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They were turtles too. They never noticed me, hiding in the shadows, watching.

I became a mutant turtle about the same time they did, but I never revealed myself. I was on time, every day, waiting patiently for those boys to hurry up so I could hear that days lesson.

I studied how each turtle fought, and I would go to a hidden place in the sewer only I knew about, and I'd practice that days lesson until I perfected it, all day if I had too.

Then, I'd watch from the shadows as the turtles enjoyed their day. I'd give anything to have a family. To wake up to a family that cared, learn, talk to others about it, have a great day, and know that there's somebody who cares.

I guess Cat is like family, but I'll tell you about her later.

I was careful, I didn't trust myself enough. I could never be part of a family, I have "trust problems" as Cat called it.

Instead, I covered my tracks, watching and learning, but not even Splinter knew I existed. No, I was content with perfecting my skills, and raiding their fridge at night. So what if a few things went missing? Not like I'd get caught, they never really noticed anyways and I'd been doing it since I could speak. Yet, still, even after all these years, I stuck to the shadows.

I am Draco, which I named myself after reading one of Donnie's books.

Draco means dragon in the dragon language. Don't worry, I return most of the items I take.

For myself, I have a magnificent katana, only one, but I could wield it faster than a striking viper. I wore a light blue mask, Splinter never noticed it's disappearance. My katana had a light blue jewel-encrusted handle.

Nothing I did was below perfection. I was Draco, even though I was pretty, by mutant turtle standards, whe'd want me, my eyes were an icy blue, with the cat eye effect.

I was extremely patient and observant, ok, not all that patient. Anyways, my shell spiked a little bit and if I would bite somebody, it would do massive damage. An arm? BOOM. Amputated. Same with a finger or a leg, or a fish's life source.

I knew exactly what kind of turtle I'd been before my contact with mutagen. It's one of the things that sets me aside from the turtles, besides not being related to ANY of them, plus i'm a girl.

I had been a snapping turtle.