Chapter One: Interview with a Wesel/A Friend to the Face

It was all so exhausting.

With the combination of scenes, premiers, and interviews, Elsa felt like she could faint. Everyday was a new struggle with what she hated most.


It was a constant thing. Being recognized on the street, pestered by the paparazzi, reading the blatant lies printed all over the tabloids. It never stopped. No matter where she went, it seemed she could never get any privacy. Even in her thoughts, she never felt alone. Oh, what she would give for just a moment of silence. A single second of isolation, away from the world who knew her name so well.

She adored her job. Acting was something she was passionate about. It was pure bliss every time the lights lit up, places were taken, and the camera began to roll. It came easy to her. Perhaps too easy. So simple to put herself aside, and become someone else. Someone with a story completely separate from her own. In those moments, when the set was quiet, and all eyes were on her, she could forget who she was. Who she didn't want to be.

She often questioned how it got to be this way. How she had become lost in the lights of popularity and stardom. Somewhere along the line, she had lost herself. She was no longer her own person, but instead, someone shared with the world who could praise her to the heavens, or damn her to hell. Which they would choose this week, she hadn't a single clue.

It was in these moments of contemplation, that she was forced to think of the steps she had taken to get to her celebrity status. The years of dedication to the art. The hours of constant rehearsal. The blood, sweat, and tears she put into preparation for every new role. She thought about the life she had left behind. The little town, full of little people. The sleepy atmosphere that came with small town life. The places full of happy memories that now plagued her in her sleep. Those precious memories of sacred moments she spent with-

"Elsa! You're on in five!"

Her head snapped to the side, quickly glancing in the direction of the voice. She nodded slowly, saying nothing. Taking one last look in the mirror, she sighed, and slipped into a role she played so well.


She took her seat across from a woman whose face looked far too plastic to possibly be real. It seemed that she had tried much too hard to fight the affects of age. They exchanged pleasantries, before taking seats opposite from each other. Before she knew it, the interview had begun.

"Hello, and welcome to Catty Corner, I'm Darcy Weselton, and today we have a very special guest for you all." The woman looked over to the blonde, "The Ice Queen herself, Elsa Andrews!"

Loud applause erupted from the live studio audience, as well as cheers of love and admiration from obvious fans.

The interview started with the usual gossip. Her new beach house, former costars, potential love interests, and such.

"Now, Elsa, let's talk about the latest little project you've got going on." Said the woman. "What can you tell us about your new movie, 'Solas'"

"Well, it's centered around Emily, a woman who is haunted by the ghost of her former lover. It follows her story as she learns how to deal with the loss of the one she loved most. We start filming in the Scottish Highlands next week." Elsa kept her reply short, knowing her contract prohibited her from revealing too much.

"And what inspired you to do this film? We heard it was quite a struggle between you and a few choice actresses to steal the role."

Elsa paused, teetering between an answer of fact or fiction. Well, the truth couldn't hurt, right? "I felt a real connection to this character, Darcy. When I read the script, I just knew I had to have the part."

"Oh?" The woman's eyebrows lifted with limited movement. Elsa wondered just how many Botox treatments she had been through. "What sort of connection?"

Elsa's heart skipped a beat.

"Well, I believe everyone has had their moments of heartbreak. I'm no different." A surge of 'oooh's and 'ahhh's echoed throughout the room, the audience captivated by the potential of new juicy gossip.

"Oh?" Said Darcy Weselton. A phrase she had used far too often during the interview. It began to wear on the actress's nerves. "Heartbreak? Please, tell us more. Who could have possibly broken your poor little heart?"

Elsa cast her eyes downward, a sudden sense of anxiety stirring in her chest. "It's nothing important. Old news, really." She looked to the interviewer, sensing her frustrated impatience.

"Please, you can't leave us hanging like this!" She exclaimed. "After all, I'm sure half of us are surprised to know you've ever loved at all!"

Elsa flinched. What was the supposed to mean? She cocked an eyebrow, now her turn to use the woman's annoying expression. "Oh? And why would you think that?"

"Well, they don't call you 'The Ice Queen' for nothing, my dear." She said with a catty tone in her voice. "After turning down and denying all relations between you and the many handsome stars in Hollywood, one would think that maybe the rumors are true. Maybe you aren't capable of love."

Elsa gripped the arms of the seat, not liking the direction the conversation had taken. "I assure you, I am very much capable of love."

"Oh?" There it was again. That annoying little syllable. "Please, do tell."

The blonde could feel herself grow nervous. This wasn't something she liked thinking about, let alone talking about. She could act her way out of any situation, but when it came to this, she was defenseless to the anxiety that took over.

"Ah, well…" She cleared her throat, trying to think clearly enough to give a straight answer. "I was young, very young. And in love. Very, very much in love." She gave up the struggle. It was no use now that she had begun.

"Oh? What's the story?"

Elsa sighed, looking down for a moment, "I was new to town, and not exactly the most social kid you'd meet. Painfully shy, really. I tried so hard to stay invisible, but it was almost impossible to hide from them. Believe me, I tried." The actress recalled the beginning of it all, sifting through the memories carefully. "But, we became fast friends, though I didn't completely have a choice in the matter. Eventually, we fell in love. It wasn't something I could control. Like I said, I tried."

The woman across from her shifted in her seat, all too pleased with what she was hearing. "And…?" She urged the younger woman to continue.

"And…it was beautiful. Everything anyone could have ever asked for." She let her mind wander, trying in vain to stop herself from getting lost in the past.

"And how did it end?" Darcy leaned forward, eager for more information.

"Tragically, unfortunately. But, such is life I suppose." Elsa took a breath, trying to get back into character. She had given the public what they wanted – a good story. She had let herself become vulnerable long enough. She had to save face. "But, the past is in the past. It's time to move on to bigger and better things. I mean, have you seen my costar? Kristoff Wolfe sure is a looker."

Loud cheering exploded from the audience. The shrill screeching of the many teenage girls in the crowd was enough to break glass. It grated on Elsa's ears, and only served to intensify her budding headache.

"Yes, yes. Indeed he is." Stated Darcy. She cringed in disappointment when the signal came for a commercial break. There was so much more she had to ask. So many rich details to exploit.

"Well, you heard it here first! Elsa Andrews, her tragic story of young love, and maybe even the start of a new romance with the ever so handsome Mr. Wolfe! We'll be back after this."

And with that, they came to a cut.

Elsa never liked the heat. When the snow began to melt away, and the temperature rose, she would count the days until the bitter sting of winter would come around again.

So moving to Arendelle during one of the hottest days of the year wasn't exactly the highlight of her life. At least, it wasn't at the time.

The little blonde sat on the hot cement sidewalk as she watched large men lift everything her family owned into the big blue house she would now be forced to call 'home'. Her legs were pressed against her chest, head resting on her knees. A deep frown adorned her features as she thought of all the things that were cramped into the cardboard boxes currently being carried inside a place where she didn't want to be.

This was all so wrong. The scenery was too plain, the town was too small, and the atmosphere too quiet. Even if her new house was the biggest on the block, it still didn't feel like enough. She didn't like it one bit.

Elsa's train of thought was interrupted as she heard a door squeak open, and shut loudly. Her head snapped to the side just in time to see a small dog bolt across the front yard of the house next door. He was quickly followed by an enthusiastic little redhead with a bright green tennis ball in her hand.

The dog bounced around the girl, letting out little yips as his tail wagged furiously. He waited impatiently before the ball was thrown, bolting after it once it was airborne.

Elsa watched intently from her place on the sidewalk. They both looked so happy as they ran around. The blonde felt a pang of jealousy while observing them. She almost wished she could be a part of their carefree playtime. It must have been better than sitting on the sidewalk, wishing to be somewhere else.

"Run for it, Sven!" She heard the little redhead yell. She watched as she cranked back her arm and thrust herself forward, throwing the ball.

Right towards Elsa.

Before she knew it, she had been struck straight between the eyes. For a moment, her vision went hazy, leaving her slightly dazed. Tears pricked at the corners of her eyes as the pain started to register. She didn't take much notice as the combination of a female voice and loud barking got closer and closer.

"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! So, so, so, super sorry!"

Elsa rubbed the spot where she had been hit, putting her hand down for a moment to look up at the intruder through squinted eyes. Her expression twisted into that of fear.

"Are you okay?" The girl asked, suddenly much quieter than her previous boisterous apologies, sensing her nervousness. Her eyes turned to her forehead, where an obvious bump had begun to grow. She bent down to one knee, taking notice as Elsa further curled into herself. Hesitantly, she reached forward, brushing aside the blonde's bangs to expose the injury fully.

"Does it hurt?" she asked softly.

Elsa didn't answer, instead looking down to avoid the younger girl's question. The girl followed Elsa's eyes to look at the pair of blue sneakers she wore. Her head turned to the side as she noticed her shoes with little white snowflakes decorating the laces. The redhead's face twisted in thought, an idea brewing in her head.

"Wait right here!" She said hurriedly, getting up to her feet and running next door, into the house from which she came.

She left behind a very confused Elsa, who was mildly distracted by both the throbbing in her head, and the little dog that stayed behind, chewing at his green ball contently next to her on the sidewalk. She made notice that, though he might have been small, he would not stay that way. He looked like a miniature version of the police dogs she had seen on TV.

Before she knew it, the little girl was back, kneeling in front of her once more.

"Here, this will make it better." She said, pulling something out of her pocket. She opened her hand to show Elsa a blue bandaid, a snowflake right in the middle of it. She tore off the paper protecting the adhesive, and lifted it to the older girl's forehead, gently placing it over the bump.

"There, now you won't look so much like a little baby unicorn."

Elsa couldn't hold back her laughter, finally making noise for the first time since they'd met. Before anything could be said, they were both in a fit of giggles. The blonde looked to the redhead, still glowing with glee.

The girl noticed her staring, and smiled from ear to ear as she extended a hand.

"I'm Anna."

Author's Note:

Well guys, after taking a break from life, I'm back! (Miss me? No? Okay.) This is my next big project! I'm usually not one for AUs, but this was an idea that wouldn't leave me alone, so I had to get it out. I hope you guys enjoy what you've read so far. It's a little shorter than I'd like it to be, but I'm happy with it. I've already got the next chapter all typed out, but I figured I'd wait a couple days before putting that up. I don't want to hit you with it all at once. You might get sick of me.

Just as a side note, every chapter will be divided into two sections. Past and present. I thought I'd point it out so there's no confusion.

Anyway, it might seem just a little bit on the angst-y side right now, but there will be plenty of fluff, promise!

Thanks for reading, guys! See you soon.

- WIC.