Part III

Hey, alright!" Tony exclaimed with a smile after he did another examination. "After 2 more hours, you are now fully dilated. And guess what that means-" Ziva narrowed here eyes as she cut him off. " I know what it means, Tony! Or should I call you Dr. DiNozzo?!" She took a few seconds to breath quickly. "Okay. Now, when a contraction starts then I have to push through it." Ziva explained, closing her eyes as she listened to her body, holding out a shaky hand in desperation. Tony took it and licked his lips, adrenalin pulsing through his veins. "You ready?" Ziva nodded. After a few seconds she started to grimace. She took a deep breath, held it and pushed as hard as she could. Her face became red through her exertion. When the contraction subsided Ziva laid back down. "You're doing great." Tony encouraged her. "Aren't we supposed to count to ten or something when you push?" He asked. Ziva thought for a moment then nodded. "I think so, yes. Auugh-Aaaaaaah!" Ziva yelled out in pain, quickly taking a breath and groaning aloud as she leaned forward and pushed, squeezing Tony's hand with one hand and the other holding onto her thigh, pulling her legs back while her husband counted to ten. It was the best position to be in for pushing. Almost as if she was trying to curl herself into a ball.

"Push, push, push!" Tony encouraged. "7, 8, 9, 10!" Ziva whimpered as she leaned back. "You're doing great honey." DiNozzo said. "Let's see." He tried to distract her with a joke. Though to Ziva, seeing him shirtless was distraction enough..sort of. "How many pushes does it take for a -" Ziva reached forward and grabbed her husband's chest hair, yanking him to her. He squealed in pain, whimpering as he was held face to face with her, their noses almost touching. "Tony," She said threateningly, her voice thickly accented. "If you so much as even try to make one more joke while all I want to do is get this child out of me..." Tony gulped loudly, his mouth opening and closing a few times before he spoke. "..I don't want to know." Ziva released him and he rubbed his chest while she leaned her head back, closing her eyes and trying to take calming breaths. Tony knew it was only the desperation of the situation, but seriously, he was so sure he saw his life flash before his eyes.

Ziva pushed three more times but Tony was worried because he still didn't see any baby yet. "Tony...will you check and see where the baby is?" Ziva asked as she blew out a breath. "I know it's close." Tony nodded and inserted his hand. Ziva saw his eyebrows raise. "What is it?" She asked worried. "I..I can feel it. I think this next push will, uh." Tony tried to come up with the word he was looking for, which he thought was weird because usually Ziva was the one who did that. "It will crown the baby." Ziva finished as her husband carefully removed his hand. Her eyes suddenly went wide with pain and she yelled. "Aaaaaaaaagh!" Ziva leaned forward, obviously pushing. Tony could tell she was working hard as her whole body trembled. After counting down from ten he wiped her face and quickly kissed her forehead. "You're doing great honey. It's right there." He said as he looked down below again, seeing the baby start to emerge. "So the this next push is going to make the head come out?" Ziva quickly nodded. "Yes. Oh, God help me!" She exclaimed as she moved her head to the side, eyes shut, tears and sweat streaming down her face, hands clutching her belly. "You're doing wonderful, Ziva. We're almost there. It won't be long now." Tony encouraged, moving loose hair from her face and put his hand on her cheek. Ziva nodded, giving a small smile.

But it quickly turned into a grimace and her breathing came quick, panting. "Tony?!" DiNozzo nodded and grabbed her hand. "Here we go, Ziva. Give me a big push...Now!" "Aaaaaaaugh!" Ziva bore down with a growl and pushed with all her might, eyes shut tight as she leaned forward, moving through the contraction. "The head's out!" Tony exclaimed as he cradled it in his hand. "What color is it?" Ziva asked, perspiration on her face and neck, her chest heaving, exhausted from pushing so much. "It's a reddish, pink." Said Tony as he squinted down at it. "There's some kind of plugs in it's nose." Ziva nodded. "It's the mucus plug...just use your finger to remove them...the pink color...means that the baby isn't chocking or anything." Ziva quickly explained, gasping for air. Another contraction came and all Ziva could do was just breath through it while Tony carefully removed the secretions from the baby's nose and mouth.

"Okay Zi. Now what do I do?" He asked. "You have to rotate the baby slightly so the shoulders will come out." Said Ziva as she got into position. Tony nodded, still unsure but he managed to carefully turn the infant. Ziva grimaced a tad, letting out a small whimper. "Sorry. I'm not exactly sure if I'm doing this right." Tony admitted. "You're doing fine, Tony." Said Ziva. "Just hurry!" Now all she wanted to do was just get the baby out. "Okay I just need one more really big push, honey." He said, sensing her urgency. "One, two, three!" Ziva surged forward as she pushed, bearing down, using the last of her remaining and deteriorating strength at this final task. Failure was not an option. "Aaaaaaauughhh! Come on! I can't do this much longer!" She exclaimed. "I got the shoulders." Said Tony, smiling as the baby started coming out, tears welling in his eyes. Ziva quickly shook her head and threw it back as she pushed again, giving it her all, muscles straining. "Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!"

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