Final chapter guys. It's been a great run. Who knows, maybe I'll have another dream to fuel the fire, but for now we shall part ways.

To whom it belongs

Chapter 10

"Hook, you have to fight it!" Emma's voice called out to him, but he ignored it. His target was within reach.

As he pulled the sword back, ready to strike, Regina threw up a wall of fire, causing him to retreat. However, it was quickly extinguished by Zelena, who was determined to have nothing get in the pirate's way.

Hook pulled back once more to attack but this time it was David who got in the way. Having retrieved another sword, David was prepared for battle. His and Hook's swords met in the air, both being pushed towards the other with equal force.

"Hook, listen to me," David tried to reason. "This isn't you. You've got to fight it."

Hook groaned as David used his other arm to push down on his sword. Killian's one arm was starting to give way. He looked up at the swords and then back at David.

"Sorry 'bout this, mate," he whispered as he gave his sword a final thrust upwards allowing David to be momentarily vulnerable. Hook kicked him hard in the chest causing David and his sword to fall to the floor.

Snow rushed over to help her husband up. Hook paid them no attention as he searched for his target. His eyes found Regina who had moved across the room to Robin, helping him sit up against the wall by the corridor and away from any immediate danger.

As he approached her, he kicked David's sword out of his reach. Zelena watched everything, feeding off of the chaos.

Seeing Hook making his way over to her, Regina reached up to spell him to the spot, hoping that it would be enough to stop him. She never got the chance to cast it as the Wicked Witch's voice made her pause.

"On second thought, Hook, would you be a dear and turn your attention towards our darling Emma? I've never been one for the colour red, but I'd love to see her blood paint the walls."

Emma froze, her heart beating far too quickly. She looked to where her gun had fallen, wondering if she could make it there before he got to her. Then what, she asked herself. The question echoed in her mind. Could she really bring herself to shooting Hook?

Hook. How soon she reverted back to his pirate name. She remembered everything he said to her in the forest just a short while ago. He wouldn't harm her. Would he?

Meanwhile, Hook had not made his move. Once again, he had hesitated. Zelena was becoming more and more furious with his disobedience. She looked at him, eyes wide, and body tense. Hook returned her gaze and then moved it towards Emma who stood a few paces behind her.

He started walking towards them, making Zelena smile in relief. That very smile soon turned wicked. She couldn't wait to see the bloodshed.

Hook slowed down as he passed her and with a quick, sudden movement he twisted his body and sliced the witch's face with his hook. If she wanted bloodshed, then she would get it.

The witch screamed in pain and anger, dropping Hook's heart to the floor. Not wasting a single moment, Killian twisted the opposite way to deliver a fatal strike with his sword. This was it, he thought. He would finally be able to put an end to all this misery.

Unfortunately, he was wrong to get his hopes up for with one movement, Zelena had shattered his sword. The sharp pieces cut into his face and chest. Killian stumbled, falling to his knees.

"You insolent boy!" Zelena yelled, blood dripping down to her chin.

She kicked Hook to the ground. The pieces of the sword were pushed deeper into his body eliciting another groan from him.

"How dare you defy me?" her voice was becoming hysterical. "I have your heart. It and you belong to me."

"No," Hook replied, "it doesn't."

He reached for the dagger on his belt, but wasn't quick enough. Zelena shattered that weapon too. She threw Hook against a wall and prepared to finish him. She was unaware that Regina had moved towards Emma. Together they began to cast a spell that would be strong enough to freeze the witch and buy them enough time to run the Prince's sword through her chest.

Sensing the magic building in the air, Zelena turned to the casters. For once she didn't know what to do. She couldn't think clearly with all the rage boiling inside her.

"This isn't over," she promised them. "I'll get you. I'll get all of you!"

She disappeared into another cloud of green smoke. She would make due on her promise and everyone knew it.

Emma ran to where Hook lay. She knelt down next to him, wanting to help him but unsure how. His breathing was laboured and shallow. They had to get him to the hospital. They had to get everyone to the hospital, but first—

She looked behind her, searching for Killian's heart. Regina bent down to pick it up, sensing its struggle for life in her hands. She knelt beside Emma and was about to put back the heart when Emma reached out her hand to stop her.

"Let me."

The Queen obliged and gave her the heart.

"Now be gentle with it," she warned Emma, "and don't put it upside down."

Emma nodded, tears filling her eyes. She would not let Killian die. He promised her that he would be there for her and he never went back on his word. When she pushed the heart back into his chest, he gasped and then coughed, the sudden movement pushing the metal deeper.

"Killian," Emma whispered, "it'll be okay. Just keep your eyes open for a little while longer. Don't leave me."

"As you wish."

Emma smiled and turned to the others, a question burning on her mind.

"Why couldn't the witch control him?"

Snow looked at her and repeated Hook's words.

"He said it didn't belong to her."

Killian smiled. It was true. The heart was not the witch's to hold. He knew it the moment he realized she could not control him. All of this was just a show and Killian had played his part. None of his actions here were because of the Wicked Witch. He had only wanted her to believe she had control. He smiled, satisfied with himself. His smile quickly disappeared as the small gesture only caused him more pain.

Emma didn't understand what Killian and her mother were saying, or perhaps she didn't want to. She looked back at the man beside her, his body battered and bloody. Looking into his eyes, she realized that she was no longer interested in his actions. They had already spoken multitudes. He was willing to sacrifice himself for her and the ones she cared about most. Actions were not enough for it was his words that she wanted to hear. She was ready for the confirmation of what she already knew.

"Killian, what you're saying is that she couldn't use your heart because—"

"Aye, love," he interrupted her, grabbing her hand gently. "I meant what I said. My heart never belonged to her, nor will it ever belong to anyone else. It forever belongs to you."