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Chapter Five. Non Human

It's been years since I've watched this show, literal years. Maybe even close to a decade since I've seen the Doctor in his tenth regeneration. It hadn't been important to me anymore, small details are blurry, some gone completely, entire episodes rubbish, and I nearly forgot the ending.

Alright, taking that into account maybe I shouldn't have centered my entire survival plan around a man I could barely remember. It wasn't the greatest idea, I had to make some rather rash decision quickly, but seriously this was really bad. Worst than I thought possible.

I'm still crying as I walk forward, which seriously sucks. I literally look like a carrot now, all red faced, bright eared and ginger hair. I stepped closer to the Doctor, my shoulders shaking as neither bodies on the floor moved.

Well crap. Double crap. Triple crap. Crap crap crap crap.

Was the Doctor dead? I couldn't remember this at all. I tugged on my hospital gown, letting out a little distressed whine as Martha stayed in the room behind me. I looked down at the two bodies in mute horror as I leaned over him.

I must have jumped twice my height when the Doctor suddenly leapt up with a shout, Martha yelping in surprise behind me. I twitched dangerously, continuing to rub snot and tears on the back of my arm as I looked between the dead Slab and the brightly grinning Doctor in relief.

So he wasn't, that's good. Well, mostly.

As I watched Martha looked on incredulously, the Doctor patting himself down, I let out a little hysterical giggle. I started shaking harder, unable to decide which thing from today I should focus on the most. There was just too many impossible horrifying choices really.

Should I focus on the dying part, the trying not to die part, being a child part, or the waking up in the world of Doctor Who part? The Doctor was alive which was good but other than that?

Choices, choices, choices.

Oh, will you look at that? Now I was laughing, cackling hysterically as tears stream down my face. Haha, this is wonderful.

It's official, I'm broken.

"What did you do?" Martha gasped as she hid behind the door, looking horrified at the Slab. The Doctor just grinned, sending me a quick wink before pointing at the machine behind him.

"Increased the radiation by five thousand per cent. Killed him dead."

I laughed louder, rubbing frantically at my eyes. Oh this was priceless. Of course he did, that made perfect sense didn't it? Total sense.

"Isn't that likely to kill you?" She was worried and I could totally, most definitely understand. She still thought he was human after all. Ha! The Doctor, dying from radiation? That's funny, this wasn't The End Of Time yet, still no Master or Gallefray. He still had a bit of running left in him.

Oooh, memories. Cool. It was nice to know I still have some left.

I just kept cackling, my nose stuffy as hot tears soaked my face. This was great, I was really in the world of the Doctor! This was unbelievable.

"No." I croaked out, rubbing eyes and shaking with laughter. No no no, this was really real. He was fine, the slab was dead, and the Doctor shrugged in agreement.

"Nah! Little guy's right, it's only radiation. We used to play with roentgen bricks in the nursery. It's safe for you to come out, I've absorbed it all. All I need to do is expel it." He laughed and started bouncing and hopping in place. I just giggled louder, smiling brightly. He made the most ridiculous face, sticking out his tongue in concentration, shaking his arms and legs.

"If I concentrate I can shake the radiation out of my body and into one spot. It's in my left shoe. Here we go, here we go, easy does it..." He started shaking just one foot as Martha finally stepped into the room. My tears and giggles were mixing now, and I was laughing too hard. Oh man, this was serious.

"Out, out, out, out, out! Out! ...Ah, ah, ah, ah! It is! It is! It is, it is, it is hot!" Oh god, was he trying to kill me? I grabbed my stomach as I doubled over, my laughter turning painful. He grinned as he violently tugged off his shoe with a cheer. "Ah! Hold on!"

He then promptly threw his shoe into the dustbin next to the machine, the top spinning comically.


I slapped my hand over my mouth as a mixture between a sob and a laugh came out, the Doctor laughing as well. First I'm sobbing uncontrollably in the Doctor's arms, now with the laughing? Man I'm a mess.

"You, you're completely mad." Martha whispered as she looked between us in horror, sending me a long concerned glance. "What's wrong with you?" I smiled at her, scratching my nose in a nervous habit.

What? She was acting like she'd never seen a child madly cackle. So I was having a bit of a nervous break down, eh whatever. What did she expect?

The Doctor nodded, suddenly going serious as he looked down at himself. "You're right. I look daft with one shoe." He then bent down, removing the other converse and throwing it away before standing up, a look of triumph plastered on his face.

"Barefoot on the moon!" He cheered, Martha gaping as my tears, thank you god, started to dry out.

Alright then, I knew a good idea when I see it.

I quickly followed suit, pulling off my ugly socks and throwing them to the side. I cheered as the Doctor laughed with me, and I bounced in place, wiggling my toes. We beamed at each other and I couldn't help it as my face went red again.

Stupid infectious smiling. I was a lost cause, totally bonkers. I was completely mad. I snorted, rubbing the rest of my tears and snot away.

"So what is that thing? And where's it from? The planet Zovirax?" Martha sighed dramatically before looking down at the slab, ignoring our antics as I finally got my laughter under control and stepped closer. That was witty, but no.

"Oh this!" The Doctor nudged it with a foot, chuckling. "It's just a Slab. They're called 'Slabs'. Basic slave drones, see? Solid leather, all the way through. Someone has got one hell of a fetish." He mused and Martha nodded.

While they were distracted by the plot, I took this moment to step forward, grabbing the Doctor's hand again and squeezing it tight. I was ready for him to try to yank it back as I curled my finger around his.

Only for me to blink in surprise. The Doctor, rather than trying to pull free, sent me the same beaming smile, squeezing back just as tightly. He even pulled me closer. I stared at him in shock as he swung our arms back and forth, and he chuckled at my obvious bewilderment.

Huh? Well that's different. When did that start?

"It came with that woman, Mrs. Finnegan. It was working for her. Just like a servant." She started biting a fingernail, looking at the ruined door. The Doctor hummed, turning around to grab his Sonic. Oh, ah oh I remembered this.

I cringed in pity as he pulled out what remained of his favorite sonic screwdriver from the x-ray machine.

Oh dear. Here comes the water works.

"My sonic screwdriver." The Doctor whispered, holding up the burned out shell with horrified disbelief. I tugged on his arm as Martha continued to talk, completely missing out as he mourned for his lost device.

"She was one of the patients, but -"

"My sonic screwdriver!" He wailed, his lower lip shaking.

"It's okay." I whispered shyly, patting his knee as he sent me a withered look. "You can get a new one."

"She had a straw like some kind of vampire." She was trying to get his attention but the Doctor seemed more intent on the dead sonic.

"I loved my sonic screwdriver! And get a new one?" He shot me a look as he held it up his closer to the light. " Get a new one? So I can just get a new one huh? It still won't be my sonic screwdri-"Martha whirled around and stomped her foot, cutting him off with a shout.

"Doctor!" He froze before looking up, smiling brightly.

"Oh. Sorry." He chirped, tossing the broken sonic over his shoulder. He was positively beaming as Martha stumbled over his sudden switch in moods, and I rolled my eyes.

Really, this was just his personality. The rapidly changing emotions, the constant talking, the licking strange things that shouldn't be licked. That was just him.

"You called me 'Doctor'." He explained as she shot him another look, squeezing my hand. I giggled, couldn't help it, he just looked so proud of himself. The smug goof.

"Anyway!" Martha groaned, rolling her eyes. She was stressed, her hands on her hips. "Miss Finnegan is the alien. She was drinking Mr. Stoker's blood." The Doctor tilted his head to the side and hummed.

"Really? Funny time to take a snack. You'd think she'd be hiding. Unless -" He gasped, looking between us. "No. Yes, no, that's it, wait a minute. Yes!" He threw his free arm into the air as it hit him.

"Shape-changer! Internal shape-changer. She wasn't drinking blood, she was assimilating it!" I nodded, oh I remembered that now. She was a Plasmavor right? A creepy old woman with a giant bendy straw to the neck. I thought it was a very original monster concept when I watched it the first time.

"If she can assimilate Mr Stoker's blood, mimic the morphology, she can register as human. We've got to find her and show the Judoon. Come on!" He grinned as he tugged me out the door, and I tripped over my feet for what seemed like the thousandth time.

He sprinted down the hallway, Martha running behind us before we bolted down another set of stairs. I was pretty much dragged along. I was really starting to hate being this short, couldn't I have at least changed into someone who could properly run straight?

We entered another hallway, quickly hiding behind a water cooler as another Slab walked by. I tried to catch my breath as the Doctor nodded, the drone finally going past us.

"That's the thing about Slabs. They always travel in pairs." He whispered so only Martha and I could hear and she nodded. A group of Judoon came around the corner next as she turned to him.

"What about you?" The Doctor raised an eyebrow at the question and I bit back a groan.

Okay, seriously?

"What about me what?" I hid behind his back as Martha shot him a certain glance, rolling my eyes. Oh right of course, this is the perfect time to ask him personal questions. Hiding behind a jug of water surrounded by aliens who wanted to kill us, why the hell didn't I think of that?

"Haven't you got back-up? You must have a partner or something?"

Why not just ask for a cup of coffee next?

"Uh. Humans. We're stuck on the moon running out of air with Judoon and a bloodsucking criminal, and you're asking personal questions? Come on." He scoffed off her question, waving a hand through the air, and I totally agreed.

Martha come on, where was the woman who could slap the Master across the face with words, save the planet, change the world, and then just for the hell of it go become part of the special armed forces? Damn did she have a long way to go.

"Not cool." I murmured softly, surprised when the Doctor overheard. I guess he had super alien hearing or something.

"Very not cool." He nodded, squeezing my hand, "The exact opposite of cool."

"I like that." She smirked at him, before scoffing herself. "'Humans.' I'm still not convinced you're an alien."

Apparently it was challenge accepted, because before I could protest he pulled us both in front of the Judoon, standing up straight with a knowing smirk. The two rhinos stepped closer, one of them shining his blue light on the Doctor's face.

"Non-human." It grunted with a sneer, the other going for its gun. Martha's head snapped to the side in horror, looking at the Doctor in revelation.

"Oh my God, you really are!" She gasped as the Doctor grinned. Oh, you think? What was you're first clue?

I opened my mouth to say something witty and a bit sarcastic, the Doctor ready to bolt, when the Judoon suddenly turned towards me, the blue light flashing quickly over my forehead.

"Non-human." It grunted again.

... uh what was that?

I froze. The Doctor froze. Martha froze. Hell, I think hell froze over.

Excuse me? Hold the phone, stop the press, everyone just hold on for one god damned second. What was that? I sputtered in horror, the box in the Judoon's hand flashing red the same way it did with the Doctor.

"What?" I squeaked as both adults looked at me, the Doctor grunting as Martha sputtered.

"Well that answers that." The Doctor stated dryly, his smile disappearing as he tugged me back, and I paled drastically. "And again!"

What what what? Excuse me but what?!

Don't just run away after I learn I'm not human damn it! Give me a second! I shrieked and stumbled as we bolted down the hallway, running as the Judoon shot after us, their blue lasers barely missing.

"You're both aliens!" Martha yelled as we got to the stairs, and I watched as they managed to lock the door behind them, gasping for breath. "Proper aliens!"

Oh that's just great.

She was going to freak out about this? Her? She's the one going to flip out?! I was the one who just learned I had somehow switched species! Changing genders, turning into a little kid, waking up in another universe, those were the least of my problems. Oh god, this was ridiculous!

I wasn't human. I wasn't even a little bit human. They didn't say human plus something else, nothing about mixed or spliced. No! Non-human. Non. Human. As in no human bits or pieces at all whatsoever!

I had known something was wrong, that stupid orange gold light just wasn't normal, but having it stated as a fact was just...

Oh god. I'm not human.

Oh god oh god oh god oh god.

I was hyperventilating again, shaking as the Doctor scowled.

"Yes. Properly real aliens." He tugged me closer and I looked up at him with wide eyes, making small wheezing noises as I flapped my spare arm. "Both of us."

They turned away from the door, looking down the corridor where people were laying on the ground, everyone gasping for breath. I really fit in at the moment.

"They've done this floor. Come on." The Doctor grunted, obviously ignoring my latest panic attack as he marched down the hallway, his hand squeezing mine almost to the point of painful. "The Judoon are logical and just a little bit thick. They won't go back to check a floor they've checked already. If we're lucky."

As we continued down the hall Martha noticed her friend, the same one I saw sobbing by the Doctor's hospital bed earlier. She was one of the few people left standing, and Martha stopped by her, watching as she passes around a breathing mask.

"How much oxygen is there?" Martha looked worriedly between the people on the ground and her friend as she took a puff of air herself. She was rather pale and sweating, glancing back at the Doctor.

"Not enough for all these people. We're going to run out." She was only able to choke out her words in a hoarse whisper before taking another puff. I cringed as Martha shot the Doctor a worried look.

"Right. Better hurry than." He nodded as we carefully made our way around patients and staff, before he glanced down at me. I wasn't making choking noises anymore, but my body was still doing that whole vibrating thing, and we made eye contact as he frowned.

"Are you alright?" I blinked, not prepared for the sudden question. What was that? He stared at me with an expectant look as I stumbled over myself. Oh, me? He was asking me if I was alright? Right, um let me just think about that for a second.

Well, when I really thought about it this was just the worst day of my life. I was one hundred percent done and over with all of it, and I was sure nothing was ever going to be normal ever again. Everything was wrong and nothing was okay, and for the love of god would someone just put me back where they found me so I go back to being twenty two and dead?

"I'm fine." I squeaked and glance at the floor, blushing as the Doctor looked me over. Oh yea, I was peachy.

"Good. What's your name?" Huh? I looked up at him in confusion as he sighed, running a hand through his hair. "I can't keep calling you 'you'. That's rude. So what's your name?"

Oh yea, that made sense. My entire face flushed as I itched my nose, shyly glancing at our intertwined hands.

"Annie." I murmured, tugging on my hospital gown. "I'm Annie Conners." He smiled, giving my hand a light tug.

"Oh, well hello Annie Conners." He chirped before frowning, humming as he moved his head side to side. "Annie. Anni. Anne. Ann. Anna. Annda. And. Andy?" He shot the name out in rapid fire, testing every version before nodding. "Yep. I'm gonna call you Andy. You look more like an Andy. More manly don't you think?" He was beaming again, his smile bright as he looked at me in question.

Uh, okay? Well, I guess that fixed the whole girly name problem, didn't it? I nodded slowly and he cheered.

"Andy it is!" He laughed, ruffling my hair before turning to check Martha, giving her the same bright smile.

"And you, how are you feeling? Are you all right?" He looked her up and down and Martha grinned back.

"I'm running on adrenaline." She laughed as we started picking up the pace, the Doctor chuckling as he gave her a rather flirtatious smirk.

"Welcome to my world." He mused as we rounded another corner, breaking out into a quick jog. Martha was starting to breath a little heavier, sending a nervous glance over her shoulder.

"What about the Judoon?" He shook his head at the question. Yea, she didn't have to worry about them, stupid rhinos.

"Ah, great big lung reserves, it won't slow them down. Where's Mr Stoker's office?" Like I said, stupid rhinos, walking around all totally fine and crap. I hope they get poached for the tusks. She pointed down the hall as I took a deep breath, shooting Martha a worried look.

"It's this way." She was panting as we made it to the end of the hall, the last door labeled clearly as Mr. Stoker's room.

Just as we were about the enter his office the Doctor suddenly stopped, quickly tugging my hand free. It was so sudden that I couldn't resist it, squeaking as he placed my hand on the door instead. He stepped back, pointing a sharp finger at my face.

"Stay here." His tone was final as he wrapped my hand around the doorknob. "Hold onto this and don't let go, understood? And don't wonder off." I blinked at him with wide eyes as he slowly backed up, still pointing at me with a serious expression.

"Stay. Andy stay." I just nodded, looking between my hand on the door and the Doctor. It seemed to be what he wanted, because he gave me a quick pat on the head. "Good boy." He chirped before spinning around and walking off, and I twitched dangerously.

Hey you old man, I'm not a dog. Not cool.

I watched through the cracked door as they rounded the other side of the desk, the man's legs were sticking out of the side where I could see them. I paled, my stomach churning in a painful nauseous flop as I closed the door a bit more, shielding my eyes.

That was a dead man. There was a dead body laying right there, no wonder the Doctor told me to not come in.

That wasn't an actor playing a role, a dummy or a set piece. That was a real person, with family and a past and hopes for the future. Someone's father, son, a husband, and he was now a corpse. Oh okay, this was fine, I was perfectly content with not seeing that. Good plan Doctor. I shivered, swallowing painfully.

"She's gone! She was here." I could hear them perfectly as Martha gasped and I peaked in again, the Doctor stepping closer to the corpse. He was examining Mr Stoker, though I couldn't see it from behind the desk.

"Drained him dry. Every last drop. I was right. She's a plasmavore." His voice was grave, and it was dripping with barely concealed aggravation. He had never liked senseless violence, in any regeneration. I could already tell he wasn't going to play nice with this woman, not after this.

"What was she doing on Earth?" She was nervous again as the Doctor stood up, walking back towards the door. I leaned back, opening the door a bit to let him through.

I could see it in his eyes, he was trying to hide it mostly for Martha's sake. It didn't work on me though, not after spending years watching the monster that hid in his darkness lash out back in my world.

The Oncoming Storm was waking up, the calculated gleam appearing in his eyes, one that could make entire armies flee, crumble empires, and give monsters nightmares at night. Oh he was planning alright, a thousands ways on how to deal with the plasmavore clearly flashing behind his dilated eyes.

Calling him terrifying would be an understatement. I would rather take on a million Daleks on a planet that was about to explode with no way out.

...Actually, I take that back. I really really take that back. Damn it universe do not quote me on that. Can I have a edit button? I should not to push my bad luck, I was on an epic losing streak.

The Doctor cut off my horrified musing, standing in front of me. "She's hiding. On the run. Like Ronald Biggs in Rio de Janeiro. What's she doing now? She's still not safe. The Judoon could execute us all." He looked down at me, holding out a hand for me to grab, and I let go of the door as he turned back to Martha. I grabbed it without a second thought, the offered appendage a clear life line.

He might be scary, but he was still the Doctor. He was just as amazing, just as much of a pacifist as he always will be.

"Come on." He tightly held my hand, pulling me to his side again.

"Wait a minute." The Doctor paused as Martha went back to Stoker, leaning over him. She closed his eyes, giving him a last long look before leaving the room with us. When Martha met my gaze I gave her a heartfelt smile, and she returned it.

Martha might be a flirt to the highest degree, but she was also a good person, someone worthy of being the Doctor's companion. As a person who didn't lose their compassion even in their darkest hours, I respected her.

Now, as we made our way down the hallway again, back towards the top floor, I took a deep breath. Biting my lip, I struggled to keep up with their fast pace.

I cringed internally as we got closer to the main finale, looking nervously between the Doctor and Martha. I guess it was a good enough time as ever, now that it has gotten so complicated. I might not remember the exact details of what was about to happen, but I had the gist of it.

After all, It was about time that I mixed up the storyline a bit, yea? Might as well go out with a big bang. I just needed to not die while I did it.

Easy peasy.

I yelped as I tripped over my own feet again, slamming into the Doctor's knee.

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