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Epilogue- Disappearance

            A few days have passed since the last chapter…

            Dante Sparda paced around his office in Devil Never Cry. He was angry and nervous. His long red trench coat rustled with his constant movements. Trish sat in his usual chair at his desk, following his movements with her eyes. She didn't dare speak a word, so she watched him silently. She had to admit his constant frantic movements were giving her a headache.

            "I knew we shouldn't have left him alone!" Dante fumed. "If something happens to him, I'll never forgive myself!"

            "Dante, he'll be alright." Trish told him.

            "I won't forgive you either, Trish." He added and his eyes glared at her through silvery strands of hair. "I told you to stay here with him."

            The comment caught Trish off guard. She opened her mouth to protest, but quickly closed it without saying a word.

            He turned away from her and continued his pacing. "He never listens to me and he's just as stubborn as I am!" Dante continued.

            "Got that right!" Trish muttered under her breath.

            Dante heard her, he stopped pacing momentarily, but he didn't say a word to acknowledge the comment. He started pacing again. Trish let out a breath in relief; she didn't want to piss him off more.

            Dante walked over to the desk and sat down opposite of Trish. He pulled the chair up closer to the desk, so that he could lay his hands on the desktop. He interlocked his fingers and looked at Trish. "Sorry Trish, I didn't mean to take it out on you." His tone and expression softened. "It's just that..."

            "It's just that you barely got him back and he's off doing something dangerous, for all we know." Trish finished for him.

            Dante nodded his head in agreement. "He's careless and immature."

            "Like father like son." Trish said softly and smiled mischievously.

            "Exactly," Dante replied. "He has some power but he isn't too well trained. I'm afraid he might get in over his head."

            "Dante he's a teenager. It's his job to give his parents grief. Besides we don't know where he is. Just because we left to handle that mission and he was gone when we came back doesn't mean a new mission was called in and he took it." Trish told him. "Besides he knows you wouldn't approve if he took a mission and went without you."

            "You're right Trish, but where would he go. He wouldn't have gone to see Tom and Angelina. They don't know he's back yet. He promised me we would see his adoptive parents together, so that we could explain everything to them." Dante told her.

            They sat pensively for a few minutes in total silence. Both of them lost in thought. Abruptly Dante rose from the chair, causing it to screech loudly along the floor.

            "What is it?" Trish asked him startled.  

            "I know where he is!" Dante exclaimed. Trish rose from the chair and Dante gestured for her to stay seated. "No, stay here, I won't need backup. It's a safe place." He told her. He grabbed his keys and headed out of Devil Never Cry.

            He drove on his motorcycle until he reached the location where he knew his son would be. He parked his motorcycle at the gate of the cemetery and walked inside. Dante walked amongst the graves until he saw him. His son stood solemnly in front of two graves.  Dante walked over to stand beside him and glanced down at the graves. It was Amara's tombstone and right beside it stood Gabriel's tombstone.

            "This is so unreal," Gabriel said his eyes still on his tombstone. "I still can't believe I was dead and buried. It all seems like a distant nightmare. None of it seems real, but it was."

            Dante placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, squeezing it gently, and turned to look at him. He didn't know what to say. What words would comfort him? "I'm just glad you're back. With time we will put these events behind us. I wish I could tell you the pain goes away, but it doesn't." He looked down sadly at Amara's grave. "Some pain always lingers, no matter what."

            Gabriel kneeled down and placed the bouquet of pink carnations on his mother's grave. He reached over and gently touched the tombstone. "See you later mom." He whispered. He stood back straight on his feet and turned to his dad. "I know you're right dad." Gabriel told him.

            Dante gave him a half smile. He was glad to see Gabriel here and not off somewhere fighting demons. All the anger and frustration he was feeling washed away from him quickly. "Let's go home, Gabriel." Dante told him.

            "Home. Yeah, let's go." Gabriel said and they walked out of the cemetery.

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