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Time: Two weeks later.

Choose,... Prison Break,... Nevermore,... The (Something) Room,... A Titan,...

Despite all the caffeine pills and stimulants he'd taken, sleep relentlessly crept upon the weary boy, and then swiftly drew him under. Once again the dream started. The one where he would watch as all he knew, and loved, would die because he couldn't decide. When a figure wearing a helm made of bone appeared before him, he cringed, sobbing as he pitifully pleaded for mercy.

"Choose, and the nightmare will end." The deep voice held a hint of sympathy. "Why she would want to play such a game, I don't know. But if you wish for this to cease, then you must make a decision." His eyes gained a faraway look, and took on the appearance of brightly-glowing, white stars. "Which will die? Decide before the end of the dream, or both will perish."

The ground beneath their feet that was as black as night vanished, and the boy who'd been pushed to the brink of madness stood at the top of Titan's Tower, knowing this was all too real. Above him, still barely a pinprick in the distance there was a ball of ice with a faintly luminous tail of vapor that seemed to stretch endlessly across the night sky. Like an arrow of death, the massive comet arched for the Earth, destined to bring doom to the whole world.

The hero looked down at the device he held in his hands. It aimed, and would fire the weapon that'd been created in a rush by the team. In the chaos that now spread across the globe, he'd been the only one left to use it. The others were frantically busy as they futilely tried to stem the tides of panic that threatened the Earth with as much destruction as the harbinger in the sky. Trembling, he raised it, but didn't take aim. He could save the world, but only at a horrible cost. There'd been no time to finished the containment for the Xentronium powered laser. When it fired it would destroy the comet by reducing it to vapor, but Jump City would perish in a blast of fire as hot as the sun's core. He would be the butcher of millions.

However, Cyborg had worked out a way to use the Xentronium to send the City ten years forward in time. With all that power they could create a magnetic field that would alter the temporal flux for a ten miles radius. Safe within they could ride out the death throes, and emerge unharmed. His city would be safe, as would his friends and his team. But if he did that, then he would've let billions die for his own selfish gains.

Sobbing the boy dropped to his knees while in his ear a deep and powerful voice urged him to choose. Butcher millions, or save the world? "No." He screamed, knowing no one could hear him. Already fear had sent many towns and cities into chaos. Here the Titans had managed to stem that horrible tide, but not for much longer. He had to decide. Gulping in horror, he stared at the hateful device.

If he saved the city then ... He shook his head. It wasn't fear for his own life that made him want to take that dreadful course. It was the place he'd sworn to protect, and here was where most of his friends were. It was his home. But if he failed to save the world then ...

He wept as something inside him broke, and he let the device drop to the roof. It landed with that outrageously large red button pointing up. Save the world and kill his friends? Or let the world die and save his friends? The foreign voice echoed in his mind, reinforcing his own tortuous thoughts. Kill a city, or let the world die. Choose!

"I'm sorry." The voice came our hoarsely, mixed with sobbing. Finally, after having dreamt the dream fourteen times only to stand in indecision as everything perished, he decided. "At least I will die with them." The boy spoke as he pressed the button.

The world vanished, and he stared up to see the man with the helmet of bones looking down at him. "You finally chose." The figure said. "There was no right or wrong answer. Just that you had to make a decision, and understand that sometimes the choice isn't easy."

Raven awoke with a yawn, and snuggled closer to the boy who slept beside her. Content to wait, she smiled. Soon her boyfriend would wake up, and they would make love. How many times varied a lot. Sometimes it was just three or four, but once it'd been over twenty. Being part demon had its advantages, and she found herself pitying those who were merely human. Her violet-eyes briefly flashed red when she heard the T-communicator beep.

Reaching out she plucked the device off a table, and flipped it open. The text read, 'Jail break at Jump City Prison. Could use your help. Robin.' The girl sighed, and quickly rose to get dressed. Seeing how badly the team had been outmatched with Cinderblock, she'd asked Kishar if there was any way she would allow her to bring a T-communicator with her. The woman had assented, merely demanding that it have no tracking device.

During their studies, the demon had taught her how to use beacons. Much like a ward she infused it with a part of her soul, but its only purpose was to make teleporting easier. During such an act she had to be aware of where she was trying to move from, as well as the place she was hoping to reach. That took a lot of concentration. With a beacon she could focus less on that, and more on the act of teleporting itself. With a few other tricks, she could now, if she tried hard, move between Kishar's house and the Tower without help. Which made her happy beyond words. She could talk to Starfire in the morning, and check on Cyborg and his baby. Then she could hop back to the house to spend time with BB. It was the best of both worlds.

Straining a little, the half-demon girl appeared in her room beside a small rock that she'd created as a beacon. Then, effortlessly, she teleported to the common's room. "What's happening?" She asked.

"Good evening, friend Raven." Starfire dashed over to hug her.

"Morning Star." Raven hugged the girl back, feeling the pure sense of joy the girl had at seeing her. Now that she'd released some of her controls on her own emotions, such things didn't bother her so much anymore.

"How's B?" Cyborg asked.

"Yes. How is friend Beast Boy?" Starfire's eyes lit up. "Is he going to return soon?"

"He's ... okay." That was sort of true. The guilt still tore at him, but he was coping. She noticed that Robin said nothing, and merely looked at the ground with a tired frown. The boy himself also looked worn out. "How're you coping?" She asked him, knowing it had to be hard. He alone knew what Beast Boy had done.

"I'm fine." He gave her a smile that looked forced while his face was pale. "Let's go."

Raven nodded. Easily, she teleported them to the entrance of Jump City Prison. She'd made a number of beacons and placed them throughout the city. It was late, maybe ten pm, and getting dark, but the area was lit up as bright as day with search lights.

The plan was simple. Cyborg would sit on one corner of the large stone wall that surrounded the high-security facility, and stun anyone who tried to leave with his sonic cannon. Starfire would do the same with the opposite corner using starbolts. Raven and Robin would enter the prison, and then separate to take down the various criminals. If they spotted an actual villain they would use the T-communicator to call for help.

The violet-eyed girl moved carefully, using her empathic senses to scan ahead for anyone plotting an ambush. Simple blasts of her soulself knocked unconscious the various normal prisoners she encountered. Then there were the not so normal.

"Mine is bigger than yours." A naked man shrieked loudly, jumping from behind a door with a large salami in each hand.

Where does a prisoner get salami? Raven wondered. Focusing her power, she created a double-edged blade and spun it rapidly. Sending it flying at the man, the blade hummed as it turned, slicing the sausage in his left hand into paper-thin slices. The man gulped, suddenly looking very pale. Carefully manipulating the deadly weapon, the amused girl repeated it for the one he held in his right.

"I don't have one. But my boyfriend's is bigger than yours." She intoned, aiming the blade with it molecular-sharp edge at his groin. She thought she liked the new tricks Kishar was teaching her. They certainly came in handy at times.

Eyes wide, the man tracked the blade as its humming edge crept closer to his most prized possession. "Ack!" He screamed as he raced back in a prison cell. He firmly slid the door shut, and it automatically locked with a click.

"Wise move." Raven intoned, letting the magic weapon fade.

"Interesting style." A voice mused. "I like it."

Raven glanced behind her. "Zatanna?" She intoned, making it a question.

"There's a number of prisoners here who could be dangerous if they got free. The Justice League thought a little help would be in order."

"I see." The Titan turned back to her main task, and quietly walked forward. The backup was welcomed since it probably meant Robin was no longer alone elsewhere in the building, but she would've appreciated someone other than the magician.

She approached the infirmary, using her empathic senses to locate the three people inside, and realized there seemed to be a fight going on. The girl carefully used her power to open the door, and peered in. "Huh?" She stopped, stunned by what she saw. Gizmo stood in the middle of the room, covered in bandages. Some she knew was from when Rage had held him up in a lightning storm ages ago, while the others were from she'd decided to use the concrete floor of a bank to try to clobber him. Both his arms and legs were in thick white casts, and he wore a neck brace of some sort. Still, standing on a stool, arms outstretched like a zombie since he couldn't bend them, he was fiddling with the medical equipment, and had conjured up some sort of x-ray laser.

"Take that." The pint-sized villain yelled, using it to keep two nurses hiding behind a cot. "Take that." He screamed again. Hearing the door open he looked, and the blood rushed from his face. "It's the witch." He screamed, eyes going wide as he dropped to the floor. Something on his chest started to buzz.

"He's having a heart attack." A dark-haired woman rushed out from her place of safety, and grabbed two paddles that sent out sparks when they brushed against each other. "Cindy. Get out here." She ordered.

"If only all the criminals were that easy." Zatanna said, sounding a bit in awe. "What's your secret? Did you threaten to cut off any of his parts?"

Raven shrugged, and after she saw the villain's eyes open, moved on. She didn't want to kill him by giving him another heart attack. Wow. Seems Rage really creates a lasting impression. She mused, blasting a common criminal with a bit of her soulself.

"They got everything under control." Robin said when they regrouped again beside the prison wall. "All the villains are back in their cells, and only two of the common criminals got free. He looked at Raven. "By the way, Gizmo will be okay."

"Good to know." The violet-haired girl intoned.

"Hey. Why don't us girls go and celebrate a clean-cut victory." Zatanna told her and Starfire, wrapping an arm around the half-demon's shoulder. "I know this place with great herbal tea, and really good chocolate muffins." She grinned at them both.

"No thanks." Raven replied, looking at the arm that didn't move.

Robin looked thoughtful, and glanced st Starfire. "Hey Stay, I could use a light snack before I go to sleep. Want to get a muffin with me?"

The eyes of the Tamaranean lit up. "I would indeed friend Robin." Moving faster than the eye could follow, she was suddenly by his side, gripping his arm. "Sorry." She suddenly let go when he winced in pain.

"No problem. I wouldn't mind holding hands with you, just try not to break any bones." The masked boy smiled at the girl.

"Eeeek!" The orange-skinned alien immediately took him up on his offer.

"Come on." Zatanna smiled, pulling at Raven. "I really want to know what you did with that Adonis fellow. I mean, every doctor we had looked at him, and they're baffled."

"I'm sure he just had a nervous breakdown." The half-demon intoned. "I got to get Cyborg back to the Tower. Talk to you later." With a very faint fake smile, she grabbed her cybernetic friend, and teleported away.

Deciding to check on Nevermore, she headed to her room, and entered her mirror.

"Peppy." Happy yelled, pushing Rage.

"No. Wrath." Rage countered, pushing back with her eyes aglow.

"Love?" Affection suggested, smiling at the others.

"Alexandria." Knowledge spoke as if that decided the matter, but still shoved Rage.

"How about Burp?" Rude asked hopefully.

"No." Shouted Happy, Rage, Knowledge, Sloth, Brave, and Affection. Timid was in the background violently shaking her head.

"Courage." Brave said, clearing thinking it would settle matters.

"Filth." Sloth added her opinion to the matter.

"No." Happy, Rage, Knowledge, Sloth, Brave, and Affection shouted again. Still in the background, Timid shuddered, and looked pale at the thought.

"Mind if I interrupt?" Raven asked, noting no one had turned to look at her.

"Snappy then?" Happy wondered.

"How about Fury?" Rage wondered.

"Joy?" Affection murmured.

"I still think Alexandria would be best." Knowledge told them. "Or maybe Bookie."

"Noble?" Brave wondered.

"QUIET." Raven yelled, and silence descended on the area. "What's the racket about?" She asked.

"We're trying to decide on baby names?" Knowledge told her.


"Duh! Because we want a good name for any children we have." Rage told her. "You can't let those things wait until the last minute."

Shaking her head, and clenching her teeth,. Raven pondered what to do. "Whatever." She finally said. "Just don't expect any too soon. I'm definitely not ready." She left the madhouse, wondering why she was the only sane one amongst them all. Probably why I got to be in control. The girl mused.

Back in Africa the girl looked at the time. Seven am. The whole prison break thing, along with the bizarre trip to Nevermore, had only taken an hour. When she saw BB had already woke up, she frowned. They usually started their love making in bed, and then ended up in the hot springs. When she went to look for him, she realized something. The structure of the house had changed. It was definitely larger now, and had two to three more good-sized rooms.

"Redecorating?" She asked, finding Kishar.

"Just a few changes. What do you think?" The demon focused, and the room turned a pretty pink.

"Ack!" Raven stepped back. "Evil pink." She muttered, recalling just how much of that Azar accursed color there was in Nevermore. Maybe that's why the emoticlones are nuttier than a fruitcake. The overwhelmed girl mused. Too much pink. If I were to change it ...

"Guess not. How about this?" Kishar focused again, and the walls turned a pale blue.

"Expecting company?" The violet-eyed girl asked, looking at the color. "How about dark blue? As in dark dark." She suggested.

"Hardly fitting for a children's room. Especially a girl's" The demon shook her head. "Definitely not." She focused, and there were three small cribs in the room. "Maybe choose the furniture first, and then match the walls." The woman mused.

"Kids are coming to visit?" Raven asked, looking curiously at the cribs.

"Umm. Sort of." Kishar looked at the girl, appearing perplexed. "It's for the children you and Garfield will have."

"Aren't you rushing things a little?"

"No. Nine months doesn't take long to past."

"Nine months. We're not having kids for years." The blushing girl violently shook her head.

"Well. That usually how long it takes to have a baby." Kishar frowned. "Don't you know."

Raven blinked, feeling a little weird. Using her empathic senses she studied her body. "I'm pregnant." She shrieked, shocked. Her violet-eyed flickered, showing confusion.

"Well." Kishar shrugged. "Having sex twenty odd times a day will generally do that to a girl."

"But how?" She sat down on the floor.

"Didn't Azar ever have the bird and the bees talk with you? That was rather ..."

"No." Raven cried with her face turning red. "I know all about that. But I made sure I wouldn't get pregnant unless I wanted to."


The girl sat, pondering for a few seconds. "I did want to." She realized. "Almost losing him frightened me, and I needed to make sure I would always have a part of him with me." She raised her hand to her belly, still looking a little confused, but also happy. Eyes blinking, she then turned to look around the room. "Why three cribs though? Isn't that a bit excessive for a kid."

"Hrm." Kishar looked at her. "We really got to work on how aware you are of your body. Azar really slacked off there."

"Huh?" Raven studied her body. "I'm having triplets." She intoned, eyes wide. The girl fainted, falling back on the green mat the soon to be grandmother conjured.

Outside, with his sensitive hearing able to follow everything, Beast Boy stood in shock. Like Raven, he fainted when he heard the word triplets.

"I need to request a leave of absence." Raven intoned, staring blank-eyed into space.

"Oh?" Robin sighed, looking tired. He studied the girl who was clearly deep in shock.

"Why friend Raven?" Starfire asked.

"I'm ... umm ... pregnant." She didn't meet their eyes.

"Eeeek." Starfire's scream of joy blocked out anything the leader said. "Eeeek." The girl yelled again, not knowing what else to do.

"Oh." Boy Wonder blinked, clearly abandoning any attempt to change her mind. "B's?" He asked.

"Of course." The girl intoned, eyes briefly flashing red. "Whose else would they be?"

"Sorry. I'm just ... umm ..." He shrugged, and then paused. "They?" He asked.

"It's triplets." She replied in a monotone, still not meeting his eyes.

"Oh." He gulped. "I see."

"What will you name them, friend Raven?" Starfire was hovering inches away from the red-faced girl, careful not to touch her.

"I have eight nuttier than a fruitcake emoticlones working on that."

"Emoticlones?" The Tamaranean looked confused. "Fruitcake?"

"Sorry. Seems you'll have to call in some of the honorary Titans to fill the missing slots." Raven turned back to Robin.

"I guess." The boy wearily rubbed his head, and frowned with a sigh.

"Are you okay?" Raven asked. "You look tired and you're clearly stressed out."

"I've just been having dreams." He took a deep breath, looking like he was about to jump off a cliff. "Do you think Beast Boy would mind filling in for you?"

The shocked girl blinked. While they'd wondered how to get the leader to change his mind, they'd yet to figure out how. "I'm sure he would." She smiled.

End of Story.

I wonder where the story would've went if someone hadn't mentioned the Endless. I don't think I need to say who the man with the bone helmet in the dreams was, or who would've put him up to that task. It was of course Dream of the Endless, while the boy in the dream was Robin. Death would've been the one who put Dream up to it.

Why would Knowledge suggest Alexandria for the name of a kid? She would be thinking of the Library of Alexandria.

Robin asking Starfire out for something to eat would be a sign he's not taking her for granted anymore. That due to the dreams where they all die, he's realized how important she is to him. For that matter, how important all of them are.

Yeah. it's the end of the story. If a tale has a beginning, a middle, and an end, then I think this one has reached the latter part. There can now be no doubt in Beast Boy's mind that he belongs. He knows his mother will always accept him. That Raven will always love him. And that he has a place as a Titan. He's even going to be a father. To add anything more would be just writing for the sake of extending it. I'm glad though that it hit the 100k mark, even if only barely. Hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

Many thanks to those who read and review. Also many thanks to those who gave me ideas for the story.