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Sky dashed down the hallway with her heels in hand. Her bare feet trying not to slip from underneath her, on the well-polished marble floor. In her eyes a worried look as she searched for Bren. After turning a few corners and sliding into a wall, she found twin glass doors that lead to an outdoor balcony. Just beyond the glass doors stood a male's silhouette with his head and hands draped over the railing. A heavy, muffled whimper, all too familiar to Sky's ears, was all it took for her to throw open the doors.

Bren already knew who it was that stood behind him, "Go away", he said in a muffled sob. It was all too clear that he had been crying.

"No." She bluntly stated. "Bren, you whine a lot, you're almost always paranoid about something, you'll eat just about anything and~" before she could say anything more, was cut-off.

"Shut up!" He suddenly screeched. "I don't need you to rub salt in the wound!"

Sky grabbed his shoulder and forced him to face her. She looked right in to his tear stained eyes and spoke, "and that's why I love you."

He stared at her, clearly trying to fully process what she was saying.

"It's your faults that make you who you are, and that's the man that I love." Sky then kissed Bren. She pulled back a few seconds later. "How about we go back to the ballroom and dance".

"Yeah." Bren nodded, then noticed the heels in Sky's hands. "Why aren't you wearing your shoes?"

"You try running in heels." She paused for a second, "Oh, and you know that I'll have to get you back for telling me to shut up."

"I know." Bren whined as he followed Sky back to the ballroom.

In the ballroom

Dax now stood before Jinja with a confused look, spread across his face, upon seeing Jinja slam her hand to her face.

Jinja tilted her head down towards the marble floor, so she wouldn't have to see his eyes when she told him the truth; after all she wasn't stupid, she knew how much he loves her, but her feelings for him weren't the same. Jinja inhaled sharply, "That letter wasn't for you." She was afraid to meet his eyes, fearful of seeing his broken-hearted eyes. Regardless, though, her head rose slowly and didn't stop until her eyes met his.

She gasped a little. Much to her surprise his eyes were fairly calm, though a small hint of pain did linger. "I guess a small part of me always knew, how ya felt," a small smile spread across his face, "but ya will always be my princess."

Jinja smiled a little, before she asked, "Do you still have the letter?"

Dax shook his head. "Sorry Princess, the wind snatched it from my hand".

A few minutes later (with Chase)

Surrounded by an ocean of dancing couples, Chase slowly and carefully made his way around the dance floor, keeping his eyes peeled for his female friend with the ginger hair. After a while he found her at the edge of the dance floor talking to his mom and dad, most likely discussing the books that Jinja had convinced them to read.

Chase waved to them and Jinja motioned for him to come over. As he approached, he gave his parents a soft glance that told them that he needed to talk to Jinja. So with that, they left the two teens to talk.

"Hey". Chase greeted her with a slight wave. He looked at her for a second before rubbing his hand on the back of his neck and saying, "You know, it's kind of odd seeing you in a dress".

She looked at him with a small smile. "Good odd or bad odd?" She asked with small giggle.

"Good odd. Definitely." He said with his goofy, yet oddly charming smile.

She gave him a small chuckle all while saying, "Well then, maybe I should wear a dress more often then."

Chase laughed a little too, before something clicked in his mind. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. A piece of paper that Jinja instantly recognized; It was her love letter.

Her checks turned red with embarrassment. "Y~ou rea~d it." She managed to stutter through the awkwardness.

"Yeah." He mumbled.

She took in a deep breath and then released it, before asking, "May I have it back?" Chase simple placed the letter in her.

She looked straight into his eyes, then said, "Thank you".

Flashing his usual smile, he said, "You know you don't need to thank me, after all we've been friends since middle school, but I think that you should give that letter to Beyal."

"Yeah." She gave him one more hug, before looking for the white haired monk.

The other side of the dance floor

Jinja found Beyal surrounded by a few girls, who seemed to almost smitten by his calm and instant nature. Beyal on the other hand seemed uncomfortable with the all the girls fawning over him. His eyes searched over the dance floor with the hope of finding a friend to help him out of his predicament. Within a second his eyes meet Jinja's, she gave him a soft smile and walked towards the group of girls.

"Hey, Beyal would you care to dance?" She asked while still walking to the group.

"Yes, I would love to dance with you, Jinja." He answered while nodding his head and reaching out his hand for Jinja to grab.

Once Jinja grabbed his hand, they both made their way to the group of dancing couples; While the girls that were surrounding Beyal, glared daggers at the ginger haired girl.

"Thank you very much, Jinja."

"No problem," She smiled, "plus I wanted to give this to you". Pulling a piece of paper out from under the lace of her left boot, then placing it in his hands.

Alight shad of pink appeared on his cheeks. He knew it was the letter that flew into his face a few days ago. Holding the letter over his heart with right hand, he looked into her blue eyes with a sense of awe. Never before had a single piece of paper felt so important and beautiful.

"I will treasure it forever."

Jinja continued smiling, she had guessed that must have read at some point after the wind carried it off. "I love you." She said while leaning closer to him, before finally kissing him passionately on the lips. Both pulled apart after a few seconds, looking lovingly into each other's eyes.

The slow music suddenly stopped and a much more up-beat and loud song began playing. Jinja rolled her eyes before muttering, "Sky".

Both Jinja and Beyal looked at the computer system that connected to several speakers, only to see Sky there with a satisfied smirk on her face. Behind Sky stood Bren groaning at her action. Half of the dance floor erupted with laughter at the whole thing, including Jinja. Beyal tilted his head a bit in confusion, but ended up laughing along with everyone else.

For the rest of the night everyone danced and, of course, had a lot of fun.

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