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He looked at the body of Captain America one last time, obviously not for the hope of recollection but to make sure he was alive. There was no point leaving him dead, yet inside the winter soldier felt a pain in his chest, who was this man that insisted on calling him "Bucky"? The soldier shook his head before walking off, he had to choose, HYDRA or S.H.I.E.L.D, friend or foe?

2 years later...

Information about what has happened:

Captain america found Bucky and they're friends again everything is smooth.

Captain america is dating Kate (agent 13).

Bucky is lonely and still troubled about the winter soldier incident.

All the superheroes live in the avenger tower together. (Stark tower).

Hannah's P.O.V

I pushed my hair back out of my face as I walked home from work. Talk about pathetic fallacy, yet again it was raining in England. Maybes the sky was crying for me loosing my job, then again, when wasn't it raining? And anyway, who cared?

I pushed open my front door, chucking my keys onto the desk in front of me. I was cold and fed up, how could my day get any worse? Oh, wait it just did. I had a message on my answer phone. "What now?" I muttered hitting play, no one had my number. Please just be PPI...

"Hannah, oh my god please say that's you. Look I heard that you weren't missing in action from Afghanistan... God I miss you, please, please text me when you get this message. I've booked you a ticket to America to help me. See you soon, oh, and by the way it's Kate, here's my number..." Wow, thanks Kate. What did she need help with? Wait, S.H.I.E.L.D had been destroyed and she was alive after the whole winter soldier escapade? I shrugged, I couldn't just pick everything up and leave. Besides I had bigger problems, my powers. War had totally messed them up. I had the ability to see the future of those around me as well as the past. And well.. Wings and a halo. I guess you could call me a fallen angel. Besides some other... HYDRA enhancements.

I took my phone out of my pocket laughing, typing in the number from the answer phone. Why was I laughing? Because someone was left who cared about me? I shook my head, I didn't need to think about two years ago. That was in the past, I was living in the present and not thinking about the future. "Hey Kate it is Hannah" what the hell was I texting?

"Omg, omg! Please say you can come over"

"Idk." I honestly didn't know.

"What? Why...?" Man was she nosey.

"I can't just up roots and leave, I have a job you know." Well, slight lie, I didn't anymore.

"Please, pretty please 😰" really emojis? I rolled my eyes texting back.

"😕" two could play at that game.

"😭" she would not get any sympathy.

"😤" "The car will pick you up tomorrow from your house at 8am your time 😀"

"Screw you, you manipulative little punk."

"Is that a yes? 😊"

"Maybes." And with that I flung my phone onto the sofa, walking up the stairs to go to bed. I would decide tomorrow morning whether I was going. Right now I needed sleep my metal wings were hurting and needed to be spread.

Kate's P.O.V

"Kate, she doesn't seem very happy," Steve was sitting next to me reading over my shoulder at the Avenger's tower.

"That's just her, Hannah's a grumpy Brit," I shrugged, snuggling into his shoulder.

"We don't need anymore grumpy people here," Tony Stark mumbled sitting down next to Pepper across from us.

I looked across to Bucky who sat staring out of the window. Bless him, he was lost and alone.

"Trust me you haven't heard the meaning of grumpy until you meet her," I smiled sipping my wine. Hopefully she would come, I had my fingers crossed.