Claude Frollo was bowed before the elaborate stone cross that resided in the bell tower of Notre Dame Cathedral. His black robes were splayed out around him wet from the evening rain. His dull hair clung to his pallid forehead, as his mouth quickly uttered desperate words. His clasped hands shook as violently as the legs he kneeled on.

"Please," he whispered, before screaming the very same word. "Please! I can't!" he whimpered, finally collapsing forward. "I...I can't."

The wind, stirred up by some unknown force, whistled through the bell tower, lightly ringing the bell as the rain pounded harder against the large building.

Frollo slowly unbent himself, though he remained in his collapsed position on the floor. His head turned to the side, eyes full of pent-up emotions, as he took in the bundle a couple meters away.

"I can't raise him," he whispered.

Frollo had no idea how to deal with children. He had managed to avoid contact with children his entire life, so he had no idea what to do. And this was different. Oh so very different. Even if he managed to gain some sort to how to raise children, Frollo doubted much would apply to this particular child.

Frollo squeezed his eyes shut, trying his hardest not to think thoughts such as those. This child...he would teach it what it needed to know. He would care for it to the best of his ability...however little that may be.

His own parents hadn't been the best examples, parenting-wise. His whole life, Frollo had spent suffering for his parents' sins. Even now, he felt the dark spirits coursing through his veins, poisoning his mind and soul.

The bundle suddenly woke up, whimpering, before it began wailing. Immediately, Frollo crawled over to the child, picking it up and trying to calm it. His efforts did little, as the child only cried harder.

The wind outside howled, as lighting shot across the sky. The thunder was loud and deep when it rumbled, and Frollo flinched at the intensity.

His breaths were hastened and panicked, with sweat dripping from his brow and fear residing in his eyes. Looking down at the...the baby in his arms, Frollo realized he had been jostling the child with his violent tremors, thus resulting in the child's continued crying.

Frollo forced himself to stop shaking, instead gently rocking the baby from side to side. To his shock, the baby calmed itself, the tears no longer flowing down it's face.

He looked...really looked, at the child. Beneath the severe deformities...the child had the most beautiful eyes.

"I...If I must raise you...I vow to be better than they were," he said quietly. He closed his eyes briefly. "I won't be good. But I'll be better."

The baby's hand suddenly wrapped around his finger. Frollo's immediate instinct was to yank his finger away...but he felt weak. He couldn't do it.

As the storm raged outside, Frollo rocked the child, not wanting the heinous wailing to begin again. Eventually, he even began singing the one song his mother sang to him as a child:

Ave, ave verum corpus natum
De Maria virgine
Vere passum immolatum
In cruce pro homine
Cuius latus perforatum
Unda fluxit et sanguine
Esto nobis praegustatum
In mortis examine
In mortis examine

As the song ended, Frollo noticed that the storm that had been raging outside had ended as well.

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