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"Excuse me ma'am." The voice wavered a bit at the end as its owner saw what had happened to a fellow employee.

Karasuba frowned at the unwelcome interruption before flicking her nodachi. Gore slid off the blade and spattered nearby walls with a sanguine pattern. The Sekirei turned her back on the whimpering pile of flesh that had once been Omaeda Keitaro and strode from the wrecked infirmary room. She paused in front of the MBI security officer who had been crazy enough to attract her attention.

"What is it worm." The Black Sekirei said with a lilting smile. If this scum's answer wasn't good enough, she swore she's going to skin him alive. She's been dying to see if she could actually manage with the spoon this time. Seriously though, she'd been in the middle of relieving frustration. That useless scientist had nothing that she hadn't already heard. All she wanted to hear more about what had happened to her darling Akitsu, but no, no one knew what happened other than "Catastrophic Equipment Failure".

Number 04's mental musings were cut short by a polite cough. Turning dead eyes to the officer, Karasuba flashed a smile that promised visceral horrors. "I'm still waiting, but feel free to take your time. I still have a little bit more to do with Omaeda-san."

"You have a request from Minaka-sama, to meet him in his office" The clammy officer managed to spit out.

Karasuba was impressed if only for the fact the man was still standing despite facing the prime example of her wrath. With another small smile she swept by the officer who tensed in nervous anticipation.

Grinning, the Black Sekirei stepped into the waiting elevator. Pressing the penthouse button, she addressed the quaking officer before the doors closed.

"Congratulations on staying standing and not soiling yourself. I must say this makes you one of very small minority officer. I'll make sure to remember you." The Sekirei said with a charming grin..

The door slid shut, and Karasuba began to ponder why she had been called. It probably was just for another one of Minaka's crazy ideas that he'd monologue on and on about. That meant she'd have to sit next to that pink haired fool and the clumsy one. The psychopath huffed at the thought. More of her time wasted, more of her life frittered away listening to a prancing madman.

The truth of the matter was that she was bored. Not once since That Day, had she had a strong opponent. Humans had no strong fighters, and no other Sekirei other than That Woman were even close to her level. All she got was blood, not even real excitement. To make things even worse, the only person who relaxed her was gone.

Striding out of the opening doors, a frown covered her lips. Whoever had hurt her little Akitsu was going to pay. Schooling her face into a passive smile the Black Sekirei joined the other two members of the Discipline Squad.

"You called for us?" Karasuba inquired without hesitation.

Minaka ignored the subtle flinches of Haihane and Benitasuba, and broke into a wide smile. Throwing his arms open wide, the corporate master of MBI called out to her. "Karasuba! I'm so glad you could make it. Though I heard heard what you did to that poor scientist. Really now he'd already been questioned."

As Minaka prattled on about what she had done to the scientist, Karasuba's smile grew brittle. Subconsciously, the Black Sekirei began to finger the hilt of her weapon.

"Ah yes I have some marvelous news to share. It's about the composition of the Third Discipline Squad." The CEO said with a devious smile. "It's sure to be shocking, and will change the entire nature of the game."

Karasuba ceased gripping her nodachi's sheath and directed her full attention at the eccentric man. The last time Minaka made an announcement concerning the discipline squad, it had been to introduce Haihane and Benitasuba as the two new members. What was that crazy man up to now.

Obviously reveling in the questioning glances thrown his way, Minaka smiled before making his announcement. "It is great pleasure that I tell all of the Third Discipline Squad that they are free to participate in the Sekirei Game. As of this moment, the Discipline Squad is dissolved and all members will have to find Ashikabi."

Karasuba's mental processes came to a shuddering stop. She had been part of every discipline squad from First to Third. She had repelled an entire assault on Kamikura Island where she was born. Israel had known the horror of her blade when it had kidnapped Musubi. Minaka had even been preparing all of the Discipline Squad to finally have an Ashikabi.

Quietly the most vicious of all the Sekirei began to laugh hysterically. Benitasuba ceased her temper tantrum and Minaka looked on with a knowing smirk. With a maniacal look she stared dead into the eyes of Minaka Hiroto. "I don't know why but this somehow this is the most interesting thing that's happened since the last time I sparred with That Woman. Now, I'm going to go and turn the city upside down until I get my little Akitsu. Is there any problem?"

Minaka shrugged. "If you could refrain from fighting Sekirei Zero One that would be optimal. Other than that feel free to find your wings, and impose your will in order to bring about a New Age of the Gods. Just be warned, you will still be under the rules of the Sekirei Game, and MBI will enforce them to their fullest extent.

The psychopathic Sekirei raised an eyebrow. Surely he didn't mean...

"Yes starting tonight, the Fourth Discipline Squad will begin patrols." The genius gloated out. "So be sure to be on your best behavior."

Karasuba ignored the silence coming from her once partners and began to cackle. "Well played Minaka. Well played."

Still laughing, the blood stained Sekirei strode back to the elevator. Just before entering the elevator Karasuba called out. "Make sure it entertains me Minaka. I can't wait for the fun to begin."

Without a backward glance the Sekirei entered the elevator. She had a little sister to find, and an city to terrorize.

A faint gasp drew Hinata's attention to her patient. The woman had woken up and was staring at her with lidded eyes. Pasting on a kind smile, the kunoichi turned towards the woman. "Hello there, my name is Hinata. Shikamaru-kun is currently out at the store getting some food and cigarettes. However, he didn't mention your name."

The woman merely blinked before replying. "Akitsu."

Hinata nodded, and sat down next to the woman. Without waiting a beat, she continued on. "Thats a beautiful name. Thank you for telling me."

Hinata shook her head and continued. "Shikamaru-kun is such a forgetful man. Seriously, leaving me without even telling me your name. Now, I've made sure that your bandages were changed and that the nasty slash wound on your side wasn't bleeding anymore. However you shouldn't move in a way that stretches your side anytime in the next week. It would be a shame for you to tear open the wound again."

Akitsu merely nodded before staring again at Hinata. Recognizing that she would have to be the one to initiate conversation, the Hyuuga cleared her throat. "Akitsu, Shikamaru-kun didn't tell me very much about you. May I ask you a few questions?"

The tattooed woman merely nodded once more before slowly sitting up. Her face grimaced in pain as she moved the wrong way and her hand shot her side. Hinata shook her head in wry amusement. "Like I said you'll need to be very careful. Now relax. Would you like some tea before we start?"

"Ah, yes" Akitsu replied before gingerly relaxing against armrest of the couch.

Hinata rose to her feet before making her way to the kitchen. She carefully put the kettle on, eschewing ceremony for simplicity. She looked back at her recovering patient. "Would you like Kukicha or Jasmine tea?"

"Jasmine please." The woman replied after a moment of deliberation.

"Alright, it'll be ready in a moment then." Hinata replied. There was a short moment of silence before she spoke again. "Was the wound from a scalpel Akitsu?"

Silently the woman nodded. Hinata saw she wasn't comfortable with that line of questions, and decided to pursue another. "Where do you live?"

Unfortunately this question made Akitsu seem even more despondent. "Ah, nowhere."

Hinata nodded before taking the screaming kettle off the stove and beginning to prepare two cups. She pondered what to ask next for a brief moment, and then decided to make small talk to relax her guest.

"Would you like some clothes to wear? We're close to the same size so I think I might be able to find something that fits." The Hyuuga asked.

Akitsu noticed her state of undress and blushed, a faint pink dusting the bridge of her nose. "Ah yes please."

Hinata giggled before grabbing the two cups and bringing them over to the couch. "Here's your tea."

With a small thankful smile, Akitsu took the tea from Hinata. She gently blew on the surface before taking a ginger sip. The woman's shoulders began to visibly relax as she tasted the tea.

"Hah, it's good." Akistu quietly said. " Thank you."

Hinata smiled again, and waved away the compliment. "It was my pleasure."

A peaceful silence fell over the two, only broken by the sound of tea drinking. Hinata took the time to look at the woman again, and catalog what she saw.

There was of course the blatant tattoo on her forehead of a bird with tomoe an a yin yang beneath it. The seal hidden beneath seemed wrong, as if something had gone wrong with its application.

Moving on in her study, the kunoichi noted the natural gray hair coloration that was extremely rare to find. She had never seen a shade of dirty gray like Akitsu's however. Just as equally difficult to find were natural breasts that rivaled the Godaime Hokage's. Hinata hadn't believed in their size until she had checked with the Byakugan to make sure.

Unnoticed to the Hyuuga a small stream of blood trickled out of her nose. Subconsciously her hand wiped away the flow.

The rest of Akitsu's body was unrealistically perfect. From top to bottom it was as if someone had tried to make a buxom bombshell to steal hearts. It honestly made her a little jealous of how easily the beauty came to the woman.

Hinata was broken from her study by Akitsu clearing her throat.

"Ah, it's all gone." The patient said, a faint pout on her features. She turned to Hinata before speaking again. "Ah, thank you"

Hinata felt a cheerful smile break loose and she replied kindly. "Again, it was my pleasure. Would you like to get dressed now?"

Akitsu nodded, and slowly began to stand up. Hinata motioned for the woman to follow, and then made her way to the closet.

"Would you prefer the T-shirt or the long..." Hinata trailed off when she saw Akitsu's gaze was glued to her collection of yukuta. She smiled fondly before asking. "See any that you like?"

Akitsu nodded quietly before pointing to a pale blue yukuta dappled with sakura blossoms. The Hyuuga reached in and drew it out the item before handing it to Akitsu. "You'll still need lingerie and then you can change in th-"

Undeterred by her audience, the tattooed woman had already discarded the lab coat and was working her panties down as well. Hinata stared for a moment before breaking out into helpless giggles.

Akitsu paused, panties around her ankles, and cocked her head to the side. "Ah, yes?"

Still giggling, Hinata shook her head. "It's just that you reminded me of one of my friends back home. You both are free and unrestrained with your body."

Akitsu looked down at herself and blushed. Wordlessly she took the yukuta from Hinata and began to immediately wrap herself in the fabric.

Finally getting her laughter under control Hinata helplessly shook her head before moving to help the woman. Still blushing Akitsu raised her arms, allowing for Hinata to situate the fabric.

The Hyuuga shuffled the fabric around and soon came to a realization. The yukuta fit almost perfectly save for one region, Akitsu's bust. She frowned for a moment before speaking to her patient. "No matter how I move this fabric, your chest is going to be exposed. We can go find a blouse for you to wear and find you a proper yukuta later on."

Akitsu slowly shook her head before replying. "Ah, it's fine."

Not really surprised by the answer, the kunoichi nodded before tying the obi. She motioned for Akitsu to follow her and and made her way back to the couch.

Hinata gracefully took a seat before patting the couch next to her. As Akitsu sat down Hinata cleared her throat before asking the one question on her mind. "Akitsu, may I ask why there is a tattoo on your forehead?"

The woman stiffened and instantly lost any good cheer she had. Surprised by the sudden mood change Hinata immediately tried to backtrack. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that."

She was about to change subjects, but Akitsu's husky voice interrupted her. "Ah, Akitsu is broken."

She slowly traced the tattoo with a slim finger. "This means Akitsu cannot have wings."

Anguish began to fill her face as she looked at Hinata. "Why would they take away Akitsu's wings?"

Hinata was at a loss to what wings meant to Akitsu, but she knew the sight of someone in anguish quite well. With a long experience in quieting frantic children and distraught comrades, she pulled Akitsu into a light hug. "I don't know why someone hurt you, but Shikamaru-kun and I will do our best to help you. That's a promise you can count on."

Her body rigid only for a moment, Akitsu quickly relaxed into the hug. Before long Hinata could hear quiet sobs coming from the woman. She simply rubbed comforting circles on Akitsu's back, providing the knowledge to the woman that someone was there who cared.

"Akitsu wants her Ashikabi." The woman whimpered, her tone full of loss.

"Who is your Ashikabi Akitsu?" Hinata murmured into the distressed woman's ear, interested in who the person was.

"Ah, ah, no one..." Akitsu said, only to be lost in a fresh batch of tears. "Akitsu will never get to have an Ashikabi."

"What is an Ashikabi then Akitsu, and why can't you have one?" Hinata inquired, confused as to what an Ashikabi was supposed to be.

"The..the...they are thhhhh...the ones who who wing Se...Se..Sekirei." Akitsu managed to get out amid her intensifying sobs. " Akitsu will get her wi...wii...wings!"

Hinata gently pulled the woman closer and began to slowly rock her. Still crying the Sekirei wrapped her arms around Hinata and wept into her chest. Hinata knew that more questions would only make things worse so she simply made quiet calming noises to the weeping woman.

They both stayed there, one comforting, and one weeping in loss until Akitsu began to slowly calm down. Still sniffling, the Sekirei turned to Hinata with a questioning look spread across her face. "Ah, why are you so kind to Akitsu? Akitsu is broken."

Hinata looked back at the distraught woman and replied from the heart. "Once there was a little girl who thought she was never going to be worth anything."

"Her father thought she was weak and told her every day." The kunoichi continued, noticing how intensely Akitsu was staring at her. "One day he sent her away with a woman, and told the woman that he had no time for a weakling."

Hinata smiled at the thought of memories past. "The woman took the little girl, and despite all of the things she had heard, she cared for the girl and nurtured her. Not in a day, or a week, but over years was how long it took for the little girl to truly come out of her shell. But on that day she was no longer broken or weak."

She looked directly into Akitsu's searching gaze and spoke, her voice steady and radiating honesty. "I was that little girl. The woman is called Kurenai-san and a woman that I love like a second kaa-san."

"She showed me that no matter what has happened to you, or what people say, there are people who care about you. She taught me that despite being weak and broken you can heal and be strong." Hinata said, not breaking eye contact with the Sekirei hanging on her every word. "You say that you're broken, but I'm telling you that I believe you can be healed. I believe that you can have your wings and your Ashikabi."

Akitsu looked floored by what Hinata had said to her. The tattooed woman finally clutched her close and gave her a watery smile. "Thank you."

Whatever more the Sekirei was going to say was cut short by the sound of a loud ringing. Hinata frowned when she realized the noise was the ringtone for Shikamaru's burner cellphone.

Sliding a hand into her slacks pocket she grabbed her own burner phone and answered the call. "What is it Shikamaru-kun?"

The Nara's lazy voice contained a hint of chagrin. "I have a problem."

"What did you manage to do this time Shikamaru-kun." Hinata replied, irritation seeping into her tone.

The phone was silent for a moment and then the Nara replied. "I ran into three more like Akitsu. Two of them were using some form of lightning manipulation in an attempt to incapacitate me and attack the third who was unconscious."

He sighed and continued. "Now I have another three unconscious females on the ground, I can hear police sirens coming, and I still didn't get my cigarettes. Che."

Hinata shook her head drawing a quizzical look from the Sekirei still clutching her. "How in Kami's name did you manage this."

She paused to rein in her irritation and then responded. "Nevermind that, we'll talk about avoiding trouble later."

Shikamaru grumbled quietly before responding. "I can avoid the police easily enough even with the three unconscious unknowns. The real question is what to do with them."

"Will you need my help?" Hinata asked, wondering for a moment if she would have to administer more medical care.

"I don't believe so. They may have had decent lightning manipulation but their combat skills weren't nearly as good. They went down easily and the worst they should have is some bruises and a concussion." The Nara replied. "One of them saw her shadow move, but she might write it off as a hallucination."

This time Hinata let loose with a irritated groan. "Shikamaru-kun, what part of discrete do you not understand. Well in that case use the work apartment downstairs."

Shikamaru's hummed for a moment and then replied. "Alright, I have a way to get them back. I'll give you a call when I'm back."

The Hyuuga nodded in agreement. "You still owe me cinnamon rolls Shikamaru-kun."

A growl of "Troublesome woman." was her reply before the call ended. She smiled at getting a rise from the melancholic shinobi and then turned to the confused Sekirei holding onto her.

Without even pausing the Hyuuga answered Akitsu's unspoken question. "Oh, Shikamaru-kun is bringing back some people he met even though they're hellions. He really is a troublesome man."

She rubbed Akitsu's back again before looking back down at the woman and changing the subject. "You probably haven't eaten yet have you?"

The Sekirei nodded carefully. "Ah, Akitsu is hungry."

The Hyuuga nodded at the admission. "Then on that case I'll make something."

She gently tried to stand, only for Akitsu's hold to tighten on her. Hinata saw a raw panic filling the woman's eyes and was immediately concerned. "What's wrong Akitsu?

Starting to tremble, the woman once more buried her face into Hinata's chest. "...don't go..."

Hinata understood what Akitsu was feeling. She was lost and alone, and one of the only people kind to her was about to walk away. The kunoichi knew how to quiet the Sekirei's fears however.

"I won't leave you." The Hyuuga assured Akitsu. "If you like, we can both go get the food ready."

She felt the woman nod, still holding tight to her despite her side. Hinata smiled and tugged the woman up to stand with her. "Now, ready for some food?"

Slowly escorting the Sekirei towards the kitchen, the kunoichi missed the look of growing adoration from Akitsu.

Silently Sekirei Zero Seven mouthed one word before disappearing in the kitchen with Hinata.


The perfect stillness of a trash strewn alleyway was disturbed by the sound of hurried footsteps. A panting woman stumbled through the darkness, throwing panicked glances over her shoulder. Suddenly she stiffened before ducking into a doorway.

Boot steps began to echo down the alleyway. Hearing this the woman desperately tried to stifle her panting and huddle out of sight in the doorway. Twin kodachi were clutched by gloved hands so hard that quiet creaks came from the stressed hilts.

"I know your hiding little birdy." A cruel female voice spoke. "I can smell your fear."

Utter terror covered the woman's face and sweat started to bead on her brow. Her eyes looked with the useless hope of the damned to the main street she could barely see. She didn't want to die. She didn't want to die!

"Now, because I'm in a good mood, I'm going to give you a chance to run." The cruel femine voice continued. "I'm going to count to twenty, and then I'm coming after you. One..."

Without a second thought the woman burst from her hiding spot. She sprinted forward as if the devil herself was chasing her. And as she ran she heard vicious peals of laughter that licked at her heels and promised damnation should she hesitate at all.

Terrified, tired, and hurt, Sekirei Nineteen, Ikki ran and ran and ran.

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