Battleship: SHIELD

Spoilers: All of Season 1 of Agents of SHIELD

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Phil Coulson moved through the hallways of the base that his team took refuge in during the downfall of SHIELD. While they'd been there going on three months, they tended to operate under the same directive if it was within 600 miles of their location: protect the world from the unknown. SHIELD had been put out for the world to see by his own rookie's partner and when he eventually saw Natasha Romanoff, she'd never hear the end of the lecture she'd be receiving. What was left of the organization turned into cells of similar teams, banding together to fight HYDRA and protect the world. The Avengers Initiative, run by Maria Hill, seemed to be at the forefront of it all and most agents flocked to her for a job.

His team however, was left in shambles since the betrayal of one of their own. Fitzsimmons did their best to recreate what technology they could from the archives and May took to training as many teams as possible while he ran their underground group. Skye, the one who felt most betrayed, spent most of her time on her computer or helping teach other agents computer skills. Skye seemed to almost turn into their betraying team mate, her bubbly attitude seemed to vanish within days to become a hard agent.

"Yes, yes!" Coulson rounded the corner only to put his arms out to balance Skye as she ran down the corridor. Her smile and happy attitude a huge alarm, "come on, we have to get to Ops like now." She started down the hallway to Ops but rounded back and grabbed his arm.

"Skye, what is going on?"

Skye only smiled, "yours truly set a trap for HYDRA and you were totally wrong about Ward by the way!"

"Ward sided with HYDRA, we've had this discussion many times."

They arrived at Ops and Skye started typing on her computer before turning to one of the techs at a nearby station. "Get Agent Hill on the line." The agent just stared at her, "do it or I'll come do it for you."

Shaking his head, the agent started connecting with Avenger Tower and Hill. Coulson quickly made the call that his team and high ranking agents get to Ops immediately. Hill was quickly on the line and despite the pajamas and robe instead of SHIELD uniform, she looked like cold steel warmed over.

"Phillip, we aren't supposed to talk till tomorrow. Do you have any idea what time it is here?"

"Forgive me but it wasn't me who called. Skye said she set a trap for HYDRA and preceded to call you." At that point everyone seemed to enter the room and all eyes were on Skye.

She put up her hands, "okay so before you go all 'you're wrong, he defected' just listen. Agent Ward told me that every agent has a defining moment and that is what makes them SHIELD or not. He also said to trust our instincts and that our instincts are the best judge of character. I know I haven't been with you guys long but in my gut, I saw Ward's face when we told him who Garrett was and that was pure shock. I also know that Ward would do anything to protect any of us." She looked at her team and smiled. "I also know his tactics suck now thanks to us so I uh, set up this little hidden game system for communication. The man is a sucker for Battleship."

Fitz laughed, "yeah but never beat you."

"Exactly." She bent over her computer and started typing, "okay tech guy, it should be on your hard drive now."

The agent at the computer put up a Battleship board, "before I demote you for staying in contact with a man who betrayed us, explain now!" Hill got out in a rough voice without yelling.

Skye turned to the screen, "okay so everyone knows the basics of Battleship right, if not ask someone because I'm not explaining. Anyways, the red pegs are HYDRA and the white pegs are us, SHIELD and the game board…well that's where the battle happens." She pointed to the screen, "look at the game board and you only see eight pegs, four us and four them. Well that's where I come in, he's playing against someone in China as far as HYDRA is concerned. This thing is bouncing off of close to 20 satellites, there is no way they are going to trace it and even if they did." She smirked and crossed her arms across her chest, "they'll find the location is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean."

May pointed to the screen, "he's giving us locations…"

"Uh, yeah. I mean this Ward we're talking about. The guy says like five words in a sentence if you're lucky." Skye smirked, "took two weeks but he figured out it was me by a very strategic board game we played when I first came on board. He repeated the same game twice with me and so I set up this little 'ask' session regarding the game for trouble shooting and I mean," she put her hands out, "what Chinese manufactured game doesn't have a glitch or two." She turned to the techs, "transcripts."

Transcripts showed up of conversations, random questions about how to play the game. A keystroke from Skye and it turned into actual conversation. Everyone started reading them and Coulson smiled. "So he's working for us."

"Yep, see I told you."

Hill folded her arms and nodded, "your team has a go for the confrontation with HYDRA. I'll send Barton and Romanoff to assist you once you get a location. Can that bird of yours dock a quintjet?"

"Where'd they get one of those?" Coulson folded his arms, "let me guess, Barton considered it his parting gift?"

"You know Barton, turning his ass to us when we piss him off. We're lucky he's calmed Romanoff down enough she hasn't gone off book and tried taking out every HYDRA cell that exists. Two years ago we'd be picking her body off the ground instead of HYDRA agents."

Coulson nodded and looked at Skye, "Agent Skye, brief the team."

"One more thing." Hill stifled a yawn as spoke. "Fury was wrong, she isn't a risk…she's an asset."

"Be sure not to tell him that till he's in a good mood." Coulson shrugged, "he may hand you your ass."

Hill chuckled as she yawned again, "you now know why half our business is discussed close to the pillows. Avengers out."

The video disappeared as Fitz shivered. "That was just wrong, I didn't need to know that Hill and Fury…well you know."

"Oh really, that's what that meant?" Simmons shook her head, "that would explain a lot in matters of how we conducted our missions. Our reports were rather dangerous and cause for removal, I guess Agent Hill subdued the request to be grounded."

Skye's hand shot up, "just a question, is it normal for you guys to sleep with your bosses and partners? I mean, it just seems like everyone is sleeping with someone within the agency or at least what remains of it."

"Briefing now." Coulson pointed to Skye and her computer.

Skye started typing and smiled, "okay so the messages he sent were vague, I had to do a lot of interpretation because of the techno speak and well, his being monitored by HYDRA. It's a collection of SHIELD tech, the name of the collection place is called Deep Sound."

"Deep Sound," Simmons smiled and put her hand up. "It's a research post for the academy…"

"Basically it's a build and use facility." Fitz moved to a computer, "all graduates go and build and/or learn to use the tech. After it's been tested by the new graduates it's given to teams."

Skye pressed a key on her computer, "located in the United States…Utah Desert to be precise." She sighed and smiled, "we have just under 24 hours to get there and get the stash before they get to it."

Coulson smiled and pointed to Skye, "send that to Hill so she can get Barton and Romanoff to meet us. Then get your gear, we move in…"

"Wheels up in 10." May stated as she retreated out of the room.

"I sunk your battleship HYDRA!" Skye put a peg on the board and smirked, "you so don't mess with my SO."

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