Chapter 1: Bianca's New Pokemon

Ash and his friends Cilan and Iris were having lunch in a forest. "Hey Ash I'm making blueberry pie so go find me some Oran Berries please." Cilan said. "Right let's go Pikachu." Ash said as the Mouse Pokemon jumped on his Trainers shoulder.

Ash and Pikachu looked around for a few minutes and then they came to a Oran Berry Tree. "Hey buddy we've found the berries."

"Pika Pika." The mouse said. Then Ash heard a shouting. "Out of my way out of my way!" It was Bianca as usually she bumped into Ash and knocked him into nearby creek. "Hey watch where you're going!" He yelled. Luckily Pikachu jumped off.

"Oh Ash I'm so sorry." She said begging for her friends forgiveness. "Anyway Bianca what are you doing here," He asked the clumsy trainer. She was just about to speak until in a nearby bush Pokemon burst out of it. "Aah!" The two Trainers screamed. He, Pikachu, and Bianca shook their head and looked at what attack. It was a Glameow.

"Whoa what kind of Pokemon is that?" Bianca asked as she took out her Pokedex. "Glameow the Catty Pokemon this Pokemon hides its spiteful tendency of hooking its claws into the nose of its Trainer if it isn't fed."

"Ouch that doesn't sound fun." Ash said. "This Pokemon is cute so I've got to catch it, so time for battle go Swablu!"

Ash was amazed. "Wow where'd did you get that Pokemon?" He asked. "I'll tell you after I catch this cutie." She squealed.

Glameow charged at the Cotton Bird Pokemon and began to swipe it with it's claws. "That attack must be Fury Swipes." Ash exclaimed. "In that case Sing attack!" Bianca commanded. Swablu began to sing in front of the Catty Pokemon. Glameow's eyes were getting sleepy and then it fell on the ground snoring. "Now our chance go use Aerial Ace at full power!" Bianca commmanded.

Swablu flew with fast speed and slashed Glameow causing to fall backwards. "Now go Pokeball!" Bianca said throwing ball device. It captured the Catty Pokemon was caught, then the Pokeball shook for a few seconds and stopped. "Alright I caught a Glameow!" The clumsy Trainer proclaimed.

"Well done Bianca." Said a voice. Ash and his friends turned around. Cilan and Iris were behind them. "Very good job Bianca you've caught a Pokemon that lives the Sinnoh Region." Iris said. She then noticed Swablu. "Oh is that Swablu?" She asked. "Oh Iris that is Bianca's new Pokemon." Ash said. "Hmm I've heard when Swablu evolves into Altaria it becomes a Flying and Dragon type." Cilan said with his hand under his chin.

"Wow that's so cool." Iris said looking astonished. "Ax Axew! The Tusk Dragon said.

"Anyway Bianca where'd you get Swablu?" Ash asked. "Oh Old Lady gave it to me she said this Pokemon was attacked by a dozen of Swoobat's after she healed it she decided to find a trainer who would take care of it." Bianca explained. Then a Pokemon came out of Bianca's bag it was a Mudkip. "Oh where'd you get that cute Mudkip?"Iris asked. "Oh I caught this cutie after the Unova League you see one day I was fishing suddenly I saw Mudkip lying on a rock therefore I went over to see it. Next I took it the Pokemon Center for it to recover. Nurse Joy didn't know there was Mudkip here in Unova therefore I decided to take Mudkip with Nurse Joy's permission. Bianca explained.

"Oh Bianca I remembered you were going to tell about why you were in a hurry." Ash said. "Oh here's the reason." The clumsy Trainer answered as she took a paper. Cilan looked at it. The paper had writing on it: Fortune Tournament. "This is cool a new Tournament is opening!" Ash said with excitement. "What a little kid you are Ash." Iris said in mocking voice. "The prize is a Master Ball." Bianca said. "Really I heard that the Master Ball can catch a Pokemon without fail." Iris said. "Oh I forgot there a second prize." Bianca spoke. "What's the second prize," Ash asked. Bianca held up the paper again. The gang looked at the paper closely. The second prize was a Super Rod. "Wow I heard that Super Rod's can help you catch even more powerful Water Pokemon when people use it to go fishing. Cilan explained with his hand under his chin.

"Oh Ash did you get the Oran Berries?" Cilan asked. "Oh I almost forgot." He replied. The Trainers soon got the berries and made their way back to the resting place. "Let's call out our Pokemon now." Ash proclaimed. His friends nodded and they threw the Pokeballs.

Ash's Pokemon: Oshawott, Snivy, Pignite, Unfezant, Krookodile.

Iris's Pokemon: Dragonite, Excadrill, Emolga.

Cilan's Pokemon: Pansage, Crustle, and Stunfisk.

Bianca's Pokemon: Emboar, Escavalier, Minccino, Swablu, Mudkip, and Glameow. When Glameow saw Minccino it began to hit on him. "What's this about," Ash asked. "Oh Ash you're a little kid." Iris said with face palm. "Huh?" The Black haired Trainer said. "What Iris means Ash I think Glameow likes Minccino."

Glameow began to purr. Bianca scanned Glameow. "Wow my Glameow is a girl no wonder it likes Minccino." She said.

They ate Oran Berry pie, Water, Spaghetti, and Salad for lunch.

Watch from afar was Team Rocket. "Hmm that Blonde Trainers Pokemon look quite interesting." James said. "Indeed so what do you think Meowth?" Jessie chuckled as she turned to face her partner. When she did Meowth was making a weird face. "Uh earth to Meowth what's up with you?" Jessie said snapping her fingers in front of the Cat Pokemon.

'That Glameow is a beauty I say let's capture her instead of Pikachu." Meowth said with blush on his face. James knocked him on the head with his hand. "Ow!" The cat said. "Stop making goo goo eyes on that Glameow and let's figure a way to get twerps Pokemon!" James shouted.

After Ash and his friends got done with their lunch they decided to hit the road. "So Bianca where is the Tournament being held?" Ash asked. Bianca got out the poster and looked for the location of the Fortune Tournament. "Oh here it is Nuvema Town."

"Hey that's the same place where I met Trip and Professer Juniper." Ash proclaimed. "Right so let's go then!" Cilan said. The gang then made their way to compete in the Fortune Tournament.

end of chapter