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San Andreas Criminal Data Base

Name:Joseph, Harold

Alias: Stretch(not the Limo)

Hight: 6.0

Race: African American


Affiliations: Chamberlain Family, Lamar Davis, Franklin Clinton, and numerous prostitutes.

Crimes Convicted of:

1997, August 18: Grand Larceny

1998, February 19: possession of controled substance w/ intent to sale:cocaine.

1998, February 19: assault w/ a deadly weapon: crow bar

2000, September 8: Weapons position: 4 9mm, 2 8" hunting knife, Micro-Ozi, 20 gauge shot-gun, an AK47, and a small switch blade.(note: he claimed he was going on a hunting trip.)

2000, September 8: Resisting arrest.

2000, September 8: Going 60 in a 45 zone.

2011, August 19: Aggravated assault

2011, August 19: Public intox

Harold Joseph, better known as "Stretch" is a known veteran gang member with a large criminal history to back it up. He rumored to have sold out to the families rivals, the Ballas and may be seen hanging out with them as well. He is said to be extremely short-tempered and extremely dangerous. Sources say he has been known to get into many heated arguments with fellow gang members, likely because he's an annoying ass hole.(Note: this is also believed to be why he got out of prison early on "good" behavior, despite showing no good behavior.)Note: the warden of the prison recommended shooting him ON SIGHT.