Author Note:

Decided to put an entire page aside for this Author Note. Basically I am going to give an overview of what I plan to do here.

This story I will try to integrate canon and non-canon together to flow smoothly, Add lines not in the story, etc.

This is a Tali/Shep Romance eventuality. It will begin in ME1, none of that 'hiding our feelings' shit.

Shepard is going to have a dual background. Still trying to work out how I will integrate it smoothly, but basically, He will be Sole Survivor, and War Hero. I plan to make it look like Akuze was the beginning of his career in the Navy, and Elysium was somewhere in the middle between Akuze and Eden Prime.

Shepard's upbringing is a mixture of Colonist and Spacer. His mom is Alliance Navy, and he grew up on Mindoir with a father and sister.

I'll be trying this in Third Person Omniscient POV. Pretty sure that's the one where everyone's thoughts are spoken, and first person is never used.

This is my first fanfiction ever, so all reviews are welcome.

Shepard will not be in line with the Paragon/Renegade system the game offered, instead i will be writing Shepard how i want him to be, with actual emotion.

( not saying the game didnt offer real emotion, but i mean to better convey them.)