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Faery Racism and Mud Pools

"You know, if you hadn't saved my life about 1000 times, I'd really hate you right now."

That was the first thing Gawain said to his squire when they had looked around their part of the forest and realized they didn't recognize a thing. Terence had wanted to see his father, Ganscotter, who just happened to be Ganscotter the Enchanter of Avalon, making Terence the Duke of Avalon. Avalon, also known as The Other World. He usually went alone for business, but this time he happened to bring Gawain along.

Terence sighed. He was standing still while his knight was wandering around the area. "I'm still getting used to this 'traveling between worlds' thing… We were only there for not even five minutes, though, at least the day couldn't have changed."

Gawain just rolled his eyes. "Well figure it out soon… I have to be back by morning for a meeting with Arthur and the other Knights of the Round Table."

"Oh yeah…" Terence chuckled nervously. "I forgot about that…"

Gawain whipped his head around to look at him bemusedly. Terence grinned. "What's up with you today, Terence?" he laughed. "Your brain's been stolen." Terence shrugged. The knight turned back around to look out into the forest deeper. "Well… what do your faery senses tell you?"

Terence laughed. "Excuse me?"

"Your faery senses! Doesn't your kind have some sort of… knowledge of the woods or something?"

"In Avalon, maybe, but not here."


"And doesn't your kind have a system of telling which direction is which from the stars?"

"My kind is your kind too, you know," Gawain grinned. "At least halfway."

Terence rolled his eyes. "Point taken. Then again, you're part faery too. Maybe not as much as me… But they do, don't they?"

"Yes. But it's cloudy, just in case your not-a-brain hasn't noticed yet."

Terence looked up and, indeed, saw nothing but darkness. "Point taken… again."

"Then let's go…" he took a guess and pointed to one side of the forest, "that way."

The two walked in that direction, hoping they'd find something they recognized that could lead them to Camelot. But they found no such thing. Gawain glared daggers at Terence whenever he could, so, naturally, there was no friendly conversation like they usually had. After a while, they both started to slow down and get tired.

"It really helps that Guingalet isn't here," the knight sighed sarcastically. "Really."

"Sorry," the squire mumbled. "I thought that I could get us back near Camelot so we wouldn't need him…"

"Faeries are way too confident."

"That's racist."

Gawain burst out laughing. "Racist?!"

"Yes, racist!" Terence exclaimed. They both stopped walking to face each other. "You shouldn't stereotype us!" Gawain was still laughing. "So, for the last time, we don't have wings, we aren't puny and the size of a flower petal, and we don't jump around and sing 'la la la'!" He sang the three la-s mockingly happily, bobbing his head from side to side and skipping in place.

"But you just did," Gawain grinned. Terence just glared at him. "And can't you fly your tiny little body up to see where Camelot is?"

"Shut up."


"SHUT UP!" He started to run to Gawain to, most likely, get his revenge, and it ended up a chase. Both of them ran as fast as they could, trying to avoid smacking into trees. Gawain would look back about half of the time to make sure Terence was still running after him. As he looked, he saw the squire's bared teeth turn into a playful grin.

And so the two friends chased after each other through the forest for a long while. After somewhere around five minutes, they both got tired, and their knees became weak. As they neared the end of their dash, Gawain looked forward just barely in time to see a mud pool ahead. He screeched to a halt immediately, but it was too abrupt for Terence.

Terence tried to stop before he hit Gawain, but couldn't and smashed into him, flinging them both into the mud pool. They landed, lying down beside each other, their faces turning red from all their laughing. Every single inch of their clothes were splattered with mud, but this just made it that much more funny.

Finally they stopped, and Gawain sat up and looked ahead to see Camelot in the distance. He gasped, and shook Terence's arm for him to sit up as well. "Look! There's Camelot!"

Terence rose and nodded. "Good…" He grinned even wider at his knight. "Didn't I tell you?"

"I suppose you did. Good job, little faery!" Gawain patted his head like a dog.

"Yeah, whatever, well guess who's going to explain the mud to Arthur?"

"Why do I have to?! This is your fault!"

He groaned. "Fine…"

"And guess who's going to clean this up?"

"Why do I have to?!" Terence exclaimed.

"Because you're my squire, that's why!"

He paused for a second before realizing that he was right. "I hate you."

"I doubt it." Gawain laughed, stood up, and started to walk off and leave Terence to follow. Then the two headed as fast as they could to the king's castle.