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Oh no. Why is she here? Uggh! She hurt Jade , and she still has guts to show her face here. I know I'm a happy person or should I say a happy Cat... Heheh... but she makes me so angry I wanna punch her in the face!

She walked inside then came to us, I turned to look at Beck, who was now getting red because the anger he's feeling right now.

"What do you want?" Beck gritted through his teeth, his hand making a fist that his knuckles turned white.

'I just want to apologize, I'm sorry" She said, looking down at her feet.

"sorry is not enough" I spatted at her. All of them looked at me like I'm an alien from outer space, all of them except Beck.

"Look, I didn't mean to, someone paid me to do it! Please, believe me, I never wanted this to happen" She said, told us. Trying to convince us that she was telling the truth.

Beck looked like he could kill a person, I was shocked about what she said. How dare those people! They paid her to do that to Jade! To make her feel this way!
Andre and Robbie looked as shocked as I am right now, glancing at me and Beck.

"Who paid you?" Beck said quietly, more like a whisper, but the tone of his voice was deadly and scary. I looked at the girl, she's now looking at us.

"Who paid you?!" Beck repeated, but louder and clearer now. I jumped a little at his voice. I have never seen Beck so angry. All of us flinched at his voice, good things Jade's not awake yet.

Then Tori suddenly popped in.

"You know what? Get out of here! Go! We don't need you to tell us! We'll found out eventually..." Tori said to her. While she looked at her, with a betrayed look.

"But, you gotta-" She tried to say, but Tori stopped her. "Just go! Come on!" Tori told her. Pushing her out of the room, with herself.

Tori went outside with her. I looked at my friends, who looked confused and angry at the same time. I sighed, looking at the sleeping Jade. Oh how, I wish she's not in the hospital right now.

"I wanna know who paid her to do this to Jade, I'm gonna kill that person if I have to." Beck said as he sat again, covering his face with his hands. Andre went to give him a pat on his back saying it's gonna be okay, that we will be able to find that person.

Tori POV

Oh god! I didn't expect that to happen I looked at Trina as I escorted her outside, I was so petrified and shocked about what happened inside. Trina has tears running down her face now. I rolled my eyes then grabbed her wrist then pulled her with me inside a closet.

"What the hell were you thinking Trina?!" I screeched at her. She looked at me angrily.

"I was just doing what I had to do! I can't take this anymore Tori! I know I'm a bitch but I don't want to hurt anyone! I never wanted to hurt anyone!" She shouted back.

"You just have to take it! Just keep it that way! or you'll get yourself in more trouble!" I told her.

"I can't Tori, I don't run like this, I don't want to be a part of this stupid plan."She said.

I rolled my eyes at her. "Then why did you agree that you'll do it? Huh? You're so stupid Trina! You're not thinking!" I told her.

"You know, I had to Tori. You know the reason why!" she said.

"whatever Trina" I said.

Trina dropped down on the floor. Sobbing quietly. I huffed then turned my back on her, just before I opened the door, I turned to look at her one more time.

"One more thing, you almost got me caught there. You better watch what you say there sis, I don't want my whole plan to be ruined because of you" Then with that, I left her in that dark closet then went back to my 'friends'.

Beck POV

How could they? I can't believe what's happening right now. they're trying to hurt Jade. MY Jade. I can't let them, I WON'T let them. I will do whatever it takes just to protect her and my baby. I will keep them safe.

"Beck..." a groggy voice called... I looked up to see Jade awake. Looking at me with worry in her eyes. I smiled at her, kissed her forehead then held her hand. I'm so glad that she's awake now. There was a chorus of 'Jade's in the room.

"Jadey! You're okay now! We were so worried!" Cat said, hugging Jade tight. Jade's having trouble breathing with cat's tight hug, so I decided to tap her to make her stop.

"what's going on? what's happening? where am I?" Jade asked while looking around then back at me.

"You where hurt by Trina, you passed out, bled, we got you here, well technically Beck and Cat did, we just followed, you were checked by the doctor then you're here in your hospital room" Andre explained to Jade. We all nodded.

"Ohh..." Jade said, then her head snapped up. "How's my baby?" She asked me.

"Our baby's fine, they're okay now" I told her happily. She sighed in relief. Then something caught her attention, I'm not sure what it is but she looked unimpressed about it.

'What's wrong babe?" I asked her. She looked at me angrily. What did I do now?

"why is my hospital gown pink?" She asked me, with her eyebrows knitted together. Oh boy...

"I didn't get the chance to tell the nurses about it, I was so worried about you" I told her honestly.

"Yeah, Beck was so stressed and by the way Jadey, you look pretty in pink" Cat said.

"well, I hate pink and hospitals, when am I allowed to get out of here?" Jade asked.

"Uhh, tomorrow, right Beck?" Robbie said. I nodded at him.

"Great" Jade said, while looking around again. Like inspecting things.

"Where's Vega?" Jade asked.

"Umm, she went...outside. I think she's going to grab some food for us" Andre said, not mentioning the scene that happened a while ago with Trina. Just after Andre said that, Tori came in the room, startling us all.

'Oh my god! Jade! You're awake now!" Tori said, running to Jade to give her a huge hug. I looked at Jade, who looked pretty irritated by Tori, all I can do is smile at them.

"ugggh, get off Vega, you smell weird" Jade exclaimed, trying to push Tori away, but she can't though, because she's still weak. After a few seconds Tori pulled away, then smiled at Jade.

"I'm so glad you're okay Jade! We were so worried!" Tori said. Jade rolled her eyes at Tori's statement.

"I've heard" Jade told Tori, with a weirded out look on her face. Hah! Typical Jade...

God, I'm very glad they're okay. I hope everything turns out to be good, and I hope that whoever that person who paid Trina to hurt Jade may be, he or she will pay for doing such a thing to my fiance.

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