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Chapter 1: Lost

16th Sept

Rain drizzles against the window like a constant through the horizontal blinds; the flicker from the old TV creates menacing shadows against the walls.

I glance at the screen once more, not really focusing on the video we are watching. My gaze shifts over the classroom, Mike is sat at the desk next to me, about to shoot a spit wad at Lauren three rows forward. She is oblivious with her nose in the air, filing away at her nails.

I take a deep breath whilst sinking deeper into my seat and try to distract myself by focusing on the video; no doubt Mr Banner will force a pop quiz upon us next week.

A slight twitch to my left causes me to shift slightly so I can see him. Edward. My heart flutters in my chest at the sight of him. There's no doubt in my mind that I love, more than life. So much that I'd be willing to give up my family and friends for him.

He is sat rigid, upright in his seat, his fisted hands poised on the desk. His tense body language is the complete opposite to his calm features.

He refuses to acknowledge my gaze which frustrates me.

Three days ago, I turned 18. Three days ago my whole life was turned upside down.

Alice decided to throw me a birthday party, at which I was the only guest who could actually eat the cake.

I accidently cut my finger sending Jasper into frenzy, almost getting myself killed and ruining the night for everyone.

Since that night everything has been different, Edward is distant all the time, he hasn't been to my room during the nights after, and the rest of the Cullen's also seem to be avoiding me. Except Alice, she is ever present.

So here we are, sat right next to each other and yet I have never felt so distant from him. Every time I even try to bring up the subject, to fix things between us, he either cuts me off or leaves.

I sigh audibly earning a dirty look from the girl in front of me.

Again I try to focus on the Osmosis video, to no avail.

Suddenly, Edward turns to face me, his eyes swimming with worry. His sudden movement makes me jump and I knock a textbook off the table. The girl – Stacey I think her name is – openly glares at me and Mr. Banner raises a questioning brow. I blush and retrieve the textbook.

Once everyone settles I meet Edward's eyes once more, his liquid gold ones hold mine, my heart speeds up. He blinks once as if confused then turns to the front again, this time his tense features reflect his frustration.

I cock my head but he shakes his slightly, heading off any questions.

Frustrated beyond belief I gaze unseeingly past Edward and out of the window.

There's a curt knock on the door, and Mr. Banner sighs as though his having to pause the video has personally offended him.

The door swings open and Charlie walks in with our principle.

He looks older than he did this morning, bags under his eyes and his cheeks hollow. If I wasn't so worried as to why he was here I would have found it comical, how everyone sits up straighter. Mr. Banner pauses the video and pulls on the bottom of his too-small jacket in an attempt to come across more professional and clears his throat.

He and Charlie engage in a conversation while the principle pats them both on the shoulder before leaving.

Edward's cool fingers brush against my back and a shiver runs through me at the contact, it's been too long since he touched me.

His fingers fist the hem of my shirt tightly against my lower back, his stature becomes even tenser.

He leans over to me slightly and I meet him halfway, "Bella, Charlie wants to take you out of school for the rest of the day" his whisper is strained and I immediately panic.

"Why? What's wrong? What is Charlie saying? Is he okay?" I whisper-shout anxiously, Charlie's welfare becoming the centre of my worries.

"Charlie is fine, but I don't think I should be the one to tell you what's wrong, just listen..." he looks forward taking an unnecessary deep breath.

"He's planning to take you to La Push; you're going to be staying the night." He pauses. "Don't go with him..." my eyes widen at his request, does he really think I can just say 'no' to Charlie. It's obvious he's here for a reason, he doesn't believe in taking time off school unless it's really important. "...Please." Edward adds as if that will make me stay.

I shake my head and look down at my fingers, unsure. "Edward, I can't just say 'no', you don't know what you're asking of me, he wouldn't do this unless it was completely necessary."

He bristles at my words. "I know what I'm asking of you, love. Please, it's not safe for you to be in La Push."

His words confuse me but before I can question it Mr. Banner summons me. Edward looks at me pointedly but I ignore his gaze, knowing that as soon as our eyes meet my defence will weaken.

"Bella..." Edward's voice is pleading, but Charlie looks imploringly at me so I shove my books into my backpack and turn to walk out of the classroom. I whisper "I'm sorry" under my breath as I pass; I know he'll hear it.


Charlie and I exit the school and I scan the parking lot looking for the cruiser. Charlie clears his throat, "You mind if we take the truck Bells? My deputy gave me a ride down here and well; I just don't feel like driving."

I nod in response and pull the keys from my backpack; my throat is tight with worry. I clear the steps and cross the lot heading for the truck. I pull out of the school parking lot; searching for oncoming cars and after turning onto one of the only few main roads in Forks, I decide to question Charlie about where we are going.

"Dad, where are we heading?" Charlie jumps at the sound of my voice.

"Head to La Push", he answers short and curt. I know better than to try and engage him in conversation.

I pass the station and Deputy Mark waves, I nod in response. Charlie clears his throat again diverting my attention from the road back to him. "Bells, you know my friend Harry Clearwater..." he trails off and I nod. "He suffered from a heart attack" Charlie's voice is grave and I immediately set to comfort him.

"Oh, dad! I'm so sorry Is he alright? What about his family?"

"He's breathing and that's the main thing. Just head on straight to the medical centre, it's a few streets down from the Black's"

"Dad, if Harry had a heart attack don't you think he should have been taken to the hospital?"

"The Clearwater's are very private people Bells, Sue wants to keep him on Tribe land. She's a nurse herself over there."

Silence once again falls over us, either of us too wound up in our thoughts to attempt conversation.

Why would Edward ask me to stay, he obviously knew what had happened, personally I don't remember much of the Clearwater's but they are obviously close to Charlie. And what did he mean by 'It's not safe.' Did he really think Charlie was so irresponsible that he'd knowingly endanger me in any way?

I follow the main road through La Push and pass the Black's house. Charlie gives directions until we finally see the medical centre, which looks more like a converted three-storey house.

I pull up into the nearest parking space, Charlie is out of the truck before I even have a chance to brake and I scramble to follow him. I climb up the three steps and into the small reception area.

A small Quileute woman is seated behind the desk frantically tapping away at her ancient computer. She looks up as we approach and gives us directions to Harry's room.

I suddenly feel really awkward. I hardly know the Clearwater's; the last time I saw Harry was one Saturday a while ago, when he and Charlie were going out to fish.

There are only three floors to the medical centre so it's not hard to find our way. We walk towards the elevator which is located on the opposite wall to the receptionists' desk. We walk through waiting area where various chairs are positioned around an old coffee table, week-old newspapers strewn everywhere.

Several of the people sat down stare openly at Charlie and I as if we don't belong here; I blush, tuck my head down and walk into the elevator.


Billy and Jacob are sat outside Harry's room, facing the door and looking solemn. They look towards us simultaneously and Charlie's shoulder's slump as we approach them, his face no longer hiding his pain.

"Is he..." he trails of and Billy holds his gaze.

"No Charlie, he's still here, Sue and the kids are with him right now." Charlie nods and falls heavily into a chair. I stand awkwardly next to him not sure what to say.

Billy eyes me warily, "Hello Bella, how are you?" I remember my high school dance, when he sent Jacob to 'warn' me. The memory is still fresh and it makes it hard for me to be warm towards him, even if he is my Dad's best friend, even under these circumstances.

I smile at him softly, but it feels false on my lips, "I'm okay", he nods and then turns to Charlie. They make light conversation but I can tell it's half hearted.

Jacob catches my eye over our dads and the corner of his mouth turns up in a silent hello, I give him a little wave. His smile widens into a grin and I can't help but return it.

He turns away for a moment, closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly; I study him from my peripheral.

He looks so hopeless. I can only imagine how hard this must be for him and Billy, being in the hospital under these conditions. Similar to those when Sarah Black passed. That was the summer I decided to stop coming to Forks during my holidays so I was never around when they lost her.

A sudden protectiveness emerges from inside of me, I form an escape plan in my head and tap Charlie's shoulder, "Jake and I are gonna head down stairs, you guys need anything?"

Billy and Charlie both answer no and Jake stands, relief clear on his expression.

We walk side by side down the stairs avoiding the elevator; we reach the small waiting area receiving more strange looks from the people sat there. He gestures for me to take a seat before settling next to me.

It's silent between us for a few minutes, my fruitless attempts at flirting with Jake that one time at the beach making me blush.

Finally Jacob breaks the awkward silence. "How is school? Did they actually let you out, without any trouble?" he asks.

I appreciate the distraction and immediately answer, "Yeah, Charlie came in and talked to the principle, they'll probably send some work with one of my friends" or one of the Cullen's, I add in my mind.

"Did you take the whole day off today?" I ask in return. He nods, and then looks down towards his lap.

I study him for a second, he seems to remember something. "Happy late Birthday, Bells." I snort as he asks me how I spent my 'special' day. If only he knew how much of a disaster it turned out to be.

I'm surprised at how easy conversation is between Jake and I, we talk about nothing and our banter is light and almost playful, he leaves for a few minutes to get a bottle of water from the vending machine next to the receptionist's desk. He takes a swig then offers the bottle to me, "Thanks," I take it from him and take a few sips, then hand it back.

"Sooo..." he drags the word out playfully as he sits back down next to me fastening the lid on the bottle, through the frosted windows of the entrance I can see it's almost dark outside. "What happened to your arm there Bells?" his warm hand wraps around my bicep and I slightly flinch from the contact. His touch so different to the coldness I'm used to, he notices. "Does it hurt?" I shake my head no, and he shoots me a disbelieving look.

"It doesn't really hurt" not if you don't touch it. He opens his mouth as if to question me further but the entrance door opening cuts him off.

A small burst of wind coming through the open doorway makes me shiver for a second, before the space is filled.

Three men walk through the door forming a 'V', they tower over everyone, with their long legs. They're shirtless, broad chests glistening from what can only be the rain outside. I shiver because it is definitely cold out there and they seem to be perfectly unaffected by the weather.

They also seem to have lost their shoes, the only items of clothing they are all wearing are tiny cut-off jean shorts, I wonder when La Push starting holding 'strongest men' competitions. It's an errant thought but my cheeks flame.

The one at the front – the tallest and older looking one – turns to look at us, and as his eyes land on me his nose wrinkles in disgust. What the hell is his problem; I've never seen him before in my life. The other two snap their heads towards me and I swear they let out an almost animalistic growl.

Jake's arm trails from my shoulder to my hand where he clasps it tightly. The men seem to notice this action and become interested in Jake then. If possible his hand holds me tighter; he's not looking at them anymore more. He is eyeing the ground, but his brow is furrowed and to be honest he looks just a little pissed off.

The one at the front mutters something and they walk towards the stairs.

Jake lets out a breath and sinks deeper into his chair. I look around at the rest of the people in the waiting room, going about their own business and seemingly oblivious to our awkward exchange.

"God, I hate them" Jake mutters.

"You know them?!" it's supposed to be a question but it comes out more surprised. Jake is way too sweet to know those guys.

"Who doesn't? They're the La Push gang." He doesn't say anything more so I press forward, "Gang? Like bullies or something?"

He snorts at my question. "More like hall monitors gone bad, they 'keep peace' around here. Seriously, it's stupid." I stare at him from the corner of my eye. His body is tense, his hand clenching mine tightly, hurting me and he's scowling at the floor. I've never seen him act like this before.

"I don't get it, I mean I understand that maybe you're annoyed, but honestly it's not like they're doing anything wrong."

He meets my eyes and looks upset; he's obviously offended that I don't agree with him.

He struggles for words before he says, "They just act like, like real tough guys. I swear, once I was at the convenience store with Quil – my friend – he said something that pissed off one of Sam's disciples. The one who was on the left and he just starting shaking, like he was so angry he couldn't control it. Then Sam came over, whispered something in his ear and he just stopped, and walked away. And if you knew Paul, then you would know that he's the sort to maim first, ask questions later."

I'm instantly scared of this one – Paul – the second Jake mentions the word 'maim'. He seems to notice my stricken expression and chuckles at my expense. I frown.

We both fall silent for a moment before he continues. "The worst part though; the council actually meet with them, like he's a part of it already. Leah Clearwater mentioned a few weeks ago that they call themselves 'Protectors'." He shoots a glance at me, "Lame, I know" he says, trying to lighten the mood.

He pauses, but I can tell there's something else that's bothering him.

"That's not all though is it? There's more." He looks at me, then back at the ground, his bottom lip trembling slightly, this time I squeeze his hand.

He hesitates, "It's just... I don't know" he turns in his seat to fully face me, "It's just the way they treat me."

My brow furrows, "The way they treat you? What do you mean?"

"My great-grandpa, Ephraim Black was sort of the last chief of our tribe, and I guess the elder's today see Billy as Chief now. If he passed or retired then I would take over that role, it's my birth right." I nod and he bites his lip before continuing. "I think for that reason Sam treats me special"

My eyes widen, "He treats you special?"

"Yeah, he watches me, like he's waiting for me to join his gang; he pays more attention to me than my friends Quil or Embry or any of the other guys."

That protectiveness from before comes back with a vengeance. "You don't have to join anything Jake, have you talked to Billy; you said he was on the council, right?"

He doesn't get a chance to answer me as sudden ringing cuts through our conversation, I pull out my cell phone and Edward's name flashes across the screen. I look to Jake who raises his eyebrow in question. I press 'answer' and put the phone to my ear. I get up to leave but Jacob grips my hand pulling me back down.

I shrug off his hand but stay seated.

Before I can even utter a greeting, his irritated voice cuts me of, "Where are you?"

Edward's question is sharp and I know better than to drag out this conversation without reassuring him first, even though he knows where I am. "Hey, I'm here, in La Push, my dad's friend..."

I'm cut of once again by his sharp intake of breath; his worry for my being here is really starting to grate on my nerves.

"Bella, you need to come home, now!" his tone is commanding and I am instantly annoyed – he is not my father! I feel Jacob tense beside me and I'm pretty sure he can hear every word of our conversation.

"Excuse me" I pause for dramatic effect, "I'm sorry Edward but I can't, my dad's friend had an heart attack and they need me" Okay, so it's a lie - they don't really need me. But one look into Jacob's eyes confirms that he does need me and honestly, I don't have the heart to just leave him here.

"But Bella, you don't understand! It's not safe!" Again I am confused at what he means by this, and I notice the desperate quality in his voice. It sounds like he's ready to drive down here, throw me over his shoulder and walk out like he owns the place.

"And why in the world, Edward Cullen, would it not be safe?" Jake snorts out laughter beside me slightly and I furrow my brow trying to hide the smile threatening to break through.

Edward avoids my question, of course, and instead answers with one of his own. "When will you be home?" He knew we would be staying the night, he was just being rude

Not that I can personally imagine what Harry's family is going through, but Edward's just being inconsiderate. The voice in the back of mind instantly defends Edward, telling me he is a vampire, he has witnessed so much death throughout his years, and it's just normality for him.

But Harry isn't dead. And I needed to stay; Charlie had bought me with him for a reason. After all he could have left me a message at home and come here alone but he hadn't.

"I don't know" I sigh, my voice sounds a tiny bit hopeless; I can't make him happy and be there for Charlie at the same time. "Edward, listen, things are really tense over here and I don't think I'll be home until tomorrow night, but, I just..." I sigh, but continue after he tries to interrupt me, again. "Edward, I'll see you tomorrow, okay, I love you. Bye."

Jake's head snaps to mine as I close my phone and shove it back in my pocket. I try to catch his eyes before realising he's glaring over my shoulder. I turn towards the stairs and see three men from before, Sam, Paul and the other guy frozen in place - a look of shock on each of their faces. I have no idea how, but somehow I just know they heard me confess my love for Edward.

My heart stops for a second as Sam's intense gaze meets mine, I'm fixed in place and I doubt I could have moved even if I really tried. He shakes his head, make a sort of forward action with his right hand and stalks out of the room, his two followers trailing behind him in sync – I swear I can hear the silent 'left, right, left, right' of their footsteps.

Jake's warm arm comes around my shoulder's drawing my attention to him. He gives me an unsure smile and I shrug in return. "You okay, Bells?"

"Yeah, I'm fine", just really confused. Why the hell did it look like Sam had an interest in me? Jake was right, it's definitely a creepy feeling.

He gestures to the stair case behind me.

Charlie comes stumbling down the stairs, tears in his eyes and his shoulders slumped. Jake and I rise simultaneously, a lump forms in my throat as I race over to Charlie and throw my arms around his waist. Jake pats him on the back in a very male like gesture and climbs the stairs two at a time – presumably to console and comfort Billy.

"I'm so sorry, Dad", I whisper, saving him the trouble of confirming what I already know. He just nods against me and I feel his chin bump the top of my head as he holds onto me tighter.

Harry is gone.

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