Ember sat in the windowsill of her room, in the mansion where she spent two months of the year while the other ten months were spent in a magical school, namely Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was looking at the other students were out using their powers in the form of games; she was flexing her adamantium claws.

"Ember, come on, it's the last day before you head back to school" One of the kids yelled up to her.

Ember stood up and shut the window; she did not want to be near her fellow students, she was not going to be here much longer, so why bother interacting with them. She remembered what brought her to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters; she was project X-24, released to kill Wolverine and X-23. She thought at first it would be easy then she ran into Xavier and he just looked at her.

Ember did not know what he did, but somehow he erased the programming that made her kill by order. She remembered everything else but now she had free will to choose what she wanted to do with her life.

It took almost a year before she could even react normally to the other students here then she got her letter from Hogwarts.

She had been going to Hogwarts for two years now, and the school kept adding questions to part of her that had the gene to be a witch.

Charles Xavier taught her the basic skills of reading, writing, and math. While the others help her become more open to other people.

Ember left her room, going toward the kitchen to get something to drink, the only of the teachers that she didn't have some form of a relationship with was Logan, her father for all intends and purposes.

As she walked in to the kitchen, she heard what sounded like an argument between Scott and Logan.

"What is going on?" Ember questioned as she went to the fridge. "Not that I care about your petty arguments."

"Nothin' important, kiddo, you packed up for that school of yours?" Logan asked her while taking a drag from his cigar.

"Logan, how many times have we told you not to smoke inside the manor!?" Scott yelled at him.

"Mostly, I just have to get new textbooks and stock on supplies." Ember answered "And about two million times, since I arrived here. But since when does he listen to you?"

Logan just smiled and walked out of the room and Scott shook his head and turned to Ember "and you young lady need to stop encouraging him, he's already enough trouble as is."

"Forgive me from being sired from his DNA, so technically, Logan is my father, so I have to side with him." Ember retorts, she had just as much fun teasing Scott and Logan did. Ember got her drink and tossed the bottle cap in to the jar, she kept in the corner of the room.

Ember looked at Scott, "If you want Logan to stop, you shouldn't push him." She turned and left the kitchen heading back to her room.

She went over to her dresser, and spotted the parchment that was the permission ship for Hogsmeade Village, parent/guardian signature required. She was not sure if she would give this to Professor Xavier to sign or just forget the whole thing. She grabbed the slip and headed to out the door to the Professor's office/classroom.

As she neared the door, she heard the professor's voice "Yes Ember, come on in."

"Should have known, I can't hide anything from you." Ember stated dryly, she entered and stood at the door.

"Now Ember, you know for a fact that I would never read your mind, I will respect your privacy." Professor Xavier answered

"And you agreed to keep a mental eye on me, just in case my primal side triggers again. But if you're not too busy, I was hoping you could sign my permission form." Ember replied as she crossed the room.

When she found out she was a witch, she also learned that Professor Xavier kept in friendly contact with a few wizards. Therefore, it did not surprise him any when one appeared in his office while he was tutoring her.

He took the piece of parchment and carefully read it "Well I see no problem in letting you go and it might be a good experience for you." He picked up a pen and signed the slip.

Ember was not sure if she would go but at least she has permission from the Professor, it still surprised a few housemates when she had told them that her summer home was a school as well.

Professor Xavier looked at her and asked, "So Ember, are you ready for the New Year did you choose your new classes well?"

"Yes, sir. I did." Ember answered honestly, she liked most of the classes, just not the teachers. She picked up the parchment and left the room, the professor gave her an encouraging smile and return to the work he was doing before she entered.

She went over to her desk and got her summer homework, looking over it once more, "If Snape doesn't like it, oh well." she put those in a folder that she had gotten, so she could keep track of her classes, she was the only one who did that.

She picked up her wand and looked it over 13 inches rose wood with a unicorn hair. She put it into her trunk, in the box that it came in. "I have everything packed, I think." She rechecked everything then double-checked. She closed the trunk and set aside, and flung herself on her bed, closing her eyes to try to sleep.

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