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For the last ten years, he was lost…

He believed that resurrecting Deliora would be the answer to surpassing Ur; he believed that destroying it would finally bring him the dream that he had always wanted… he couldn't have been more wrong. Not only had his callousness nearly resulted in the destruction of an innocent village, but it almost killed his former rival as well. Sure, he and Gray did not always see eye to eye; their goals vastly different from each other, but he was still was the only family that he had left. He was just so angry that Ur had been taken away from him…so furious that his dreams had been irrevocably shattered by a vengeance obsessed eight year old boy; as far as he knew Gray had killed Ur that day.

He didn't want to understand what happened and he didn't care what happened to the raven after the fact; all he wanted was to find a way to surpass Ur even though she was dead. For seven years he tried to move on and forget his unattainable goal, but as the years went on, the need for becoming stronger than Ur was the only thing on his mind. At this point in his life, he didn't care where Gray had ended up; he could've died in the scattered remains of Brago for all he cared. He was by himself in the Northern Continent, drowning himself in self-pity, when it finally hit him. The only way to surpass his late teacher would be to defeat the only thing that she could not beat; the one creature that managed to take her life away.


By luck, he was able to run across the survivors of the village of Brago; it was then that he found the supporters for his cause. People who wanted nothing more than have the monster, who destroyed their homes and families, slain and a boy who wanted nothing more than to slay said monster; it was as if fate had brought them together for a reason. He was finally able to set his plan in motion; it would only be a matter of time until his dream was realized. However, he knew that he would not be able to face Deliora as he was, so he shed his name and identity and thought up a new one; a greater one. That was the day he would become the Cold Emperor; someone so strong and great that he would be able to kill Deliora without worrying about what consequences it may bring.

He studied many books and tomes in order to find a way to melt away the ice shell that surrounded Deliora; only to discover the Island of Galuna…the only place that would be able to absorb the power of the moon through the use of Moon Drip and melt the indestructible ice. After three years, his dreams were coming true; the spell was almost coming to completion and with the help of Zalty and the people of Brago Deliora would be defeated by his hand.

But that's when they came…

The Fairy Tail guild was called to the island by the villagers and it would be his luck that Gray Fullbuster would be part of the team that was sent there; it was as if fate was on his side once more. Not only was he going to be able to defeat Deliora, but he could also finally put Gray in his place for what he had done to Ur all those years ago. How could he just join a guild and carry on with his life as if he had never killed their master; it just wasn't right! Gray would always remain the coward so consumed by darkness that he let vengeance rule his mind.

It wasn't until later that he realized that he was the one who was consumed by Deliora and he was the one who took an entire grieving village with him. After Gray had tried to sacrifice his life for his guild mates and the villagers of Galuna Island, he started to feel again; he realized that he was going about this all wrong. Though, he didn't consider himself completely free until he saw Deliora crumbling before his very eyes and the icy remains of Ur flowing through Gray's slim fingers with tears travelling down his pale face…

A strong, howling wind pressed against the guild doors; effectively wrenching himself from his thoughts. The members of Lamia Scale were scattered around the hall sitting in small groups and talking to each other loudly. He hadn't been part of Lamia Scale for very long, but he was starting to work his way through the ranks. He glanced at the three other mages sitting in front of him; small smiles on each of their faces. Even after all that he had done and all the pain that he had caused Sherry, Yuka and Toby stayed by his side and followed him faithfully.

"Lyon?" Yuka asked stoically; his thick eyebrows slightly raised.

"What?" He stated coldly.

Sherry tilted her head slightly and smiled softly,

"They'll find them you know; if not for Fiore, then for love~"

Lyon's hands clenched tightly in his pant legs as he looked resolutely away from his friends; he really didn't want to think about that…his past was burden enough. He failed at protecting him and keeping him safe again. It's not like Gray couldn't take care of himself, but the silverette felt that it was his duty to make up for all the time that he ignored the younger ice mage and left him alone. However, he knew that even though he wasn't the one to destroy Tenrou Island, he did have a hand in Gray's disappearance.

Sherry and the others have all tried to convince him otherwise, but he knew that the reason why Gray was gone was because of the choices he made in the past. If he hadn't gotten so upset and obsessed with his dream, he would've gone West with the raven and they would've both eventually found Fairy Tail; if that happened he might've been able to keep his fellow pupil safe.

"You think I'm worried about those idiots," Lyon forced out, "They can handle themselves."

Toby nodded his head frantically,

"He's right! Those Fairy Tail mages are some scary dudes; especially that crazy red head, I thought she was going to kill me!"

Lyon rolled his eyes and glanced at a far wall; his gaze icy and hardened. A cool frost seemed to circulate around the guild causing all the mages present to stop conversing and stare at him cautiously. It wasn't like the silverette to lose his composure like this, and no one but his close friends would understand him; Sherry being the closest. She had seen what he did during the battle with the Oracion Seis; he was willing to sacrifice his life for Gray and for the ex-Cold Emperor that was something that she had never seen before… despite his impulsiveness that always seemed to linger.

"It's alright Lyon-sama," She trilled, "You're love will be enough~"

Lyon huffed under his breath and pressed his fingers to his temples. He pushed his chair back with a screech and stomped towards the doorway and let the doors slam as he walked out into the rain. The cold droplets landed on his face as he stared up at the dark grey sky; it was as if the sky was even mourning for the loss of such a great and respectful guild. Now despite their efforts, the new top guild in Fiore was none other than Sabertooth and even then he didn't know what to think of that guild. There was just something about them that he didn't trust; maybe it was the way that they carry themselves…

The silverette scowled and shoved his hand in his pockets as he strolled down the cobbled streets. It was amazing how lost he felt without Gray around; it was strange since they rarely saw each other. He couldn't help but think it was because the young raven was the one who was able to pull him out of his dark hole of vengeance kicking and screaming. Ever since Fairy Tail disappeared, it was as if everything had frozen solid; leaving everything standing still, waiting for their imminent return. Without Fairy Tail…everything would be stuck in the past…he would still be stuck in the past.

"Cold Emperor Lyon," A voice called out from behind him, "That's what you used to be called wasn't it?"

The silverette stopped walking and turned towards the voice addressing,

"Jura, what are you doing here?"

The bald mage walked towards the younger man and stood behind him; his eyes focused on the sky above him. Lyon stared at Jura with curious eyes as silence continued to envelop them. The silverette always admired Jura, if not for his strength in battle, then for the wisdom that the man seemed to encompass.

"You didn't answer me," He glanced at the silverette from the corner of his eye, "You were known as the Cold Emperor and tried to revive Zeref's demon, Deliora, did you not?"

Lyon's shoulders stiffened slightly,

"The past is all behind me; I haven't been the Cold Emperor in a long time."

Jura smiled softly before nodding his head in acknowledgement. They stood in silence once more as Lyon's words continued to echo around him. The silverette hadn't noticed, but he had changed since Galuna Island and joined the Lamia Scale guild. The older mage crossed his arms across his chest and stared down at the young mage. He had to admit that he was worried about the ice mage at the beginning of the Oracion Seis battle when he was all too willing to cut off Titania's arm. However, that fear was eradicated when he had heard Fairy Tail's ice mage Gray Fullbuster screaming Lyon's name desperately just after the sound of the explosion.

"I have noticed how much you've grown Lyon," Jura chuckled lightly, "You have truly let go of your past and left it buried in the snow haven't you?"

Lyon stared up at him in confusion,

"What do you mean?"

"I'm talking about your relationship with Gray Fullbuster…"

The silverette's cheeks immediately turned red and his onyx eyes widened in disbelief,

"I DON'T LIKE GRAY LIKE THAT! Anyways, the pink haired loud mouth is better for him than I am."

Jura laughed loudly before clapping a hand down on Lyon's shoulder. He loved to tease the younger mage sometimes; especially since most of them thought that he was so serious all the time…they never saw it coming. The rock mage glanced down at the growing mage and patted his shoulder reassuringly.

"I never said anything of the sort," He tapped his hair covered chin, "But I do think that you and your fellow pupil need each other more than either of you realize; Natsu Dragneel aside…"

Lyon looked away from the older mage, causing Jura to frown slightly.

"You claimed to have let go of your past; yet, you still feel the guilt for your sins."

The silverette clenched the fists at his sides,

"No, I no longer regret trying to resurrect Deliora…"

"That may be true," Jura interrupted, "But you do feel guilty for leaving Gray to fend for himself all those years ago; but he's alright isn't he?"

"How can you say that when…"

Lyon froze and smirked up at the rock mage; so that's the game he was playing. He glanced at Jura from the corner of his eyes and folded his arms across his chest cockily. The bald man nodded his head in triumph before squeezing the younger mage's shoulder one more time and walking back towards the guild. The silverette watched as he left and stared up at the sky once more as the rain slowly started to stop. No matter what Gray would come back safe…along with the rest of Fairy Tail; Fiore wouldn't be the same without the Salamander after all.

"Gray, Ur," Lyon smiled softly, "It's about time that I finally let it go."


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