Wanna play today? I feel like skipping lessons, and I know you have none today so expect me in a few hours.

And so I did.


I am at Mr. H's today if you wanna come chill out with me, though I have to paint a lot.

And so I did. Though I would never tell Neku how much I enjoyed watching him paint his fantastical art, with all of its freedom and daring beauty.


Feel like sneaking in and spending the night at a castle for your birthday? You are going to be 14 after all, and I already am.


Sounds like a plan, I am expecting food and a lot of it.


Oh of course


It is a free day tonight, wanna hang out at my place?

And that sleepover was awesome, thanks!


Sure, be there in a bit, and yeah, it was cool.


Say, what should we do for your 15th birthday?


I don't know, I don't really care. How about I spend the night at your place?


Sounds like fun, see you tomorrow then!


It is our two year anniversary of meeting and becoming friends, wanna celebrate?


Sure, where will we be going today?


How about the forest, I will bring some food and we can hang out there. It'll be fun, just you and I having a picnic.


Sounds like a plan!

I loved the forest, never got to visit it often though, what with lessons and spending time with Neku I was a busy person. But spending time with Neku in the forest, well that would be great. So I went about and gathered up the food in a basket, sneaking out and waiting for Neku by the entrance to the forest.

When he came a grinned, waving him over. "Come on, hurry up Nekky! If we don't find a good spot in time it will get dark!"

"Calm down Josh, it is a beautiful clear day, and it is only noon, we have plenty of time."

"Fine fine, well lets go then." I said, walking into the forest on the trail, Neku right by my side.

"See any good meadows yet Josh? Or clearings of any sort?"

"Nope, but I know there is one a bit deeper, and it is just perfect."

"Well lead the way then!" He grinned at me, and I walked quicker, leading him to the spot.

The clearing I had in mind was open and sunny, flowers dotting the grass and a few good sitting rocks, it was near a river too, during this time of year everything would we lush and green, scents filling the air.

But I must have taken a wrong turn, because we were nowhere near the clearing I knew.

"Hmm, weird, it should be just around here. I mean the river is here, but no clearing. Lets walk along the river to find it."

"Sounds like a plan!"

I should have been more careful, we should have stayed on the trail. We should have paid attention to the sky above as monstrous thunderclouds rolled in. Not until the first drop hit my head did I realize all of our mistakes, and by then it was too late.

"Hey Josh? I think we should try heading back now, it looks like it could get pretty bad."

"Yeah, lets go back, the picnic can wait until another day." I may be a bit weird and daring, but I was nowhere near stupid, and this weather spelled doom if we stayed in it any longer.

The ground by the river started becoming mud, and we headed towards higher land, losing our bearings as we tried to escape the muck. The heavy rain drops sent a cold chill down my spine, and from the looks of it Neku was not fairing much better.

The tread droned on and on, we didn't talk because that required energy, and all of that energy was going to keeping ourselves warm. I had dropped the basket into the river earlier, the food was all gone.

"Hey Nekky, I think we are lost."

"No kidding Josh."

And that was the most we mustered out for a long while.

"It is getting dark Josh…"

"Yeah, night is coming, and the lightning is frightening, lets keep moving."

Winds howled by us, blowing and shaking trees, the river that we had lost we could now see, as the banks had broken and water was once again by our feet. We tried to evade it but it kept coming back to us, lapping at our heels, until we took shelter under an old tree upon a hill.

Unfortunately old trees have large old limps.

And unfortunately during storms branches can break.

My last thought was that I was so tired I didn't care if the branch that fell on me killed me, but if it had hurt Neku I would find some way to kill it.

"Ommph!" went Neku, and I could do nothing to help him, hungry, cold, and trapped under a tree branch.

"Nekky" You okay? … Neku? Speak to me, a falling tree couldn't kill you could it?"

Scratch that, my last thoughts were of pain. Neku was lucky, he got away with being knocked out before death, meanwhile I suffered through the excruciating pain and eventual dulled senses of hunger, hypothermia, and injury.

Then I was dead.