Chapter 2: A Promise To Akeno & Rias

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I intentionally did this so this would allow Naruto to be involved in it at a young age. The reason being, this would be a great way for him to fight strong Devils and rank up within the system. Because war wasn't an option to rank up in since they didn't fight that much anymore and then they eventually came to a treaty. So it was either through a Rating game or contracting. Or if you were a low class devil, that little test thing Issei does.

Second, a few had mentioned this story to just be information dumping about the Rinnegan. In a way, I could see that, but my purpose was to give you a bit of of background information on the Rinnegan. I didn't even see in that way until someone said it. But more will be explained later on about the Rinnegan though. Like the next chapter. So sorry if it felt that way.

Anyways this chapter is mainly a focus on Naruto, Rias and Akeno's relationship. So I guess there is a bit of fluff in this.

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Rias Current Age – 12

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Chapter 2: A Promise To Akeno & Rias

2 Years Later

Ever since that day Naruto defended Akeno and was picked up and asked to live with the Gremory clan, Naruto's life had gotten better exponentially. After he had agreed to stay, Naruto had begun to bond with the Gremory clan. He spent a lot of time talking with Lord Gremory and Venelana.

To them, Naruto had become a second son. The clan had also seemed much more livelier as Naruto only seemed to make everyone around him smile. Lord Gremory had taken it upon himself to keep track of his training with the Rinnegan and Devil skills while Venelana began to take the roll of a motherly figure to Naruto.

She would often scold him when ever he was working to hard, but also complement him along the way every time after his training was finished. She would always prompt him to call her Kaa-san which made him feel a bit uncomfortable as he had a hard time generally warming up to it. In his heart, his Kaa-san that had died will always be his Kaa-san in mind and heart. But he did appreciate the gestures Venelana was attempting to make.

Naruto had also met Sirzechs once he begun his training. Lord Gremory introduced the two as so Sirzechs could help him hone his abilities. Naruto was very surprised of his appearance during their first meeting. Naruto had to admit he was the male version of Rias in terms of appearance if she was a bit older.

Naruto pegged Sirzechs at least a few years older then he was. But he was very shocked to find out he was almost a hundred years older then he was. He thought he would be very young as he held the appearance of someone in their twenties. One thing though that surprised Naruto was the carefree attitude he held himself with when he wasn't training. He was a very easy person to get along with which made it easy for Naruto to talk to him. But Naruto saw how quickly it changed when they began to spar with each other making him a very strong opponent as well.

One thing was for sure, he had a lot to learn in terms of battle. Sparring with Sirzechs opened his eyes to how weak he really was and how much work he needed to do to improve.


"Come on Naruto-kun, you have to do better then that! As a Devil, your strength and vision are enhanced. Try to keep up with my movements and hit me with that technique!"A figure said with black wings. The figure looked to be very lean and very handsome. He had shoulder length crimson hair with blue-green eyes. He was wearing what seemed to be loose fitting clothes that looked to be specifically for training. The figure had his black wings out as he used it to float above the training ground they were in. Naruto scrunched his face in concentration and held his palm out towards Sirzechs who began to move.

Naruto had his Rinnegan activated as he was trying to follow Sirzechs. His pupils were moving erratically trying to follow his movements as he flew around. As Naruto saw him begin to slow down, he held his palm out. "Shinra Ten.."

"Oomph!" Naruto grunted as he suddenly found his face hurting and himself being hurled across the ground.

"Do you think a Devil will wait for you to unleash your technique? Especially something as deadly as that? You have to be faster and more aware Naruto-kun. How are you going to protect Ria-tan and Akeno-chan this way? We have two years for you to be at least battle ready." Sirzechs taunted after punching him.

Something inside Naruto snapped. At an instant, he pictured what it would be like for them to get hurt in front of him. Naruto got up pointed his palm towards Sirzechs who was already moving. "No! I will not let them get hurt! Shinra Tensei!" He yelled recklessly.

"And just like that, you're dead" A voice instantly said behind him as he felt a hand on shoulder. Naruto's eyes could only widen as he began to slowly drop his arms and head in defeat as he knew who was behind him signaling the end of their spar. Sirzechs was right. He wasn't even paying attention just now. If Sirzechs was an enemy, he could have easily killed him.

"Let this be a lesson Naruto-kun. You have to learn how to focus and assess the situation your in. I know for a fact you're able to release that Shinra Tensei technique of yours with ease. So why were you waiting?" Sirzechs asked as he retracted his wings and landed on the ground. Naruto sighed as he sat down, Sirzechs following his motion.

"I don't know. I was just trying to follow you. I saw you slow down so I thought that would be my chance to hit you." Naruto said. Sirzechs smiled.

" Well its alright Naruto-kun, this is why we are training. Next time, don't following my movements, but learn how to anticipate them. That way, you have a better chance of hitting me " Sirzechs said.

Naruto nodded with a sigh. "Looks like I still got to work on my reaction time for the Rinnegan then."

"Also Naruto-kun, what I said about Rias and Akeno will most likely be said on the field as well. Especially when they see us grouped together and recognize me. You cant be emotional. I understand you want to protect them, but you have to be calmer then your opponent and not let those type of things get to you." Sirzechs said as he put a hand on his shoulder. Naruto looked at him and smiled.

"I still have a lot to learn don't I?" Naruto said. Sirzechs laughed.

"Yes you do, but I have been with you since you have been training and I think you will get there in no time. Just remember what I said." Sirzechs said with a smile as he ruffled his hair making Naruto smile.

Flashback End

Along with the training he was receiving, Naruto's relationship with Akeno and Rias had become stronger, stronger then any of the three could of imagined. Within the two years, Naruto could without a doubt say Akeno and Rias were his best friends. They had done everything together. They were never found apart from each other except on the occasions Naruto was training with Sirzechs.

There was also one thing Naruto had found out during these two years with them.

He had a major crush.

On both of them.

He always found both of them beautiful, but now they were growing even more beautiful, something he was glad to witness.

Rias had only changed a tiny bit. She grew a bit taller along with her beautiful crimson hair which seemed to get longer as well. Naruto always complemented on her long crimson hair which made her continue grow it out to his liking.

Akeno had also grown taller as well. Her hair had also grew, to a point where she always kept it in a ponytail to which Naruto complemented her on which ultimately led her to keep it that way most of the time.

All three of them were also growing physically as girls and boys. Something Naruto noticed with the girls when ever they hugged him, as he would feel something press against his chest.

The girls did notice this with him as well whenever they hugged as they felt his muscles, something that would make them both blush.

But thinking back to them, he had never been happy.

The mere image of them smiling always warmed his heart along with both of their personalities. Rias was always so kind and sweet. She was also very smart and perceptive for her age.

Akeno was along those lines. She was very kind and a bit shy at times. But she started to develop a slight teasing personality. She was always teasing him and Rias which would always make both parties blush. But after being around her for two years, he started to slowly tease her back in retaliation about her having a crush on him which ultimately would have her blushing.

But they were always caring of him as well, something he treasured deeply as his mother was the only one who cared for him. When ever he would train especially, they would make sure he didn't have any injuries and at times scold him for training to hard just like Venelana. He would always smile though and tell him everything was fine.

What Naruto didn't know, was both Akeno and Rias had developed a major crush on him during the two years as well.

From the time Naruto had saved her, Akeno knew he was going to be someone special in her life. She was right as she found herself always feeling happy around him. She was glad he decided to stay here. That loneliness she used to feel was gone. It went away when Rias and the Gremory clan accepting her and Naruto being her friend.

Within the two years she had found Naruto to become cuter and cuter. He would always make sure her and Rias were okay, and even when they had bad days he would make sure they would at least have a smile on their faces by the end of the day.

There was also one complement he would always give her. A complement she loved to hear. And it was always about her eyes. Naruto would always tell her that her eyes always looked beautiful, something she would never get tired of hearing from him.

For Rias, she had found not only a good friend in Akeno but Naruto as well. Being the youngest she didn't have a lot of people to play with. But with Naruto, he would always make time for her and Akeno. He also didn't seem embarrassed to complement not only her but Akeno when ever he could. In all honesty, she loved when ever he would complement her hair. She also knew it was Akeno's eyes for her. That was one thing both of them loved from him, he would always express what he felt for them no matter what.

Naruto could now be found looking at a practice dummy in front of him as he was doing his daily training within the courtyard. Raising his palm, he held it up looking at the dummy with his Rinnegan activated.

"Shinra Tensei!" He muttered.

"Boom!" His technique collided with the dummy, blasting it back leaving some rocks and dust in its wake. Naruto smiled as he looked at Akeno who was on the sidelines watching.

"Did you see that Akeno-chan?" He asked excitedly seeing how much damage he caused. Akeno only smiled as she looked at her friend. In two short years, Akeno could only notice how much he had grown. Naruto had grown the most out of the two over the past couple years. She could still remember him being that little boy.

But now he was beginning to grow into his teenage form . From what she could tell he grew a few inches. She guessed he stood at the height of 5'2. His body also became more toned which resembled that of a swimmer type body. As he grew, Akeno could also take note of his toned muscles that were growing in as well. His hair grew a little more, as it sagged just to the middle of his ears while his facial features were starting to become more firm with his jaw being a bit more pronounced. All in all, Akeno could definitely say he was becoming more and more manlier. And cuter. Did she mention cuter?

"Akeno-chan come on! Did you see that?" Akeno was snapped out of her daydreaming and smiled as she saw Naruto looking at her.

"I did see it Naruto-kun. That was impressive." She said as she got up and made her way over to him. She and Naruto began to make their way over to the dummy that was lying on the ground. Naruto reached it and knelled down to examine it.

"Wow. I actually made it crack in some places. It even broke at the arms" Naruto said very pleased at what he saw.

"Ara, it looks like your technique is getting stronger Naruto-kun" Akeno said. Naruto looked at her and smiled sheepishly as he turned off his Rinnegan.

"Thanks Akeno-chan" He said with a smile.

"It looks like it certainly has." A voice said behind them. Both turned around to see a familiar figure.

"Lord Gremory" Naruto said with a slight bow. Akeno bowed her head in respect as well. Lord Gremory waved it off.

"What have I told you about bowing to me Naruto?" He asked.

Naruto sighed and smiled. "That I don't need too."

Lord Gremory smiled "Exactly."

Naruto and Akeno then spotted Rias next to him who was smiling. They both smiled at her, acknowledging her presence.

"Hey Rias-chan" Naruto said. Rias smiled at him.

"Hi Naruto-kun, Akeno-chan" She said happily

"Anyways I have to come inform you. Your training will be coming to an end and that you will be leaving." Lord Gremory said with a serious face. Naruto's expression turned serious as well while Akeno and Rias took on worried expressions.

"When?" Naruto asked.

"Tomorrow morning." He said.

"Ara, already?" Akeno asked slightly saddened.

Lord Gremory smiled. "Well he has been training for two years now. It also seems the other faction is starting to move as well." Lord Gremory said as he noticed all three of their expressions to be a bit saddened.

"How about you stop training for the day Naruto? You, Akeno-chan and Rias-chan could spend the rest of the day doing what you guys want." Lord Gremory said to him. All three heads perked up. Rias looked to her father.

"Really Tou-san?" She asked excitedly. Lord Gremory put a hand on top of her head and smiled.

"Yes. Go on ahead" He said. Rias zoomed from her spot down to Naruto and Akeno and began to drag them both by the arm out the compound.

"Thank you Lord Gremory!" Naruto shouted as he was being dragged away.

"Thank you as well Lord Gremory!" Akeno said as she too was being dragged away. Lord Gremory only nodded his head with a smile on his face as he watched them disappear from his view.

"If I didn't know any better. I would say Ria-tan and Akeno-chan have token a major liking to Naruto-kun. I could even say they have crushes." A figure said beside Lord Gremory. Looking to his left, Lord Gremory spotted his son, Sirzechs leaning against a wall with his arms crossed. Lord Gremory only smiled.

"It would seem so wouldn't it? I have no problem with it." He said. His expression then turned serious. "Do you think he is ready?" Lord Gremory asked his son. Sirzechs merely sighed.

"Ability wise, most definitely. It will now come down to how he will react in battle. But you did tell me he was able to hold off a priest with mediocre skill, granted he knew very little of his powers. But without a doubt he definitely has improved his abilities so much that I'm starting to find a hard time avoiding his Shinra Tensei. His reaction time, thinking and his hand to hand are all on point." Sirzechs finished. Lord Gremory nodded.

"Have you told him he might have to take lives of other Devils?" Lord Gremory asked. Sirzechs frowned and nodded.

"Yes I did. He told me about what happened to his mother. He told me he was ready to do what ever it took to protect Ria-tan and Akeno-chan. But we'll see once the time comes." Sirzechs said. Lord Gremory rose his eyebrows.

"He wasn't at all against it?" He asked his son curiously.

"Well you aware of his past. He had to grow up and mature faster then most. I know he's ready Tou-san." Sirzechs countered. Lord Gremory nodded as he took in the information.

"He has told me though he will go back to Uzumaki territory during our time out." Sirzechs said getting his father's attention. Lord Gremory looked at him.

"I see. He wants to find more techniques on the Rinnegan doesn't he?" He deduced. Sirzechs nodded. "That would make sense. They should have more in depth information on the Rinnegan aside from what we know." Lord Gremory said.

"Yes. Although it is scary to think that in a few years he should be able to match me in ability." Sirzechs said which made Lord Gremory widened his eyes.

"And your positive about this? You do know you're ability is already considered as a High Class Devil?" Lord Gremory told his son. Sirzechs only laughed.

"That Rinnegan of his is amazing. But its not just his eyes, its his ability to pick up on things and master them in a short amount of time. He isn't like most kids his age. I believe he will no doubt become a strong demon." Sirzechs said with a smile.

Lord Gremory only smiled at his sons opinion of Naruto. "Is that so?

With Naruto

Meanwhile, Naruto was being dragged around by Rias who was excited to spend the rest of the day with her two friends. "Rias-chan slow down. You're going to pull my arm off." Naruto whined. Rias let go of his arm and huffed.

"Well excuse me for being excited to play with my friends." She said. Akeno who was next to them giggled.

"You and Naruto-kun are too cute" Akeno said as she put her hand to her mouth and giggled. Naruto and Rias immediately blushed as they were both being teased again. But hearing this, Naruto smirked.

"You know Akeno-chan you're really cute too." Naruto said innocently looking at her. Akeno eyes slightly widened as she turned her head averting his gaze as she blushed. She then felt an arm wrap around her shoulders.

"Gotcha" Naruto said with a smile as he put the other arm around Rias who was at this point was giggling. Akeno only shook her head and smiled as she slightly leaned against Naruto.

"So where are we going Rias-chan?" Naruto asked. Rias only smiled and was about to respond until their destination came into view.

"There!" She pointed. They saw a small park that had a playground. "Race you to the swings Akeno-chan!" Rias yelled as she ran forward.

"You're on!" Akeno yelled back as they both raced to the swings. Naruto only laughed as he jogged slightly to catch up to them both. They both were already seated and began to swing their legs.

"Naruto-kun, come push me" Akeno said as she looked at him. Naruto smiled.

"Alright Akeno-chan" Naruto said as he made his way behind Akeno. Akeno looked towards Rias who had a tick mark on her forehead for taking Naruto's attention away first. Akeno saw this and stuck her tongue out in victory.

"Come on Naruto-kun! Push me harder" She said. Naruto smiled as he only pushed her harder which resulted in her going higher.

"Naruto-kun! Can you push me now? Please?" Rias said to him as she pouted. Naruto who couldn't resist her cute face walked over to her side.

"Okay Rias-chan! Lets do this!" He said as he began to push Rias.

"Naruto-kun? Why did you stop pushing?" Akeno yelled as she began to slow down. She then looked to her right and saw why. She saw Naruto pushing Rias now.

Looking at Rias, it seemed the tables were turned as Rias was looking at her sticking her tongue out in victory which resulted in Akeno developing the tick mark on her forehead this time.

"Naruto-kun can you push me now?" Akeno asked with a smile. Naruto was still pushing Rias, headed back over to Akeno and began to push her again.

"Naruto-kun! I'm starting to slow down." Rias yelled after a few seconds of him running to Akeno. In no way she was going to let Akeno win in getting his attention. Naruto ran back over to Rias again.

"Naruto-kun can you push me again! Please!"

(Runs back to Akeno)

"Naruto-kun I want to go higher!"

(Runs back to Rias)


(Runs back to Akeno)


(Runs back to Rias)


(Runs back to Akeno)


(Runs back to Rias)

"Naruto-kun?" Akeno spoke as she was expecting Naruto to be behind her and not Rias.

"Naruto-kun?" Rias spoke as well expecting him to be behind her and not Akeno.

Once there momentum on the swings died down, they looked back to see Naruto...

On the ground...

Crying comical tears as he was heaving for oxygen.

"Naruto-kun!" They both yelled as they got off the swing and ran to him.

"Naruto-kun are you okay?" Akeno asked as she picked up his head and cradled it in her lap.

"Too...Much.. Swing...Back..Forth...Head...Spinning." He murmured dizzily with stars in his eyes. Akeno only smirked.

"Aw how sad. Would you like me to kiss your head to make it all better Naruto-kun?" Akeno asked with a smile. Naruto who was currently on the ground, sprang up like hot lava had just touched him.

"No I'm okay Akeno-chan" He said with a blush as he scratched the back of his head. Akeno smiled slyly at seeing this. It was always so cute to her seeing him get embarrassed.

"Lets sit on the swings." Rias said with relief seeing Naruto was okay. Naruto nodded as they made their way back to the swings. Naruto sat in the middle of the three swings while Akeno and Rias took both sides.

It became relatively silent between them. Naruto was casually looking at the other kids playing while Akeno and Rias were looking around enjoying some of the scenery. As they were enjoying their silence, Rias, who saw a few parents pick up their kids heard them whispering about her.

"Oh my is that Rias Gremory of the Gremory clan?" One mother asked to her husband.

"Well what do you know? That is her. I should have known she was a Gremory due to that hair." The father said as they began to walk away with their child. Rias only sighed at what she heard. That was one thing she did not like.

She was thankful for her family and wealth in the Gremory clan, but that is all people saw her as. Rias Gremory of the Gremory clan. Never just Rias, the Rias who likes to play and have fun, the Rias that loves Japanese artifacts. Rias only sighed again at the thought of that.

"Rias-chan, are you okay?" A voice next to her asked. Rias looked to see Naruto looking at her in concern. That was one of the things she loved about Naruto. He made sure not only her, but Akeno as well were always okay. He always wanted to make them happy. Rias put up a weak front.

"I'm okay Naruto-kun" She said smiling, Naruto snorted seeing how she wasn't even trying to act like she was okay.

"Rias-chan, I've been around you for two years. I know when you're lying." Naruto said. Rias sighed yet again, she should have known. She looked him in the eyes, her's conveying nervousness.

"Do you think of me as Rias Gremory of the Gremory clan?" Rias asked him. Naruto looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Of course I do. I mean you are Rias Gremory of the Gremory clan." Naruto said.

"Oh" Rias said as she held her head down. Slightly saddened he look at her the same as everybody else did.

"However" Naruto said getting her attention.

"You are also Rias. Rias who is very sweet to not only her friends but to her clan members. Rias who is very smart, beautiful and sometimes vulnerable like right now. You are also the Rias who has an obsession with Japan which I think is a little unhealthy. But that is the Rias I know and love." Naruto said as he looked at her with a smile. Rias eyes widened at what she had heard.

That was everything she had wanted to hear and more. To think Naruto knew all of these things about her. Rias got off her swing and took a few steps over to him. Naruto only rose an eyebrow at her action. When she reached him, she bent down and kissed his cheeks, making his eyes widen.

"Thank you Naruto-kun" She whispered with a smile as she walked back to her swing with a slight blush. Akeno who had heard the conversation, smiled. It was just like Naruto to know what to say to make Rias feel better. Although she too was curious as to what Naruto thought of her. They may have been friends for two years, but even she did not know what he fully thought of her.

"Naruto-kun?" Akeno asked as she looked at him. Naruto turned his head to look at Akeno.

"Yeah Akeno-chan?" He said with a smile.

"What do you think of me? As you know, I am a hybrid of a human and Fallen Angel. Rias-chan tells me when she is allowed to have a peerage she wants me as her queen. Then I'll become a half Devil and half Fallen Angel. Would you still accept me then knowing what I am?" Akeno asked nervously. Naruto looked at her with a frown.

"What are you saying Akeno-chan! Of course I'll still accept you!" He shouted at her surprising her.

"Akeno-chan, ever since that day I saved you, I have a been around you and gotten to know you. I don't care what type of Devil or Fallen Angel you are. Your Akeno Himejima, one of the prettiest, smartest and coolest girl I have seen. So don't think any different. You, Rias and I will always be friends, and I will always be there for you. In plus, if you don't remember, I am a half Angel and half Devil. So we are no different Akeno-chan." Naruto said strongly.

Akeno could only widen her eyes at what he said. She never knew he felt so strongly about her and Rias. How could she also be so forgetful as well? Naruto was pretty much the same as she was. A hybrid. Her lips formed into a smile after she heard what she just did. It became clear to her that Naruto liked her regardless of what she was. Something she will always remember.

Rias who was on the opposite side this time, smiled at what she heard. Seeing how they had played for awhile, Naruto finally got up from his swing and looked at them.

"I think its about time we head home Rias-chan, Akeno-chan." Naruto said with a smile as he offered them both his hands. Rias and Akeno looked at each other and smiled. Taking his hand, they quickly wrapped both of their arms around his one arm, latching on to it.

"Yes, lets." Rias said as she held on to his arm. Naruto then felt a pair of lips on his check. Widening his eyes he looked to his side to see Akeno smiling at him with a blush.

"You don't know how much that means to me." She whispered just loud enough for Naruto to hear. Naruto must of thought it was because he said to her. He only smiled at her. "No problem Akeno-chan" He whispered back.

The three of them walked at a comfortable pace back to the Gremory household. Rias and Akeno were smiling at how things went today. It was a good day for both of them considering they got to play and be with their crush. Although they were disheartened that their best friend had to leave tomorrow to fight a miniature war within the Satan faction. Time sure passes by. They didn't even know how long he would be gone.

It was then they felt their crush stop. Breaking their train of thought they looked at Naruto to see him looking off in some direction. He then turned his head to look at them.

"Hey Akeno-chan, Rias-chan, why don't you guys go up to the compound since its close. I want to check something out real quick." Naruto said to them. Akeno and Rias only rose their eyebrows at what he could of possibly wanted to look at.

"Are you sure you don't want us to come with you Naruto-kun?" Rias asked. Naruto laughed lightly.

"Yeah I'll be fine. You guys go ahead. I'll be back in a few minutes." Naruto said to them. Akeno and Rias shrugged and untangled themselves from his arms and began to walk home. They took one last look at him before heading back to the compound, wondering what he was going to do. Little did they know they were in for a surprise.

Naruto had begun to walk in a different direction of where Akeno and Rias were going. He appeared to be walking down a street in a specific direction. "Hopefully this is something Akeno-chan and Rias-chan will like. I guess it will do for now. Until later that is." Naruto said to himself as he had his hands in his pockets.

Walking down he came to a small building with many machines inside. Walking inside, many noises assaulted his ears. Naruto looked around to see many flashing lights along with different kids having fun with the machines.

Naruto smiled as he saw how the atmosphere was. Walking around, it seemed he was looking for one machine in particular. Naruto stopped in front of a small machine that was against the wall. He smiled as he found the object he was looking for inside the machine.

"There it is." He said with a smile as he reached into his pocket and took money out, thus proceeding to put it in the machine.

The Following Morning

It seemed to be quite early in the Underworld as we could now be seen at the Gremory household. Two figures were dressed as if they were going to war.

One was Sirzechs standing tall and firm. On him was a shoulder pad type like armor. It was beautifully designed that was colored black and gold. Under the initial shoulder pad type armor were other protruding type pads. There was also a nice sized chest plate in the middle. Under was a long dark blue cape that was sported with long white garb with a dark blue sash across his waist.

The other was Naruto. Unlike Sirzechs, he sported a long black cloak that came down to his ankles. It was slightly unbuttoned as you can see him sporting a similar white garb like Sirzechs. His outfit was very simple as he decided he wanted to be able to move freely. Most of the clan members were there as well coming to see them both off.

Most notable were Lord Gremory and Venelana. Lord Gremory could only look at his son and Naruto with pride. He knew that they would resolve this issue and make it back unharmed. Meanwhile, Venelana had slight tears in her eyes. She couldn't help but worry about them both as well. She know Sirzechs was strong, very strong. He did inherit her ability of destruction after all, but as a mother she still couldn't help but worry.

Then there was Naruto.

She smiled as she thought about the two years he was here. She had immediately took the role of a mother figure to him. Well tried to at least. Even though he didn't need it and still felt uncomfortable about it, she still wanted to let him know he was family, apart of their family. She would also notice something about Naruto when ever she would scold him.

At times when she would scold him and lecture him, he would always argue with her. But after, she would see a small smile play on his a face, like he appreciated the attention she was giving. Thinking back to it made her smile as she knew she as slowly getting through to him. She was still worrying about them both. The only thing that made her relax was she knew her son and Naruto had built a strong bond during these two years so she knew they would both look out for each other. Well mainly Sirzechs doing the looking out.

Akeno and Rias were smiling on the outside but on the inside they were sad. I mean who wouldn't be sad knowing their crush and best friend will be going away for who knows how long? They both wanted to at least show him they were interested in him so when he came back they could both probably become boyfriend and girlfriend. But it just seemed they were just too afraid, aside from the kissing on the cheek and teasing, that was all they could muster up. But both knew they couldn't do it now as it was time for him to leave and their confidence dwindling.

Lord Gremory was the first to step up. He laid a hand on Sirzechs shoulder and smiled.

"You be careful now you hear?" Lord Gremory said. Sirzechs only smiled.

"Of course Tou-san. You worry about what goes on here. We'll be back in no time" He said with a smile.

"You look out for him also. You got that?" Lord Gremory said referring to Naruto. Sirzechs only nodded.

"Of course. That is if he needs me too. I don't think he will need me that much considering how much he has grown." He said. Lord Gremory only nodded.

"I'm proud of you son. Show them the Gremory name." He said with a smile as he stepped back while Sirzechs only smiled at him. Venelana then came forward and wrapped her arms around her son.

"Be careful okay? And watch after Naruto alright? I don't want anything happening to the both of you. I want both of you to come back safely." She said sniffling. Sirzechs only laughed as he patted his mothers back in attempt to comfort her.

"I will Kaa-chan. Don't worry about us." He said. Venelana wiped a tear from her eye and smiled.

"It's a mothers job too." She said as she kissed his forehead and stepped back. Rias and Akeno then stepped forward. Sirzechs smiled at his little sister and friend.

"Ah Ria-tan, you be good now okay? I want you to train also. Become strong like me. Understand?" He said as he ruffled her hair. Rias only smiled and nodded.

"Hai, Onii-san. Be careful okay?" She said as she hugged him with her little arms. Sirzechs merely smiled as he then looked at Akeno.

"Akeno-chan you take care of Ria-tan okay? She can sometimes be quite obnoxious when her Onii-san isn't around." He said with a smile as Akeno only giggled.

"Onii-san!" Rias whined in embarrassment while everyone laughed. Akeno only nodded with a smile.

"Good luck and be careful Sirzechs-sama" She said.

Everyone had then turned their attention to Naruto who was smiling at them all. Lord Gremory was the first to come forward again.

"Naruto-kun, you have grown in these past two years. I am proud to say you have become a great Devil and will continue to grow. I know you will do well in this war you two have to face. I'm proud of you, Venelana-chan is proud of you and most of all everyone here is as well. Do not forget that Naruto." Lord Gremory said as he patted him on the shoulder. Naruto merely smiled at what he had said.

"Thank you Lord Gremory." He said softly to him. Lord Gremory only smiled back and nodded. Venelana came forward and hugged him the same as when she did with Sirzechs. She pulled away with a stern expression.

"You be careful as well okay? If you think you need to come back then please do. I would rather have you come home injured then dead. You understand?" She said still having the same stern expression.

Naruto merely chuckled as he reached out and hugged her which shocked her. This had been the first affectionate gesture he had shown her since she had known him. "Thank you Venelana-chan." He said softly.

Venelana who was still shocked about the affectionate gesture, returned the hug nonetheless and smiled. She was glad their relationship was moving forward. A few seconds later, Venelana backed away from the hug and kissed his forehead.

"Be careful Naruto-kun" She said with a smile. Naruto who was a bit shocked at first, touched his forehead and smiled as he nodded.

The last two to come up were Akeno and Rias. Both had sad expressions clearly evident on there face. Noticing it, Naruto only smiled at them and began to talk hoping to make them feel better. "Don't be sad Akeno-chan, Rias-chan. I won't be gone forever. I will come back. I swear." He said trying to make them feel better.

Rias and Akeno couldn't take it anymore and lunged forward, both wrapping their arms around his body. Naruto wasn't ready for it as he stumbled back a little but was still able to keep his standing position. Naturally, Naruto put his arms around the two girls. But after a while, he felt his chest become damp. He pulled back from the hug to look at him. Naruto could only look at them with sadness.

It absolutely broke his heart to see them sad, and the way they were acting only made it worse. Naruto could only sigh. "I guess it's time now." He thought. "Akeno-chan, Rias-chan. Its okay. Please stop crying. Look, I actually got you two something." Naruto said as he started to reach into his cloak. With that said they automatically stopped crying to look at him in confusion.

"Eh, what did you get us Naruto-kun?" Akeno asked as Rias nodded in agreement, curious as to what he had gotten them. Naruto pulled his hand out of his cloak with his hands in a closed fist. He then got down on one knee. Lord Gremory's and Venelana's eyes widened.

"Don't tell me..."

"Oh I think so Venelana-chan" Lord Gremory said with a grin.

Naruto opened his hand to reveal two rings. Everyone their including Rias and Akeno gasped at what they saw Naruto do.

"Akeno-chan, Rias-chan. I've known you both for two years now. And in those two years, I have come to like you both a lot. I cant help but get a certain feeling in my stomach when I'm around you two. I know every time I see you both, I'm always happy. So what I would like to know is, would you two become my girlfriends when I come back?" Naruto said nervously as he held the two rings.

Lord Gremory merely chuckled at what he heard from Naruto. "Hm, Guess I was wrong. But the boy sure does know how to keep you in suspense." Lord Gremory said with a smile.

"Talk about being bold, two girlfriends at age twelve huh? You surely are something Naruto-kun. Ria-tan say yes! I could already see Naruto as my future brother in law!" Sirzechs yelled as he flailed his arms making everyone there laugh.

Akeno and Rias this whole time were silent. Both didn't know what to say. At first they thought he was going to actually propose to them, but he had just ask them to be his girlfriends probably already knowing marriage was too early. Akeno was the first to snap out of her stupor and speak up.

"I would like nothing more then to become your girlfriend when you come back Naruto-kun" She said with a smile.

"I-I accept Naruto-kun. I would love to be your girlfriend" Rias said with a smile. Naruto got up from his knee and smiled as he both handed Rias and Akeno their rings. It was then everything made sense to them.

"Is this what you wanted to look at yesterday?" Akeno asked as she looked at the ring and noticed it wasn't real. Naruto only nodded with a smile.

"Yeah it is. I saw it through a window in one of those game machines." He said. He then took both of their hands that didn't hold the ring and looked at them.

"I just thought I would get these as promise that I will come back to you both. And when I do, I want you both to be my side." Naruto said with a soft smile. Akeno and Rias looked at each other and nodded with smiles as they both jumped on Naruto hugging him again, this time with happy expressions.

After a big hug, they both got off of him with bright smiles which only served to make Naruto smile.

"I'll be waiting Naruto-kun" Rias said with a smile.

"But don't make us wait to long Naruto-kun." Akeno teased as she smiled at him.

"I wont. I will be back when this thing is over with. But the problem is I don't know how long this problem will last." Naruto said as he scratched his head and looked over at Sirzechs who was nodding.

"Yes what Naruto-kun says is true. But I assure it will not be that long." Sirzechs told them. Sirzechs looked at Naruto and nodded.

"Alright Naruto-kun, its time to go" Sirzechs said as he turned around. Naruto nodded and was going to turn aroundas well, until someone pulled on his hand. Turning around he saw Akeno and Rias looking at him with blushes.

It was then Akeno came forward and gave him a small peck on his lips. An action Naruto couldn't reciprocate in time as he was in shock. Akeno giggled as she saw the dazed expression on Naruto's face from the kiss. Rias then stepped up and and gave him a light kiss as well.

"Aww" Was the collective sound that came from everyone.

They both backed away with blushes on their face. Naruto had gain an even bigger blush being that he was not use to Akeno and Rias showing affection towards him like this. Naruto was still glued to his spot as he touched his lips not even paying attention to anyone else. Akeno and Rias could only giggle at his cute gobsmacked face. Sirzechs who had seen this only shook his head with a smile.

"Alright lover boy, lets get a move on" Sirzechs said with a smile. Naruto was snapped out of his musings and nodded. He looked at Akeno and Rias one more time and smiled at them before turning away to catch up with Sirzechs.



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Next Time

"Why the hell did you attack me and the who hell are you?" Naruto asked the man calmly in front of him. The old man smiled as he relaxed his posture and stroked his mustache.

"I am the guardian of this shrine. Only those who wield the eyes of God may pass through. Although I could ask you the same question young man." The old man said to him. Naruto's eyes widened at what he heard the old man say. "The eyes of God. He couldn't mean.." Naruto closed his eyes and took a deep breath in. He slowly opened them to look at the old man. The old man's eyes widened as he saw the purple ripples in the young mans eyes. The old man smiled.

"So you have finally arrived. Come young one. There is much we must talk about." The old man said as he turned around and walked forward.

"Hey wait! What do you mean we have much to talk about?" Naruto yelled as he ran to catch up to him.

The old man looked over his shoulder and smiled. "We have to prepare you for the Apocalypse." He said.