Battleship: SHIELD

Spoilers: All of Season 1 of Agents of SHIELD

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Skye worked her way through the Cube, surrounded by ten men and having Ward beside her. When she wasn't knocking people out than Strike Team Delta and Alpha were; despite her ability to be semi-lethal with her training, Coulson wouldn't allow her to break the ring of men to fight HYDRA herself. Ward had broken it about five floors in when the HYDRA agents started to double in intensity, it also meant they were getting closer to Garrett and his main circle.

They landed on the bottom floor of the Cube and found Garrett waiting for them at the end of the hall as they rounded the corner. He had men on either side of him with weapons but he had none, as if daring them to try to shoot him. Coulson and both strike teams lifted their weapons, the men surrounding Skye raised their weapons in all directions to protect her from all directions. Ward was beside the men and stood waiting, as if daring anyone to shoot him.

"You know Phil, I always wondered where she went…the baby in Hunan Province. I assumed she was living her life away from SHIELD with adopted parents or SHIELD killed her. Now I know," Garrett chuckled and pointed at him. "You've been hiding her this whole time."

Gun fire made Ward turn to see HYDRA agents taking out those surrounding Skye, she was being pushed at him by the SHIELD agents who were firing at the others. Ward raised his gun and fired twice at two HYDRA agents while pushing Skye behind him. Strike Team Alpha and Delta started trying to take out men but were overwhelmed.

"Skye, now!"

"I can't…" Skye shook her head as Coulson gave the order. "I'll kill everyone…even SHIELD."

"Do not now!" Coulson fired at Garrett's men but they fired back, striking Coulson in the shoulder. Ward turned and fired at both with exact precision before turning back to HYDRA agents fighting with Strike Team Delta, Alpha already dead on the floor.

Garrett held out his arms, "you're overwhelmed, give up Skye before we kill everyone you care about."

Skye closed her eyes and shook her head, "I can't make it work…"

Ward turned to her, "you can, think of when you got your bad…" before he could finish he was struck in the side and everything seemed to move slower as all SHIELD agents saw the man fall to his knees. Skye's eyes opened and went wide before a scream was let out of her mouth.

"NO!" She moved over to him but was stopped as two men grabbed her. "No…"

He looked at her as blood spilt onto the ground, "you can do it."

"Oh she will and a lot more." Garrett pulled a gun from his back and held it up. "Say goodbye to lover boy Skye." He fired the gun and Skye screamed as the bullet hit Ward in forehead, causing him to fall instantly.

At that point May and Trip were knocked down while Strike Team Delta were knocked out, unconscious and unable to move. Garrett walked over to them and looked at the team, his eyes landing on Skye as she sobbed while starring at Ward's body.

"Skye…" Coulson's voice made her look up and she met his eyes, her hands already beginning to glow. "Don't let it be in vain…"

She stood up slowly and looked Garrett in the eyes, he nodded. "That's a girl, if you be a good girl and revive my men, I'll let your team live."

"Target acquired." The blue glow from her hands escaped and rotated above her head. "You should know something about my abilities…"

Garrett smirked and held his hands out, "by all means tell me, I'm very interested."

"I don't just resurrect," she stared at him without any look of emotion on her face. "Depending on the codes or coordinates I give, other things I can happen."


May smirked, "her code name isn't Battleship because she likes the game."

"G7 incapacitates, G4 resurrects and to kill," she smirked as his face slacked slightly. Skye closed her eyes and thought of her battleship game. "F8."

Garrett's eyes went wide as the blue light fanned out instantly. They watched as he dropped along with all the HYDRA agents in the room. Skye opened her eyes and slid down the wall as she looked down at her side, the gun Garrett had been holding had struck her.

"Skye…" May moved as quickly as her bullet wounded leg would let her. She was beside the girl instantly and Skye just starred at Ward. May followed her eyes and shook her head, "you need to fight this…hold on, if not for yourself but for him."

Skye shook her head, "doesn't matter, he's gone…"

"You know he'd rather it this way, don't betray his memory by giving up." May pressed her hands against Skye's side and the girl looked at her. "One last time, do what you have to do."

Looking down her hands, she summoned all her strength to allow herself to focus on healing the team. She closed her eyes and thought solely of him, "target acquired." The blue glow left her hands in a second and despite feeling weak she focused on all SHIELD agents and Ward specifically. Opening her eyes, Skye looked at May and spoke softly. "Tell him I love him and to live for me." Before May could reply, the agent spoke calmly. "G4."

The light resonated through the hall and Coulson looked down to see the bleeding in his shoulder stop, he turned to see the SHIELD agents starting to breathe again. Turning his attention to Ward, he watched the agent's side wound and assassination entry point disappear as if never there. His lungs inflated and he lay unconscious but breathing but May's voice made the lead agent turn.

Skye was slumped against the wall, clearly not breathing while a bullet wound laid on her side. All agents that were conscious seemed to descend on the scene, Trip sending several to find medical supplies while he helped May start CPR. Coulson bent down beside her head and shook his own. He lifted her shirt to see the bulletproof material having ridden up, allowing for her to be shot. "She can't die, she can't just give her life for us all again."

A/N: And that is the end...don't freak, a sequel is in the works I promise. It'll be called 'Code Name: Battleship' and will center around the team dealing with the aftermath of this and of Skye being shot (you do the math).