This is an iPod drabble that I've done for ATLA, Harry Potter and Inception. Figured I try my hand at S.H.I.E.L.D


Who Am I Living For? - Melinda May (Mayward)

They call her the cavalry but she's more than that.

She's the armed forces, the CIA, the FBI. She rescues the organization's organizations.

She is the bullet in the chamber, the last resort for some and the final solution to others.

She used to feel shame and pain for what she'd done but once she saw what happened when she laid down her weapons, she knew it was too high a price to pay for her sanity.

She was the best friend who kept secrets, the lover who remained cold, the one who had to make the tough decisions when the tough people were killed or too hurt to continue making them.

She had sanitized and cleaned up but mostly she's the backup for the backup.

In the end she's doesn't know who pulls her trigger until its over and done with. Only after does she get told who's she's working for, who she's killing for, who she's dying for but she's never sure who she's living for.