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Have you ever felt like you're the only damn person in a room full of mentally challenged people? Like everybody judges you with every step you take? Well I, Bella Swan, have. The only difference between you and I, is that fucks I give are almost non-existing. When you grow up as a Swan, having emotions and giving two fucks about what people think, will get you slapped or punched. In our household you have to follow the rules. While you sleep, the rules must be the only thing you dream about, while you bathe the rules must be the only thing you scrub into your skin besides soap, while you eat, the rules must be the only thing you gather in your mouth.

Being a Swan means you are important in this world, there isn't anything that can touch you and there isn't anything that can defeat you. So when your father, head of the Swan household, says you marry a Cullen, you marry a Cullen.

When you marry said Cullen you be a good little wife and produce an heir. But what happens when you fall in love with said Cullen? What happens when he cheats and what happens when you run? You make sure you're not the daughter of Charlie Swan or the wife of Edward Cullen, that's what you do.

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