Chapter 1: The Beginnings Of The Devil Naruto Uzumaki

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But yeah lets go into details of the story you all should know. First and foremost, this is a godlike Naruto, he wont be like shitting on everyone as he will have his faults but he will be very very strong. He was also be intelligent but not overly as you can sort of see in this chapter.

Also this is a Rinnegan fic, I felt it would mash perfectly with the ideas and plot I have planned. He will also use justu's, but you will see a few tidbits in some scenarios. You wont really see him unload until later in the story.

Also a reminder, when you read this for anyone who does know the real history of the Rinnegan, everything I say here is to fit for the story so I don't need to hear people going "Well actually the Rinnegan is blah blah blah" Because I already know that bro... Unless its really important and I forgot to mention it.

As for Naruto's personality, he will be very protective of others, especially the girls. He will have a bit of a laid back side with a serious side when needed and a hint of a perverted side when it comes to the girls. But you soon find out he is all bark and no bite which I think will make for interesting interactions.

So on to the pairings. So this will be a harem. But not a huge one. Akeno and Rias are a given. I'm thinking up to four to five girls and that's about it because it will be easier for me to write and I think Issei in the anime has around four or five girls, or a little more. I will put up a poll for who you think should be in it. By chapter 3 or 4, it should be a definite of who is in and who is not. So remember to vote quickly! I will remind you at the end of the poll as well.

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Naruto's Age: 11 years old

Akeno's Age: 10 years old

Rias Age: 10 years old

Naruto's Harem: Rias, Akeno, ?

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Warning: This fanfic will contain violence. Sexual themes and the act of coitus itself. If you don't know what the word means, then you're to young for this story. I think that's about all I should warn you about. Unless I find new things I feel I should mention.

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Chapter 1: The Beginnings Of The Devil Naruto Uzumaki


Thousands of years ago there were three supernatural factions that waged wars against each other.

This war came to be known as The Great War.

There were the Angels.

The Fallen Angels.

And the Devils.

These Angels were powerful beings. They had the looks similar of humans except they dawned white halos above their head and white wings. They were servants of God, who not only served under him but were lead by him in this war as they were enemies of both the Devils and Fallen Angels.

There were then the Fallen Angels. These angels unlike their Angel counterparts had black colored wings and no halos being that they were Angels who had fallen from Gods grace due to the impure thoughts that had diverted them from the Book of God. These Fallen Angels were led by a man named Azazel who formed a group named Grigori which governed most of the Fallen Angels. Those within this group, were mainly those who had fell with Azazel. Their enemies were both the Angels and Devils.

The last faction were the Devils. The Devils had the exact appearance of humans. Unlike the other two factions who had regular wings, the Devils had black bat type wings. The Devils were lead by a group named the Four Great Satans. These were powerful beings who controlled the underworld and maintained order.

All three factions were powerful nonetheless.

The conflict that started this battle between the three were unknown, but still war waged between the three groups regardless. It wasn't until enough blood from both sides were stained that eventually led them to stop fighting between each other.

The first to pull out of the war were the Fallen Angels, mainly the Grigori. Azazel ordered this as he saw he had lost most of his forces but not their leaders. It wasn't until both the Angels and Devils suffered major losses on both sides that ultimately decided the war had to stop.

The losses included; the death of God on the Angels side, and the death of the original Four Great Satans on the Devils.

This finally had caused them both to stop fighting with each other seeing how there was no point in continuing.

This end of the war resulted in a unofficial peace between the three factions. Although there were no official peace between the three, battles between them did occur, but not to that degree.

Regardless of what had happened, a boy was about to be discovered that would change the state between the three factions entirely.


The sky was dark while the moon shined brightly. Stars had illuminated the night sky adding a beautiful picture of what night time on earth should really look like. In the midst of the beautiful scenery, heavy breathing and heavy footsteps could be heard.

At around this time, a little girl could be seen shuffling from building to building. She seemed to be hiding in fright. She quickly ran to another building, hiding behind it as she peered from the wall she was leaning on. She had slightly long black hair that reached past her shoulders. She had violet eyes and wore a casual dark blue kimono with plain sandals.

"I knew I shouldn't have healed him." The little girl thought. Seeing how no one was around she stepped out quietly and began to look from side to side.

"Okay, the exit is right there." She thought. She took a deep breath as she began to run towards the exit. As she was about to reach it, she felt a presence behind her that made her freeze.

"Akeno Himejima. I've finally found you" A deep voice said. The little girl named Akeno turned around in fear as she saw what she was trying to hiding from. It was a man with short brown hair who was wearing a long black robe with a long type scarf around his neck that had two crosses on the ends of both sides. The people behind him were wearing clothing in a similar fashion.

"What do you want from me!?" The girl yelled as she began to tear up as she recognized who it was. The man smirked.

"The Himejima clan wants you eliminated due to your abomination of blood." The man said. Akeno eyes widened as she saw the man step forward. He reached into his robe and produce a hilt. It was then a yellow light erupted from it, forming a sword..

"Now die!" He yelled as he charged at Akeno. Akeno who was frozen in shock could only close her eyes, waiting her inevitable death.

"No!" A voice yelled that caught both of their attention. Akeno caught a glimpse of a yellow blur come at her as she then fell to the ground. It seemed the blur tackled her. Akeno slowly opened her eyes to see a kid her age and height with blonde hair and blue eyes. "Are you okay?" He asked softly. Akeno only blinked.

"Baka! What are you doing?!" She yelled at him. The boy stood as he helped her up and scratched his head.

"Well I saw you were in trouble." The boy said.

"Don't you know he's a priest! Now were both going to die!" She yelled as she looked at the man from her clan. The boy looked towards the man as his eyes narrowed.

"I know. But I couldn't stand to see someone like you die like this. So I decided I will protect you!" He said confidently. Akeno gasped at what she heard as she stood there looking at the back of the boys head. She could see that he must have been relatively the same age as her. The priest sneered as he looked at the little blonde boy.

"You insolent little boy. You reek of Devil blood. I was planning on only killing the girl. But now you will too. You will die by the lords name you demon!" The priest said as he readied his sword and lunged forward.

The blonde boy took a deep breath as he looked at the man. Closing his eyes, he opened them, revealing two purple eyes with multiple black rings around his pupil. The priest raised his blade up in the air and began to swing down. Naruto merely held up his palm.

"Shinra Tensei (Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God )" The boy muttered as the man and his sword instantly flew back a few feet hitting the ground. Akeno and the priest who before was hit went wide eyed.

"10 seconds" The boy thought as he lunged forward seeing the guy quickly get up with a shocked expression. This caught the priest off guard as the boy neared him and punched him in the face, making him stumble back a bit. The man grunted as he wiped the slight blood from his mouth.

"You little brat! You're going to get it now!" He yelled as he lunged forward with his sword. The blonde boys eyes widened as saw the man lunge at him. The man swung his sword at the blonde, but he just nearly dodged it as he only focused his attention on that oncoming attack. What the boy didn't see was the follow up as a leg came out of nowhere and nailed him in the ribs.

"Ugh!" The blonde grunted as he got sent back, tumbling on the ground.

With Akeno

Akeno could only watch, frozen in place as boy she didn't even know fight for her life. She wanted to do something, but she was too afraid. "Please stop" Akeno said as she watched the boy get cut and hit again by the man that was hunting her.

"Stop please!" She yelled to them. Her pleas were unheard as she saw the boy get back up. She watched as the priest glared at the boy who seemed to continue to get up and fight.

"Why are you even fighting for her? You barely know her and you're a Devil. And if you did know her, you wouldn't want to as she has tainted blood." The man said. Akeno's head lowered in shame at what he said. That very reason was why she was running. But what she heard next made her shoot her head back up. The blonde boy spit some blood out of his mouth and smirked.

"I don't care, who or what she is! What I do know is I will not let you lay a hand on her!" The blonde yelled back. Akeno gasped as she put a hand on her mouth.

Normal P.O.V.

The blonde was aching all over his body as he was being tossed around. The hits and cuts he was receiving was starting to effect him. "Damn it. Alright ten seconds have passed, but I'm running low on energy. I need to pour everything into one shot. Its my only chance." The blonde thought as he stood up. The priest sneered as he saw the boy get up.

"Why are you even fighting for her? You barely know her and you're a Devil. And if you did know her, you wouldn't want to as she has tainted blood." The man said. Naruto spit some blood out of his mouth and smirked.

"I don't care, who or what she is! What I do know is I will not let you lay a hand on her!" Naruto yelled back. The priest only smirked.

"Have it your way. I didn't want to do this, but now I'm going to enjoy beating a demon like you to a bloody pulp." The man said as he summoned another sword, but smaller then the previous. He charged forward again, this time intent on really killing him.

Naruto closed his eyes as focused his breathing. He needed to calm down. He could feel him nearing. Taken a few more deep breaths, he opened his eyes to see the man descending down on him, intent on decapitating him so it would end. Holding his hand up again, he poured all of his power into the technique.

"Shinra Tensei!" He yelled as the repulsive force came from his hand, blasting the man away.

"Ahh!" He yelled as he was hit harder and flew back further this time. But Naruto's eyes widened the priest in a last ditch attempt, throw one of the swords he had in his not towards him, but towards Akeno!

"No!" He yelled as raced towards the girl who was only watching the battle.

Akeno watched in surprised as he saw the boy blast the man back. She had never seen anyone do that, but to her surprise she saw the man throw his sword towards her. Akeno who had been watching this couldn't move.

"W-Why cant I move? Move Akeno!" She yelled inwardly. But a trembling caught her attention, looking down she saw her hand trembling and it seemed it wouldn't stop. She knew that was she just too afraid to move. As the spear neared her, she caught a glimpse of the blonde hair boy again.

"Dammit why didn't you move!" He yelled as he grabbed her and turned around, the sword whizzing and impaling him in the back.

"Ahh!" The boy yelled as he spit out blood. The boy slumped against her, his breathing rigid. Akeno had finally snapped out of it and quickly took the sword out of his back making him yell as then threw it away. She made space between them as she held his face in her hands. She saw a smile on his face for some reason as his Rinnegan deactivated.

"W-Why? Why do you keep doing this? Please stop, you're only going to get hurt more." Akeno said to him as tears were falling out. The blonde slightly chuckled as blood trickled down his mouth.

"Well, I thought you were pretty." The boy said with a smile. Akeno's tears stopped momentarily as she could only look at him in confusion.

"That's not a reason to keep doing this you baka!" She yelled at him for such a simplistic answer. The boy only kept his smile.

"I saw what you did for that human. I thought you and your abilities were amazing. Which is why I decided to follow you." He said as he coughed. "I was going to talk to you, but I got nervous and decided to follow you. I guess now would be a good time to introduce ourselves to each other. I'm Naruto Uzumaki." The boy said as he coughed again.

For the first time in her life, Akeno blushed at what he said about her abilities. She had never thought anyone would like her due to her heritage. But here was this boy that wanted to get to know her. But not only that, he called her pretty something she didn't hear from boys often. Akeno for the first time in a long time smiled.

"I'm Akeno Himejima." She said softly. Naruto smiled.

"Nice to meet you Akeno-chan" Naruto said as he slowly closed his eyes, letting sleep take over him. Although before he could close his eyes, he saw a glimpse of hair that was strikingly red in color. Before Akeno could do anything else, there moment was interrupted.

"Now I will finish both of you off." A voice said. Akeno looked over Naruto's shoulder to see the priest Naruto was fighting standing a few feet from them as he was now accompanied with the other priest he came with. Akeno's eyes suddenly grew fierce.

"I will not let you hurt Naruto-kun!" She yelled as she hugged Naruto tighter. The priest smirked as he and the other priest he came with also pulled out light swords.

"That will be quite enough." A man said, catching the attention of Akeno and the priests.

Standing before them was a tall man that was dressed elegantly and wore what resembled a beret with straps on the side.

Next to her was a girl who looked to be the same age as Naruto and Akeno. What stood out was her long crimson hair. She had one small strand that was sticking out along with bangs covering her forehead and small side bangs that framed her face. She had a light skin tone that was accompanied with light blue-green eyes. She looked to be wearing a nice looking dress. But the priest instantly knew who she was once they spotted that crimson hair.

"T-That's Rias Gremory. Lord Gremory's daughter." The priest in the front shakily pointed out.

"You are correct as for I, I am Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa. Lord Gremory's bishop. You three are also within Gremory territory now." Heinrich said making them all freeze.

"Shit, were outmatched then!" One priest said.

"Did you know we were in Gremory territory!?" Another one asked frantically. Before they could discuss anything further, Heinrich interrupted them.

"We did not come here to engage in this quarrel. Better yet, to stop it. I want to offer you gentlemen a deal." Heinrich says to them.

"And what would that be?" The priest with brown hair said.

"You are here for this young girl correct?" Heinrich asked as the priests nodded. "And you have confirmed her last name as Himejima. Am I correct?" Heinrich said as they gave a second nod.

"Well how about this. We will take the young Himejima out of your hands. And if you agree, she will stick to Rias-sama's side and will serve nuder the Gremory name and not the Himejima. Along with that, she will never enter territory that the Himejima clan owns. So what say you?" Heinrich asked.

The priest with the brown hair turned around and began to talk with the other priests he came with. After a few minutes, the man turned around and faced Heinrich.

"Alright, we agree. Make sure she never enters any land owned by the Himejima. Or we will kill her next time." The man said as the priest and the other priest he came with turned to leave. Heinrich and the now identified Rias made their way over to Akeno who was still holding Naruto.

"Are you okay little one?" Heinrich asked the girl. Akeno turned her head to see the tall man offering a smile. She only nodded. "Please. Please help my friend. He was hurt badly." Akeno said worriedly. The man nodded.

"Of course. Let me take him." Heinrich said. Akeno gently handed Naruto to the man to which he got a hold of him, allowing Heinrich to fully carry him.

"This boy. I know Lord Gremory will be very surprised with this discovery." Heinrich thought. He then looked at Rias who nodded. Rias looked over to Akeno and offered her a hand.

"I'm Rias Gremory. Would you like to come to the compound and get cleaned up?" She asked with a smile. Akeno slowly took the hand and smiled lightly as she nodded.

"Good. Follow me." She said as she made her way next to Heinrich as a red circle appeared, engulfing them.

In The Underworld – The Next Day

"Ow my head"


"Where am I?" Naruto said as he rose. Looking around he saw that he was in a room. A very well furnished room.

Looking around, he saw he was sleeping on a relatively big and soft bed. There were also nice chairs and mirrors along with several paintings that hung around the room. All in all, it looked very expensive. As he went to move his arm, he felt a weight on it. Looking down he saw a head with black hair. Looking closely he saw the girl he was protecting yesterday lying her head on the bed next to him as she seemed to be sitting on a chair.

Naruto saw her face and couldn't help but smile. He moved his other hand to her face to move away her bangs. This inadvertently caused her to open her eyes. Blinking a few times, blue eyes came into her vision.

"Naruto-kun!" Akeno yelled as she leaped from the chair to hug him. Naruto wasn't expecting it as he fell back onto the bed with Akeno on top of him.

"Hey Akeno-chan" Naruto said with a smile as he rose back up.

"Are you okay Naruto-kun? How is your back feeling?" Akeno asked worriedly as she too sat up. Naruto chuckled as he patted her head making her pout a bit.

"I'm feeling fine Akeno-chan. Never better." He replied as he continued to look around the room.

"Where are we Akeno-chan?" Naruto asked as he looked at her. Akeno who backed away a bit smiled.

"We are in the Gremory household." Akeno said. Naruto's eyes slightly widened.

"Gremory? Wow. Never thought I'd end up here." Naruto said with surprise. He then looked at Akeno.

"How are you feeling Akeno-chan?" He asked the young girl who only smiled at him.

"I'm doing fine Naruto-kun. I never got a chance to thank you for saving me." She said with small blush.

Naruto smiled. "It was no problem. I'm just glad your okay." He said softly. Akeno could only smile at how much he cared for her considering they barely knew each other.

"Knock! Knock!" The sound resonating through the door alerting Naruto and Akeno

"Are you two awake?" A male voice said on the other side.

"Yes!" Naruto replied back. The door opened to reveal three people.

One was a male. He was a very tall and handsome man who was wearing a very nice white suit. He had long crimson red hair and slight goatee and looked to be in his forties.

Next to him was a very beautiful women. She had short brown hair and she sported an elegant yellow dress that was strained by her bust as she looked to be in her early thirties.

The last person was in front of both of them. She was a young girl who had long crimson red hair, longer then the man she was standing next to. She had her arms crossed as she too was sporting a very stylish dress. Naruto on the other hand wasn't focusing on the two adults but the young girl in front of them. He had never seen such strikingly colored hair.

"Your hair. It's so beautiful." Naruto said with out even knowing. The young girl's eyes widened as she blushed in front of him. No one had ever complemented her hair. Naruto was shook out of his thoughts as he heard a deep laugh.

"Not even a day and your already charming these two young girls here. Your hunger is insatiable." The man laughed as Naruto and the two girls blushed.

"Tou-san" The girl said as she face palmed while Akeno looked away with a slight blush.

Naruto was slightly blushing but laughed along. "Thank you for having me here." Naruto said as he lowered his head a bit in a bow. The man waved it off with a smile.

"Its no problem. Although I am very curious about you. Where are my manners? I am Lord Gremory, Head of the Gremory clan. The women next to me is my wife, Venelana and the young girl in front of me is my daughter, Rias." He said. Naruto was very surprised as to who he was talking too. He didn't think he would met the head of the clan and his family so soon.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki. Nice to meet you Lord Gremory, Venalana-sama, Rias-sama." Naruto said as he bowed his head. Lord Gremory and Venelana's eyes slightly widened at the last time name but went back to normal.

"Oh just call us by our first names Naruto. We would would prefer it" Venelana said with a friendly smile. Naruto nodded with a smile as well.

"Well Naruto do you mind if I ask you a few questions?" Lord Gremory said. Naruto nodded as the three closed the door and sat down in the chairs inside the room. Akeno sitting in the chair next to him.

"First of all I would like to say that I am very impressed that you were able to hold off a priest of that level. Heinrich told me about the battle." He said with praise.

Naruto scratched his head in embarrassment. "Thank you" He said with a slight laugh

"Now, what were you doing in the human world?" Lord Gremory asked a bit suspicious. Naruto for a moment froze.

"I-I um... I was sent there." He said softly as he looked down. Lord Gremory's expression changed as he saw the question he had asked made the young boy upset.

"Do not worry Naruto, I'm not going to interrogate you. I was just curious since you are a very young Devil to be in the human world alone." Lord Gremory said softly.

Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "You know about me being Devil?" He said. Lord Gremory nodded.

"You're a devil Naruto-kun?" Akeno asked timidly to which Naruto only nodded. Naruto saw her expression.

"I hope that doesn't change anything between us." Naruto said frantically. Akeno saw this and jerked her head and began to shake it while putting her hands out.

"No! I was just surprised is all. We're still friends Naruto-kun." Akeno said which Naruto let out a breath of relief and smiled as he turned his head to Lord Gremory who seemed he was wanting to ask more questions.

"As for what you said, yes I do know. Your energy I sense is undeniable. Heinrich also told me about your special ability as well. Are you well aware of it?" Lord Gremory asked. Naruto for a moment froze and nodded.

"Tou-san what ability are you talking about?" Rias asked as she looked at her father.

"Yes dear, what abilities?" Venelana asked. Lord Gremory turned his head to his daughter.

"Did you happen to see his techniques while you were there?" He asked. Rias nodded. "And what about his eyes?" Rias only shook her head. Lord Gremory then leaned back into the chair.

"From what Heinrich told me, Naruto has the Rinnegan." Lord Gremory said. Venelana gasped as she put her hand on her mouth while Akeno and Rias looked confused.

"No. It cant be. Are you absolutely sure of this?" Venelana demanded as she looked at her husband.

"Yes, Heinrich confirmed it." He then turned his head to Naruto. "Do you mind if you show us Naruto?" Lord Gremory asked. Naruto for a few moments said nothing but then nodded.

Closing his eyes for a few seconds, he took a deep breath as he channeled his energy to his eyes and opened them. Everyone in the room gasped as Naruto's eyes turned from blue to purple with black rings around it.

"So it does exist. Amazing." Lord Gremory said as he looked into his eyes. Akeno didn't get a good look at his eyes when he was fighting but now looking at it, it seemed very powerful. She was a bit entranced by it. Rias was in a similar boat as Akeno, she had never seen or heard of these eyes, but to her it looked majestic and powerful.

"Eh, Tou-san what is the Rinnegan?" Rias asked her father.

"They were very special eyes that came from the Uzumaki devil clan. They were thought of as a myth to the other devil clans." He said as he looked at his daughter.

"Uzumaki clan? How come I have never heard of it?" Rias asked.

"That is because the Uzumaki clan was not part of the 72 pillars. As a clan, they decided that they didn't want to get involved with the government. The Uzumaki clan were most known for their abnormally high demonic energy and longevity, being able to produce almost infinite amounts of energy and outlive most demons. Although there were special legends of rare special ability thought to have been passed down within the clan, this being the Rinnegan. The reason why you haven't heard of the Uzumaki's is because there are none left. They were very recently hunted by Demons and Fallen Angels a like due to fear of their abnormally high energy and mortality." Lord Gremory said.

Everyone's eyes focused on Naruto. They were surprised to see him gripping the bed sheets with a lone tear dropping from his eyes as it slid down his face. For Naruto, he wasn't surprised his clan had died. He was more sad then anything. Sad not for the clan, but the one who had token care of him within the clan.

Everyone's face softened as they saw Naruto gripping the sheets, Lord Gremory's especially.

Lord Gremory decided to ask a question he dreaded, but had to know. "Naruto.. Do you have any par.."

"I'm an orphan." Naruto said already knowing the question he was going to ask. "When I activated these eyes, my clan kicked me out due to fear of other Devils or Fallen angels that might come and kill the other members in search for these eyes." Naruto said as he kept his head down in sadness.

"So you aware of the history and dangers of those eyes?" Lord Gremory asked. Naruto nodded as he looked up at him with his Rinnegan activated.

"These eyes were special eyes that God created himself a long time ago to end a previous war he had with the Satans. Upon ending the war, God decided to trust his fellow men with it to use it for good as he gave them to his loyalest follower in hopes of using it to combat the Devils and Fallen angels as they seemed to be getting stronger."

"But somewhere along the line, that same angel God gave those eyes too fell from grace by sleeping with an Devil. Not sure what happened to him but by then a few generations had passed which led it to be passed down. From what I have read, these eyes show up in random generations. It just so happened it showed up in mine." Naruto finished.

"Wow Naruto, I'm impressed. That information is usually something someone of your age should find hard to remember. But you're wrong about one thing." Lord Gremory said with a slight smile. Naruto scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

"I wanted to know why my clan did what they did to me. So I read up on it. And what do you mean I am wrong about one thing?" Naruto asked curiously.

Lord Gremory looked at him. "You were wrong about it showing up in random generations." He said to which Naruto leaned in more wanting him to explain.

"These eyes show up when a great force threatens the existence of hell, heaven and earth. It is said these eyes were to vanquish an unfathomable evil. Of course these are only legends. But then again, the Rinnegan was deemed a legend yet you have it Naruto." Lord Gremory said.

Naruto merely gulped at the new information. "So something big is coming?" Naruto asked nervously. Lord Gremory only sighed.

"Maybe, maybe not. If anything, you should be careful. Many Devils would kill to have your eyes Naruto. But if anything you will be most feared once they find out." Lord Gremory said.

"Wow, he has eyes of God himself. But why is the Rinnegan feared?" Akeno asked out of curiosity as she seemed interested in this.

"The Rinnegan, well in legend has been told to come with phenomenal abilities. Abilities none of the three factions can hope to match. Firstly, the user is able to use five nature abilities, wind, fire, water, earth and lightening, unlike some Devil clans who can use one type of nature ability. Not only that but there are able to follow movements with ease. These eyes are so powerful, it is said that they are capable of even summoning meteors from the heavens itself. It truly is a very powerful ability." Lord Gremory said. Everyone's mouths were hanging at the new information. Even Naruto's.

"I-I didn't even know that at all." Naruto said in shock.

Lord Gremory nodded. "From what Heinrich told me you are able to use the extra ability, force repulsion. How did you come across that Naruto?" He asked.

Naruto's fist clenched but unclenched as he pretended to take a moment to think. "Oh yeah, I saw something that was about to fall on me so I held my hands out to force it away from my face since I couldn't move in time. When I saw I felt I didn't get hit, I moved my arms to look and saw the object a few meters away from me. After that, I began to play around with it." Naruto said with a slightly strained smile. Lord Gremory nodded and saw the thin smile, he suspected their was more to the story. But he let it go for now. He then scratched his chin in thought.

"Also, from what I seen, the Rinnegan is usually permanent, yet you are able to activate it on and off. Do you know why?" Lord Gremory asked.

"Well the book I read said since it was passed down naturally, this allows the user to turn it off and on I guess." Naruto said with a shrug.

"You do know what these eyes have done to you genetically?" Lord Gremory asked. Naruto only raised an eyebrow as he shook his head. "You're part Devil and Angel." He said with a smile. Everyone went silent for a few seconds. Naruto blinking as if he was in a trance.

"WHAT!" All four yelled in the room.

Lord Gremory laughed at what he saw. "Yes it is true Naruto. I'm not sure how far you have read into the legends of the Rinnegan but to correct you on your previous explanation on it, the Angel that held those eyes did not fall from grace. He was pardoned by "Him" seeing how he was his loyalest follower. He was the only one was ever pardoned actually" Lord Gremory said as he pulled a book out from his pocket and tossed it over to Naruto who caught it.

"All of this is in there. It's a more older book. But tell me, when you were fighting how did your energy feel when the priest cut you with his sword?" Lord Gremory asked.

"Well I don't know to be honest. But it did hurt, that much I know." He said with a chuckle which Lord Gremory did as well.

"Right. I'm not sure if you are aware of holy swords Naruto, but they are very deadly to us Devils. That is what also they were using against you. One slice from one is enough to weaken and hurt a Devil greatly. But I don't believe that is the case for you." Lord Gremory said.

"Now that you mention it, I didn't feel myself running out of energy when he had cut me a few times. But it wasn't until I did two Shinra Tensei's I felt low on energy since using it twice in one day is my limit." Naruto said trying to remember the battle.

"Yes, although the pain affects you, you don't suffer severe energy drainage like what a normal demon does. I think with training you would be able to resist becoming affected by it due to your eyes. I mean do you ever notice you can say "His" name and not succumb to pain?" Lord Gremory said shocking Naruto yet again.

"Wow. I didn't realize how powerful my eyes really were. Kaa-san was right." Naruto said softly. Akeno raised her eyebrows in confusion as did most in the room.

"Eh Naruto-kun, I thought you were an orphan?" Akeno asked. Naruto looked at her with tears in eyes as he smiled.

"I was. But not before she passed away." Naruto said as he closed his eyes at the painful memory. Akeno and Rias gasped at what he revealed.

"I-I'm sorry Nar.."

"Its okay." He said quickly, cutting her off.


"H-How did she pass away?" Rias asked timidly, breaking the silence hoping that she wasn't pushing it too far. Naruto looked at her and wiped his eyes.

"Our neighboring demons had heard about my eyes and decided to see for themselves. When they saw it, some of the demons went to attack me as I stood there frozen. I then remembered her jumping in the way to take the hit for me. I guess it was too much for her body. I saw her die in front of my eyes as I held her." Naruto said as he closed his hard remembering the painful memory.

Rias and Akeno began to cry a little at what they heard. Rias, not imagining what type of pain Naruto had to go through and Akeno, crying as she could relate immensely. Lord Gremory held his head down at the information while Venelana let out a few tears for this young boy who had to experience something horrific as to losing a mother.

"So that's when they kicked you out. I assumed." Lord Gremory said sadly to Naruto to which he shook his head which served to confuse Lord Gremory and everyone in the room slightly.

"The ones who attacked me didn't survive." Naruto said with his eyes closed. Everyone in the room could only look in more confusion.

"What do you mean Naruto?" Venelana asked very worriedly for the boy.

"After my Kaa-san died right there, I-I killed them." Naruto said as he opened his eyes, showing many emotions through his Rinnegan. Everyone looked up at him and gasped as they his fierce look.

"I-I couldn't take it anymore. The only person who loved me, who would always be by my side and never leave me alone, died. So I killed them. All of them. I killed them with my Rinnegan." Naruto said with a blank look in his eyes.

"She knew they would kill me if I stayed here. So with the last of her strength, she made a transportation circle for me. " He said.

"I can still remember the last words she told me before she passed away and sent me off" Naruto said with a smile as the others leaned in wanting to hear more.

"She told me I would become a very special demon with these eyes and that she knew I was always special. She said she would always be with me as long as I had these eyes. It was then I disappeared and ended up in Japan before other members could show up." Naruto said keeping his smile.

"I see. So that's the real reason as to how you were able to discover the Shinra Tensei and end up there then." Lord Gremory said catching on. Naruto nodded with a nervous smile.

"Yeah, I'm sorry I lied to you guys." Naruto said. Lord Gremory gave him a smile.

"No its quite alright Naruto. I understand. You have suffered quite a bit at such a young age. To be able to survive up till now is nothing short of impressive. Same goes for you Akeno." Lord Gremory said as he looked at the girl. The girl smiled at him and gave him a nod. But for Akeno, she was more worried about the boy in front of her.

It was funny to her how things in life played out.

This boy she had never met, randomly came to her and saved her on a whim of getting to know her. He had also relatively lived the same life she did. She remembered when she told Lord Gremory about her past just a day ago. It was the first time anyone had ever shown her respect for what she had been through.

But now, this boy was also suffering the same loneliness she had. That wasn't until she met him.

For some reason, she didn't feel that same loneliness around him anymore. Even though she had just met him yesterday, she could tell he genuinely cared about her. Truth be told, she was starting to feel the same way. She smiled as she reached out to touch his hand.

Meanwhile, Naruto was in thought about what Lord Gremory had said about Akeno. It seemed she must have lived somewhat of the same life he did. It was then he felt some one suddenly grab his hand, shaking him out of his thoughts. Looking to his left, he see's Akeno gripping it with a smile.

"Naruto-kun, since you've told us about your past, let me tell you about mine." Akeno said.

"My mother was a well known priestess, while my father was a Fallen Angel. He was hurt and my mother decided to heal him. This lead them to fall in love and have me. One day when my father wasn't home, some of his enemies attacked us and my mother died defending me. He wasn't their to help my mother. So I blamed him for her death. I was alone now that she died. I became even more alone when my mother's clan kicked me out due to my blood." She said as tears fell from her eyes.

Naruto's eyes widened. "So you're.."

"Yes, I'm half human, half Fallen Angel." She said. "I've been alone since my mother died. Just like you have." She said. Naruto tightened his grip on her hand.

"Akeno-chan." He said softly not knowing what to say. Rias and her family had heard the story before Naruto, but to hear it again still made them sad knowing this was happening to another child so young.

"Hearing your story made me happy. Happy, knowing someone can understand." Akeno looked into his eyes as she wiped her tears.

"I promise you wont be alone anymore Naruto-kun. We wont be alone anymore." Akeno said as she smiled.

`Naruto was amazed. He had thought he was the only one who had experienced this type of hardship. He could now see how his past was a bit similar to hers, both of their mothers dying and then being shunned and hated for something you had no control of.

For Akeno, it felt great to share her story with someone who could relate. When she looked at him, she felt like she had to do this. She had to comfort him. She wanted to make sure he wasn't alone as well. Naruto then felt someone else grab his hand. Looking to his right, he saw Rias with a smile.

"And I will make sure you and Akeno-chan wont be alone ether. I may not understand what you or Akeno-chan have gone through, but what I do understand is Akeno is now apart of my family. I was also kind of hoping you would be too. Because families are there for each other." She said. Rias didn't know why she did what she just did, but it felt right to her.

Not only that, but both girls absolutely knew one thing, they wanted to be his friend. Naruto could only look at them with a smile as he titled his head down. He let a tear out as he looked up.

"Thank you Akeno-chan, Rias-chan" He said. Rias smiled brightly at what she heard while Akeno mimicked her emotion. Lord Gremory and Venelana could only smile at the scene.

"Well would you look at that. I haven't seen Rias-chan warm up to someone so quick." Venelana said to her husband. Lord Gremory only chuckled.

"And Rias-chan is right. Families, especially the Gremory's are there for each other. Which is why I want to ask you if you want to stay here for now on." Lord Gremory said as he stood up, interrupting their little moment.

"I-I don't know Lord Gremory" Naruto said unsure. Lord Gremory smiled as he looked towards Rias and Akeno.

"Well I know these two certainly hope you would as Akeno is under the Gremory name now." He said. Naruto looked at Akeno and Rias who were nodding and smiling. Naruto chuckled seeing how much Akeno and Rias wanted him to accept.

"Then I would be honored too Lord Gremory" Naruto said as he looked at him.

"Good, good. Welcome to the family Naruto." He said with a smile.

"Although there is one thing I would like to talk about with you." He said to which Naruto turned slightly serious seeing how he was as well.

"You are aware that The Great War has ended for awhile right?" He said to which Naruto nodded. He didn't know much about it, but from what he was told, it was a big battle between the three factions.

"Honey, you cant possibly.."

"Yes I do Venelana-chan. Please trust me on this one." He said cutting her off which only served to confuse Naruto more.

"In recent events, there has been a quarrel within the Satan faction. Are you aware of The Four Great Satans Naruto?" Lord Gremory asked. Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, they were the Devils who ruled the underworld but died in The Great War. They were also said to be the strongest Devils that ever existed. Why do you ask?" Naruto said to Lord Gremory. Lord Gremory smiled at his knowledge as he nodded.

"You are correct Naruto. After they died, the descendants of the original Four Great Satans wanted to continue their legacy and finish the war between the Angels and Fallen Angels. This is why we, the Devils recently created a group called The Anti Satan Faction in order to combat the descendants." He said to Naruto.

"You see, my clan along with some others are apart of the Anti Satan Faction. We would if anything, like to avoid war with anyone. These Devils do not believe in peace Naruto. Their pride is whats going to be the downfall of the Devil race, our race, and it is something I will not stand for. As you can assume by now, we are going to fight against them in hopes of preventing another war. What I'm asking Naruto, is for you to take part in this and help not only our clan, but our way of life as Devils. I would like for you to train here for two years here in controlling the Rinnegan. With you by our side, we will be assured victory and minimal casualties." He contuned.

"My son, Sirzechs is going to be in the faction as he will be training as well. I'm sure I can get some more information for your Rinnegan and have my son Sirzechs teach you more about your Devil powers. I have faith you can become a strong demon Naruto by doing this. Maybe even a High Class Devil. I mean from what I have heard, your potential seems endless, especially with the Rinnegan." He said.

Naruto was shocked at what he was hearing. The first being he didn't know there was another war among the Devils. And second, being the clan head of the Gremory's having such high faith in his abilities. Both, were something he wasn't expecting. Naruto was about to say something until Lord Gremory cut him off. He already knew what he was going to say.

"Naruto, you should not look at these eyes as such a burden. These eyes have been given to you. These eyes can and will change the world Naruto. You can change things for the better if you wanted, or you can ultimately destroy everything as well." Lord Gremory said as Naruto looked at him surprised.

Naruto hadn't really thought about destruction being an option. But he was also beginning to feel the eyes he had were more trouble then they were worth. It was then something Lord Gremory said next that caught his attention.

"But look at what is around you Naruto. I have offered you a place within the Gremory clan not out of pity and not out of using you to win a war, but because you're child who needs it. You may not know this, but the Gremory clan is one of the only Devil clans who are affectionate towards its members. This means, I, Venelana-chan, Rias-chan and Akeno-chan and everyone is in this clan are your family now. We fight for each other Naruto. We fight because we care for each other. So what do you say Naruto? Will you fight for the Gremory's? For your new family?" Lord Gremory said to him with a soft smile.

Naruto for a moment was silent. He wasn't really expecting to be sucked in all of this. But then again the sound of getting stronger did appeal to him. Maybe he could do good with these eyes of his. He also had nothing before coming here. An exiled orphan working in a nearby town just to survive.

He still had nothing.

But what does he have now?

It wasn't until he felt Akeno grip his hand again along with Rias. Akeno had a worried expression while Rias was mirroring the same one but to a lesser degree.

He looked at both in their eyes deeply. It was in that moment everything became clear to him.

Everyone here was so easily accepting of him. But looking at Rias and Akeno had sparked something inside of him.

He wanted to see them smile. He wanted to have them as friends.

He then decided these two girl will become his muse, they will become his motivation to fight and to use these eyes he has for good.

He will not see them die like he did his Kaa-san. He will fight and get strong to protect these two along with everyone else. Just like he promised Akeno in the beginning and just like what he was going to do now for Rias and her clan members. He gripped both of their hands firmly which surprised them a bit. He looked at the head of the Gremory clan with a determined look.

"If it means I get to protect Akeno-chan and Rias-chan, you and Venelana-chan then I will train as hard as I can!" He declared to which Akeno and Rias slightly blushed at. Lord Gremory and Venelana smiled at the young boys declaration. Lord Gremory chuckled as he indeed saw his determined expression.

"Alright Naruto. Training starts tomorrow morning sharp." He said with a smile, knowing that big things were in store for the young blonde boy in front of him.



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