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Gawain *singing*: Can I have your master for the rest of my life? Say yes, say yes, cause I need to know.

You say

Rune *singing*: I'll never get your blessing 'till the day I die. Tough luck, my friend, but the answer is no.

Gawain *singing*: WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO RUUUUNE? Don't you know I'm human toooo? (Actually Rune's not human :3) WHY YOU GOTTA BE SO RUUNE? I'm gonna marry him anyway~ ;)

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Rune: WHAT. *yandere*

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To Save the Lady Gwen V: Sweet Dreams

I couldn't take even one more step. I was way too tired to do anything. I'd been walking for hours on the beach and found absolutely nothing. I fell to my knees, panting, and they trembled beneath me. Every time I breathed it hurt and seemed like not enough at the same time. Before I could realize what was happening, I tipped over and my face landed in the sand. I didn't have the strength to get up, and I just decided to stay there.

I was almost instantly asleep, and barely heard the bushes rustling behind me. But I fully heard footsteps stepping out onto the beach. My hopes rose; maybe it was Gawain!

I lifted my heavy head up, ignoring the sand stuck to my cheek, and drowsily looked to where I had heard the sound. But instead of seeing Gawain, I saw a wolf staring at me with hungry eyes. I inhaled sharply, and started to inch away. It drew closer, and I made my attempt to stand up. If I could find a weapon of some kind, I could fight it.

But my knees collapsed beneath me when I was only halfway standing, and I fell again. The wolf was closer now than before, licking its lips. Now I was really scared. I tried again to stand, but my knees couldn't make it. I was to the edge of the water, and I could feel the cold liquid beneath me. When it first hit, I gasped, surprised.

Then the wolf bent down and stopped walking. I stopped moving away, before I realized that he was getting ready to pounce. I failed, again, to stand up, and tumbled fully into the water. It was freezing cold, but that was the worst of my problems. The wolf leaped up into the air, aiming for me, and I squeezed my eyes shut.

But then, I heard a whoosh and a whimper, and nothing happened for a few seconds. It was quiet, except for the water lapping up onto my stomach. Finally, I got the courage to open my eyes, and an armored knight was standing in the water, a meter away from a dead looking wolf. My jaw trembled and questions shot through my head.

Who was he? Why did he save me? Was he my enemy? It wasn't Gawain's armor, and that disappointed me, but…

The knight saw me trembling and said, through his helm, "No need to be afraid, Your Grace."

My eyes widened. Your Grace… he knew I was the duke. But that just raised more questions.

"W-Who are you?" I whispered.

I had a feeling the knight was smiling, though I couldn't see it. But then he raised his left hand, and I saw it glowing slightly. His body started to glow, too, and slowly, his height decreased and the armor transformed in a brown jacket, grey pants and a grey scarf wrapped around his neck. His helm disappeared and I saw a teenage boy's face, with brown hair tied back in a ponytail. I recognized his face instantly.

"R-Rune…?" I asked.

Rune nodded, and smiled. "Yes. I can't defeat wolves in this body," he said, looking down at his hands, "so I chose another."

"Y-You can do that…?"

"Of course." He started to step towards me, and I didn't flinch; I knew he was not going to hurt me. "How do you suppose I watched you on your travels?"


That question could be answered later. Rune sat on his knees beside me, and put his hand on my collarbone. It reminded me of the water surrounding us, and I shivered. It was freezing cold, and I felt like I would turn numb. Rune continued to smile, though. "You're cold?" he murmured.

I nodded, clenching my teeth and looking down. Slowly, he started to lift me up into his arms, carrying me bridal style, and I continued to shake.

When we got to the sand he laid me down, and gathered some sticks lying near. I was only half awake, still cold, and missing being by him. Flames started to sprout up from the pile and I gradually felt warmer. I wondered how this was possible; I hadn't heard him rubbing the twigs together. But I lifted my head up and saw his hands facing the fire, and thought that he had started it on his own.

I murmured, "I didn't know you had magic..."

Rune didn't look at me, but answered calmly. He kept staring at the fire, like he was powering it with his mind. "I don't know enough to be called a sorcerer, but yes, I have some."

"Did you just not study it or...?" I hoped it wasn't annoying to inquire more, but I didn't understand Rune and I really wanted to.

He nodded his head and didn't seem to be bothered. "I had more important things to take care of."

"Like what?"

He finally looked up at me, meeting my eyes instantly, like he knew exactly where they were. "You, of course, Your Grace."

I felt more warmth growing in my body, and I smiled. Then an ice wind blasted on my back and the warmth disappeared. I squeezed my eyes while shivering a bit and grabbing my sides. I heard Rune walking over to me, and then a rustling. Something was draped over me, and I opened my eyes again. It had been his jacket. He pulled his grey scarf off his neck, and also wrapped that around me.

"Thanks..." I whispered.

"My pleasure," was all he said.

"But won't you be cold?"

"Don't worry about me. If you're okay, I am as well." His voice almost blended in with the wind, and it kind of scared me.

There was one question that had been burning in my mind ever since I met him, and I felt I finally had to ask him. "...Rune..." I began.

"Yes, Your Grace?" He had walked and sat over on the other side of the fire, and looked at me through the flames.

I brought myself to look him in the eyes, and asked… "What are you?"

He hesitated before smiling casually and replying, "Please don't worry about matters like that now."

No, this is my one chance for a while to find out, I thought to myself. "But I need to know if I can trust you or not."

His eyebrows raised. "You don't trust me?"

I swallowed; that hadn't been the right thing to say. "You're right, I do. …Are you a servant or something...?"

"In a way."

I had to stop myself from smirking. "Then, as the Duke of Avalon, I order you to tell me."

Rune paused, and looked very caught off guard. Then he laughed.

"Ah, very well." He looked down, then up, as if preparing himself for a speech. Which he kind of was. "I am, in a way, like Robin, whom you know very well. Robin watched over you and gave you advice on your quests. I do the same, and more. I chase away your nightmares, like you do with King Arthur, your master and others. I am, in some words, a wiser, better version of Robin. I'm not insulting Robin; he is a good man. But it's my turn now. In sum, I'm your Dreamcatcher."

Through all this, he'd been staring me in the eyes. The flames were hovering over his face and making his appearance seem even creepier and creepier. It didn't look like he blinked at all. Rune protected me… but it really seemed like he was the bad guy.

"...okay... What about that time we met in the woods, while Gawain and I were hunting? You disappeared... was that magic or are you not all human?"

Rune smiled again, and held my gaze steadily. "Don't take this the wrong way, Your Grace, but no, I'm not human."

"Then what are you?" I asked again.

"I already told you; I'm your Dreamcatcher."

"I still don't understand." I felt bad for still not getting it, but I knew he wanted me to, and I did too.

Rune thought for a second, then said, "It's quite hard to explain. We're not ghosts, we're not humans. We are only assigned by the gods to protect, and protect for eternity. And eternity is literal. I've been in this world since humans could open their eyes, and only now I have found the soul I wish to protect."

"Didn't you protect someone else until I was born...?

"That's not how it works. There is only one soul, and one only."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "...are you saying you've waited thousands of years… to find me?"

Rune smiled again, one of his ghostly, creepy, but calming smiles. He paused for suspension, then answered, "That's exactly what I'm saying." It was quiet; painfully quiet and seemed like forever before he added, "...so I'd greatly appreciate it if you trusted me.

I laughed, and pulled the jacket tighter around me. A small wind had brushed the cold air to us.

"O-okay..." I wasn't sure what else to say.

Rune started to fade out, and I was frightened at first. Why would he leave, at a time like this? I didn't want to be alone. But my fears were settled when I saw a body sitting beside me.

He whispered into my ear, "Now, go to sleep."

For some reason I felt okay with that tone, now. I obeyed and started to close my eyes, and leaned onto Rune's chest. Rune smiled and let me.

"Sweet dreams, Your Grace."

Those were the last words I heard before I slipped under consciousness. I wasn't sure if Rune had used his magic to make me fall asleep or I had done it willingly, but either way I knew it was probably the deepest, safest sleep I'd ever had in my life.