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No One's P.O.V

Chapter 1

"You're bloody joking!"

"I assure you." Dumbledore said, the everlasting twinkle was still held in the Headmasters blue orbs. "I am quite serious... Sirius."

"But... we may have misheard." Arthur Weasley suggested weakly looking rather pale at the sudden news.

"What I said was quite clear." Dumbledore stated, a small frown which adorned his wrinkled face. "However, I assume it came as a big shock to hear such news so I shall repeat it once more."

"Everyone in this room are the only living people who know of his existence, except of course Lily's remaining Muggle family and Alastair Moody. That Harry Potter has a brother whom we all believed to be dead." Dumbledore began, solemnly. "Lily and James did not advertise his birth because they were already in hiding for the reason that is Voldemort, therefore only a selected few knew of the boy."

"What about Pettigrew?" Lupin growled, anger and hurt evident in his tone.

Sirius spat on the floor hearing the traitors name and received a slight, withering glare from Molly Weasley.

"He never knew of the boy as he didn't visit the Potters for a month, obviously ridden with guilt at his betrayal." Dumbledore proclaimed, trying to sympathies with both Lupin and Sirius.

Both Lupin and Sirius scoffed at that.

"I must ask, has Harry been made aware of his brother's existence?" Dumbledore questioned, altering his moon shaped spectacles and the subject.

"I haven't said a thing." Molly shook her head.

"Nor have I." Arthur said.

"He's never mentioned anything." Sirius and Lupin answered simultaneously.

"Good, I doubt Petunia told him anything as she never spoke of Harry's parents since they possessed magical abilities." Dumbledore sighed.

"She was jealous wasn't she, Dumbledore?" Arthur asked, quietly.

"Indeed, she was." The Headmaster nodded. "We do not want to add any more deaths - especially family - to Harry's conscience regardless of the fact his brother did not die."

"But, Dumbledore." Lupin said, skeptically. "How can this be? He's supposed to be dead."

"Ah, yes." Dumbledore looked thoughtful for a moment. "I can only presume he survived the way young Harry did, however, how he ended up in the United States at the age of two weeks old is beyond me. Nevertheless I do have some theories."

"Which are?" Sirius demanded, impatient.

"Lily could have Apparated her youngest son and then intended to do the same thing to Harry but was too late." Dumbledore suggested. "But she could have used Floo Powder as an alternative."

The room, paled at a new thought. "You don't think he was taken then?"

"By Voldemort?" Dumbledore frowned in consideration.

"No, by a Garden Gnome!" Sirius snapped, irritably.

"Again, I am not sure on this particular information, but may we be enlightened once we found him." Dumbledore began. "According to my sources, Voldemort is interested in the boy - even more so then Harry."

"So, we could be too late?!" Molly demanded.

"No." Dumbledore stated firmly. "He has not been around magic like ours since he was... misplaced."

"I don't understand." Lupin voiced his and the other Orders thoughts.

Dumbledore shook his head diminishing the Werewolf's question. "Nor do I; however he could be endangered as we speak. And not only from Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters but from others around him."

"You mean, like." Molly swallowed. "Muggles?"

Dumbledore sighed. "I am afraid I can't answer that, my dear because I do not know."

"Don't you know anything?" Lupin snarled.

"What I know should suffice." Dumbledore said, calmly.

"But how did you find out, then?" Sirius pushed on.

"I have been informed by my sources." Dumbledore admitted. "But the real question is how Voldemort found out about him."

"He is searching for weapons to win this war, You-Know-Who." Arthur said in a low voice. "How do we know the boy's not one of them?"

"Arthur!" Molly exclaimed, mortified at her husband's question. "He is only a boy!"

"So is Harry, Molly." Arthur said grimly, "But he has proven to be very powerful."

"I agree with Arthur." Dumbledore said, but added hastily once he received a glare from Molly. "To some extent."

"Hang on." Sirius said. "You believe that this child; Lily and James' youngest son; Harry's brother is going to be used as a weapon in an upcoming war?!"

"It's hard to say." Dumbledore answered, diplomatically.

"But that's why your collecting the boy, isn't it?" Lupin growled. "So you can use him as a weapon against Voldemort before he does. To put this boy in the middle of a war about a world he has no clue exists!"

"I admit." Dumbledore said. "It is beneficial that we are finding out about the boy when we are on the brink of war but if there was no war, I would still want to collect the boy, so don't mistake my intentions."

"Beneficial!" Molly spluttered. "Beneficial!"

"How old is he?" Sirius asked, angrily.

"He is three days shy of his fourteenth birthday." Dumbledore said.

"He's thirteen?" Lupin cried. "And you want to put a thirteen year old at the centre of a war where people can kill him! And Merlin knows how many enemies Harry has got on top of Lily and James' foes!"

"He won't be able to defend himself, Dumbledore." Arthur pointed out. "You'd be setting the boy up to get killed."

"You underestimate this boy, my friends." The knowing twinkle was back in his blue eyes. "He does have quite a few tricks up his sleeves because of his birthright. I am entirely sure he can defend himself."

"And I expect he will be going to Hogwarts, Dumbledore." Molly said, almost sternly; her anger against Dumbledore vanishing.

The Headmaster gave an amused smile. "I am more than happy to welcome him into Hogwarts but his lack of Wizardry will be an issue since I can't place him with the First years nor with Fourth years but that we'll be discussed later."

"Yeah is lack of Wizardry will be an issue once you bloody put the boy in a Wizarding War." Lupin grumbled but Dumbledore chose to ignore his comment.

"Once we go and collect the boy I was hoping he would be able to stay here." Dumbledore asked Sirius.

"Absolutely." Sirius agreed. "But what about his… adopted family?"

"His adopted mother, Sally Jackson, died almost two years ago." Dumbledore informed however he became quite serious at the next piece of information. "But he continues to live with his step-father who is less than… pleasant."

"How so?" Lupin demanded.

"That is not my place to say." Dumbledore's spark returned to his eyes. "You're more than welcome to ask him once we collect the boy."

"'We'?" Arthur asked.

"Yes, I had indeed planed to ask Sirius whether he would like to accompany me to New York, United States, America." Dumbledore declared.

"Me? Why?" Sirius asked.

Dumbledore smiled. "After all, being locked up all summer I expect it would be quite lovely to stretch your legs. But if you do not wish to come, alas there is nothing I can do."

"No!" Sirius exclaimed, indignantly. "I want to come. But why not Harry?"

"Harry does not know of his brother yet and I have arranged to tell him after his hearing but until then no one is to speak of this unless to a confirmed Alastair Moody as he already contains knowledge of the boy. Understood?" Dumbledore affirmed, his expression unreadable.

Everyone nodded and they basked in silence until Molly said, "When do you plan to leave?"

"As soon as possible." Sirus leapt to his feet and the sudden news.

"I may need a minute or two to get dressed." Sirius said, eager to get out of Grimmauld Place was written on his face. "I've got to look my best."

"Well I suppose it is quite fitting." The Headmaster mused at Sirius' joke. "He is, after all, named after you."

"What is he called, Dumbledore?" Lupin asked, slightly amused at Sirius' antics.

"James Sirius Potter was his rightful christened name by James and Lily." Dumbledore announced. "But now, as he was adopted by Sally Jackson at the age of three weeks, I believe the boy is commonly known as Perseus Jackson."


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