Summer 106AG

Two toddlers were running around the temple, climbing on big rocks and then jumping down to the ground.

Their mother was scrambling to pack everything. "Bathing suits, first aid kit, clothes, shoes, towels, soap (last time Zuzu forgot to put bath soap in the vacation house), and enough vegetarian food for Aang and Tenzin.

"Aang, can you get the boys. We have to go soon!"

The Avatar had just finished his meditation. "I'll get them."

He found the boys and Tenzin was trying to make an air scooter. Instead, he made a cyclone that spun him around and then spit him out.

"I'm dizzy!"

"It'll be a few years before you can make an air scooter."


"I didn't invent it until I was ten." Aang couldn't believe how quickly Tenzin was figuring out airbending. The boy had the blood of two avatars, and it showed.

Roku was a firebug, just like his mama. He was roasting lychee nuts, and Momo was eating them.

"It's time to go."


"We're going on vacation with your cousins!"


They all got on Appa and headed for Ember Island.

"I can't wait to get to the turtle crab shack," Azula told her husband. Those sandwiches are so good.

"I can't wait to see you in that bikini." She still looked as amazing as she had when they first started dating.

"I got a less provocative one," she told her husband.

"What?" he loved that her chest barely fit in the old one.

"You wanted to fight every jerk who catcalled me, and it's one thing if we're going to the beach with just us, but last time, I got an earful from my sister in law on propriety and setting a good example for Kya."

"I suppose that's wise, but you did keep the old one, right?"

"Yeah, it's at home. Maybe I'll wear it in the springs when we get back."

"Music to my ears."

Two hours later, they were landing on the beach and on their way to the house. When they got there, they saw Zuko and Katara arguing.

"Well we won't be able to fit everyone in the house!" Katara snapped.

"Whose fault is that?"


Suki and Sokka were outside with their baby Yue.

Aang was afraid to approach his in laws. "What's going on?" he asked Sokka.

"Zuko invited you and Azula, but Katara invited me and Suki, and we all can't fit in that house."

They had 11 people and only four bedrooms.

"How did this happen?" Aang questioned.

"Katara said that Kya had been asking about her aunt and uncle, so Zuko said let's invite them on vacation. He thought she meant you and Azula, but apparently she meant Suki and me."

Kya was out back playing with her baby sister Crown Princess Izumi.

They had three couples, two boys, and three girls all for one house.

"Maybe we could rent a second house?" Aang suggested.

"In June?" Suki questioned. "I bet they're all full."

Azula had taken the boys to the bathroom and came out to see Zuko and Katara still fighting.

"Why don't we just put all the kids in one room?" Azula questioned. They ranged from 4 months old to almost four years old. They didn't take up a lot of space.

"You want to fit five children in one room?" Sokka questioned.

"Yue will be in a crib. We just need a second bed, and we can fit them all."

While the Fire Lord and the Fire Lady argued, the others found a way to fit all of the stuff in one house.

Finally, Zuko and Katara ran out of breath. "Where did everyone go?"

They went inside to see a different problem.

"How are we going to feed 9 people (Izumi and Yue were still nursing) using this tiny kitchen?" They didn't have food for 9 people, and they didn't have dining space for that many either.

After a heated debate between the Turtle Crab Shack and Ran's Barbeque, they ended up going to the shack for lunch and the bbq place could be dinner.

"What is a vegetarian turtle crab?" Sokka questioned with suspicion.

"It is a mix of tofu, wheat and spices designed to mimic the taste and consistency of turtle crab," Aang told him.


They got their sandwiches and sat down. Yue was hungry and Suki started to feed her, only to get chastised by another mother for feeding her daughter in public.

"My son is outside."


"So he does not need to be perverted by your breast. You should do that in private."

"Do you eat in private?"

The women started to argue.

While they were arguing, Izumi got hungry and Kya started feeding her.

"Aah!" Sokka yelled at her. "Put that away!"

"Shut up!"

Sokka and Katara were now arguing. He didn't want perverts looking at her "womanly bits," and she told him he was being ridiculous and that this is what breasts are for, not for random guys to ogle.

Azula was enjoying her sandwich too much to care. She loved these sandwiches so much they could make her moan with pleasure.

"Stop doing that,' Zuko chastised. "You sound perverse."

"Don't care," she said before she moaned again. "So good."

After lunch, they headed down to street market. Aang and Azula took the children to look at the street performers.

Sokka and Katara rushed to go shopping, leaving their spouses to catch up.

"What is with them and clothes?" Suki questioned.

"Azula thinks its repression from not having shopping during their formative years. It's just normal to everyone else, but for them it's a life-changing experience." Statistically, people from the tribes who leave them have much higher debt than those who grew up in more commercial societies.

"I know it's a budget breaking experience. I have to hide our coins so he doesn't spend them all on useless junk!"

"The day Katara discovered we have a royal stamp I cried."

Suki snorted.

Zuko wished that had just been a joke. The Fire Lady knew how to burn money. She gave Ilah a run for her money.

Sokka was trying on the hats. "Which one do you think looks better on me?"

He had a grey Clerical hat and a black Navy hat.

Katara voted for the grey.

"I think your right."

Katara went to look at dresses.

While they were shopping, their children were enjoying the music and the dancing.

"When I was a kid, I was always excited when we got to go on field trips to the other nations," Aang told her. "We'd get fire flakes and see street performers. When you spent most of your days meditating, those days were the best."

"We should work on integrating the Air Nation more as you bring it back," Azula told him. Its isolation meant the Air Nomads had no warning that Sozin would attack. He had been making moves to conquer the world for decades, and although the Earth Kingdom and the water tribes were concerned about his aggression, the Air Nomads had been oblivious.

"How do you mean?" Aang casually put out a fire that Roku had started.

"Like there should be something that draws outsiders to the temples, more festivals or even a pie eating contest." The Air Nation would make apple pies and sell them for charity.

"I like the idea of a pie eating contest, and there was one festival for Avatar Yangchen. We should bring it back."

Aang started telling his wife about how Yangchen started this festival to prevent war from breaking out.

"It's supposed to be every fall."

"We should do it this fall."

"Before Aang could agree, Tenzin ran up to them. "Mama, Roku set his shirt on fire."

He got it out via stop, drop, and roll method, but now his shirt was mere rags.

Azula had a spare in her bag. "Be careful. I don't want you to get burnt."

"I was fine, but then my flame collided with Tenzin's cyclone."

There not even two yet, and they were getting into bending fiascos.

Kya started doing the pee-pee dance.

"I think we need to find a bathroom," Aang said to his wife.

The first night there, Zuko struggled to remember why they wanted to invite either of their siblings on the trip.

Azula was a screamer, and they didn't have the thick temple walls to block her out.

Kya came in and asked, "What's that weird sound?"

Katara delicately said, "Your aunt and uncle are trying to have another baby."

Zuko made a disgusted face.

"Really? Will you have another baby?"

Before Zuko could say no, Sokka came in, "Man your sister has some lungs on her. I bet they can hear her down the street."

"I don't need you to tell me that!"

"Don't get testy with me. Just because it's been a while for you and my sister doesn't mean …" Apparently, Katara had told Suki something about not getting enough and, she relayed this to her husband.

"A while for what?" Kya asked.

"Um, how about I tell you a bedtime story?"


Sokka took Kya with him.

"You told your brother about our sex life?" Zuko questioned.

"Of course not! Suki must have blabbed." Katara was embarrassed.

"Somehow, she's worse than Ty Lee."

"When have you ever told Ty Lee a secret?"

"I didn't, but she used to drunkenly tell me all kinds of stuff." He did not need to know Toph and Chin's favorite sex position; it was the white lotus btw.

Katara lamented. "I don't know how she doesn't get tired." Azula had been going for a while.

"Ugh! Why?"

Katara hit the lights. She didn't want the others overhearing them. Maybe they could get the rest of the family out of the house some time this week.

Their opportunity came two days later.

Azula was making pancakes for breakfast when there was a knock on the door. It was Iroh with his bags.

"This is a full house," Iroh commented as he saw the kids running around, Sokka sitting with a fork and knife in his hands, and Zuko making a screwdriver.

"We have 11 people here," Suki told him.

"Oh spirits. I guess I should head to the palace."

"What brings you here?" Zuko asked his uncle.

"June kicked me out."

They had been living together for the past year and a half. They seemed really happy together.

"Why?" Katara questioned.

"I accidentally got her pregnant."

"You knocked up the bounty hunter with the poisonous dog?" Sokka questioned. "You're lucky you're not paralyzed and locked in a closet somewhere."

"We were using protection, but it failed."

"But why did she kick you out?" Zuko questioned.

"She needed time to think. She wasn't planning on becoming a parent at all, and at this age, I didn't think I'd be a father again."

Iroh was getting old.

"Wasn't Sozin like 80 when he made Azulon?" Azula questioned as she put the stacks of pancakes on the table. "Comparatively speaking, your not that old."

"I was 116 when my kids were born," Aang told him.

"Well, in that case, I'm 56 years young," Iroh said with a hearty laugh. He looked down at his beer belly. I better lose some weight.

The older prince decided to spend the day with his family and then go to the palace.

"Why don't we take the kids to the museum?" he suggested

"Why spend money on that? The kids won't care what's on the wall," Sokka told him.

"Kids under 5 get in free!"

"Oh let's do it!"

They all went out to the museum except for Zuko and Katara.

"My back hurts," he lied.

"I should tend to him."

"You mean tend to his …" Azula started before Aang covered her mouth with a kiss.

"EW!" Zuko complained.

The others all left

The Fire Lord and his Fire Lady had all morning to work on their lack of intimacy as of late.

At the museum Azula was trying to keep the children orderly. "Remember, no bending in the museum!" She had her eyes on Kya, Tenzin, and Roku. Izumi was too young to firebend, and Yue was a nonbender like her parents.

The boys nodded, but they always nod and then do what they want to do.

Azula handed Tenzin to Aang, so he couldn't run off, and she scooped up Roku.

Sokka and Suki carried Izumi and Yue respectively, and Iroh took Kya.

"I want to see the early war art," Sokka said to his wife.

The quintet headed off.

Iroh and Kya decided to start with the sculpture garden outside.

Azula and Aang started at the colonial art (before the unification of the Fire Nation) and ended up at a modern exhibit on female empowerment.

"These are strange looking flowers," Aang told his wife.

"They're supposed to be reminiscent of vaginas," Azula told him.

He blushed.

Aang realized this was an obvious interpretation when he saw the sculpture of a woman straddling her lover's head.

Twenty minutes later, Sokka and Suki saw the same statue. "That must hurt his neck," he commented.

"Not if you prop up your back with a pillow," the tour guide told him as she walked by.

Sokka turned beet red.

Suki laughed at him.

"We should take the children out to lunch," Iroh said when the group reconvened in the lobby.

They went to Ran's just to see that there was an hour wait. They decided to put their names down and come back.

"We may as well put the babies to sleep," Suki said as got back to the vacation house.

Suki went to put Yue to bed. Sokka went to give Izumi to his sister when Kya threw open their bedroom door.

Zuko and Katara were asleep and naked.

They woke up to Kya jumping on the bed. "Mommy, Daddy, we're home!"

Katara shrieked when she woke up and rushed to cover herself.

"Why are you and Daddy naked?"

"We were um …" Zuko started.

"Making you a sibling," Sokka said quickly as he pulled Kya out of the room.

"Yay!" Kya cheered.

Zuko was mortified. "I thought two was it."

Katara wasn't opposed to another one in a few years. "Maybe we could try after Izumi is more independent."

Zuko frowned.

"Maybe we'll have a boy."

Zuko didn't mind only having daughters. "Maybe in a few years."

"You should start working out again," Azula teased her brother. "You're looking flabby!" She poked his belly. "Boop!"

"He is not flabby!" Katara insisted.

"Aang's stayed in shape," Azula bragged as she kissed him.

"EW!" Zuko complained.

"OOGIES!" Kya yelled at them.

Azula frowned at Sokka.

"I had nothing to do with it!"

Kya took after her uncle Sokka. It was obvious at lunch when she tried to slide her veggies to Iroh's plate.

"Kya, you need to eat your vegetables," Katara told her.

"But I'm a princess!"

"Just because you're a princess doesn't mean you don't need nutrients."

"But princesses are supposed to get everything they want."

"Who told you that?"

"Aunt Azula!"

Zuko folded his arms.

"I'm innocent," Azula insisted.

Sokka had no vegetables either, so Suki put some tomato carrots, onions, and tofu on his plate.


"Yue won't eat her vegetables unless you set a good example."

"She can't even eat yet."

"And when she does, she will want to eat just like you, so you're eating your tomato carrots and tofu or else I'm not letting you have dessert."


Three days later and everyone was heading home. June decided that Iroh was out of the doghouse, and the men needed to get back to work.

Kya hugged her uncle. "Don't leave!"

Sokka kissed her forehead. "I'll see you next month." Izumi was turning one year old.

"But that's so far away!"

"Time flies so fast during summer. I'll be back before you know it."

"How come he's the favorite uncle?" Aang pouted.

"Because she can eat meat at his house," Azula told him. "Don't worry. I'm sure she'll be our favorite when I teach her how to prank Zuzu."

"You will not!"

"Bye Zuzu!"

"Don't call me that!"

"Are you and uncle Aang going to have another baby?" Kya asked her.

"Maybe next year," she told her.

"Really?" Katara questioned.

"We figured we'd have them all while we're young, and then we can have an empty nest early." Azula had plenty of things she could do to him in the temple.

Katara wondered if maybe she and Zuko should try sooner. She got that look in her eyes. Zuko was already scared.

"See you next month!" He took off for the dock.

Aang got the twins on Appa. The quartet flew home.

"Next time we go on a family vacation," Azula told her husband. "We should stay in our own house."

After getting sick of hearing their coupling every night, Katara attacked them with a bucket of water. Azula did not appreciate the unexpected bath.

"I agree," Aang said, "But you do look cute with wet hair."

Azula started chasing him around with fireballs.