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Chapter 1:

A man sat on his desk deep in thought, yet, senses as shrill as pond in a park.

Time has done this man many things, one of them being involved in deaths of many.

This old bag of bones as he calls and jokes about himself is called Hiruzen Sarutobi.

Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure No Sato or better known as Village Hidden in the Leaves.

He was known for many names, one being Shinobi no Kami, meaning God of Shinobi, The Professor, and The Supreme Shinobi.

But in his other life, he is known as the son, the father, grandfather or old man, and father-in-law.

Now back to the present…

He could here, smell, taste and see everything around him and outside his office, but his very being isn't focused on that.

No my friend.

That's not what he is focused on.

Its rather the time of the year, of the month, and of the week.

It has been eleven years after the twins he cared for like his own grandchildren left with their fossil-of-an-ancestors.

He could still remember the giggles the two children gave off when their relatives cooed them.

At first, he thought it was because the man had such an aura around him.

Oh no, how wrong was he.

It was not just the men's aura, no, it was also their love for them that seem to touch the young children's souls that it affected them greatly.

He turned his gaze in a complete one eighty and stared at the place he would always call home, the place his very being was created, nurtured and made into what he is now.

He stared at his village with a soft smile adoring his old face.

Buildings here and there, covered by group of trees his mentor created with his power, the mountain with his face and three more people who fought and sacrificed for the village he now govern over.

Kami seem to be happy as a nice hot and warm weather seem to kiss their very land.

He then diverted his eyes towards the families busily walking and spending their time with each other in the road below.

He sighed as he reminisced what had occurred eleven years ago.


Hiruzen sighed and rested his old face in his palm as the Civilian Council once again roared for the execution of the two one year old boys who both held the separated yin and yang of the Kyuubi no Kitsune

Good thing that the Shinobi Council or better yet, the Clan heads are on his side, with his fellow Elders too.

He can feel himself drifting to La La Land but was interrupted as the Council's double reinforced doors came in flying to the other side of room revealing two long haired boys at the age of ten wearing samurai armor with a large scrolls in their back, a spear/bo-staff combination, scythe, and swords stopped in front of them.

One of his ANBU with a bird mask ran in front of his and kneeled as he spoke, "Hokage-sama! We apologize for the interruption but it we could not stop these two from moving ahead."

Hiruzen stood up and patted the ANBU in the shoulder and said, "It's alright. Step aside so I may greet our new guest."

In the outside, people would be intimidated by his poker face but in the inside, chibi Hiruzen is busy jumping around and cheering that he didn't have to care about the stupid Civilian Council anymore.

Ashe walked forward, the two very identical, yet very different boys walked towards him in the same time taking manner that seem to be putting the whole Council on edge.

When the two were face to face, Hiruzen was suddenly pulled to eye-to-eye level by the silver headed one who seem to be better with the poker face than him as even his eyes didn't show any emotion.

Such action earned them gasp from the parties behind them with the ANBU dropping down with weapons ready.

Although he was shocked at the strength and speed the youngster in front of his showed.

Only if he knew better.

He now got a better look at the boy in front of him.

Silver spiked hair that reached in the place where his spine and hip bone met, silver eyes that betrayed no emotion what-so-ever, vertical lined scar in the left side of his face starting from the top of his eyebrow until his upper cheeks, small nose, straight line lips and angular face.

All-in-all, the boy who now held him in quite the strong grip looked like the younger version of his deceased successor, the Yondaime Hokage who passed away last year against the battle with the Kyuubi with his beloved wife.

He turned to the other and saw that he was almost the same replica of the other but with caramel colored hair and hazel-nut colored eyes that held warmth unlike the one holding him who held a cold tint in his eyes that could freeze metal until it shatters.

But his musing was held to a stop as the boy holding his robes sneered/talked, "Eyes in front, punk."

The way he said it, it made Hiruzen's eyes do as they're said, it felt as it was the right thing to do and that he must follow it at all cost.

"Where are the twins?" the boy asked as his eyes burned with intense hate with a hint of passion on said hate.

"I'm sorry, but who are you talking about boy?" he said as he steeled his voice as the boy in front of him kept on puts him on edge.

"You know well who I'm talking about shit-stain. So talk and we wont be having any problems." the mysterious boy said as his eyes started to turn red and gained three black tomes in them with black lines connecting them all together.

His eyes widen for a second as he saw another Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan before him, with the first being his old mentor's nemesis: Marada Uchiha.

Hiruzen was quickly loosing his cool and everyone knew it, heck, the boys in front of him merely raised an eyebrow but didn't seem to be intimidated at all.

Killing Intent started rising inside the room suffocating everyone inside as Hiruzen grabbed the boys hand and yanked his robes off.

"Listen here boy, I am the Hokage of this village. For that, I demand respect from you as your elder and most importantly, YOUR SUPERIOUR!" he didn't meant to be hard but the boy was clearly pushing his buttons.

"AND IF YOU DARE TOUCH THE TWINS, I WILL HAVE EVERY LAST OF MY FORCES TO HUNT YOU TWO DOWN AND BE BROUGHT BACK HERE SO I CAN PERSONALLY DELIVER THE PUNISHMENTS!" he bellowed as he threw off his Hokage robes and showed them his samurai/ninja combination clothing.

"You really think your petty Killing Intents and threats will hold me or my brother from getting our legacy from you. Then think again, you old sack of bones." the silver head sneered as his Killing Intent rose higher than his and continued climbing up with the addition of chakra levels he was releasing which was slowly, but steadily surfacing his mentors godly amount of chakra.

For a moment, everybody inside the room saw a glimpse Susanoo in his full glory of his battle samurai armor and the Shinigami behind him with his black tattered robes, the blooded scythe, and bony fingers holding what seem to be some kind of back strings connected to a mysterious object.

They then all gasped again when said some kind of back strings connected to a mysterious object turned and showed their severed heads with fear forever printed in their faces as fresh blood flowed from their deceased mouths.

But it quickly ended just like it came, but it didn't mean no one was badly affected.

Most of the Civilian Council had fainted while his Shinobi side was breathing harder than ever possible, with a few down and out in their seats.

Most of his ANBU was on the floor on their knees breathing as hard as he and the others.

The silver head crossed his arms and spat, "Shinobi standards today dropped tremendously if I may say myself."

"Yes… although I'm quite disappointed about it too, I think Kami-sama has other plans as to why. Therefore we mustn't interfere." the brown haired one said.

"Not even a tiny little bit?" the silver head said as he did motions with his hands as he look behind his brother- I think?

The brown haired one sighed as he face palmed and said, "No, onii-sama. Not one little bit, for I don't even have the motivation to. And you completely know that orders will always be orders"

"Whatever." was the reply of the silver head as he faced the people inside the room with his face adoring another permanent scowl.

"I'll ask on more time. Where. Are. The. Twins?" he said as he gritted his teeth as he tried to suppress his anger, which was quickly failing.

Hiruzen straightened himself and cleared his throat and said in a civil yet guarded way, "And what is your business with the twins?"

The silver head one tightened his grip on his weapon and said, "Well for starters, we are Namikazes just like they are. And therefore gives us full responsibility upon them." he said without missing a beat.

In the Shinobi side, Fugaku, clan head of the famed Uchiha clan, for their copy cat eyes, was the first to get back to their normal state.

"How can you two be Namikazes when your hairs are not even blond?" he asked as he started at them with newly steeled eyes.

The two identical boys stared at their hair and said, "This is just our sage mode. Its they're after effect but we could turn it off anytime we like."

With that said, their hairs started to turn blond from the top of their head and worked its way until the bottom with their eyes turning a deep sky blue color.

"See… we're Namikazes one hundred percent."

"And on what reasons are you of to take responsibilities on the children, hmm?" asked Homura asked as he too cared for the sake of the children.

"The Gods did. And I am not kidding, they are real as the ground you and I are standing." the silver now blond spiked haired boy said.

"Then pray tell, how can you two talk to the Gods?" asked Koharu as she tried to detect any lies through and through.

"Because I am the Harbinger of the Goddesses Kami and Yami. And my brother behind me is of Shinigami and Amaterasu. Anymore stupid questions?" the spiked haired boy said.

"How can you be stronger than the Hokage yet be so young?" asked Danzo as he narrowed his eyes at the two.

Sure he cares for the children but he wanted them be given to him so he could make them into the perfect weapons Konoha has ever seen.

"We aren't young as we look. We are Edo Tensei that died almost five hundred years ago from a war we fought with no chance of survival. But if your asking of our spiritual age, well, you can multiply that by a thousand." the once brown haired bo- man said with a thoughtful look on his face making the whole Council gasp once again as they are way older than the village or its people combined.

"But why would you want to take the two with you two in the first place?" Hiruzen asked as he started thinking of possible scenarios with his aged mind.

"So that they don't suffer from discrimination, abuse, hurt, and ignorance of what's around them. If it weren't for the Gods ordering me not to just destroy this place, I would have and have taken the children with me, but I was ordered by them and its plain boring killing ants when they can just do it themselves." the spiky haired one said.

"Who are you to anyway?" Tsume, clan head of the Inuzuka clan asked.

"Right, apologize for having forgotten our introductions madam. My name is Mianto Namikaze and behind me is my brother, Arashi Namikaze. I am the former clan head of the Namikaze clan four hundred years ago and before anyone ask how old am I when I died, I was forty-five so I was pretty old back them, but I'm pretty strong too." Now known as Minato said.

"So what does make our Yondaime Hokage then?" asked Hiashi, clan head of the famed Hyuuga Clan for their all seeing eyes.

"Dunno, maybe the Junior or something, plus being our great-great-great so on, grandson. I have been dead for a long time so I didn't care for that thing so much. Anyways, where are the children?" Minato asked as Arashi stabbed his small broadsword that use to be strapped in his belt behind him and leaned on it as he stared around the whole room. (for weapon description, got my other naruto story that is in a crossover. Go to my profile)

"Can you just give us the twins and be done with it? This is so troublesome." Arashi said as he looked at the places the Hokage's ANBU were all stationed.

"Yes, please wait for a moment." Hiruzen sighed as he snapped his fingers and an ANBU with a dog mask dropped down.

The ANBU had gravity defying hair, common ANBU gear and uniform but what intrigued them was that he seem to be only a few years older than their Edo Tenseid bodies.

Almost like his thirteen years old.

When he dropped down, the Hokage whispered something in to his ear and he seem to have tensed but he quickly hid it by nodding professionally before disappearing in a swirl of wind and leaves.

Moments later, a girl at the age of twelve wearing red under shirt and pants with chunin vest on walked inside the room carrying two soundly asleep boys in her hands.

When she had entered, she suddenly felt insecure as all of the attention was directed to her.

In the corner of her eyes, she saw two young but very handsome twins walking towards her with their beautiful blue eyes focused at the children at her hands.

"Is this them?" Minato asked the Hokage even though he wasn't looking at him.

"Yes, Minato-kun. These are the Namikaze heirs. I believe we, the Council, deserve to know what do you plan on doing to them before I can even leave them to your care.

Before the Civilian Council, who had now woken up from the KI, could bring up their up roar of demand for the children's execution, Minato beat them to it.

"Well, for starters, we would raise them until they are of proper age, then, we will train them to be the best. After that, we will make sure they are properly taught of rightful knowledge they will never acquire from here. Teach them manners and etc, and at the end, bring them back here to be ninjas of this land like their father before them." Minato said as he took one of the boys from the very flushed girl and cooed and tickled the baby with his finger in his little stomach making the baby open his eyes revealing deep azure eyes that held innocence, giggled at him trying to get his finger.

Minato could help but smile as he watched the child before him in his arms giggle with such innocence.

Arashi stared at the child in the girl's arms with intense gaze of his and stated, "The children appear to be malnourished, onii-sama. It seem to me that these people only feed them which amount of food needed to survive." then he took the child from the girls arms and caressed the child's sleeping face.

Everyone knew- mostly the Civilian Council- that they had unleashed the worst demon in the seven layers of hell itself.

"Yes, brother. I know of that for the child in my arms is way too light for and way too small for his age." Minato said way too sweetly that made the whole Civilian side sweating profoundly at the small Killing Intent being directed to them.

Heck, even the girl in front of them seem to be angry at the Civilian Council as she glared at them in anger.

Minato then turned to the girl in front of them giving her a gentle smile being amused as the girl's face started turning redder than her wine-like eyes.

It also didn't help that she started twirling her fingers in her long auburn locks as she felt flustered by only just of his smile.

"Thank you for being able to see them for who they are. Not for what they hold." Minato said as he thanked her.

The girl's eyes widen but she returned the gesture by giving him the equal smile and nodding her head.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Uh, I-its K-Kurenai Yuhi, Na-namikaze-sama." Young Kurenai stuttered.

Minato smiled and nodded

"Just Minato is fine, thank you." he said as he turned to the village leader with his expression becoming neutral as he placed the baby in his arms in a sleeping seal-less genjutsu.

"You and us have a lot to talk to, c'mon, time's ticking." he said as Hiruzen nodded and all for (Kurenai too) disappeared in a flash.

Everyone blinked twice before the village Elders summed up all that has happened and said, "I feel that its high time that we call this meeting… adjourned."

The whole Council murmured something along the lines of "Right" and "Of course" as they dispersed to their own stuff they would be doing in their own time.

Hokage Office:

The four reappeared in a puff of smoke shocking the stationed ANBU for they did not even detect any chakra until they were right in front of them.

When that happened, the old Sandaime Hokage was slightly dazed and shock but Kurenai was a different story, her face was green and her lunch seem to be forcing their way out of her mouth as she quickly started looking for a trash bin to hurl her lunch until it was too late and she vomited everything but it never made upon the floor as a circular vacuum appeared in front of her and took the rushing semi digested food and body chemicals and throwing it somewhere the author will never tell for its full blown grossness.

That was also the time the babies choose to wail very loudly for they too, like Kurenai who was still hurling her semi digested food in the vacuum, were not accustomed to such way of traveling.

It also triggered Arashi's annoyance towards his brother's lack of common sense of today's way of transportation as the baby in his arms continued to cry loudly as he tried to coo and rock him to get back to sleep but his patience was wearing thin for the child did otherwise, though he choose to sigh, yet continued to do what he was currently doing.

Meanwhile, Minato was able to put the child in his arms to sleep with the help of his seal-less genjutsu as the chakra he used to transport everyone inside the room disrupted the current one.

When Kurenai was done hurling, she wiped the bitter, yet a bit spicy substance in her lips with a napkin and turned around while putting her left arm on her temple and massaged it while the other went towards the desk to straighten herself.

Though she did expect their reactions would be totally grossed out at her previous public display, she satisfied herself with a half-hearted glare at Minato who was smiling sheepishly at her while the other half was from the intense wooziness that what she summed up as an after effect of the jutsu cast upon them without warning for preparation.

Arashi, with his rapidly running low patience towards his brother who would be receiving an earful later, considered using a genjutsu at the child but Kurenai beat him to it by taking out a bottle of milk from a storage scroll and giving it to the wailing child as she took the baby boy back into her arms and cooed him back to sleep.

She then turned to Minato with an expectant gaze which he quickly understood and went to the opened sealing scroll in the desk and unsealed a large crib meant for more than one little child complete with its set and placed the boy in there gently to the right side before releasing the genjutsu still expecting a barrage of wailing, but he was surprised when they, everyone inside the room, received none, but he quickly settled with being okay with it and unsealed a bottle too and lightly placed the bottle's nipple in the baby's mouth egging him to take it eve though his asleep, yet still took it and eagerly sucked on it.

Kurenai then placed the infant in her arms to the other side of the crib and caressed his baby-smooth cheeks affection ally as the child cuddled to her touch which seem to break her heart, and letting a single tear drop in each eye, knowing the treatments the twins are undergoing.

The older Namikaze twins then turned their attention at the village leader and glared fiercely at him as the older of the latter forced out trying to form suitable questions for the aged kage, "If your children… where treated like these… tell me… would you stand for this… yet do nothing and… watch as they suffer greatly… for the deeds of others?" a pregnant silence as the old kage looked even older as he sat down on his chair and leaned on his hands sighing sadly thinking his past mistakes that he thought was best for his village, for everyone yet at the end would soon bite him back in the ass.

"I would like to know why aren't they being treated like royalty? After all… their beloved parents were your village's greatest achievement." Minato said making the stationed ANBU, Kurenai and Hiruzen (though his was only for knowing).

"Ho-how d-did y-you know that?" asked the stunned leader.

But Minato was not having any of that, no-o-o-o, he ain't having that change-the-subject-shit on him.

"Danmmit! Stop diverting it and answer the fuckin' questions, or I swear upon Kami and Yami-sama that I will raze this PITIFUL VILLAGE TO THE GROUND NO MATTER IT BE WOMEN, CHILDREN AND NEWBORNS. I WILL MAKE THEM FEEL THE PAIN OUR LEGACIES ARE RECEIVING!" Minato said as he slammed both his armored hands on the desk cracking it and making the ANBU stationed in the area drop down but all were easily blocked by Arashi as he pulled his scythe in front of him as he moved behind his brother and caught all their katanas in a standstill.

The old kage flinched at the voice and statements and if it weren't for Kurenai being inside the room to use her genjutsu on the sleeping children, then his going headache would just triple in a matter of seconds.

Hiruzen sighed as he tried to form an answer but found himself speechless for once in his entire life.

"I-I tried okay?! I gave a large amount of effort yet the whole village still goes against it." Hiruzen reasoned but knew it wasn't good enough.

Minato leaned close to the kage and sneered, "Then your efforts aren't good enough to handle your own people of that matter!"

Everyone inside could feel the anger yet couldn't feel any KI with which they knew that this one meant business as they never saw their Hokage falter upon anyone.

"I did everything my power could do, heck, I even wanted to shout out their heritage but I feared that their parents' enemies will hunt them down and kill them!" Hiruzen muttered sadly as his old age started gaining the upper hand upon him.

"Then do it" Minato said making the kage's eyes and everyone inside, widen, then he continued, "because this time, we will be there to defend them and nurture them and train them for what's to come."

The old Hokage sighed and pulled out birth certificates, medical records, a blue scroll, a red scroll, and a adoption papers.

"Then do this old man a favor and take them away. Make the stronger and bring them back… in one piece, please." Hiruzen said as he gave Minato said items.

The twins were shocked yet it was bare there but still nodded as Hiruzen waved at the ANBU to disperse before he placed his elbows on the desk and laid his head on his intertwined hands sighing deeply.

"Of course, for their sake, we will do as you said." Arashi said as he faced the old man slowly lowering his weapon down but still showed that he's still on guard.

"But before you could leave this office, I want one of my ninjas to go with you." Hiruzen said as he straightened himself once more showing his old self once more.

The older twins blinked and nodded hesitantly and Arashi questioned, "Depends… who do you have in mind?"

"Her…" Hiruzen said plain and simple, pointing behind them.

The twins followed his gaze and when the had, it landed on Kurenai who was on the verse of fainting of both being honored for being personally hand chosen of her Hokage and that she would be very close towards the young-looking twins in front of her.

"Alright. Go home and pack. We'll be leaving after your Hokage finished announcing they're" cue point at the sleeping twins, "heritage. Say… does eleven years sound good?" Minato said as he turned back to the Hokage.

"If you can do it within that much amount of years, then I am willing to say yes, but on three conditions…" said Hiruzen as he took a deep breathe then releasing hit.

"Sure, what is it?" Arashi said as he shouldered his scythe feeling a little bit cramped on just holding it above the ground.

"Well for starters, visit every for years for at least a week or a month. Then, make them as powerful as you can, I don't care at whatever kind of way you two will be training them, even if you have to train them to use Kyuubi's chakra. And lastly, please give them the love that I and their parents wouldn't be able to give and don't you dare rip them off of their emotions for I believe they carry the will of fire with passion." Hiruzen said.

The older twins thought about it and nodded with satisfied smirks on their faces.

"Kurenai-chan, pack every clothing you have, don'cha?" Minato said using his charms on her which she quickly did as she ran back home to start packing.

"You seem to be like their father before them. Way too good with women." Hiruzen mumbled as he remembered the time Minato-the-something, used his charms to get away from Kushina's feminine wrath.

Minato-the-first smiled at him cheekily and said, "I guess it runs in the family. After all, I could tame a beast nine times then multiplied by two, stronger than the gods."

His brother gave a 'humph' and said, "Your just saying that 'cuz you can control and release any amount of

your pheromone better than everybody else."

And he replied as cheekily as before, "Exactly."

Hiruzen blinked at how the two interacted and smiled.

'Well, at least I know the children wont be bored out of their thoughts with these two around.'

Meanwhile, most of the Civilian Council had a sudden feeling that they should prepare themselves for tomorrows events.

The Next Day:

The whole village Konoha was suddenly gathered in front of the Hokage building for an important announcement that if they dare miss it and they will be ripped off half their money and property by the Hokage himself.

At the meantime at the Hokage building's roof, every member of the Council was present with the Hokage's most trusted unit, the ANBU.

The older twins were there too.

Though their armor and clothing are different yet very the same with each other.

Minato was wearing a long black bandana on his forehead letting his bangs fall, it had a metal plate with the kanji for 'Power' was etched on it.

A red armor that looked a lot more heavier than his mentors' armor, for it had the same kind of shoulder armor but the bicep side had its multi-layered armor slightly higher than the shoulder, a multi layered chest and body armor with the outer part being black with stars etched in the middle vertically downwards, black belt that connects the lower body piece and the multi-layered hip armors, and the same multi layered armor that protects his crotch and down (Go to google, type 'Naruto samurai mode', look for the photo where Naruto holds an unconscious/exhausted Sakura in his arms).

Under it was a high collared black yukata with deep silky red trims and black hakama pants with black shinobi sandals (imagine it like Madara's without the bandages).

Fingerless gloves with knuckle supports for punching something- or gods forbid, someone and metal plating on top.

Two katanas in his left side with his left hand holding the sword on top of the other.

A black katana sporting a black hilt with red 'x'es, a cross-like guard (like ichigo's bankai sword), metallic black sheath measuring about 4.5 feet long.

The other was an O-katana with a same black hilt with gold diamond shape designs, gold circular guard with four polar tri-points pointed outward, and a same metallic black sheath.

A large sealing scroll in his back with the large straps wrapped in an 'x' formation on his chest.

His bo-staff/spear that had a a letter-like 'D' shaped blade on top with a single point in the middle of the blunt with dragon designs, black pole (handle) with silver wolf designs, and silver band-like metal at the very tip wrapped in it with a cone-like point for stabbing backwards.

Arashi wears almost the same thing his brother does but with the exception of brown high collared yukata with black trims, black armor with grey top colored in the multi-layered chest/body armor with yin and yang designs vertically carved and that his is tattered at the end with a hood.

A same long black bandana with metal piece with the kanji for 'Control' etched on it.

He had single standard black katana with a massive zanbato (looks like Zack Fair's buster sword) strapped in his back, and his demonic slightly curved skeletal scythe in his right hand as the other held the katana safely.

To him, they look like they're ready to go to battle as they show themselves with that much weapons.

He then turned to the huge crowd and spoke, "You are all gathered here today to hear your beloved Yondaime Hokage's last wish for the twin baby jinchuurikis." saying the whole sentence brought an up roar demanding for their execution but they were all suddenly silenced as the older twins made their Killing Intent known.

"YOU DARE DISRESPECT YOUR LEADER?!" Minato yelled as he, Arashi and Hiruzen, plus the Elders and the Shinobi side made their KI known.

"as I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted…" cue glare at the villagers and shin obi alike who cowered from it, "he along with his deceased wife, and former princess of the Uzushiogakure, Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze, "dramatic gasp from the people making the people on top roll their eyes, "wished their two children, Naruto…" turns to Minato who nodded at him, "Namikaze and his brother Minato Namikaze the…," turns to Arashi who shrugged making him sweat-drop, "second, shall be know as the heroes and protectors of Konohagakure no Sato from the Kyuubi no Kitsune, are hereby my decree, be given the Namikaze and Uzumaki heritage at the time of their return here back in Konoha after eleven years of training under their relative, Minato Namikaze, namesake of our beloved Yondaime, and his brother Arashi Namikaze. They will also be surveillanced by our chunin kunzite Kurenai Yuhi." cue for her to walk to the side of the Sandaime Hokage as she bowed and looked at the villagers with emotionless face.

"I. Kuerenai Yuhi, accepts this mission given to me by the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha." then steps back with the Namikaze older twins behind the Hokage.

Hiruzen opened his mouth to say about the law he wanted to pass for anyone speaking of the children's tenant when Minato spoke to him, "Don't bother. Let the younger generation know that there are people who suffer keeping them as they are. Just say 'Thank you' and "goodbye' or 'Get lost' or something."

He nodded and did as he was told.

And hour later inside the Council:

As everyone settled down, the Council members grumbled to themselves at 'stupid demon brats' and whatnot.

Hiruzen cleared his throat and said, "Would there anything else you would need, Minato-kun?" his answer was a single shake of his head.

In the office:

The Namikaze twins, Hiruzen and Kurenai entered the room as it revealed Anko Mitarashi, Kurenai's best friend and partner in crime.

"Aww, are you really going away, Kure-chan?" she whined as she placed an arm around her best friend.

"Yes, Anko-chan. Besides, this shouldn't be too hard. After all, all I have to do is take care of Yondaime-sama's and Kushina-sama's sons, teach them manners, and etc." Kurenai said as she got away from her best friends grip.

"Fine!" Anko whined as she went to the rib and cooed at the now awakened children.

"They were a handful, but nothing I couldn't do." Anko beamed to herself.

The older Namikaze twins smiled at her making her blush and thanked her for her time.

They then turned to the Sandaime and said, "SO what else?"

Hiruzen pulled out some papers and said, "Just sign these and everything will be set."

Minato and Arashi stared at each other and nodded as Minato took the pen and signed it.

"That's all?" Arashi asked.

Hiruzen nodded and said, "Yes. Now please take care of them."

They nodded as Kurenai and Anko followed them.

At the Gates:

Minato took a deep breath with his eyes closed and then exhaled.

"Uhh, its time. Kurenai, say your goodbyes, we will be leaving soon." Minato said as he and his brother walked towards the Main Gates while holding the giggling twins in their arms.

Kurenai nodded and turned to her teary-eyed friend and said, "Well, see ya in four years, Anko-chan."

Anko quickly wiped the tears in her eyes and said, "You to Kure-chan! Remember, to write, 'kay?"

Kurenai nodded smiling and then jogged to catch up to the twins that were already outside the village.

"And Don't ya dare come back in a body bag ya hear!" Anko yelled at her friend.

"Yes, mom!" Kurenai yelled back.

Flashback end:

Hiruzen sighed as he remembered today was the day they left.

Two weeks before the children's birthdays.

He gave an emotionless chuckle as the Namikaze twins saved their legacy from any abuse that they were sure to be receiving from the ungrateful villagers and shinobis.

He remembered clearly that a few people committed Seppuku and Hara-kiri a few weeks later after they had left.

He was sure that it was because they were disgusted about how they treated their beloved Yondaime's children that they took the cowards way out.

'That was a troublesome time. That is.'

He turned around as he remembered when the twins first came home for a short break.


He and his fellow Elders were discussing on what to do on what to do on the growing hate the Uchiha clan was receiving from the people when it was discovered at an Uchiha was the one who released the Kyuubi on Konoha killing hundreds.

And it was also discovered that they were planning on coup d'etat against the village which was marked classified at all cost.

And the one who discovered this was the Uchiha heir himself.

"I say we end this once and for all." Danzo said as he stared at them intently.

"And on what way will you end this, Danzo?" Hiruzen questioned as he knew that even after he had ordered him to disband his illegal unit, he still disobeyed.

"We must eradicate them. To flush us of these disgraces." Danzo said firmly.

Itachi Uchiha, the heir of his clan, stiffened at statement knowing he would not have any say in this.

Therefore he mentally praying for Kami-sama for a miracle.

"No, if you have forgotten, they are one of our most reliable personnel in our forces. And that, I am not stupid, killing an entire clan just because we thought that they were going to go against us. Plus, we need more proof before we act. Or are you becoming senile, ne, Danzo?" Hiruzen countered.

Danzo visibly gritted his teeth and said, "You're the one who's becoming senile, Hiruzen, letting these fools ran amok." Danzo shot back.

The two went on a stare off with none of the sides giving up until Hiruzen spoke again, though without loosing eye contact with Danzo.

"Itachi-kun, if you please, please escort us to the Uchiha Compound."

Itachi numbly nodded and said, "H-hai, Hokage-sama."

"Thank you, Itachi-kun."

As the two stared off, the other two elders decided to break it up, "If you two ever decided to finish it off, we must be going to the Uchiha compound now." Koharu said as she started walking towards the door closely followed by Homura and Itachi.

"After you, Danzo…" Hiruzen sneered.

"No, after you Hokage-sama. I insist." Danzo replied with much venom.

"No Danzo, move it…Now!" Hiruzen said as he tried to control his anger.

Danzo gave him one last glare before he followed suit.

Ten minutes later:

The Hokage, Itachi and the Elders reached the compound with an awkward silence following them.

When they reached the front door, the two guards quickly led them inside the compound.

As they walked, Hiruzen smiled at the children playing in the morning sun and a few youths training in the other side of the compound.

When they reached the Main House, they could hear laughing, squealing and shouting inside.

Raising an eyebrow, Itachi led them inside only to witness as Mikoto Uchiha, the wife of the clan head Fugaku and Itachi's mother, hugging the life out of a little blond boy wearing a dual-layered yukata of the age of four with cute fox-like ears, cute whiskers that reminded everyone of a fox's, baby blue eyes, with everyone present inside laughing at her antics at cute things.

Fourteen year old Minato and Arashi Namikaze were there sitting in left with Kurenai sitting next to Minato who was also busy laughing and still in there armor three years after they left.

Fugaku and there youngest daughter, Sasuke, were sitting on the right with the latter giggling to her self while the father had his lips twitching uncomfortably.

Then there was the younger twin, Minato Namikaze- the something- sitting beside his great-lost count- grandpa, Arashi, laughing his ass off.

And of course, there's the heir of the Namikaze and Uzumaki clan, Naruto Namikaze, being squeezed to death in Mikoto's C cup bosoms, who was redder than his mother's hair.

Next to Fugaku was his nephew Shisui Uchiha, who was also busy laughing and rolling on the ground like an idiot.

Itachi cracked a smile as he saw the twins he had protected with Tenzo and Kakashi three years ago.

However, said scene couldn't be said to Danzo who was busy glaring at the older Namikaze twins, "YOU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"

The happy moment was suddenly interrupted by Danzo who had just yelled, scaring young Sasuke and making the younger twins jump at the sudden volume of voice.

Minato's (older) eye twitched as the moments was suddenly cut off.

He slowly turned to Danzo as his eyes started narrowing, his hand moving to his swords, and his right hand moving to his left shoulder to pick a small senbon-needle, but making it look like his fixing his armor as he took measurements on how hard, where, and how fast to throw said needle.

"Doing your job for you." Minato said plain and simple.

Now, everyone was confused at the statement and gave him such glances.

Minato sighed as he took of his left hand from his swords and ran it in his spiky hair before talking, "The old coot know as Danzo wanted to have the whole Uchiha clan eradicated…" cue gasp from Mikoto with fearful looks from her and Sasuke and glare from Fugaku, "but your Hokage said otherwise and is now wanting to have a political negotiation with you to avoid conflicts." carefully avoiding the word 'betrayal'.

Danzo gritted his teeth as Minato placed him in a bad position against the Uchihas.

Fugaku glared at Danzo and said, "You do not have to feel threatened Hokage-sama, for we have already had a deal with Minato-san and his brother. Mikoto…" he said as he called upon his wife who perked up on his voice.

"Hai, Fugaku-kun?"

"Would you be a dear and take the children outside. Shisui, go with them. Itachi, you stay." he ordered.

"Hai, uncle." Shisui said as he momentarily bowed before following Mikoto outside to watch over them and protect them from anyone, mostly Danzo's Root.

"So… what are the contents of this negotiation?" Hiruzen asked as they sat in front of each other in the middle of the room with Itachi moving to his father's side and the Namikaze twins moving to the other side of Fugaku.

"Political marriage between the Uchihas and Namikazes, Hokage-sama." He said making the old kage sigh and rub his temples.

"I see… the Council will bring an uproar about these. Please continue." Hiruzen said imagining the amount of headache coming his way soon.

"It will be set upon to Namikaze's oldest, Naruto Namikaze. And my daughter, Sasuke Uchiha. The contents are clan call. This can only happen if either clan is under attack or vice versa. Then, right treatment of both couples. You know what that meant so moving on. And a few clan jutsus, not the private ones, but on each clan must provide." Fugaku said as he stared at Hiruzen straight in the eyes.

Hiruzen listened quietly and nodded as this really can avoid any coup d'etats in the future.

"I accept the contents of this negotiations. Now all you have to do is write it in paper or scroll, and make each copies for each clans." Hiruzen said as Fugaku nodded while Minato had his eyes closed and seemed to be thinking deeply.

When Minato opened his eyes, intense blazing blue eyes glared at Danzo and he spoke, "If your wondering how I knew, well, I had a shadow clone move to all of you quietly while suppressing chakra, and when it poof'ed out of existence, the rest is history."

Danzo gritted his teeth and said, "Why would you have a clone spy on us?"

Minato shrugged and lazily said, "I was gonna have it tell Hiruzen that we're here but when it found that he was busy it stayed and waited but poof'ed out cuz you're already coming here."

Hiruzen cleared his throat and talked about what the problem was therefore almost resulting for an almost betrayal.

"The people are too arrogant. They blame us for something we clearly did not do." Fugaku said.

"Yes, but I had checked the Kyuubi inside the boys, sorry Fugaku, but I felt traces of the sharing an although it kept of saying something about Madara Uchiha and stuff." Arashi said making everyone's, except Minato, eyes widen.

"B-but, Marada Uchiha died almost eighty years ago!" Koharu reasoned.

"Yes, we believe so, for when my brother and I finished, the chakra felt very young. Almost as old as Fugaku's wife." Minato said as he remembered the charka readings they had.

"So… a rogue Uchiha did the attack, then placed it on us, resulting in a coup d'etat and the eradication of the whole clan. It seem as if someone wants us out of the way, am I correct?" Itachi analyzed.

Minato, Hiruzen and the others nodded as the picture started getting clearer by the second.

"Then what do you suggest we do to avoid any attacks?" Hiruzen asked the Namikaze twins.

"Arashi, can you please answer this, there's something I must do." Minato said as he placed his hands in a ram seal and started building chakra and spreading it out thinly outwards towards the outer side of the village.

Homura was confused as to why was Minato spreading his chakra and decided to voice it out.

"Why is your brother building chakra?"

"It is to detect anything wrong inside and outside your village by using sensory. Namikaze sensory are very sensitive ones. Not only do we detect other charkas released by everything around us, we also detect there capacity, immunity to things that can affect them, their emotions, and the way they adapt to their surroundings. And for the other question earlier, we will give them seals that can be activated in case of emergency. If that satisfy your questions, thank you." Arashi said as he took out a scroll and a paint brush and a small ink pot them started making elegant calligraphy that are quite lost on Hiruzen's, the Elder's, and the younger generations.

As they talked, Minato's expression turned from calm to grim, which did not go unnoticed by the people inside the room.

When he opened his eyes, he said, "Excuse me, I must go to the Hyuuga compound. I need to check something." with that, he bowed and stood up and walked out of the door and to the Hyuuga compound.

Arashi caught his brother's grim expression and knew something's up.

"And that lady…" looking at Koharu, "and gentlemen is the result of our sensory, and it seems like my brother had picked up something bad in the Hyuuga clan. Do not worry, before this meeting ends, he shall be back."

"How do you know that?" Hiruzen asked.

"Well, we have trained ourselves when we were younger to the bone so medical isn't that hard for us. Nor is the control needed." Arashi stated.

"Let us continue." Fugaku said making everyone nodded.

With Minato:

Minato walked towards the Hyuuga clan compound after detecting two things.

1.) Someone was sick while carrying a child inside her, that's bad.

2.) someone is worried about this pregnant some and this has to be the husband and somehow, he knew that there's something wrong with his wife.

When he reached the Hyuuga compound, the two guards held their hand out and yelled, "Halt! What is your business with the Hyuuga clan?"

Minato stared at the making the squirm in their place and said, "I need to talk to your clan head… now."

The Hyuugas were taken aback and said, "You do not have any appointment with Hiashi-sama. Be gone!"

Minato's eyes twitched in annoyance but he quickly hid it my nodding and turning around and walking away.

When he was sure that he was far enough, pulled a black hood over his head and a half-mask that covered the lower part of his face and started making hand seals.


He silently said as his body slowly became and turned into a mist.

He quickly jumped over the high Hyuuga walls and quickly hid behind the trees in the side.

He closed his eyes listening to the tree's movement as he knew that they held the answer to some of this questions at the moment.

The creaking and the swooshing of the branches started giving him coded answers that only he can understand.

"Middle of the House. Room at the north-west side."

He smiled gently as he placed his left hand in the bark and gave it a few of his sage chakra making it feel good as nature chakra entered it.

He then looked up and calculated the amount of chakra he needed to use to jump towards the correct height.

When that was done, he pushed a lot of amount of chakra at the soles of his feet and jumped reaching thirty meters at ten seconds.

When he started falling, he redirected his path towards the north-west room.

Looking down, he could see Hyuugas pointing at him as he fell.

Looking back at his target, he was surprised that he was almost there.

He changed his body's position so that he would land kneeling.






'Miscalculation dammit!'

'Well… so muck for being a badass ninja'

When the smoke dissipated, Minato had his face planted on the floor.

The first he saw was Hiashi Hyuuga in a Juuken stance, and a few more Hyuugas that rushed inside quickly.

And a surprised Hitomi with her hands on her chest trying to control her breath and a scared Hinata hiding behind her surprised mother.

"Hello?" he stupidly ask making everyone inside sweat-drop.

"What is you business here, Minato-sama?" Hiashi asked as he lowered his arms.

"Um, you see, I uhh, how do I say this, I kinda need to see your, uh, wife so that I can check on something. If that is okay with you, yes?" he said as he felt so embarrassed after a fail attempt on landing badassly.

Hiashi hesitantly nodded and moved to the side revealing an expressionless Hitomi with a still scared Hinata behind her.

"What can I do for you Minato-sama?" Hitomi said as her beautiful face gained a kind smile.

Minato stopped up while brushing off dust off him.

"Uhh, do you feel anything whenever you use your Byakugan?" he asked as he walked towards her.

Hitomi's face glazed over as she tried to remember any.

"Why yes, it had been a long time I had use my Byakugan because of the little irritant over my eyes." she said as she unconsciously rubbed her four month pregnant belly.

"Aye, I see. Is it okay if I could have a look?" he said as he kneeled in front of her.

Hitomi looked towards her husband who gave her an encouraging nod and a small smile while making the Branch members that had come to go back to whatever they were doing earlier.

She then turned back to Minato and nodded as she painfully activated her bloodline yet she went head first to the pain showing she was a strong woman.

She blinked a single tear in each eye as her bloodline came to life.

Meanwhile, Hiashi walked towards his wife and gasped on what he saw.

Her once lavender eyes was bloodshot as if she had been crying, the veins in the side of her eyes were bigger and looked like it was gonna pop and instead of tears, blood started flowing out of her eyes like the Mangekyo Sharingan in Susanoo mode.

Minato quickly told her to close it as he can not stomach seeing anyone suffer that much pain.

Hiashi quickly pulled his wife into a hug with their daughter being in the middle after he wiped the blood tears with a handkerchief.

Minato then changed sitting position as he now sat Indian style and placed his left hand under his chin while the other was in a half crossed arms.

His eyes lit up when his brain went 'ding' as an idea popped inside it.

He quickly went to her side and said to them, "It seem to me that you caught a long period infection that can only start its active life when your bloodline was activated. If my theory is right, you acquired not just an infection from fighting, but also a poison your enemy had placed upon you."

Hiashi, Hinata and Hitomi suddenly looked afraid now knowing that Hitomi's problems with it must have came from either an infection in the missions she went to or that she was poisoned in a late attempt to kill her by one of her enemies.

Their hopes was suddenly brought up by Minato when he spoke, "But this shouldn't be a bother to me, after all, I had dealt with poisons deadly enough to kill a full pledge demon from experience. Do not worry, I will try to come up with an antidote or at least a referent so that it will keep the poison from traveling any more further. Dattebayo!"

"Besides, we still have a month before we leave again and that much time is more than enough. For now, I will be bidding you all goodbye." he said as he stood up and gave them a friendly wolf-ish smile then he disappeared as a breeze blew over him leaving a stunned family behind.

With the Uchihas:

As they were about to end the discussion, Minato appeared in a puff of black mist before dropping down to his knees and sitting like a formal feudal people.

"So… What I missed?" he asked as he took a scroll from one of his hidden pockets and unsealed a plate of sushi.

"Not much, just finishing discussing when they will be married that's all." Arashi said as he unsealed a pair of chopsticks from one of his very many seals around and over his body and plucking a sushi roll.

"Really? When?" he asked as he unsealed another plate this time offering it to the people inside the room but they all politely declined.

"That would be when they reach the rank of chunin, Minato-san." Fugaku said.

Minato nodded as he continued eating as Arashi said, "So what happened? Where'd ya go, onii-sama?"

"Oh me? I went to the compound cuz I felt something earlier coming from them, turns out, Hiashi's wife had an infection and possibly poisoned eyes as her bloodline slowly kills her." Minato said.

The elders and the Hokage himself shared a look yet they dropped it.

"So what now?" asked Hiruzen as they had finished discussing.

"Well now, you meet the boys." Arashi said as Minato unsealed a steaming ramen from the same scroll and placed a fan beside it and left it to do its magic making everyone, except his brother, raise an eyebrow.

Moments later, Naruto and Minato the- something cuz its too long- came crashing through the paper like doors and towards the ramen followed by the Mikoto, Sasuke, Kurenai and Shisui, but they almost made it if it weren't for Minato- the oldest- came to their faces blocking them in place.

Heck, he even added chakra in his foot's soles so that the boys faces doesn't go anywhere.

"Uh-uh-uh kiddies. Not just yet, there's someone I want you two to meet." Minato said as he playfully waved a finger at them as they tried to get their faces of the foot making everyone laugh, except Danzo (I swear, the guy's a total shit stain for me), at the scene before them for their cuteness.

"Later, old man. Just give me the ramen!" Naruto yelled as his fluffy foxy tail moved wildly behind him.

"No! I want it, c'mon now old man! You promised I'd get ramen if I master the Namikaze weapon's style: The Spinning Death. I'm half way through it, c'mon!" Minato yelled as he tried using his feet to get the foot of him.

"Ya sure, brat? Naruto…" cue for Naruto to stop moving, "Too much ramen isn't good for you." making the boy deflate which made him pout with the Puppy dog's eyes jutsu making everyone, again except Danzo, weak on the knees at the intensity, "and Minato, you barely got through a single percentage as you have only done it two small kunais, you two sill have long way to go. And as for the ramen, that's for later." Minato said as he placed the ramen aside.

Hiruzen cleared his throat to get the twins attention and smiled at them gently as they titled their cute little spiky heads in confusion as they stared at them.

"Oh yes, kids this is Hiruzen Sarutobi. The Sandaime Hokage of your late father's village." Arashi said pushing them towards him gently.

The boys beamed at the mentioning of their father and ran up to him.

"Wow…" Young Minato said dragging the whole word, "Your really old." he pointed out making Hiruzen sweat-drop while making Itachi face-fault as the boy openly insulted his leader.

"Gladly you notice, Mina-chan." Hiruzen said making the boy twitch at the nickname (Arashi told him while discussing for the negotiations).

"Hey! Stop using that dumb nickname! Its bad enough Kure-nee-chan and jiji-no-baka calls me that!" young Minato cutely whined.

"Hey! What about me?" Naruto said as he waved his hands getting a chuckle from the old man and a smart-ass retort from his brother.

"What about you, Fishcake?" Minato (I'll think of something to different shade them) said as he gave his brother a stare that dared him to say something.

Naruto gritted his teeth but suddenly gained a mischievous gleam in his eyes and said, "You wanna gave a go, midget?" which is quite the lie as they are the same height.

Before a fight could come out, Hiruzen quickly defused it by distracting one of the whole was closest, who happened to be Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, can you tell me why do you have fox ear and tail?" which he and the other elders has been wondering from the entire beginning.

"Well, I got it whenever me and Kyu-chan merges, or whatever that means. She said that we would be starting at our young age so that we can perform this technique faster and longer while I train with grand Airhead" Minato (oldest) twitched at the stupid nickname but let it pass him for he will get revenge in training, "over there in weapons art, ninjutsu, kenjutsu, bo-jutsu, and something related to physical. Then there's gramp's Wet-behind-the-ear, "Arashi noticeably twitched as he rolled the scroll and prepared to whack him behind the head but Airhea- I mean, Minato (oldest) stopped him with an eye contact, "in anything mental…. Like genjutsu, medical jutsus, chakra control, demon emergence- whatever that is-, "last statement making everyone face fault, "mind barrier for mind walkers, and yeah.

Hiruzen nodded satisfied and then turned to Minato and said, "What about you Mina-chan?" honestly, the nickname was making the kid twitch every time it was uttered.

"Its fine, Ero-jiji-saru." Minato said making everyone, except the older Namikaze twins, and his brother, sweat as he not only called the Hokage a pervert right in his face, but he also called him a perverted old monkey.

Hiruzen couldn't help but laugh as the boy had his mother's vocabulary not only in rude nicknames, but also his father's observant eyes.

He could help but think of why he even bought the little orange book with him at all times.

Maybe cuz he knew he didn't have any paperwork that would be following him later so that he could just continue reading after.

Hmmm, seems legit so that may be his best answer for the moment.

"Oh, how did you found out, little white cotton-fluff?" Hiruzen said as he threw in his own nickname for the kid who's left eye twitched in annoyance that's how clouds looks like to me sometimes).

"Why, I had for you weren't good at hiding in, Saru-san. Plus, I can see it from your pocket under your robes for a book that size, width and length is very easy to notice." Minato shot back narrowing his eyes cutely making the old Hokage smile genuinely at him which seem to annoy him more.

"Good observation, Minato. I'm sure that you and your older brother are doing your parents proud." he said as he ruffled their hair affectionately as Minato slapped his hand with Naruto smiling proudly as he puffed his chest cutely with his tail waving happily behind him and on the other hand, Danzo just scoffed and muttered something barely decipherable.

Flashback end:

Hiruzen sighed, it was one of the best days of his life as he witness the children's eyes brighten more as they all had fun while Danzo unconsciously tried to deter said fun.

He then remembered how the children's father's students met (Yes, Rin is alive).


"Is- is it really, really them?" a sixteen year old Kakashi Hatake said as he shakily pointed at the twins while taking off his mask, they stared at him expectantly like they were waiting for something else to happen.

"Yes Kakashi-kun. That's them." and with that, Kakashi suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of the boys who reacted immediately by raising their small chubby hands in a defense stance but was futile as Kakashi gave the a bear hug while crying a waterfall while Rin, his only alive teammate and close friend, rolled her eyes as a smile made it in her mouth while she approached them.

Behind them, the older Namikaze twins were watching with amused smiles etched in their faces as they saw Naruto joyfully hug them both back laughing all the way and Minato trying to push them away as he somehow didn't very much enjoy random, surprise hugs from strangers when said strangers were his father's students.

Everyone in the village could hear the infamous Kakashi Hatake yell out that he would make sure that they all beat Guy's flames of youth with his 'Hip and cool attitudes' and a healthy collections of Icha-Icha books earning him a slap in the back of his head courtesy of Rin herself, his personal leash holder, or in the other words, the woman who keeps him in line.

It also didn't help when Guy openly declared that he would beat him with his apprentice name Rock Lee using the flames of youth for if he couldn't, he would climb the Hokage Monument using his teeth and of course, the little clone swearing he would do twice as that if they fail making everyone in the village sweat-drop at them.

Flashback end:

It was also one of the funniest days of his long life.

Also, it seem to be clearer to him that the Namikazes seem to prevent things as betrayal, and death all at the same time.

He even remembered when Minato (oldest) healed Hitomi's eyes that was slowly killing her.

Hiashi publicly showed so much emotions while thanking them for saving his wife's life that he openly lashed out at his clan elders when the berated him about such behavior that such clan heads like him should act like one.

Furthermore to that, the Kurama clan and Inuzuka clan offered theirs too, but the Kurama clan would like to wait and see who would be fit to select from the girls for the boys' age group for a year or two older, while on the other hand, the Inuzuka clan head, Tsume, wanted to see which of her daughters would be the best candidate while the other be the heir to the head.

He sighed as he remembered when he introduced the four to Ichiraku ramen.

He remembered how light and flat his wallet after each ate at least twenty or more bowls of ramen becoming the owner's favorite person in the world.

He couldn't help but crack a smile at such sweet dreams.

Sweet memories, indeed that he would take it until his last day and above with Kami-sama's land of the Paradise.

Speaking of Paradise…

Giggling to himself, he ordered the ANBU inside to leave him for a bit so that he can relax which they didn't dare question and left without any more further thoughts.

He then took out his favorite little orange book and pipe from the drawer in his desk before flipping through the pages to where he had left on.

Yet, before he could even get to read a single line, or to be précised, word.

A knock from the door interrupted his well deserved free-time.

"What is it?" he asked as he placed the book back but kept the pipe on.

" Apologize, Hokage-sama. There's someone who would like to see you." said his secretary behind the door.

"Well tell them to come back later. And if it's another round of paperwork, I swear to Kami-sama that I will use a Fire jutsu on that menace." He said clearly annoyed.

"Um, Hokage-sama… I don't think that's negotiable with these two." his secretary said almost sounding desperate.

"Would you like to be demoted to reseptio-…"


His door, now smoldering, flew and smashed right behind him missing him by just a inch in the left.

His eyes widen as three figures, two male and one female, whom he had expected yet havent prepared to meet came inside his office.

The first one standing at the height of 5'4 sporting a long shaggy, spiky blond hair with bangs in the side of his face and a possible long, similarly spiky pony-tail behind.

He had sunny blue eyes that seem to draw attention, small nose, a pair of foxy whiskers giving him a feral look, a single earring in his left ear, and a foxy grin in his face as his right hand emitted smoke giving Hiruzen the idea that he was the one who blew his door open.

He was wearing a heavy multi-plated samurai red armor, but this one are different from his mentors and their enemy, Madara Uchiha.

This one had the fore-arm pieces higher than the shoulder pieces, but the same high neck collar like guards, multi-plated chest and body armor with top layer being green with a carved in sun design in the middle then vertical down, green belt holding the thigh, and the middle part armor together (the profile picture).

Underneath it, he was a high collared long sleeve black yukata that ended till below his elbows with white trims, a pair of arm plating with seals in them, bandages wrapped in his arms yet ended above his fingers, and black hakama pants suspended by a shin-length black boots to finish off.

He had two katana swords strapped in his left side of his waist, a naginata with a single pointed tip on the middle in the blunt side, another point in the middle of the blunt and a large brown sealing scroll in his back with the straps forming an 'x' over his armor.

This ladies and gentle mean is one of the Legendary sons of their precious Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, Naruto Namikaze, heir to the throne of the Land of the Whirlpools and to the Namikaze seat of clan head position and one of the host of the fearsome Kyuubi no Yoko.

The other one was so similar to his older brother, by ten minutes, that you would mistaken either of them to be a shadow clone and the only way you be able to tell the difference is that he doesn't have a pair of foxy whiskers, but had a slitted sky blue eyes instead, and the he was wearing a black tattered robes (on the edges) underneath the black armor, brown leather vambrace with an insignia that looked like an open triangle with curved bottom parts with the side parts having a dual tips pointing outward (assassin's creed insignia. I'll explain later) with a hood pulled down behind him, a large black sealing scroll with equally black straps, and is wielding a scythe instead of the naginata like his brother.

The scythe has a fearsome to behold.

Its pole seem to be made of human spinal cord, like his other ancestor, with the difference of a skull attached on the top with the black, gold-ish, silver blade stuck behind it and its empty eye sockets seem to give a reddish glow that felt of highly: Death.

This one ladies and gentlemen is Naruto's younger brother, named after their father, Minato Namikaze- the something.

The last one was a specimen, not even the words 'beautiful' nor 'gorgeous' would cut it.

She's fairly tall and light-skinned woman of slender build, she has long, black, shoulder-length untamed hair, and very unique eyes that are red in color, with an additional ring in them, she wears make-up consisting of red lipstick and purple eye shadow, with her outfit consisting of a red mesh armor blouse with only the right sleeve visible.

This is the beautiful Kurenai Yuhi that helped take care of the twins for eleven years they were gone, now returning as her long mission as a guardian takes its end.

The pipe in Hiruzen's mouth slowly fell towards the ground with a soft thud before his mouth curved upward and formed a grandfatherly smile.

"Its been very long since we've last seen each other, Naruto, Minato, and Kurenai. My, you three sure have gained quite a growth spurt if I say myself." he said as he admired their looks.

The twins gave him a smile while Kurenai gave him a shy smile as her face became flustered.

"Ya got that right, old man!" Naruto declared as he they stopped in front of him giving him a thumbs-up and a grin.

His brother crossed his arms as he shook his head in amusement.

Let it for Naruto to rudely call others.

Hiruzen cracked a gentle smile and said, "So… I feel that you've all learned what you must learn and gained enough knowledge to keep you all alive in the field?" he asked getting nods from them.

"And experience." Minato piped in causing his eyes to widen while Kurenai sighed as she knew she will have one heck of an explanation later after she gives her written reports worth of eleven years of mission duration.

"And experience?" Hiruzen asked as his smile cracked and a frown started replacing it.

"Oh yeah… lotta' experience filled with lots of fun too, if you ask me." Naruto said nonchalantly.

Hiruzen nodded satisfied for a while and then said as he closed his hand together.

"I have the feeling that would be required sooner or later but for now, fill in this forms and I will have an ANBU escort you two to the academy to take the final test to be a full fledge shinobi." he said as he handed them two forms.

As they filled the forms, Hiruzen said, "I will also give this letter as permission to take the test even if the both of you are late entries. Do not worry, I will have the teams best suited for your abilities and skills in the field. And before you ask, these forms you two are filling up are shinobi forms that we can use as information if anything happens to one of you."

The twins nodded as they passed the papers back to him as he stamped it before he placed it in a the stamped tray.

The Hokage snapped his fingers as an ANBU with long purple hair dropped down and kneeled, "Neko-chan, please escort them to the academy now." taking a look at the clock above the door-less door way, he continued, "They only have at least twenty minutes before the exams starts. Of you go so that you can take the exams on time and make your parents proud, boys."

The ANBU nodded while Naruto said, "Don't we ever." and all three left.

His smile left his face as he faced Kurenai and said, "Now Kurenai-chan, I think you owe me an explanation of what Minato meant of experience."

Kurenai gulped at the tone and at what's she's about to say as the man in front of her showed why he's still called 'The Professor'.


As the trio walked towards the academy, the twins could feel stares being directed at them and when they looked back, they saw some of them glaring at them with hate, fear, awe, lust (you all know which), and respect.

For the people that glared at them with hate, they returned the favor as the released some KI towards them with Minato smiling evilly at them as he brought his demonic scythe towards his lips and took a long lick making the female shiver at the erotic sight while the male population shudder at the fearsome display while some did just like the female side.

When they arrived, the female ANBU that was escorting them went towards the man, wearing a chunin uniform with a scar across on top of his nose, whose about to enter a room before she gave him the letter making his eyes widen and then back to normal as he nodded and smiled at them warmly, which they returned before he let them in.

When they entered, the first thing they noticed was the noise level enough to make them wince, but they were silenced when the man used some kind of demonic jutsu to enlarge his head and then yell at them to shut it.

The man cleared his throat and said, "Alright class, I know today is your final exam but before we move to that, I would like to introduce to you all the heroes of our beloved village as they held the fearsome demon fox at bay. Without anymore further ado, I introduce Naruto Namikaze and Minato Namikaze. Sons of our hero, the Forth Hokage, our Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze. Any questions before we start?"

There were a lot of hands but Naruto piped in using his deep voice that can weaken a women's knees in no time flat, "Questions that doesn't flow around relationships, jutsus we know of, power levels, weapons we own…" seeing almost every hands come down, "and type of women."

The rest of the hands came down but three.

It was Sasuke Uchiha, Fu, transfer from Takigakure, and Hinata Hyuuga.

"Yes, what's your questions, emo?" Naruto asked smiling at her charmingly.

The first one, Sasuke, a girl with beautiful angelic face with shoulder-length black hair, onyx colored eyes of every Uchiha, porcelain smooth skin, and kissable red lips.

She was wearing a dark blue turtle-neck t-shirt with the Uchiha crest behind, white ninja shorts, and blue sandals.

In her arms were a pair of arm warmers.

"What took you so long, dobe?" she asked smirking smugly at him.

"Well, I was stuck in your head for quite the while then I traveled down to your heart but it was locked so I…" Naruto said which was making the girl blush of either anger of something else.

"Dammit, dobe, answer the stupid question already!" she demanded with a tic appearing in her forehead while Naruto did the most mature thing.

He raised his left arm and pulled his left cheek down and stuck out his tongue at her but answered none the less.

"Geez, don't get your panties in a twist, okay? Anyways, I was traveling around, destroying stuff then breaking dolts and then putting them back together and then training as much as I can." he said rubbing his spiky hair.

Sasuke nodded satisfied at the and answer and sat back down though she was a bit offended from the first sentence.

The next one was Fu of Takigakure transferred just last year by her adopted brother so that she could escape the life of hatred from her home village and start over a new here in the Leaf.

She had an orange clip in her short, spiky mint green colored hair, with orange colored eyes that matched her clip a bit of a round face and had a healthy tan colored skin.

Her ninja outfit consist of short sleeveless white midriff shirt with fishnet armour underneath, long white armlets, and fishnet shorts with a short white apron skirt over it.

She also seem to carry cylindrical object in red wrapping on her back which seem to be quite the mystery to everyone.

Naruto nodded at her giving her an encouraging smile, as the other girls who were staring at the twins with hearts in their eyes, glare at her in envy.

Fu blushed as she saw his charming smile but quickly berated herself for being distracted by the char- ok, getting off tracked now…

"Uh… is it okay if I can talk to you both with the Hokage later after school with something for the matter?" she said emphasizing the word 'thing'.

The two nodded as they saw the hint through the words while the others, except a few clan heirs, look confused.

They then turned to Hinata and gave her a gentle smile unconsciously starting their own soon-to-be-massive fan-club of the female population throughout the whole village.

Now Hinata was one of the most beautiful girls Naruto had seen since they were kids, and when they came for a vacation, and whatnot.

She had dark blue hair and fair skin; traits that she inherited from her mother. She also has the customary white eyes of her clan, which have a tinge of lavender.

Her clothing consisted of a cream-colored hooded-jacket with a fire symbol on the upper right and left sleeves and fur around the cuffs and hem, with navy blue pants

"I-I-I- w-w-would l-like t-to t-thank y-you for s-saving my m-m-mother." she said as she bowed deeply and sat down.

The boys gave her a warm 'Welcome' and promptly took seats in the back of the class seeing the front row full.

But as they walked, they saw a certain brown haired, smug looking, with a pain in the ass jerk-like smile on his face evilly glaring at them.

They both raised their right eyebrows but ignored him making the boy fume for being ignored.

When they found two empty seat next to the wall, they did a single half hand-seal storing their things inside as they placed the scrolls behind their chair.

When they had sat down, they saw everyone inside looking at them with awe.

Minato raised an eyebrow while Naruto lazily waved at them as he leaned back in his chair.

A minute later, another man entered the class also wearing standard chunin garbs.

He had shoulder-length, white hair that with a slight hint of blue to it and green eyes.

He wore the standard attire of the Konoha-nin before his defection, which included flak jacket and forehead protector that he wore like a bandanna.

"Sorry, Iruka, I kinda slept in." he said as he rubbed his the back of his head.

The twins narrowed their eyes as they silently sniffed the air smelling foul smell of snakes and deceit.

Even the Inuzuka girl with a very masculine name like Sasuke, Kita- not that one, Kristine- not even close Kiba was it?

Seem to agree with them as she covered her sensitive nose with her hand.

Kiba, the girl, was wearing a dark grey-ish pants reaching to her calves and a grey, hooded fur-lined coat, with the hood usually placed on her head, over an apparent plate of armor and fishnet undershirt giving her a sexy feral woman with the red triangular tattoos in her cheeks.

As if feeling their gaze, she turned around and Naruto gave her a wave and a smile giving him the look of a fox, while making her blush and quickly turn away.

When they around, Iruka raised his hand waving and said, "Don't worry, we were just about to start anyway. Oh, and the Namikazes just arrived." he said as he motioned Mizuki who in turn turned towards where Iruka was pointing and saw the heavily armored twins giving him a mock two-finger salute.

Mizuki smiled at them kindly but on the inside he was seething.

'Those Kyuubi-brats had the gall to come back after what they'd done?'

As if reading his thoughts, the twins eyes suddenly turned into the sharing an for a brief second making him quietly gasp as he slowly felt KI being directed right at him.


As the exams started, Naruto and Minato sensed something wrong with their papers and discretely look towards their seatmate's paper and then to the other and saw it was different while the others were all the same.

Pouring their chakra directly at the paper, they held their arms under the table in a 'Ram' seal and silently released the genjutsu.

Without further ado, the twins started writing the correct answers as fast as they can in a neat manner too.

Meanwhile, Mizuki was silently smirking at the low-level he had placed on the paper that he was sure that they would fail but unknown to him, they all already did the opposite and also made sure to tell the Hokage of this matter than their own because doing it their way will get very bloody very fast.

When they had finished the written test, they were all taken outside towards the target range for weapon accuracy test (I'm making it on how I envisioned it suppose to be).

Iruka started calling the students' names while giving them their fair share of twenty pieces of kunais and shurikens.

In the meantime, Naruto and Minato sat on a nearby tree watching everything and spotting a few ANBUs who in turn froze when they would make a two second eye contact then resuming what they're doing.

When Sasuke's name was called, they turned and saw her holding the kunais in her right hand while the shurikens in the left.

She brought out her hands in her sides and then lashed her hands in an arc releasing the weapons hitting all the marks.

And for the last in her hands, she threw it hitting the middle of the wooden dummy making every male, except the twins, unconsciously move their hands closer to their pride and joy.

She then turned towards Naruto and gave him a seductive wink making him grin with a hint of a feral look showing his left fang.

Then, there was Fu throwing three kunais after the other hitting all the targets too but with a little off to the right and some to the left.

After her, was Hinata, she gently took the weapons and chucked it all in one go yet still hitting the targets as few missed but was not to far from it.

Then after her was a long haired pink girl who they heard was named, Sakura Haruno, doing a little bit less good but okay enough to pass.

Then after her was a pretty platinum gold haired girl, Ino Yamanaka, whom was the heir, do as good as her friend Sakura.

Then they turned to the clouds feeling bored.

When Naruto's name was called, he suddenly disappeared in a yellow flash and reappeared in front of Iruka and Mizuki shocking everyone as he used his father's legendary technique before he picked up a tri-pronged kunai.

'When did he threw that?' was the question on everybody's mind.

He raised his hands and took the weapons from the dumbfounded duo and five pieces of each hitting vital nervous system and body parts making the two chunin gulp at the accuracy and strength it was thrown as the places that were shot received holes as a few pieces fell to the ground.

The other students, with the exception of what those hits meant, laughed as some of the boys yelled that he was inaccurate and was only dressing up to look cool, but what Iruka made them all fall silent, "Students, those were vital points that could render anyone their life or paralyze them in a single hit and with that amount of power… then paralyzing them would be very far fetched as Namikaze-sama seem to have been aiming for the kill."

Most of the boys stared at him in fear as he slowly turned to them with a feral look making Kiba blush while making the girls squeal at him.

He turned to Iruka and said, "Ne Iruka-sensei, just Naruto is fine. Formalities makes me feel old." and then stepped back as his brother's turn came.

When Minato had the field where the dummy rested and calculated the wind speed, power, and distance.

Without having anymore second thoughts, he threw them outwards shocking not only his brother but also everyone but the shock seem to grow as the kunais and shurikens suddenly changed directions moving at the dummy's side slicing its whole body to pieces making not only the academy students and the chunin duo gulp in fear, but also the stationed ANBU as he turned towards them and narrowed his eyes making them flinch as the Yondaime's image overlapped his son's in a second before reverting back to Minato.

After the accuracy test, they were given the ninjutsu test and to see if they can do some jutsus aside from the academy trio to earn them extra points.

Again, the two laid their backs on the tree's trunk and sat but with the addition of Sasuke who sat next to Naruto, Hinata sat next to her and Fu who sat above the tree.

When Sasuke's turn was up, Naruto said to her, "Go kick ass, teme. I'll be expecting a spar in your compound later."

Sasuke smirked at him and said, "Don't worry dobe, I will. And yours will be next, that's a promise."

Minato chose to pipe in and said as he placed a senbon on his mouth and said lazily, "Hey, if you two are gonna enforce foreplay, do it somewhere else."

The statement made Sasuke blush as she gave him the 'finger' and walked away huffing while Hinata and Fu blushed at the thought.

They always said that the silent ones were always the most shocking ones.

Naruto smirked and said to his brother, "You always like to ruin the fun, eh, Airhead?"

Minato smirked and said, "You got no idea how much I've been meaning to say that, Fishcake."

The two closed their eyes as they waited for their turn and after a few minutes of relaxing, Minato was up.

"Alright Minato, the clone, substitution, and detect genjutsu." Iruka said with Mizuki smiling at them but on the inside urging them to fail.

Minato did the clone jutsu with ease as if he was just breathing and without using any hand seals as their ancestor smacked it in the heads making some little to no chakra jutsus as the grinded them to the ground in chakra control.

Everyone was shocked at the level of control with his massive, they don't know yet, chakra level.

When the two chunin got of their stupor, Mizuki threw a chakra enhanced pencil at him as Iruka's eyes went wide.

The first thing that came to Minato's mind as everyone stared at him waiting what'll he'll do, was to flick the pencil away like an annoying little bug, then came the second was to slice it in half by one of his blades, then came the third, look for something to use.

Everyone held their breath as the pencil was only a foot or two away a puff of smoke erupted and in its place was an orange book just like the one the Sandaime would always read in his free time.

As the pencil pierced the book, Mizuki's face went red with anger as his favorite book was used as a replacement by the little shit.

Minato gave Mizuki a foxy like grin his brother would easily pull off while his and his brother's fan club thought he look way sexier as they squealed loudly.

Iruka then cast a D-rank genjutsu at him which he quickly put out by doing the 'Ram' seal and said, "Release."

Iruka congratulated him as he gave him his blue clothed forehead protector which he tied in his head proudly keeping the bangs out of his eyes.

Next came was Naruto who did all extra efficient and when Iruka asked him, he replied, "Do all your ordinary work extraordinarily well,"

Iruka was stunned at such wise words that he found himself respecting the children that held the demon that killed his parents on the attack.

The next part of the exams were taijutsu matches.

The point of this was to land a single solid blow to one of the chunins and then they pass for sure even if they are marked low on the other two exams.

It was to see who would be fit to become a ninja and who would be coming back in two months.

As the exam progressed, most of the students passed while the others were told that they made it higher in different aspects.

When Sasuke was called by Iruka who was gonna be her opponent, most of the boys focused on her as they eyed her like a piece of meat as her body moved in fluent motion sometimes giving them the pleasure when her turtle-neck would expose her toned smooth skin or her shorts going higher than mid-thigh.

The time she landed was when she did the move Naruto taught her four years ago after their another vacation in Konoha.

She back flipped balanced on her arms when Iruka punched giving the male population nose bleed as her shirt went a little more below her bosoms.

She then spun in her hands catching Iruka off guard as his balance was thwarted as Sasuke's legs pushed him to the left.

She then pushed herself upwards and landed kneeling and jumped spinning in the air with her right arm cocked back.

When Iruka almost got his bearing, he heard Sasuke's battle cry and turned but it was too late as he was towards the fences falling flat as paper on the ground with a daze expressions and his eyes swirling further confirming his condition.

A few students helped Iruka to stand back up as Mizuki spared with Fu, whom was also getting the same attention from the boys.

As they walked, Iruka saw Sasuke walking towards him with an apologetic look on her face.

"Iruka-…" but he interrupted her to it.

"Its quite alright, dear. It was part of the exam and I bet for sure that whoever sensei your getting and whoever will be your teammates will be lucky as you have the drive to train to be stronger. Just remember to keep your will of fire as Sandaime-sama says." he said massaging his jaw giving the girl a gentle smile which she retuned and ran back to Naruto and Minato who was watching Fu trash Mizuki with a single punch on his left cheek and a kick on his pride and joy courtesy of accidentally touching her inappropriately yet she took great offence to it like any other girl would.

Iruka sighed, he'd never get why women were so confusing unlike men whom you can talk to like family anytime.

He sighed again when it was his turn again as a few students pulled a fallen Mizuki who was busily massaging his manliness, off the ring.

Minato sighed as he watched the students violently spar with the chunins like Fu who kicked the suspicious chunins on the nuts.

He didn't know whether to keep his guard up at her or something…

These bullshit was fucking confusing if you ask him.

Acting weak and needing to suppress much of his fighting and political prowess?

No can do, that's just plain bullshit and hard.

He needed action, something to vent out his steam, something to smash to millions of pieces, or a forbidden an all-out match with his brother that always seem to make them get carried away from the thrill of the fight.

No! he needed to get Kyu-chan and ravage her.

Said demonness giggled in his head as she heard his less than innocent thoughts.

"Ohh, is that all I'm worth to you, Minato-sama? A stress relief?" she said in a fake hurt tone in which he knew quite well.

"No Kura-chan, its just that stress is getting on to me. I mean… how would you feel if your power is being suppress with a seal ten times stronger than the other?" he mentally said to her.

"I wouldn't feel to good that is, but your grand fathers are doing this for your own good. After all, walking without seals like this would bring an uproar from that wretched council of theirs demanding you two to be married off to their daughters who would want nothing else but use your power in political and physical and abuse it and then leave you when you cannot provide no more." Kurama giving him a pair point as to why he needs to wear such painful seals.

Minato nodded at her point and mentally said, "Yes, you are very much correct. I apologize for thinking such impulsive thoughts, Kura-chan." why thinking why those he got a submissive vixen while his brother got an assertive one.

"You are very welcome, Minato-sama and apology accepted. I may be submissive, but I'm not a stress releif. Remember that for I will talk to later when I need an itch to be 'scratched' somewhere." Kurama said seductively flashing images of the two of them in different positions and with different number of Shadow clones.

Minato smirked and said, "Don't worry, I'll 'scratch' that itch later, but for now… watch closely as I smash this rodent under my foot." as he watched his brother land a single palm thrust that sent Iruka skidding out of the ring and the helped him up and shook hands with him before bowing and leaving back to his earlier position.

Kurama giggled to herself, and did as she was told. She never knew why she felt herself getting wet by Minato's words all of a sudden.

Maybe it was because she was 'pounded' to submission like her yang self.

After all, the yin, her, was good for mind tricks and deadly illusions yet this boy that holds her outsmarted her when the time to fight for dominance came.

She couldn't help but blush at the thought of their first time fuc- okay, that's too much information for now.

She tried to calm herself as she watched from her living room like place in his mindscape.

Minato stood in front of Mizuki with his eyes narrowed just like the instructor in front of him.

And before anyone knew it, he closed the distance and swung a punch at him aiming towards the face but Mizuki reacted fast enough for a chunin and rolled away making Minato miss him a mile.

Mizuki expected for him to loose balance of the ring after the punch that almost turned his face into pancake but luck seem to be on the kid's side as he skidded to a stop making his grim reaper like robes under the armor flare from the wind.

Minato then engaged Mizuki on a fast hand-to-hand at chunins speed as they exchanged blow after blow which was all blocked.

Mizuki was shocked at this and was trying to move faster thinking that he can outpace him but forgot one single, yet very vital detail: he didn't have the stamina Minato did.

Minato saw that Mizuki was getting slower as he tried to outpace him with combos of punches, and kicks, but he did the same and parried at every blow.

When Mizuki was getting tired and noticeably slower, Minato gave him two-finger palm thrust that blew him outside the ring and towards the wall of the academy knocking him out at impact.

Everyone stared at him fear and awe from the display of his strength while Naruto face-palmed.

'What part of holding back didn't he understand?' Naruto asked himself as he shook his head.

"The part where you have to put level fifty seals on each category which seem to anger your brother, kit." yang Kurama said to her present container as she laid her head in her paws.

"Why does my life has to be so fucking fucked up?" he said to her mentally.

"Cuz you have one of the most unpredictably fucked up family line whom held so much bloodlines that its all getting mixed up and making your luck run dry." she said to him dryly.

"Oi! don't'cha get smart with me woman, or else…" he said trying to be frightening as he left the sentence for her to finish the rest.

"Or else what kit? Gonna pound me to submission or are you gonna man up and quit whining at your shitty good luck!" Kurama said daring him to oppose her.

Oh, yeah… assertive women is the way to go.

"You know, that almost didn't sound bad… but we have important matters at hand." he said as the whole class walked back to the classroom with forehead protectors on different parts of their person.

When they were all seated, Iruka clapped his hands together and gave them his farewell speech about how everything they had studied will apply to their missions at least once of twice or more.

He also said that most of things they had taught them are only basic and they had to learn, practice, and train more and create their own paths as they carry the will of fire that their village is known for.

Meanwhile, Mizuki was inwardly scowling and planning on stealing the Forbidden Scrolls of Seals from the Hokage Tower and then selling it from the highest bidder from an enemy village and being set for life.

Naruto being the deep sensor guy of the two, who can sense emotions, sensed Mizuki's less than nicer emotions and nudged his younger brother pointing at the instructor and telling him that they'll be taking a night patrol later on.

As the shinobi and kunoichi hopefuls walked out, Fu quickly walked towards the twins who were walking with Sasuke and Hinata and said, "Is it alright if I walk with you?"

Naruto smiled at her making her blush in purpose as the girls behind him glared at her, nodded yes.

Walking on the streets, the group of five saw that it was only mid-day, suggested taking a bite at the local ramen shop.

Of course, Naruto and Minato quickly agreed at the heavenly ramen and all four of them quickly ran as a shy Hinata tried to catch up.

When they arrived, Naruto and Minato quickly ordered their favorites.

"Old man, miso ramen and keep 'em coming." Naruto said as he slammed his fist on the counter as the others sat with him.

Teuchi laughed as his favorite costumers were back and quickly started cooking their orders on a large pot knowing how much they can eat if their parents were any indications.

Moments later, the cooks daughter came out to help her father and when her eyes locked with Naruto's eyes, she blushed madly and quickly broke away making him raise his eyebrow but he still greeted her joyfully and in Sasuke's taste, very loudly.

Ayame returned the greetings from her long time crush when he saved her from some drunks four years ago when she went to get late groceries.

Until then, her crush started growing and now, at the ripe age of sixteen and with him being a newly graduated shinobi of Konoha, she can finally pursue her undying love for him. (ik, very fan-girly. Whah can I say, its funny this way)

And with the headband in his forehead, his being viewed as an adult, its just her and her Naru-kun and the wedding, the honeymoon, the bed, the hospital, the bed again, then the delivery room and again, and again, and again...

Until her days come to an end, hell, a single kiss from him and she can die happy.

When she ended her fan-girl-nism she saw the all looking at her with sweat-drops foreheads with the grils, surprisingly Hinata, had a few tic marks on them.

It seemed she had been standing there for five minutes squealing with hearts in her eyes looking daze like a fan-girl high on weeds.

Whatever that is.

After the twins ate at least twenty-five bowls of ramen, they all walked towards to the Hokage tower with Hinata breaking off as she needed to get back home early to train some more before they are called back in a week for team placement.

When the quadruples arrived, they saw the Hokage doing his job sorrowfully like cursing the Forth, their father, of giving him the pain in the ass back and even using death as a get-away ticket.

When they made themselves known, the old kage gave them all a grandfatherly smiles and asked what they were doing in his office at the moment.

"Fu has something to tell us." Minato stated crossing his arms giving the girl a pointed look telling her to spill.

Fu nodded an said, "Hokage-sama… can I have the scroll please?" she asked as Hiruzen nodded and took out a green colored scroll from his drawer and handed it to her.

Fu bowed giving her thanks and then she turned and walked to Naruto making him raise and eyebrow and said, "This letter is directed to the Namikaze clan head… meaning you, and that only of your eyes shall be the one to read it."

Naruto nodded and opened the scroll as Minato and Sasuke turned away knowing private clan political matters meant private.

Naruto red the contents of the scroll occasionally raising an eyebrow making Fu worried at what was stated but said nothing.

When he was done reading, the scroll sudden burst to flames shocking everyone, except the holder as it was instructed inside the scroll, while Fu was frantic that Naruto didn't like what was inside and was gonna be very angry and knowing an angry jinjchuuriki just like herself, sometimes, its really bad.

But it was the opposite as Naruto said it was suppose to happen as some Shibuki-guy made sure the scroll will only be red and opened once.

"So… what now?" Fu asked as she nervously held her hands together.

Naruto turned to her making her flinch but saw that he was giving her another of his charming smiles that was irritating Sasuke well enough while making Minato catch a mischievous gleam in his face that made Hiruzen's blood run cold as he remembered that look from a certain red-haired beauty.

"You're living with us now!" he declared making Sasuke's eyes widen, with Hiruzen not far behind as he choked on his own spit, with Minato smirking for more materials coming in raw but priceless.

Fu let a cute 'eep' as her face gotten a little bit darker with a new shade of red that was beating the Hyuuga heiress' color.

With Hinata:

The said Hyuuga heiress suddenly felt as if she was being bastardized and swore that she was gonna hunt whoever makes her feel violated and skin the alive!

Back with everyone else:

Fu suddenly felt as if she needed to lookout for herself but that was interrupted when Hiruzen spoke.

"Then I guess you'll be wanting your heritage and everything that came with it, huh?"

The twins gave him a dual foxy grin with thumbs up as Naruto sheathed his naginata in his back while Minato placed the scythe in his right shoulder holding it tightly as if ready to spring in action.

Hiruzen sighed as he gave them the keys to their house and watched as they left him with his work.


While walking, Naruto suddenly remembered something.

"Oi, teme… I think today's welcoming spar has to be postponed until the day after tomorrow." he said whle scratching the back of his head.

Sasuke sighed as she knew he'd bring that up and said, "I guess your right again, dope. Though I suggest that you don't get used to me agreeing with you every time. I'm still the boss of me." she said as she pointed to herself with her own foxy grin that came out more sexier for Naruto and which irritated Minato as he felt suddenly bastardized be the emo-bitch in front of him.

And the trio demon containers and the uno emo-bit- I mean- girl, splitted up and went to their different ways.

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