched across the floor to the wall behind him. At that point, the chain disappears into a hole in the wall that's been sealed. He's not going anywhere.

The man begins to awaken, his movements slow and sluggish. Blinking repeatedly to try to clear his vision and adjust his eyes to the steadily darkening room, he feels anxiety grab hold of him with a tenacity that alarms him. Trying to look around - and realizing he can't even open his eyes, his mind fills with disbelief before that changes over to confusion and uncertainty still wrapped in panic. How did he get here? Why? Who would do this to him?

Shifting in the chair - what little of it he can do while bound this way, brings a more painful comprehension about his predicament. Being six feet tall and confined to this way of sitting as well as having recently lost fifteen pounds with no more fat left on his body means every inch of the chain is pressing onto bone and sinew - causing pain.

His body aches everywhere; even places he didn't know could feel pain. Every point of contact between the heavy chain and his skin seers with a burning throb that makes his teeth clench.

One terrifying fact floods his mind: neither his Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering from Johns Hopkins University or his Master of Science degree in computer forensics from MIT will be of any help to him now. It's not even clear if his experience earned on the job will be of any help to him now.

Speaking of help; where is the rest of the team that had gone out to dinner with? Who has taken him like this and why? What do they want with him?