I made the mistake of not stopping my music and this came out. I couldn't resist adding it as a bonus chapter.

Long live Coulskye! (somewhere Clark Gregg is shaking his head at my stupidity.)

Falling – Skye (Coulskye)

She was an orphan, a fringe on the fringe society of Internet hacking. She was the child that couldn't please anybody and was sent back until she was fifteen.

She was the girl who fell for the bad boys and the wrong boys and the ones who stole her stuff. She was the lonely one that covered all her pain with jokes and bravado but all she wanted was hug and some sweet Hawaiian pizza that wasn't cold, because pizza joints did not deliver to vans.

She was the first one of the Rising Tide to be caught and black bagged by S.H.I.E.L.D. and agent serious face and agent hello handsome. As per the norm she fell for the handsome emotionally stunted one but hey she was young, she was allowed to be stupid.

She was, got involved with Miles again, and got busted again by agent angry face and Coulson, she'd renamed him the first time he let her sit in Lola, that car was pure decadence.

She became the girl who was a model citizen, within the shadow organization at least, and soon replaced agent May, also renamed, after she taught her how to throw a solid kick, as Coulson's right hand woman.

Because she wasn't a child or a stupid girl, she was allowed more mature mistakes.

She detested the bad boys now; hell she didn't even like good boys, poor Fitz. Now she was interested in good men, actually one sensible and adorably clueless man that wore suits like he was poured into them, because she had noticed, it was impossible not to with how well they were cut.

A man that had given her a chance, felt bad for her continuous bad luck with families, adopted her and had ordered a Hawaiian pizza that Hawaii would have sold their volcano for, just because she craved it and said it aloud. It was a super bonus that it was his favorite and nobody else's and they'd shared it with some Blue Moons, man the guy had taste.

She wanted to go to his office, she wanted to say, "hey A.C. how about we got out for…" and that was where she would stall, because she was not familiar with anything outside the bus or normal dating.

She'd heard the stories of the cellist, she officially hated classical music cause of this, the rumors of Maria Hill, wasn't she with Captain America? And the one time he'd gone to a movie with Natasha Romanoff, Bourne Legacy was what they saw, figures Clint would moonlight as an actor, the ham.

What could she offer and then it hit her. She couldn't offer Coulson anything material, but she could give him friendship and loyalty and a shoulder to cry on, arms too if he wanted, but most all she could give him her love whether he reciprocated it or not, it was already his to be honest.

Skye became the smart woman they all expected her to be and that dealt with her Boss professionally and without a hint that she was nursing unrequited love, she was thinking of calling Clint's agent, she was that good.

Of course Coulson had to ruin all her good work by kissing her under the mistletoe, bastard, what the hell else could she do but take advantage and thoroughly molest his mouth in front of God and all their co-workers.

Once the shock wore off, he pulled her out of the party and she settled in for a lengthy lecture, he did not disappoint. He said he was surprised by her behavior, they were colleagues and there were rules about fraternization.

She tried to listen but by the third time he'd mentioned her age she had tuned out, of course if she had been paying attention, she would have noticed his voice had gotten lower and that the voices on the other side of the door were farther away.

She would have seen that he had maneuvered her past the little hallway they were in and were now in a lounge area, she never knew existed, which came with a lockable door. She would have noticed that he was closer and that he'd locked said door.

It was at this very crucial moment that she did notice that he had stopped talking but then it would be hard to talk when your tongue is in another person's mouth, so yeah no surprise there.

"So you're not mad?" she asked after like five minutes of kissing or was it ten, she didn't know, she was too light headed from lack of air to glance at her watch.

"Just don't kiss me like this in public." He replied and proceeded to show her exactly how they should kiss when they were alone and very likely not to be disturbed.

Skye is a part of a family of super spies, in the cozy middle of an agency that doesn't exist. She's not going anywhere anytime soon and she's stopped falling for the bad boys though her good man could be a very bad boy, when they actually manage to be alone.

All in all Skye was glad she'd fallen into S.H.I.E.L.D's hands and into Phil Coulson's heart.