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Naruto Uchiha: The Prophet with the Cursed Eyes

The business sector of Konohagakure no Sato was alive and bustling with people each trying to find the best deals or a place to eat lunch. It was a place that was alive until the dead of night with those who were searching for something. People were chatting and exchanging money for goods with happy smiles on their face when they found their desired objects or a disheartened expression when their search was fruitless. The people were going through an age of economic prosperity thanks to the accomplishments of their village's Kage. Konoha's economy was the classic case of a trickle-down effect.

Minato Namikaze was a shinobi of extraordinary caliber with an even greater legend pinned with his name. It was these accomplishments that brought the minor shinobi villages to Konoha's doorstep for the creation economic trading between the various parties. With those trading agreements the influx of goods came in more products and the demand for Konoha products to bring to new markets. This gave people new creature comforts to purchase in hopes to impress people or just live comfortably. One thing was certain though and that was there were happy smiles on the faces of the civilians. The atmosphere around the Village Hidden in the Leaves could be called jovial.

There was a pair of ice cold blue eyes that could see through all of this happiness to see the true nature of the people around him. Under this façade of glee and celebration Naruto could see what was truly lurking there. It was greed and malice just like Naruto was subjugated to all those years ago when things weren't going so well. That was when the village was recovering and their hate drew them to the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox or in their eyes Naruto. Even the children at that time who knew not of the pain caused by the Fox ignored him and left him in isolation. It was for that blind hatred and abandonment that Naruto had loss all attachment to people of the village aside from a select few.

One visible eye staring impassively as he walked and another hidden by the black hair hanging over the eye Naruto watched these people go on with their insignificant lives. Naruto's figure most have gave him an air of professionalism since the adults would give him smiles as he walked by, which he ignored. The only time Naruto showed any form of reaction was when a group of children around the age of seven or eight stopped in front of him and gave him bright smiles and small waves. That was the time Naruto nodded to them with the faintest of smiles on his lips. Those children had not done anything to contribute to his misery and for that reason he would acknowledge them.

People who had yet to be corrupted by hate have been protected from the world by their upbringing. Now Naruto didn't believe that meant they were sheltered. No that just meant they had yet to see the true evil that the world could dish out. Natural death while sad did not fill a person with hate. Only the actions of another could create such strong feelings in a human being. If someone lost a loved one or thing thanks to the actions of another or a group their heart would no doubt bear hatred. Naruto just happened to channel his hatred for the betterment of what he held dear instead of the path of the Avenger.

Naruto continued on his stroll through the village's business sector silently making his way to his original destination. Naruto after about twenty more minutes of walking at a relaxed pace made his way into the Uchiha District. Naruto gazed around and pictured hundreds of Uchiha littering the streets some nervous about their coup and others living innocently. Naruto could only imagine what the former Uchiha clan were thinking when they thought they could get away with something like a revolt. 'I can tell you what they were thinking. They thought that their eyes made them a force of nature. It was that thought that made Itachi kill them all, for their foolishness.'

The Uchiha would have had to first mobilize enough assets to defeat Minato and as much as Naruto disliked admitting that alone would be challenging. Then they would have had to deal with Hiruzen as well before they took over the seat of Hokage. Even if they managed to deal with those two Kage then the Uchiha would have to battle with the other clans in the village to assume control of Konoha. That would be no simple task for another Hidden Village let alone one clan. Itachi's way of killing the Uchiha was the most peaceful way of settling the issue of the Uchiha Uprising. If he did not then the Village would have been tossed into a civil war killing many civilians.

Fools so easily blinded by power were not meant to wield power and that included the former Uchiha clan. Naruto also grouped Minato into that grouping since he allowed the civilian and council push around him, the Hokage around when they were meant to be simple advisors. Naruto found it amusing that out all of the Hokage, that he respected was the Senju brothers Hashirama and Tobirama. Naruto respected their power however he by no means liked the two legendary Senju. It was impossible for a Senju and an Uchiha to like each other but respecting each other was another story all together.

Naruto walked right up to a large clan house and knocked on the door and waited patiently for a response. Naruto allowed his focus to drift to the numerous empty buildings that were towering over the area casting shadows of the past on the hollow ground. Naruto internally mused how long it would take for the Council to try and raze the Uchiha District just so they could make more money. 'No that would be the reason they would give but in truth they would do that to try and wipe away the stain the massacre left on the village. Perception is reality.'

The soft sound of light, approaching footsteps knocked Naruto from his internal observations on the village. Naruto only had to wait a few more moments for the door he knocked on to open up. The person who had opened the door was Mikoto Uchiha one of the few people Naruto would say that he cared for in the village. Mikoto had not changed much since Naruto had left. She still had long black hair and black eyes. To Naruto she appeared to have gotten shorter but that was thanks to the growing he went through during his time with Mihawk and Itachi.

Naruto's normally frozen blue eyes held an affectionate warmth in them as Mikoto gasped before pulling the younger ravenette into a motherly hug. Naruto slowly wrapped his arms around the Uchiha woman returning the embrace. Itachi had told him that he was allowed to spare both his mother and his younger brother. At first he was to just spare Sasuke but it seems that Kushina was able to convince her husband to keep her best friend, Mikoto alive. Naruto was glad to see the woman who was his mother in all facets of the word during his childhood unlike Kushina.

Naruto found himself being pulled into the house without a word being said not that he minded Mikoto brining him in. Soon Naruto and Mikoto were sitting on a couch in what appeared to be the living room. The smile Mikoto was giving Naruto made his heart warm with happiness and joy. Hanging around with two stoic, serious men like Itachi and Mihawk will often cool if not freeze one's emotions. Naruto took no time in returning Mikoto's warm smile with a smaller yet equally affectionate smile. "When did you get back Naru-kun?" Mikoto asked barely able to contain her excitement from seeing her surrogate son.

"I just got back yesterday but I couldn't visit you because I had some business to take care of with the Hokage." Naruto replied in an even tone since thinking about Minato often drained him of any positive emotions he may have been feeling at the time. He planned on visiting Mikoto if he had the time but yesterday just did not allow it. He thought of sending a Kage Bunshin but decided he wanted to talk with Mikoto in person. Using a clone to talk with Mikoto felt just wrong but that was only because of who it was. Naruto would have no problem with sending a shadow clone to address Minato or the Council.

"That is ok! I am just glad you are finally back!" Mikoto chirped happily giving Naruto's hand a gentle squeeze. In reality she was more than glad she was elated that Naruto had finally come back. Her relationship with Sasuke had all but deteriorated as more time passed after the massacre. Sasuke was so set in getting stronger that he dismissed Mikoto's credentials beveling she was nothing more than a housewife. Apparently Sasuke was not aware that Mikoto was on par with Kushina in terms of strength and those two were plenty capable Jounin. "How was your training!?" Mikoto asked excitedly.

Naruto went on to tell her how he and Mihawk left the village that night and started their journey for the Land of Iron. Naruto told Mikoto how Naruto had taken his first life in the Land of Lightning when he and Mihawk had come across a settlement of bandits. Naruto told her how Mihawk said that killing someone under his eye now was a better choice than having him doing it later and freezing up something Mikoto agreed with. Naruto then recalled his time in Tetsu no Kuni and how he created his own sword style under the eye of Mifune and Mihawk.

Naruto then told Mikoto about how he had three natural affinities which were Fire, Wind and Lightning. Naruto remembered how Mihawk and Itachi referenced those three affinities as the three affinities of destruction. Naruto told Mikoto how while improving his wind style Ninjutsu with Mihawk he learned his fire styles with Itachi. Mifune and Mihawk assisted in accompanying those styles with his swordplay. Mikoto's smile grew wider hearing Naruto's admission getting over the initial surprise of Naruto having three affinities she offered to help Naruto train his lightning affinity. This brought a small smile to Naruto's face since he was just going to grab some scrolls to train but learning from someone with more experience was always far better than reading it from a scroll.

"Come Naru-kun now you are going to show me just how far you have come with the scrolls Shisui and I gave you." Mikoto said happily as she pulled Naruto from the house to the wide backyard behind the house. Naruto took a moment to admire the natural beauty that the trees and flowers seemed to give to the training area. There was even a small pond at the far end of the field for what Naruto guessed was water style Ninjutsu. Naruto blinked away the daze he found himself pulled into by the nature around him. Naruto focused in on Mikoto who was standing across from them. "Well then show me how far you have come Naru-chan!"

Naruto did not visibly react to Mikoto's rather obvious attempt to get under his skin with that insulting suffix. Instead of showing agitation Naruto brought his hand over one of the crimson magatama on his zip-up vest. There was a small plume of smoke before Naruto found himself with a handful of shuriken. Naruto chucked the five black stars at Mikoto not waiting for results he held a hand sign and vanished in thin air. Mikoto avoided the spinning stars of death easily and glanced to her left where Naruto had reappeared. Naruto quickly threw more shuriken at Mikoto. Mikoto who did not have her own ninja tools could only avoid the projectiles instead of deflecting them.

Mikoto caught a small flash of smoke from the corner of her eye and turned her head to look at the smoke to see that it was already gone and Naruto was there. Mikoto reacted with a kick aimed at Naruto's chest which Naruto could not avoid thanks to his attempt to rise up before the kick was thrown at him. Naruto crossed his arms in front of his chest using his forearms to absorb the impact behind the kick. Naruto slid back from the force of the kick and started to shake the tingling in his arms away. "Your Shunshin jutsu was nearly flawless but your Substitution jutsu could use some work."

"Now Naru-kun show me your elemental-" Mikoto's request was cut short when both she and Naruto focused in on the puff of smoke that erupted in between the two. When the smoke blew away it revealed an ANBU crouched facing Naruto. The ANBU was dressed in the standard ANBU attire with a Bear mask. Naruto just knew he wasn't about to like what this man had to say to him.

"Namikaze-Sama, Hokage-sama requires your presence immediately." Bear's tone was calm yet insistent. Naruto frowned for a moment before it washed away under a look of boredom that took over Naruto's face. He wondered if Minato already had something for him to do already. Naruto glance over to Mikoto to see her nodding her head understanding that he had to go for the time being. Naruto not even bothering to acknowledge the ANBU held a hand sign and vanished in a Shunshin. The Bear masked ANBU quickly followed suit in a Hidden Leaf Shunshin to return to his duties. Mikoto sighed softly before walking back into her home.

Naruto formed from a murder of crows inside of the Hokage's office alerting the man who was his father to his presence. Naruto figured just showing up in a Shunshin would end poorly for him since it was unwise to startle a Kage. Once fully formed Naruto found himself looking at a smiling Minato Namikaze. Naruto just stared at the man with an impassive gaze as he brought his arms up and crossed them over his chest. Naruto was irritated that he had to leave one of his favorite people for one he had nothing positive to say about. Minato's smile faltered realizing that Naruto was not going to say a word until addressed.

"I have received a request for backup from Team Seven. It would appear that their mission to escort Tazuna, the bridge builder to the Land of Waves has taken a turn for the worst. On the way to Nami no Kuni they were attacked by Three Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist. Zabuza Momochi, The Demon of the Hidden Mist. A former missing Nin from Kirigakure who wields the Kubikiribōchō but was reported to be wearing a Kiri headband without the cut across the Kiri insignia. Accompanying Zabuza was Kushimaru Kuriarare. We were under the impression Kushimaru had fled from Kiri but that seems to not be the case. There is also another, a boy around your age who has pointed teeth and blue hair. There is no intel on this boy." Minato relayed what Kushina and Kakashi had given him into a report.

"Normally I would send another Genin team to back up Team Seven however the other teams are already out doing missions in the fields. That is why I will be sending you to Nami no Kuni, alone." Minato added to see if Naruto would show anything similar to an outward reaction but Naruto did not even bat an eyelash. Naruto continued to stare at Minato with one cold eye visible and the other hidden by his black hair. "I am safe in assuming that you know where Nami no Kuni is?" Naruto just nodded his head slowly to his Kage's question.

Minato waved his hand dismissing Naruto who took his leave immediately via a Shunshin since he had all he needed.

Naruto was walking through the streets of the Nami no Kuni and it reminded him of how he was forced to live when he was a child in Konoha. Most of the food the vendors were displaying were rotten or on the verge of rotting. All of the buildings looked like they were on their last leg and one good, strong wind would knock over the buildings. Each of the towns Naruto had passed on the way looked much like this one. Naruto found a rather modest looking pub and figured that he could find what he was looking for there.

Opening the doors Naruto took note of the oppressive atmosphere lingering in the pub that engulfed him as he stepped in. Naruto silently listened to the quiet conversations that were going on around the bar. Naruto continued to hear the name Gato in each of the conversations he listened in on. Naruto went through all the information he had learned during his travels with Mihawk and Itachi. 'Gato is the business tycoon and shipping magnate. Founded Gato Company and is apparently occupying Land of Great River along with Nami no Kuni. Possible that he hired the Kiri shinobi to remove Tazuna whose bridge would break his monopoly.'

"Yeah apparently Tazuna-san has hired some shinobi so that he can finish the bridge. That was why he had all those extra people with him. I am just glad he lives at the far east end of the village that way I'll be safe if they get caught in a shinobi battle!" That last exclamation got a round of cheers from the other patrons. A few of them didn't look to happy with what the unnamed man said. This told Naruto that these people were probably bridge workers under Tazuna's lead. Naruto moved from his spot leaning near the entrance and walked out of the bar since he heard all he needed.

It only took Naruto around ten minutes to get to the end of the small village and that was just because he took his time. Naruto came up to a rather modest two story home and knocked on the door. It only took a few moments for someone to open the door and greet Naruto. The person who greeted Naruto was a woman with long navy blue hair and a pink shirt and was looking at Naruto questioningly. "Hello my name is Tsunami. May I ask why you are here and who you are?" Tsunami asked politely as she kept the door partially open shielding part of her body.

"Hello my name is Naruto and I am here as the reinforcements that the Team called for." Naruto explained in his normal bored tone but there was a politeness mixed in there with the usual monotone. Naruto watched with bored, blue eyes as he saw Tsunami's naturally guarded posture visibly relax and her smile brightened. Tsunami stepped to the side and let the door open for Naruto to make his way into the home. Naruto stepped inside of the margin with his hood over his head. He could hear the loud chatter of his sisters and mother in the other room with a more masculine voice laughing. He assumed that was the bridge builder, Tazuna since Kakashi was not quite as scruffy.

"My they sent you all alone? You're no older than the others with Kakashi-san and Kushina-san." Tsunami said with no small amount of surprise that Naruto alone was the reinforcing force Konoha had sent. Naruto chose not to reply to Tsunami's statement since it was clear the woman was ignorant to the shinobi world. In the world of the shinobi there were children younger than Naruto and stronger than Kakashi who was a high A-rank shinobi in his own right. That wasn't the woman's fault though since Nami no Kuni had no shinobi force stationed within its borders. The only thing they had resembling a military was the Daimyo's personal samurai guard.

Naruto and Tsunami walked into what appeared to be the dining room where everyone seated took notice of the two. Tsunami took her seat again and Naruto simply stood behind an empty seat with his hood hiding his face. Team Seven plus Tazuna were all staring at Naruto curiously no doubt wondering who it was. Narumi noticed the handle of Twilight and the charm hanging from the grip. Narumi's hands flew over her mouth as she gasped at the same time Naruto pulled his hood off of his head. Kushina, Narumi, Naomi, and Kakashi all had wide eyes as they gazed at the different yet familiar face of Naruto.

"Sochi!" Kushina cried out happily as unshed tears pooled in her eyes looking at her son who she had not seen in five years. She got up from her seat ready to hug her son but that was stopped by Naruto who held his hand up. Naruto's cold look got even colder when he looked at his so called family. His frigid visage made Sakura, Tazuna, and Sasuke all shudder while those he was looking at froze in place. Kushina brought her hand up over her heart which suddenly started to clutch in pain. It felt like she was being stabbed by the blade on her son's back, it felt horrible.

"Do not even bother trying to attempt touching me because I will react violently to any non-allowed physical contact. Also I am not your son, Kushina you lost that right long ago." Naruto said coolly as he stared at Kushina with eyes as cold as steel. Kushina felt like she would break down in tears right then and there, Naomi and Narumi were not in any better of a state. Sakura, Tsunami, and Tazuna looked between Naruto and the others confusion evident on their respective faces. Sasuke was just sitting there silently thinking about the confrontation with the Swordsmen, not caring in the slightest about the drama before him.

Kakashi looked at the Namikaze-Uzumaki females and could see they were near their breaking point and hoped he could say something to stop this tense confrontation. "Now Naruto I am sure you don't mean that. After all Kushina-sama is your mother and Naomi and Narumi are your sisters." Kakashi explained with a lazy drawl as he looked up from his Icha Icha book right at the ravenette. He too was glad that his sensei's son had returned but what he was saying was just not something you say to your mother. Naruto's cold azure eyes stared at the mask wearing Jounin with cold indifference.

"It matters not. This is not the place to discuss personal matters, we are on a mission. However do not tell me what I mean Scarecrow." Naruto warned the smut reading shinobi with a cool tone that made the man cringe ever so slightly. "I have been briefed on the mission already so tell me what your plan is." Naruto continued on a more neutral tone getting over the irritation speaking with Kushina caused him. Naruto had not even bothered to sit down at the table which could be seen as rude but not to Naruto, no he saw it as unnecessary.

Kakashi closed the book once he saw Kushina staring at him murderously and with a nervous chuckle he turned to face Naruto. "I am going to work with Sasuke and Sakura in tree walking." Kakashi stated simply getting curious glances from the two Genin mentioned wondering just what he meant. Naruto had to fight back a scoff when he heard Kakashi say that the pink haired girl and the self-proclaimed great Uchiha had yet to master the simple tree walking exercise. Just what had the academy and Kakashi been teaching these shinobi and using that word was a stretch at best.

Naruto turned his cool, penetrative gaze on his two sisters who had yet to say a word since he had arrived. Naomi and Narumi couldn't help but squirm under the brother's chilling gaze and what was worst he wasn't even glaring it was just a stare. Narumi initially thought that Naruto had forgiven them when she saw he had her gift but that quickly changed when Naruto spoke to their mother. Naomi had hoped to speak to Naruto but one look at her elder brother had stopped her dead in her tracks. Naruto turned his gaze to his Jounin superior, Kushina which let his sisters release the breathe they were not aware they were holding.

Kushina stared back at Naruto with a forlorn expression for an uncomfortable amount of time to everyone else besides the mother and son. Kushina snapping out of her somber trance looked at her daughters then to her son and smiles faintly. "I am going to teach Narumi-chan and Naomi-chan how to stay on the water's surface even when it gets stormy. You're welcome to join us." Kushina offered hopefully a hope shared by her two daughters who were all looking at the same person hopefully. Naruto looked at his family and was not surprised that they were further ahead than the other two. However they were still behind him.

"I have no need for that training. I will watch the house." Naruto stated plainly and turned to leave the room when someone voiced their opinion.

"Even if you are the Hokage's son you are still weak. That's why you act like you already know this stuff. Just so you can show off." Team Seven's Uchiha stated ignorantly as he stared at Naruto's back with a smirk on his face. Naomi and Narumi were openly glaring at the Uchiha for insulting their brother like he just did. Sakura was glancing between the two worryingly because while she was Sasuke's number one supporter Naruto was the Hokage's son and something about Naruto that made Sakura very nervous. Naruto slowly turned around to regard the Sasuke who was still smirking arrogantly at him. Then it happened a quick flash of amusement invaded Naruto's usual cold, blue stare.

"Oh is that so? Then perhaps I can beat you down…just like I did yesterday?" Naruto suggested with his own smirk as he watched the Uchiha's face twist with agitation. Naruto was amused to see how easy it was to anger what he saw as a spoiled brat. He no doubt remembered how easily Naruto defeated him. Naruto thought that Sasuke was about to leap over the table and try again but fortunately for Sasuke, Kakashi acted first this time and calmed him down. Naruto turned back around and left the house jumping on to the roof and adopting a meditative stance as the other Genin went out to perform their chakra control exercises.

Kakashi had taken Sakura and Sasuke out to a forested are behind the house and stopped allowing Sakura and Sasuke to inspect their training ground. There were tree very tall trees in front of them with no branches sprouting from the sides. They didn't have any more time to admire the trees because Kakashi had thrown a kunai in front of each of them. Kakashi feeling their questioning looks looked up from his smut and explained. "Here is what you need to do to complete this exercise…" Kakashi then slowly walked towards the tree then without even breaking stride he walked straight up the tree and paused about half-way up the trunk. "…to complete this exercise you must apply the correct amount of chakra to the bottoms of your feet. Use those kunai to mark your progress."

Kakashi dropped from the tree he glued himself to and walked over to a smaller tree behind Sasuke and Sakura to supervise their training. Sakura leaned down and picked up the ninja tool looking at the tree with an unsure look. Sasuke snatched up his kunai and without a second thought rushed at the tree. Sasuke had taken a few steps up three before he was blown off the tree but not before he slashed the bark. Sasuke got off of his back with a growl as he glared at the tree as if it was a living human who had just insulted him, a rather comical sight.

"That is what happens when you use too much chakra Sasuke." Came Kakashi's lazy drawl which Sasuke didn't even bother to respond to. Picking himself up Sasuke attacked the tree once more this time with Kakashi's advice in mind. Sasuke's momentum carried him past his original mark and Sasuke thought he would make it this time. That was when his feet slipped off the bark and as he plummeted down he managed to cut the bark with the kunai before it was too late. "And that is what happens when you do not put enough chakra under your feet." Again came Kakashi's advice which held both a lecturing and amused tone seeing the Uchiha fall on his head.

Sasuke grunted as he righted himself and shot Sakura a glance expecting her to be in a similar state. Sasuke's black eyes widened when he saw Sakura sitting on a rather high branch up near the foliage with her tongue sticking out and looking very proud of herself. Sasuke snarled to himself and tightened the grip on the handle of the kunai. He was not happy that Sakura was ahead of him, an Uchiha. That thought alone was just infuriating. How could he kill Itachi if he couldn't even beat the pink haired kunoichi in tree climbing, he couldn't. Kakashi had a more logical perspective from his branch.

'No surprise in that one. Her folder said she was incredibly smart book wise so this simple of a theory wouldn't be too difficult for her to grasp. It also helps that she doesn't have the largest chakra reserves. She'd make a fine medic-nin.' Kakashi eye smiled looking at Sakura who was trying to not let Sasuke catch her giggling at his falling on his face. Kakashi leaned back against the tree he was occupying with a tranquil eye smile. 'I should have passed a Genin team long ago this is pretty nice.' Kakashi thought as he went back to reading his smut shamelessly as the two Genin under his tutelage continued to work.

Kushina, Naomi and Narumi had taken their training to a more suitable location down near the sea each lost in their thoughts at the moment. The waves came and went with fluctuations in the lengths of their crests fitting of the geographic space named Nami no Kuni. The only objects providing a break in the constant waves were the supports that dove into the water holding up what had been built of the bridge. The three kunoichi had not even made it into the water showing just how distracted they were from their son/brother's rather sudden reappearance in their lives.

Narumi was the first of the three who was able to break away from the mental trance Naruto's appearance had put them in. Narumi looking at her sister and mother smiled sadly since it seemed that they were in similar states. Coughing loudly to get their attention which it did Narumi gave them each a small smile. "Come on Naomi-chan, Kaa-san the sooner that we get this training done the sooner we can speak with Naruto-kun… or try to at least." Narumi decided to keep the last part to herself seeing the hopeful expressions on Kushina's and Naomi's faces so that she didn't crush their hopes.

Naomi shot her sister a beaming smile totally agreeing with her words and ready to finish their training. Naomi turned to face her smiling mother with fists clenched and eyes burning with determination. Kushina smiled proud of both her daughters, Narumi for her words and Naomi for her determination. Kushina channeled some chakra to her feet and launched into the air with the chakra enhancing her jump. Landing on the crest of a wave Kushina evenly distributed the chakra throughout the waves falling motion allowing her to stay stuck to the surface. Waiting for the wave to hit the bank Kushina jumped back in between her two daughters.

"Now you have been taught that to stick to a calm surface you need to channel a consistent amount of chakra to your feet however an active surface is another matter. If you try that while riding a wave you will be swallowed up by the wave. To stay atop a living wave you must apply different amounts of chakra to the soles of your feet some places more concentrated others not so much. Each wave is different than the last and the only way to learn is through experience. So off you go!" Kushina waved off her two students just as a large wave crashed down and created a light spray.

Taking a few moments to appraise the waves rolling in towards them the sisters looked at each other and nodded their heads and jumped on to the waves. They managed to balance themselves to the surface of the wave and for a few moments as the wave swelled down but then the two kunoichi sunk into the wave. Kushina would have been surprised if they had managed to do it on the first try because of the difficulty of this exercise. Naomi and Narumi climbed back on to the surface and waited for the next wave to roll in. The quicker they got this done the sooner they could try to make amends.

Naruto was sitting silently on the roof of the house with his eyes closed as his body set in a meditative position. He created a few shadow clones to observe the house while he meditated in the peace he was gifted. Naruto enjoyed mediation since it gave him reprieve from the daily burdens of shinobi life. He also learned that it helped fine tune chakra control it was these two things that had him thanking Mifune for forcing him to meditate. He could hear everything from the animals rustling through the woods to the waves crashing down on the shores.

That was when his attention was pulled elsewhere when he felt a small tug in his mind curious as to why he allowed himself to be pulled into. Waiting until the tugging sensation subsided Naruto slowly opened his eyes and looked at his new surroundings. The first thing he noticed was that his feet were wet but the first thing he saw were solid walls bathed in a faint orange light. Naruto arched his eyebrow as he looked around taking note of the large pipes that were hanging overhead. Naruto had his suspicions to where he was but knew of only one way to make sure he was right.

With his goal in mind Naruto began to wander in the only direction available to him and that was forward. Naruto continued to walk into the endless darkness but with each step more of the way was illuminated for him but just the space around him. Naruto thought this to be his mindscape which was a place in all living beings yet only few utilized the space. People like Jinchuuriki or even the Yamanaka who used the mindscape as a base of operation when scanning the mind for information during interrogations. The strange thing was that Itachi and Naruto had tried to access the mindscape something prevented them from doing so, most likely the conscious of the Kyuubi.

Finally after an uncertain amount of time spent walking Naruto found himself standing in the center of a large opening where all the pipes seemed to come to an end. In front of Naruto stood a line of thick steel bars that converged on a tag that had the kanji for seal on it. Naruto looked into the darkness behind the bars with his cool, blue eyes. Naruto continued waiting until a growl that rippled the water around his feet. The only effect the growl had on Naruto was that it blew his hair black hair back. Once the growl ended a figure came from the shadows.

Not to his surprise Naruto was greeted by the sight of a large fox lying on his front paws staring at him with red, slitted eyes. Naruto looked over the mass of large orange fur and took note of how the kitsune's torso was similar to that of a human and he even had thumbs. The fox had large ears and what appeared to be whisker marks. Naruto knew this was the Kyuubi but yet the being of chakra didn't have nine tails he had half of a single tail. Naruto simply stared at the legendary creature not showing the slightest ounce of fear.

"My jailor graces me with his presence. So to what do I owe this honor?" The Kyuubi's voice was deep like a baritone and reverberated off the walls creating a dark echo. Naruto simply stared at the sarcastic biju with an arched brow. Certainly this creature did not take him for a fool. Naruto narrowed his eyes and glared at the beast coldly, he didn't not like being thought of as a fool. The Kyuubi meanwhile was slightly surprised at the chilling gaze the human before him was displaying. By no means did it instill fear into him but it was something to see that look in the eyes of a human.

"Do not play with me Kyuubi you will find out that I am not one for games. We both know that I do not hold any of your chakra and that you have been keeping me from entering this place." Naruto retorted unafraid of the beast said to be able to create tsunamis with a simple flick of a tail his voice holding the slightest amount of irritation. Kyuubi or not Naruto would not be manipulated by anyone or anything. Naruto would answer his own calls at the times he saw fit to do so. The Kyuubi just growled darkly to the human's rather flippant response to him, the Kyuubi.

"That is right I remember that night very well. Your Father and Mother took my chakra from me and sealed them into those two girls while leaving you with nothing but my conscious, quite the parental thing to do for their eldest son!" The Kyuubi snarled showing off his glowing white fang to Naruto who stood there motionlessly his eyes closed. The Kyuubi was mentally preparing himself for Naruto to lose his cool façade and scream at him. Naruto opened his eyes revealing to the tailed beast his Sharingan blazing angrily at the beast. The Kyuubi's eyes burned with rage remembering all the times he was hypnotized by those cursed eyes.

"You will never call that man or that woman my parents ever again or there will be severe consequences. Do you understand me Kyuubi?" Naruto's voice was dark and dripping with animosity for the two people that the Kyuubi called his parents. Naruto did not care if this was the legendary Nine Tails he would not stand for such Kyuubi decided he would avoid antagonizing Naruto on that matter any further because with his lack of chakra he would no doubt be especially susceptible to a Genjutsu. That didn't mean he would not continue to belittle and insult the human before his eyes.

"Finally you show those wretched eyes to me! Now take a few steps in so I can gouge out those eyes and crush them under my paw!" The Kyuubi demanded of Naruto with an angry bellow that made the water splash up. Naruto brought his arms over his chest and crossed them staring at the Kyuubi with an impassive Sharingan gaze that reminded the Kyuubi of Madara the Kyuubi had his tails they would no doubt be swaying about angrily as he stared down at Naruto. Naruto of course did not listen to the Kyuubi's demand not that he thought the Kyuubi could hurt him without his chakra.

"So you know of my Sharingan? I guess that would mean you would have looked into my memories." Naruto said more to himself than to the Kyuubi who must have realized it since he didn't respond. Naruto let his red eyes drift to where he could see a half orange, bushy tail resting on the floor which gave him a question to be asked. "Why are your tails missing?" The question was blunt with no sign of an ulterior motive. The Kyuubi could not sense anything negative coming from the Sharingan wielder. Not greed, hatred, or even ambition it was like looking into a void.

The Kyuubi of course went through the memories of the young human and was impressed with what he viewed. Despite all of the rather cruel acts that the other humans had performed on him Naruto had not blamed his presence for the humans' actions. Naruto thought nothing of him there was nothing negative nor positive. There was only respect for what he was capable of nothing more. What the Kyuubi did uncover was that Naruto had no love for most of the village his family included. The Kyuubi didn't respect Naruto, not by a long shot but he would answer the question since the boy was able to see through the world's hatred towards him.

"Even someone like the Yondaime Hokage who your people hail as a legend cannot completely suppress me only a God or the Sage could have done that! I can feel the chakra slowly resonating in my consciousness. I assume it is because of your proximity to the two sources of my chakra." The Kyuubi started with a prideful tone that faded to nothing more than an informative one by the end. The Kyuubi could only speculate as to what was happening since he had never had his Yin and Yang chakra sealed separately let alone his consciousness in a third body.

Naruto nodded his head taking the explanation as fact since it did make sense that chakra as potent as the Kyuubi's would somehow find its way back. Naruto knew he would need help in the future and what better ally than the Kyuubi. Now he wasn't foolish enough to believe the being of malice and destruction would trust him right away but he could take a step in the right direction. "I see that makes sense. Is there anything I can do for you for answering my question?" Naruto offered but held his hand up when he saw the Kyuubi about to give his request. "Aside from unsealing you because than you'd fade without the correct amount of chakra to sustain yourself, that and I am not sure how this seal works yet."

The Kyuubi of course did not expect Naruto to be so logical when it came to his unsealing he thought Naruto would have just yelled about how it would kill him. Showing nothing except the usual snarl the Kyuubi stared at Naruto. "I grow tired of going through your memories and I'd like to see the outside world once more. If you tear off a piece of the tag I will be able to see what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel to an extent. It will also create a communication channel between us." The Kyuubi said while staring at the shinobi with discerning eyes trying to pick up on emotions that weren't there.

Naruto stared back into the red eyes of the Kyuubi with his own red eyes for what may have seemed like an eternity to anyone who wasn't the Kyuubi or Naruto. Naruto let his arms drop to his sides and took a few purposeful strides forward where I cyclone of water raised him up to the seal tag. Pinching his fingers around the top, left corner of the tag with a swift pull he ripped off the edge. There was a brief flash of pain that made Naruto fall to the floor hunched over in pain. Naruto righted himself once the pain subsided looking at the Kyuubi his red eyes fading back to ice cold blue.

Naruto brushed the one bang hanging over his eye away and it just fell back to its original position over his blue eye. Naruto felt a slight propelling in his mind and assumed that his time in the mindscape was coming to an end. "Thank you for the knowledge Kyuubi. I will be seeing you." Naruto waved over his shoulder as he retreated into the hallway he had come from ignoring the Kyuubi's rather loud scoff. With his pseudo-container gone the Kyuubi retreated back into the darkness and let himself be claimed by sleep once more since the connection took a lot from him thanks to his lack of chakra.

It had been three days since Naruto had opened up his senses to the Kyuubi and he had yet to hear from his tenant. Naruto guessed he was simply taking a nap since he seemed kind of lazy to the young shinobi. There had been a number of interesting moments that had happened over the last three days. One of those moments was when he was confronted by Team Seven seeking answers which he did not give them. Sasuke was not happy with Naruto's choice and tried to force the answers out of him but Sasuke quickly found himself unconscious on the ground.

The other incident he found amusing was when his so called family tried to convince him to eat dinner with them. Naruto immediately declined and walked away from the group of people that gathered around the table. That was when Tsunami's brat Inari had come down stairs and so surely proclaimed that they knew nothing of misery and pain. Naruto was sick of listening to the spoiled brat and released a wave of potent killer intent to silence the child. With that Naruto left the house and didn't return until everyone was sound asleep since he didn't want to deal with conversation.

Naruto was following behind Team Seven and Tazuna as they walked towards the bridge Tazuna was creating that happened to be the source of these problems. Kakashi had insisted that Naruto follow his orders and join the formation that he had come up with. Naruto refused reminding him that his mission was to provide combat support while their mission was to protect the bridge builder. Kakashi had not bothered him with his foolish attempts to pull rank since that altercation. Naruto took note of how the mist started to thicken as they walked closer to the bridge. That was when there was a rush of information hit Naruto.

A shadow clone he left to guard the family since it would be logical for someone to try something against Tazuna's family. Naruto's assumption proved to be true when two wannabe samurai cut through the front door of the home. Naruto's clone watched from behind the samurai as they threatened Inari and moved to take Tsunami hostage. That was when his clone struck cutting the tanned samurai's hand clean off making the man howl in pain. The clone was feeling kind so he retreated outside so that the woman and child would not be forced to watch two deaths. The samurai quickly followed him and the clone used his Twilight and quickly drove the katana through the pale man's heart and removed the head of the tan man. Naruto burnt the two bodies before he went to check on his hostess and her son, Tsunami and Inari both thanked the clone and hugged him and that was when the clone dispelled leaving them alone.

"What is the meaning of this?" Tazuna's gruff voice cried in shock knocking Naruto out of his momentary introspection. Naruto watched indifferently as Tazuna kneeled down by one of the injured workers who muttered something Naruto did not care to hear. Kakashi had revealed his Sharingan and Kushina and readied herself as well. The untrained Genin all started to look around nervously while Naruto calmly readied Twilight. Naruto knew this would be a good test of his swordsmanship. A duel with any of the Ninja Swordsman of the Hidden Mist would be a good test to see how far he had come. Naruto and the rest of the Konoha nin watched as four figures came to in the mist. 'Arrogant fools…' Naruto thought seeing their intent for a head on collision.

"Well, well Sharingan no Kakashi it seems you were off about my death. Those eyes can't read the future but I can tell you your future. That future is a death at the end of my Executioner's Blade!" A man with no eye brows and his mouth covered in white bandaging stated firmly pointing his huge blade at Kakashi. Naruto knew from the sword alone that this man was the Demon of the Hidden Mist, Zabuza Momochi. Kakashi of course did not respond to the swordsman and just stared at the man. A second figure came out of the mist standing to Zabuza's right.

The man had blonde hair much like Narumi's hair and his face was hidden by a Kirigakure hunter shinobi mask. The man was twirling a large needle menacingly but everyone on the bridge knew that was no simple needle. This long sword was known as the Nuibari or the Sewing Needle. It was called such because of the thread in the base of the sword that was used to stitch together what the blade would pierce. Kushimaru was currently smirking as he stared at Kushina from behind his mask. "I owe you for that punch you gave me last time, bitch." Kushimaru finished in a shrill laughing that made Kushina frown at the maniacal blonde swordsman.

The next people to emerge where around Naruto's and the rest of the Genin's age one boy and the other a girl. The boy was at Naruto's height and had short blue hair and blue eyes placed behind a pair of glasses connected to ear protectors. He had blue pinstripes on his shirt and camouflage pants with a holster carrying a large blade. Naruto knew the blade; he made sure to know all famous blades. That sword was known as Hiramekarei often called a twin sword because of its shape. It had two indentations at the base creating a cross guard and was also extremely heavy. The hole and top of the blade would emanate the user's chakra coating the blade allowing the chakra to take any shape. The girl next to him did not draw any attention aside from the fact that she was in the full Kiri hunter nin suit.

"Naruto can you handle the boy with the blue hair?" Kakashi asked quietly still staring at Zabuza who was smirking behind his bandaging. Naruto did not reply he was too busy eyeing the blue haired boy who was squirming under Naruto's intense gaze. Kushina was about to repeat the question when suddenly there was a burst of air that blew from where Naruto was standing. Chojuro's eyes widened when he felt pain in his stomach and was launched to the far end of the bridge. No one was ready for Naruto's sudden burst of speed. Zabuza looked at Kakashi his brow ridge raised as he looked at the Hatake.

Kakashi looked over behind Zabuza's shoulder where Naruto and the blue haired boy where before they were surrounded by the mist. Kakashi focused back in on his opponent his Sharingan ready to trace any slight movements. "It doesn't matter who he is Zabuza. All that matters is that he is your enemy." Kakashi replied tersely as he waited for his opponent to strike. Zabuza frowned at Kakashi's answer clearly intrigued by the kid who managed to get so close to him so quickly. Zabuza wasn't too worried since he would have his fun with the brat after he dealt with the fabled Sharingan wielder.

Kushina who had to leap back to avoid having the Nuibari sew through her foot turned her attention to her Genin students seeing how on edge they were she shot them a disarming smile. "You four protect the bridge builder we will take care of these men." Kushina's voice though comforting was a firm order to her students. With her piece said Kushina launched towards Kushimaru before the mist got too thick and hampered her vision, from within the mist there numerous occasions where metal contacting medal rang out. Kushina managed to stop a few of Kushimaru's forward jabs with the standard Leaf tanto.

Zabuza brought his Executioner's Blade down on Kakashi to cleave the Leaf Jounin in two pieces but only found the ground of the bridge. "Haku!" Zabuza barked out as Kakashi tried to put space between him and Zabuza. Not a moment later the girl who was dressed as a Kiri hunter nin appeared beside the shinobi. "I want you to take care of those kids then kill the bridge builder, do you understand." The young kunoichi uttered a quick affirmative and Shunshined to go do battle with the Genin. Kakashi wanted to help his students but Zabuza was having none of it as he used the reach of the large cleaver to his advantage.

Kakashi could feel the bridge material splinter under the force behind Zabuza's attack making the masked shinobi glad he evaded. Copying the chain of hand seals Zabuza was going through both shinobi launched a dragon of water at each other. The dragons were evenly matched and when they collided they soaked Zabuza and Kakashi. Rushing forward again Zabuza charged in with his cleaver over head and ready to strike. Fortunately Kakashi struck first by stabbing Zabuza in the heart just before the giant sword contacted his shoulder. Zabuza turned into a puddle of water upon being stabbed by Kakashi's kunai. 'A water clone?'

Kushina too was having a difficult time with the blonde swordsman from the Village Hidden in the Mist. Kushina was trying to land a punch to the thin shinobi using her super strength that she learned from Tsunade, though not quite at the Sannin's level. However Kushimaru was excellent at avoiding strikes something he needed to be able to do since his weapon provided little defense. Kushina looked to the truly evil shinobi's hands and found them empty however she could not think on this development because there was something digging into her shins. Looking down the female Uzumaki spotted a shimmer break the veil of mist that surrounded the two ninja.

"Chōtō Ninpō: Earth Spider Sewing!"

Kushina created a shadow clone and had it throw her into the air avoiding having her knees being removed from her shins. Kushina watched as Kushimaru pulled on the thread and returned the needle to his grip for his next attack. Kushina dropped down but landed on top of the thin threads that Kushimaru spread throughout the space. 'Man I haven't been out in the field in so long. It is a good thing that I had Minato help me with my Wind Ninjutsu.' Kushina went through her hand seals at a very impressive pace for one who had not been on active duty for some time.

"Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!"

Kushina's jutsu slammed into the blonde haired swordsman and knocked him back but also cleared up the battle field, effectively dispersing the mist. Kakashi joined back up with Kushina both of which were slightly winded for different reasons. Zabuza and Kushimaru also took this time to regroup with each other. Zabuza had cuts on his arms and across his torso from a few close exchanges with Kakashi's kunai. Kushimaru's mask was chipped at the jaw line revealing the man's angular chin. The wind jutsu Kushina had used had blown some thread that was loose up and cut Kushimaru. The battle had taken its toll on each combatant.

Kushina seeing a new opponent charged at the eyebrow deficient shinobi with her fist reared back to strike. Zabuza was questioning the sanity of the red haired woman until something told him to block the punch. Trusting his instinct the Kiri shinobi flipped his blade and blocked Kushina's chakra enhanced strike with the flat side of his Executioner's Blade. Zabuza felt the impact being absorbed by his forearms and felt that his blade would crack when it started to show small spider web like cracks. However the blade was crafted well enough to avoid from being shattered but another few strikes like that would surely destroy the blade.

'That was just ridiculous! If I let the blade take any more hits like that one I won't be able to fix the blade with blood. That only works when there is a piece of the weapon connected to the handle. Pieces on the ground just won't do!' Zabuza ranted in his mind as he grunted swinging his blade at Kushina forcing her to retreat momentarily. Creating three Mizu Bunshin Zabuza gave them silent orders to attack Kushina in a triangular formation. Zabuza watched on as his three water clones each converged on Kushina simultaneously with their replicas of the Executioner's Blade rose over head and ready to strike.

"Water Release: Spinning Water!"

Just before the Zabuza clones could carve into her flesh Kushina began to spin in a clock-wise motion with her hand open. Not a moment later small specks of water spun with her steadily growing until the water formed a dome that was spinning and compact. The water quickly swallowed up the clones and the would be assault. The water continued to rotate violently until it dispersed revealing a glaring Kushina. 'Thank goodness that Hitomi-chan taught me the basic principles of the Kaiten before she passed on.' Kushina thought with a sense of relief as she pulled a few kunai from the holster on her thigh and coated them with water.

"Chōtō Ninpō: Falling Threads!"

Kakashi watched as the black wire like thread from the Nuibari fell towards him with great speed while covering a great area. Kakashi went through signs with his hands and suddenly a small concentrated ball of fire spewed out from under his mask and at the incoming threading. Unfortunately the ball of fire could not burn through the chakra enhanced thread which led to the scarecrow shinobi being sliced by the wires. Kushimaru let out a high pitched giggle seeing the shocked look in the eyes of the Sharingan shinobi. Kushimaru's celebrating was cut short as he received a strong shock. Surprised Kushimaru looked to see an electrical current traveling down the metal thread showing that Kakashi was actually a lightning clone.

'A Raiton Kage Bunshin…' Kushimaru thought in surprise and clenched teeth the electrical current affecting his slender body. The strong current was making each of his muscles contract temporarily paralyzing the blonde shinobi. Kakashi who was sticking to the underside of the bridge until his clone was destroyed. Kakashi not wanting to waste any time gripped his wrist and started forming his personal assassination jutsu the lightning bolt cutter, Raikiri. Walking up to the immobile man Kakashi brought his arm back and thrusted the lightning bolt cutter forward towards the man's heart. Just before Kakashi could kill the shinobi Kakashi had to leap back as the Nuibari cut just under his Sharingan eye.

Kakashi wiped the blood from under his eye as he looked at Kushimaru who was giggling like a crazy man. Kakashi saw a thread tied around his wrist and that the Sewing Needle was coming out of the bridge. Kakashi pieced together that he must have grounded the current and thus was allowed to move. Kakashi felt another presence appear next to him to see a slightly bleeding and winded Kushina. Zabuza joined Kushimaru repairing his blade with his own blood as Kushimaru cut the thread around his wrist with the Nuibari. The battle had taken its toll on each of the Jounin. The four Jounin level shinobi each looked over at the dome of ice mirrors with different expressions.

Narumi, Naomi and Sasuke were each looking at a different mirror of ice but the sight was the same, a girl dressed as a hunter nin. The Leaf Genin could not keep up with the speed Haku showcased by transferring mirrors. Each of the Leaf shinobi tried to hit the Kiri Hyoton user with their ninja tools with no success. They decided to leave Sakura out to protect Tazuna since she couldn't provide much in the way of help. Naomi tried to make a break to escape the dome of mirrors so she could attack from the outside of the structure. Haku quickly transported to the mirror closest to Naomi and punched the fellow kunoichi in the gut before tossing her back to the other Genin of Team Seven.

"There is no escape Konoha shinobi. I do not wish to kill you so I request that you hand over the bridge builder and you will leave with your lives." The feminine voice seemed to come from each direction only making the threat all the more real. Sasuke was mentally questioning how this girl was stronger than he was, he an Uchiha. He silently wondered how things would change if he had awakened his Sharingan. Narumi and Naomi were wondering if they could destroy the mirrors and break through the dome. The three Genin shared the same thought unknowingly and acted simultaneously facing opposite directions.

"Fire Release: Grand Fireball!"

"Water Release: Water Javelin!"

"Wind Release: Dancing Blades!"

In came the shouts of Sasuke, Narumi, and Naomi as they launched off their respective jutsu hoping to eliminate one of the mirrors trapping them. Sasuke's fire ball merely melted the corners of the mirror he targeted. Narumi's javelin consisting of water buried itself into the mirror across from her but instead of the mirror shattering the javelin fell apart. The ten wind blades cut the mirror Naomi targeted but the cuts were just superficial. The Konoha Genin could not believe that the damage was minimal at best. More so Sasuke since his jutsu was to have melted the creation of ice.

"Those levels of attacks will not break my ice. I am sorry that I have to do this but it is my mission and I can't fail Zabuza-sama." Haku released a pulse of chakra into her technique spreading it to the mirrors. The chakra given to each mirror instantly repaired the damage leaving the mirrors appearing as if they were brand new. Haku went to the mirror positioned above the Leaf Genin's heads and pulled out ten senbon needles coating them in ice. Crossing her arms over her chest holding a needle between each knuckle took aim at the clueless Team Seven.

"Hey Emo, I need you to provide the fire and I will use my wind to power it up! Got it?" Naomi demanded of the Uchiha glaring at one of the many reflections of Haku. Sasuke grunted slightly annoyed by the emo remark but decided it was best to focus on the threat before his eyes. Sasuke nodded and move next to Naomi as Narumi stood behind the two waiting for their collaboration attack to start. Haku who was over head had no intentions to let this happen because a wind enhanced fire jutsu would surely melt one of her mirrors.

"Hyoton: Ice Needles of Death!"

The ten needles were quickly launched at the Genin from above and before they could react more frozen senbon were launched at them from the left. Turning to the left Sasuke, Narumi and Naomi were assaulted by more frozen needles from behind, this continued for the following minutes. The three Genin were bleeding from cuts on their arms and legs with more needles sticking from them like a pincushion. It was thanks to the Kyuubi chakra that Narumi and Naomi were still conscious however Sasuke was not as lucky. Just when it seemed that the Namikaze-Uzumaki girls were about to defeated a large explosion drew the attention of all on the bridge.

Prior to the explosion

"You're good." That was the simple statement Naruto used as he locked his blade, Twilight against Chojuro's much larger Hiramekarei. Both teens were sweating lightly since their battle up to this point was nothing but a duel of swords. Chojuro was in worst condition however due to the effort it took to wield the Hiramekarei. Both swordsmen had small lacerations marking their clothing but only a few of the cuts actually drew blood. Naruto eased up on his blade causing the unsuspecting Kiri shinobi to stumble forward leaving him open. Naruto took advantage and lashed out with a powerful kick to the gut. Chojuro tumbled to the ground from the force of the kick. Naruto stood there silently waiting for Chojuro to stand up since he had no desire to kill someone who could test his skills in the future.

"T-Thanks, you are pretty skilled yourself shinobi-san." Chojuro replied wiping some blood that was dripping from the corner of his mouth. Chojuro's blade flared to life with chakra as he swung the blade at Naruto who didn't have time to avoid it and had to stop it with Twilight. The blue glow from the Hiramekarei was only inches from the bang of black hair over Naruto's eye and inching closer. Soon the force was too much for Naruto to take and Naruto was launched backwards into a railing. Groaning Naruto shook the feelings back into his arm and shakily readied himself once more. 'He is incredible. He has managed to keep up with me to this point in swordsmanship and I am one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist. Can I win?'

Just when it seemed as if the blue haired boy's confidence was going to falter an image of a beautiful woman with red hair and a charming smile filled his mind. With his resolve strengthened Chojuro lifted his blade up again and tried cutting Naruto down, missing by the narrowest of margins cutting through the rail. Naruto sensing his opponent become more confident through his concise actions moved back to the center of bridge behind the other battles. 'He has gotten a lot more aggressive and energetic… What happened?' Naruto asked himself avoiding sword strikes from Chojuro backpedaling. Naruto suddenly saw Chojuro preparing something and quickly tensed himself.

"Sōtō Ninpō: Hiramekarei Hammer!"

Naruto watched as Chojuro's blade changed from a Twinsword into a bulkier much wider shape to fit what Chojuro was trying to do. The chakra started off as a light blue and constantly grew and grew until the chakra became dense and heavy. It was clear that holding that much chakra was physically taxing as the sweat poured from Chojuro's forehead. Chojuro with a war cry swung his sword down propelling the thick wall of chakra down on his black haired opponent. The sight of a huge wave of chakra would have unnerved any Genin fortunately Naruto was already preparing for something along those lines.

"Kami no ken'nomai: Crossing Dimensions."

Naruto who was preparing his move ever since Chojuro's blade had started to change its shape to what it was currently, Naruto acted quickly by slashing the air twice. The first time the slash left an arc of red energy floating in front of Naruto, the second slash left an arc of clear energy. The first slash felt incredibly hot as it started to compact itself into an orb as the second slash did the same with a light humming. This technique used Naruto's elemental chakra and compacted them making their destructive qualities much more concentrated. The white orb and the fiery red orb slammed into the chakra wall and the result was instantaneous.


The wind orb compressed and created a small vacuum sphere and the fiery red orb and combustion to the attack. Chojuro's wall of energy was also very volatile so the result was rather impressive a small blast of fire which no one on the bridge saw. Each battle on the bridge came to an end and they all stared at the large cloud of smoke surrounding the point of contact. Everyone stood silent as they waited to see who would step out of the smoke if anyone did. It took a few tense minutes for the smoke to clear away and reveal Naruto and Chojuro to the others. Both were on one knee using their respective blades to keep them up. Both boys' clothes were burned in various place from their proximity to the explosion. No one moved or said a word then a sound broke the eerie silence.



Chōtō Ninpō: Longsword Ninja Art

Sōtō Ninpō: Twinsword Ninja Art

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