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A young girl with light blue eyes and long ginger hair sat at a desk. Tapping the eraser's end, of a number 2 pencil, at her chin while staring absently at a blank piece of paper.

"Come on Jinja, you can do this" she said to herself. Jinja started scribbling something on the paper when finished she took another look at the paper. Before crumpling the paper in her hand then throwing it in to the garbage can that is already over flowing with balls of paper.

"Why is this so hard?" she almost screamed but the last thing she wanted right now is for a bunch of guy running into her room asking questions. Standing up she walked outside of the train into a large meadow. The young throw her core at a tree that stood on the out skirts of the meadow.

"Charger, Lauch" and no sooner did her loyal moose/armadillo monsuno appear. She hugged Chargers nose. This always helps to her clam down, especially when she thinks about him.


A twig broke behind. Jinja whirled around to find Sky, Bren's girlfriend. She had long wavy black hair with a red and silver streak down the left bangs, reddish-orange eyes, and slightly pale skin. Her and Jinja have become close friends since the whole monsuno madness came to an end.

"You were thinking about him again weren't you?" Sky asked.

Jinja blushed a crimson red "I don't know what you're talking about". Sky gave Jinja an "Oh really" look.

Jinja throw her hand up in surrender, "Okay, yes, but I just can't help it"

Sky rolled her eyes then smiled, "You have to tell him soon".

"I know, I know, but it's hard for me to say it to his face that's why I'm trying to write a letter to him.."

"But.." Sky said, knowing that it was coming.

"But I just can't find the right words". Jinja finished.

Sky sighed, "Okay how about you think of writing a letter to Charger, instead of him and then go back and change a few things".

Jinja's whole face lite up and she hugged Sky. "You're a genius Sky!"

Sky smiled "I know".

"But that doesn't explain why your dating Bren" Jinja burst out laughing.

"Hey" shouted Sky before she too burst out laughing.

"Charger return" exclaimed Jinja once the laughing had subsided, then she ran back towards the train.

"Hey Jinja, don't forget to send an invitation to me" shouted Sky.

Jinja stopped and turned around. "An invitation for what?" she shouted back.

"For your wedding".

Jinja only rolled her eyes before heading back to her room on the train.

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