Minion: A Few Hundred Drastic Changes Under King Kirby

Chapter One: Beginning of Post-Game

The beginning of something Bandana Dee terms a post-game.

Pawns were rid of the moment they had turned useless.

The Cycle—you come to Castle Dedede, you get interviewed, you get accepted, deemed a minion, also deemed as a pawn, once useless, thrown away—used to spin a web around fear of being taken out of existence, misery, happiness when accepted, and many others. Its long life story drops from one to zero and it has been halted by the ultimate barrier called the new king.

Pawns were no longer rid of the moment they had turned useless. This king will continue to preserve one's falling life, no matter how small—a tiny, useless Waddle Dee counted—and if lost, the king will not take it lightly.

The Cycle could be termed as a "final boss" in a "game". "Post-game" would be after the "final boss" has been "defeated". The Cycle has been "defeated", stopped, never to spin again.

"Post-game" is where things will be easier and happier, usually.

If things were easier and happier, that means some very drastic changes were going to weave their way through their life, then. The "main game" had been anything but easy and happy.

The new king has taken responsibility over their lives. They have been assured they will be kept safe and will not be abused in any sort of way. The only thing he cannot prevent is his enemy's attacks.

The pawns—the minions—are willing to be attacked by the enemies. They have decided that the new king would do a good job at defense.

The sun was slowly creeping over the horizon. The new king was perched on the balcony railing, signature grin plastered onto his face like always. He turned backwards briefly at the castle, before turning back to the sunrise.

Time to make some drastic changes to the castle.

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